Friday, January 04, 2008

U Drove Me Crazy

Whew ... okay ... now that things have settled down for a hot second, let's try and get thru a full day's goss and see if we can sort thru all of the crazy Britneyness and put everything into context. Late yesterday morning, Pacific Time, Britney Spears finally deigned to show up to be deposed by her ex-husband's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan at his offices ... showing up in a hot pink dress, lookin' like a million bucks (er, well, actually, she looked more like $10 bucks but considering the state she usually appears in, $10 bucks looked like a cool $1 million) ready to take care of biznazz ... of course, she showed up about 90 minutes late and only sat down to answer questions for just under 15 mins:

Photo credit: X17

As K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan explained, the depo was originally scheduled to go from 9:45 to 11:45 AM. It poses a little bit of a problem when the person who is to be deposed shows up almost two hours late! Kaplan says the proceedings started around 11:32 AM and he was able to fire off a few questions before having to end at the scheduled time -- thirteen minutes later. So much for asking deep questions! So why was the popwreck so tardy? He wouldn't say. But he did say another depo has been scheduled. As for seeking sanctions against her, Kaplan says he hasn't yet decided. But he might, if her behavior caused his client -- K-Fed -- any undue "hardships."

And this was pretty much supposed to be the tragic story o' the day for Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Britney Spears ... but alas, as we pretty much all know by now, that wasn't the case. [Source]

As was previously mentioned, Britney failed to hand over her childen to K-Fed at the appointed time last night, choosing instead to lock herself in a room until the police were able to get inside and hand her over to EMT personnel to cart her off to Cedars Sinai Hospital for phychological testing. US Weekly appears to have access to "well-placed sources" who were supposedly in the thick of the pandemonium that exploded at Britney Spears's Studio City home ... not only are they reporting that Britney went "completely psycho" as the paramedics tried to take her into their care but they are also reporting that once she arrived at Cedars Sinai none of the attending nurses wanted to be on duty with her:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Britney Spears went "completely psycho" as she was rushed to L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Thursday, a source tells "They had to strap her down like a mental patient and she was going between laughing and hysterics," the source adds, calling it "a total psychotic breakdown. She just went crazy." (LAPD Jason Lee told City News Service that Spears appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance at the time.) Another Spears pal tells Us: "I guess she has good days and bad days -- it's mental instability. All she has is to think of something sad and she goes crazy" ... A hospital source tells that Spears has been designated a "special needs" patient, meaning "they have either overdosed or tried to commit suicide. So we go stay with these patients and monitor them constantly. We watch them so they don't hurt themselves and watch the people who come visit them to make sure they don't pass anything to them."

Which segues into this next report:

An insider at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center tells that nobody wanted to be Britney Spears' monitor last night. Spears was rushed to the hospital around 11 p.m. and was designated a "special needs" patient ... With "special needs" patients, the hospital source said, "we watch them so they don't hurt themselves and watch the people who come visit them to make sure they don't pass anything to them. So we got a call to go have someone sit with her," the source added. "None of us wanted to go sit with her."

Hmm ... I find this extremly hard and very disturbing to hear. If Britney really was admitted for mental instability and NOT for drug or alcohol use then it seems very unbelieveable that such a prestigious medical facility would employ folks who are this squeemish and unprofessional. At any rate, Life & Style claims to have sources "close to the Spears family" that reveal that no alcohol or drugs were found in her system once a drug test was administered:

Life & Style can exclusively report that Britney Spears blood tests at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center came back negative, despite earlier reports from police that she appeared to be under the influence of a substance when she was taken from her home after a custody dispute last night. "Her blood test just came back, and, thank God, it was clean. There are no traces of drugs or alcohol of any kind," a source close to the Spears family tells Life & Style. This indicates that her odd behavior was not the result of substance abuse, as early reports suggested. Britney appeared to be laughing when she was taken from her home into an ambulance.

Honestly, I don't even know if this is good news or bad news. [Source]

After Britney and possibly her son Jayden James were rushed to the hospital, members of the Spears family, including Kevin Federline himself, also made their way to the hospital. It's unclear whether or not K-Fed spent any time with Britney or if he was focused solely on the welfare of his youngest son but Jamie Spears, Britney's father, showed up to offer his love and support to his daughter. The latest report is that Britney will be held at Cedars Sinai for at least 72-hours so that she can undergo a full psychological evaluation and to ensure her physical well-being:

Photo credit: Fame

Britney Spears was placed on lockdown for a mental evaluation Friday after the pop star locked herself in a room with one of her children at her L.A. home and refused to hand him over to ex-husband Kevin Federline. A source tells PEOPLE it was the pop star's court-appointed child monitor who called police. "She had already put Preston in the car when Britney locked herself in a room with Jayden," says the source. "The cops came and got through the door and tied her down to a gurney." Spears, who according to police appeared to be "under the influence of an unknown substance," was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where the source says she will be on a minimum of a 72-hour lock down for mental evaluation. The evaluation, known as a "5150 Hold," is, according to the medical code, "When any person, as a result of mental disorder, is a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled." The "mobile crisis team" is able to make this recommendation in writing and take a patient be evaluated and treated ... LAPD called the incident an "ongoing investigation" and says, "for her own welfare, [Spears] was taken to the local hospital for treatment." Preston was taken to the hospital by Federline's assistant, and Jayden was in the ambulance with the monitor, a source says, adding that the boys "won't be back with [Spears] for a long time." Federline took his sons home early Friday morning. Spears's father Jamie remains at the hospital. Meanwhile, Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, arrived at court in an attempt to strip Spears of her visitation rights. Kaplan and Spears attorney Tara Scott met with the judge for about a half hour in chambers.

And that's pretty much where we are at this time ... a press conference by Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's attorney, is scheduled for this afternoon. Honestly, OMG doesn't even seem to be appropriate enough for this situation. While none of it is all that surprising (this day has been well on its way for months now) it is still a bit much, a bit overwhelming to try and process all at once. At this point, we have no idea when Britney will get released, depending on what the outcome of her 72-hour evaluation is ... it seems sure that she will not enjoy custody of her children for quite some time ... at this point, who knows what the future holds for our dear Britney Spears. It is my sincerest hope that she is FINALLY able to get the help she needs to get her off this path of destruction ... these sorts of escalating meltdowns cannot continue. This may be her last chance to survive the crazy life she has made for herself. She's alive y'all ... and she's in the care of expert medical professionals ... I pray that this is the point where her life can finally turn around. [Source]

UGH ... let's MOVE ON to other things ... I mean, there are other things going on in the world, right? It was only a few months ago that Lindsay Lohan was the troubled Hollywood "It" Girl who looked on the verge of a complete break-down and after a fairly successful stint in a Utah rehab facility she seemd to be back on the path of rightgeousness. Unfortch, it turns out that L. Lo has backslid on her sobriety and was inadvertantly caught on camera drinking from a champagne bottle as she rang in the New Year ... Whoops!

After a lengthy and hasty denial that any such thing happened by the publicist for the Capri Film Festival ...

"It is purely and unadulteratedly untrue that that young girl misbehaved inappropriately in any event associated with Capri Hollywood. She was a consummate professional ... and couldn't have been more of a pleasure to have there. There were bottles of waters, there were bottles of non-alcoholic beverages, but I was on that dance floor with her, so I can only tell you what my eyes saw."

... Lindsay's lawyer Blair Berk issued a statement confirming that Linds did drink alcohol and then quickly reached out to her AA sponsor:

"The good news was that Lindsay stopped herself that night, called her sponsor, and got herself immediately back on track. There is no magic cure here. The most unfortunate part of this is that Lindsay has to share her 'one day at a time' with the entire world."

Dealing with alcoholism is a life-long commitment and I think it is admirable of Lindsay, thru her people, to admit her wrongdoing because that is the first step in dealing with the disease ... [Source, Source]

... and the second step involves running out to get your hair did before shopping 'til you drop:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Of course, I'm being a bit facecious but anything to keep her mind off the booze is a great idea at this point. I don't know that she should be hanging out at any events that offer alcohol because, clearly, the temptation is just too great. I'm confident that Lindsay can handle her problem one day at a time ... as long as she stays committed to staying clean. [Source]

Okay ... moving on to less controversial things ... Madonna quietly spent the holiday in the Maldives Islands before she and her family jetted off to India on December 31. Madge and co. have been spending the first days of 2008 in the Rajasthani desert and her Madgesty is seen here on horseback:

Photo credit: Fame

Anyone who was fortuante enough to catch Madonna on her last tour knows that she's got mad love for all things equestrian so it is no surprise that she would want to include a horseback riding trip while on vacay. Maddy has a big year ahead of her (a new album, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, possible tour???) ... it's nice to know that she's spending as much downtime with her family as she can before her hectic schedule kicks into high gear. [Source]

While Madonna is on holiday in the far East, the newly-engageds Fergie Ferg and Josh Duhamel continue to spend their downtime together South of the border in Mexico:

Photo credit: Mr. Paparazzi

Aww ... it looks like they are having such a great time together ... who knows, maybe these love birds won't come back to the States until they tie the knot? [Source]

Moving over to the island of St. Bart's, we find that Mariah Carey and her pup Jack have turned in their feather down parkas for much less clothing as they soak up the sun in their new tropical setting ... here are a couple of pics:

Mariah, too, has a big year ahead ... not only does she have a new album on the horizon but there are rumors that she might hit the road and tour again. Rest up, Mimi!! [Source]

Here are a few pictures of the very-tanned couple made up of Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime boyfriend David Burtka as they arrived back home in SoCal after enjoying a short vacay in Mexico:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's a shame that the boys had to cut their holiday short but they both look very relaxed and ready to get back to work ... or whatever is they do these days. [Source]

Mischa Barton opted out of jetting off to sunnier climes this holiday season, which prolly had something to do with the fact that she got busted for that little DUI. But she did make the time to spend some quality time with the Man upstairs. Here are a couple pics of the very repentant-looking Mischa as she made her way out of The Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Beverly Hills earlier this week:

Actress Mischa Barton appears to have turned to God following her recent arrest for drink and drug offences. The former O.C. star was seen leaving a service at The Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Beverly Hills on Sunday. An onlooker told gossip website "Mischa came out of the church looking very pious, wearing a white, virginal dress. She was carrying a church brochure."

You will also note that she has a string of rosary beads wrapped around her right wrist. If she is truly sorry for her sins, then good for her for acknowledging them but don't forget that this might also be the perfect PR attempt to try and make her look better in the public eye before she goes before a judge to answer for her alleged crimes. These days, celebs who get busted for DUI can go either way -- either to a jail cell or right out the back door. It makes sense that Mischa would be praying for a Lindsay Lohan sort of outcome rather than a Michelle Rodriguez one. [Source]

In happy family news, Gwen Stefani, hubby Gavin Rossdale and their only begotten son Kingston James McGregor were spotted this week playing with a new pooch and generally just looking about as cute as can be:

It's nice pics like these that go a long way to equalize all the crazy mayhem that keeps exploding in Hollywood these days. Here's to happy, normal families!!! [Source]

David Beckham of the LA Galaxy has asked the British Football Club Arsenal if he can train with them while his team is in the off-season ... apparently, training with the team involves wearing their team colors too:

See, I love Becks, but seeing him in the team colors of another soccer club is very disheartening ... the only thing that can remedy this situation would be for him to strip off all of his clothes altogether. It seems the only fair thing to do in this sitch. [Source]

In other "cheating"-sort of news ... here are pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal having lunch at Joan's on Third in West Hollyood with a woman who is NOT Reese Witherspoon:

Could this be the death knell of GyllenSpoon? Lord, I hope so ;) [Source]

In really completely dunzo news, it is my sad duty to report that Natalie Imgruglia and her husband of 4 years Daniel Johns have decided to end their marriage and call it quits ... they are dunzo, y'all:

Singer Natalie Imbruglia has split from her rock singer husband after four years of marriage, it was announced today. The 32-year-old said she and Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns had grown apart due to the pressures of work. The couple met at an awards show party in 1999 and married four years later on New Year's Eve in a beachside ceremony in Queensland ... In a joint statement, the pair said:

"While we are very sad that our marriage has ended, we want to make it clear that our parting is amicable and we remain friends. This mutual decision has not been taken lightly or quickly. However, our career demands and our lives in different parts of the world have brought us to the point where unfortunately this difficult decision was necessary for both of us. We have simply grown apart through not being able to spend enough time together. We have issued this statement to set the record straight and to eliminate any need for speculation. We will not be making any further public statements whatsoever in regard to this very private matter and politely ask that people respect our sincere wishes in this regard."

Imbruglia returned to London on Wednesday, while Johns remains in Sydney.

This is very sad news ... especially when you consider what a great couple they make. Boo. [Source]

And finally, to end things on a positive note, here is the first picture from Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds's wedding, which took place on a private island off Bora Bora in French Polynesia on New Year's Day:

The couple plans to do the marriage thing again, all legal-like, once they get back on US soil:

Any legality questions surrounding the New Year's Day wedding of Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds on a private island off Bora Bora in French Polynesia are about to be properly addressed, their reps tell PEOPLE. "As is typical when couples get married in foreign countries, a legal ceremony will take place when they return to the U.S.," says Edmonds's rep. "The wedding that took place in Bora Bora was a ceremony to bind Eddie and Tracey spiritually in the presence of family and friends," according to the spokesperson. "The couple plan a legal ceremony as soon as they return to the States."

Here's hoping this latest Hollywood marriage will stand the test of time ... for the sake of all the craziness of today, let's just pray that it does. [Source]

Les News:
Ack ... my illness seems to have gotten worse over the past day ... thankfully, my stomach ailment has gone away only to be replaced with aches, pains, fever and all-around crumminess. I hate being sick but I'm really trying to battle it as best I can. David and I had plans to see another DRIV-IN movie here in Manhattan last night and at the last minute, we decided to go out and have as good a time as possible:

While it was a bit cold at the DRIV-IN, David and I had another great time there. We watched Stardust, ate snacks and cuddled in the backseat of our car. It was a really great way to get away from feeling sick and crappy and have a great time together.

UGH ... that said ... today I am not feeling so hot. We had plans for tonight and this weekend (before I leave for LA on Sunday night) but at this point I'm not sure what we'll be able to accomplish until I feel better.

So ... I guess that is all ... I'm gonna try and digest all of today's insanity while trying to fend off this wicked cold. I hope all y'all are doing much better and I hope y'all have a great weekend. I am out.

Code 5150: Get The Net! Britney's Meltdown '08

The news I feared I would eventually wake up to was what I actually woke up to this morning ... thankfully, the situation isn't as bad as my worst fears (thank ye Gods she is still alive) but it's pretty close to as bad as I feared. In short, what began as a custody dispute (when Britney Spears failed to hand over custody of her sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline at the appointed time) turned into a 3-alarm medical situation where helicopters lit up the night sky as Britney was strapped to a gurney, loaded into the back of an ambulance and was carted off to Cedars Sinai Hospital to undergo a psychological evaluation. I wish I could say I was shocked to hear this news ... sadly, I cannot. Last night, at approximately 8pm PT, Britney Spears started a chain-reaction of events that whipped up a scene of mayhem, confusion and, almost literally, insanity. Here is a short recap of the major events that went down yesterday. Earlier in the day Britney finally showed up to be deposed by K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, albeit almost 2 hours late. After only about 13 minutes of actual deposing, after time ran out, Britney was excused and that was the end of that. Then at about 8pm PT, Britney was supposed to hand over custody of her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to their father and she refused to do so. Police were called, EMT were dispatched ... and this is the point at which all hell broke loose as Britney was hauled away to the hospital after it was determined that she was "under the influence of an unknown substance":

Photo credit: Splash News

Pop star Britney Spears was taken to hospital for tests to see if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs and for a psychological evaluation after police were called to her home Thursday night to mediate a custody dispute, a police spokesman said. Spears appeared to be conscious as she was rolled out of her Studio City home on a gurney about three hours after police and ambulances arrived there. According to The Associated Press, officers were called to Spears' house around 8 p.m. to respond to a custodial dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline over their sons, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, Officer Jason Lee of the Los Angeles Police Department said. By about 10:30 p.m., six police cars, two ambulances and a fire truck had entered the gated community that includes Spears' house. Several police cars were seen in the area earlier in the night. Spears turned over the children around 10:50 p.m., Lee said. The children were returned to Federline, who has primary legal custody of the two sons, a police spokesman said. Doctors at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles will decide whether to invoke a California law that allows a patient to be held for psychological evaluation for 72 hours, the police spokesman said. Aerial video provided by local television station helicopters showed Spears on a stretcher and surrounded by police and paramedics as it was rolled to an ambulance near her home. Spears appeared for a deposition in the case earlier Thursday, Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told reporters during the day, according to the AP. She was deposed for 14 minutes, Kaplan said. Spears' attorneys, Trope and Trope, had filed a motion Wednesday asking to be relieved as her counsel due to a "breakdown" in communication with Spears. Yeah, this is but a short synopsis from CNN of the craziness that ensued last night. The folks at TMZ were at it all night long chronicling every new development as it occurred. New information is being reported all the time ... there are reports that Jayden James was also taken to the hospital but it's still unclear whether or not that is true and if so, for what reason -- UPDATE: It appears that perhaps the children were taken to the hospital as a precaution since K-Fed was allowed to take them home with him after Britney was hospitalized. The latest report is that K-Fed's attorney will be in court, bright and early today, to petition the court to strip Britney of all of her limited visitation rights -- and perhaps most surprisingly, the report claims that Britney's breakdown may have been caused by actual mental instability and not drug use: TMZ has learned K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will scurry to court this morning at 8:30 AM and ask the Commissioner to strip Brit of her visitation rights -- at least for now. We're told there may not be much of an argument and it's almost certain the Commish will see Kaplan's point. Attorney Tara Scott from the law firm of Trope and Trope will represent Brit -- awkward, since the firm has asked to withdraw as counsel. As we reported, Britney is at Cedars-Sinai on a "5150 hold," meaning there's evidence she's a danger to herself or others -- others as in her kids. Here's what's interesting. We've been reporting for several months now that Britney doesn't have a drug or alcohol problem -- that her instability is mental, not chemical. Well placed sources tell us what happened last night is not rooted in drugs, and that of late, her mental state has deteriorated to the point that what happened at her home was not unexpected. This may, at last, be the absolute last straw. This might be the final breaking point. [Source]

It's really hard for longtime fans to process any of this insane information. I know that I have been desperately trying to find the good in any of the crazy bad news that has been coming from Britney Spears and her erratic behavior over the past couple of years but, as is clear, it seems to have become impossible to see the positive side from any of this. If anything, perhaps this *may* be the rock bottom that will force Britney into a program of some sort that will help her get her life back in order. Even Jordan at, one of Britney's staunchest supporters, is at a loss:

Surely, there is much more to come from this still developing story ... I'll post this now and will return with the full day's post later on today. Stay tuned. [Source]