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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stayin' Alive

So I'm doing my best to not just shrivel up and die, right here in my apartment, despite the fact that death at this point would be such sweet relief. Okay, I may be exaggerating a smidge but I woke up with the worst sore throat I've had in eons (the kind that feels like I spent the entire night gargling broken pieces of glass and razor blades) which just kinda gets the day off on the wrong foot. I *think* I may be getting better, despite the sore throatyness, but I still don't see me interacting with other humans in any real capacity today.

Ah well ... I solider on ... and away we go.

After Britney Spears was spotted canoodling with her new man, photog Adnan Ghalib, in Santa Barbara over the weekend in footage shot by Finalpixx (curiously, the only photo agency that managed to know where the couple snuck off to AND also the photo agency that Adnan happens to work for) ...

Photo credit: Finalpixx

... she was seen back on her home turf here in the LA area back to her old tricks and without Adnan leeched at her side. The report is that Britney might've kinda got a clue, realized that Adnan might be exploiting their "relationship" for his gain and she might not be cool with that (so she can't be entirely crazy). But, if it's true that Britney has finally dumped her photog boyfriend, what's to stop him from taking his exploitation of her to the next level?

Photo credit: Splash News

As if Britney Spears' close friends and family didn't have enough to worry about, those close to the pop star reveal they're also fearful that her new beau, photographer Adnan Ghalib, is going to "leak" provocative pictures of the pop star to news outlets. "Photos are already on the market, and although they're tame, who's to say what the next round will hold," said a concerned friend of the pop star. Ghalib (who is married, according to many reports) is said to be brokering a deal via his photo agency, FinalPixx, that could fetch a six-figure sum for shots of himself with Spears. "It's not as if Britney's judgment is very good right now, he could really take advantage of her. Her MTV performance could actually end up looking tasteful, if things go really bad," said one person who has worked with Britney and attempted to help her recently. "We have literally run out of ideas as to what to do to protect Britney," said one person close to the family. "Who knows what will happen next."

I've been wondering the same thing ... but it's clear, she will not get help until she's ready to seek help. And about those racy pics, I shudder to think just how bad they really could be. We've pretty much seen every inch of Britney Spears ... what more is left? [Source]

BUT ... I don't think these photos are what her #1 problem is right now ... the first thing she needs to do is get her entire life back in order ... and I don't see how that is possible now that she's gone right back into the bizarre behavior that she was doing in the months, weeks and days leading up to her most recent meltdown last week. Here are new pictures from Britney's wild night last night which involved a new breakdown of sorts, a new used car and 2 hotels, neither of which seemed to welcome her arrival and no sign of Adnan Ghalib:

Photo credit: Splash News & X17

The latest in Britney Spears' troubles: She had her Mercedes towed and impounded by police Monday night after abandoning it on L.A.'s busy Sunset Boulevard after suffering a flat tire. was there as an irritated and upset looking Spears, with a convoy of paparazzi following, suffered a flat right front tire while driving in Brentwood. After driving for over two miles on the flat, Spears pulled the car to a stop and abandoned the vehicle amid rush-hour traffic. LAPD spokesperson Mike Lopez says Britney's car was impounded because it was "blocking the roadway." According to eyewitnesses at the scene, Spears and her assistant then hopped into a car driven by a trailing paparazzo, who drove Spears back to her Beverly Hills home. Within minutes, Spears left in another car and headed to the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. An employee at Quicksilver Towing confirmed to Us that they have impounded her vehicle and will bill Spears a $104 towing fee, plus $32 for every day it remains in their yard. Should Spears not pick up her vehicle within thirty days, it will be put up for public auction.

Um. Yeah. Anyways, Dr. Phil, who doesn't seem to know when to quit, has issued a message directly to Britney Spears, by way of the media, telling her that it's not too late to get help (his help?) which seems like just another attempt for Dr. Phil to get some attention since the scheduled Britney Spears Special episode of his syndicated talk show got pulled:

Dr. Phil McGraw is telling Britney Spears that she is not too far gone to turn her life around. "You can make this okay," the TV therapist, who at the request of her family briefly visited Spears while she was in the hospital, says in a message to the pop star that is posted on "Your family loves you. You may not always agree with what they say, with what they do but they've loved you when you weren't lovable. Turn to the people that love you and listen. You have two children and you are the one in this world to protect them. There is no sacrifice that [your mother Lynne] won't make for you, and there is no sacrifice that your father won't make. They are the people that want nothing from you, and everything for you." McGraw, a longtime Spears family friend, had planned to do a show about Britney's condition and "the very serious issues surrounding this case. [But] because the Spears situation is too intense at this time, and out of consideration to the family, I have made the decision not to move forward with the taping at this particular time," he announced Monday. Still, he advises via Entertainment Tonight, "She needs to be in treatment, she needs to be in in-patient care for a period of time. Is she having a rough time right now? Yes she is. Why? I'm not really going to go into that at this point. But I can tell you this is a good person and I truly believe she'll get back to being a good person." As for the criticism McGraw has encountered over his stepping into the Britney situation, particularly in the tabloids and on blogs, he hurls the brick right back. "They are waiting for her next meltdown. These are the people that are stalking her and they want to criticize me for trying to help her, for trying to bring help to her in cooperation with the family that loves her. Get real," he says. "Somebody needs to step up and get this young woman in to some quality care – and I do not apologize one whit, not one second, for trying to make that happen."

Ugh, this man makes me sick. While it may be true that others are "waiting for her next meltdown" I find it highly suspect that he is now so suddenly interested and involved in her well-being ... so much so that he planned to air a quickie episode of his show at her expense. If he TRULY wanted to help her he wouldn't be talking to the press ... period. He wouldn't be worming his way into her hospital room in order to make a TV show out of it. The man strikes me as extremely exploitive (having seen the way he treats his guests on his show, I have no doubt that Britney would not benefit from his brand of help) and for him to take the pious route on this matter (ie. "I'm only trying to help") is absurd. I'm sure Dr. Phil plans on discussing this matter for some time now in the media (he seems to really love Entertainment Tonight) purely out of concern for Britney's health and welfare. [Source, Source]

And from one Spears to another, here are the first pics of Jamie-Lynn Spears out in public since news broke of her unplanned pregnancy late last month. JL with Mama Lynne Spears by her side was hiding her baby bump under an oversized pink hoodie and was seen carrying a GED study guide ... most probably as a Plan B should her acting career not really pan out:

Photo credit: INFdaily

The 16-year-old pregnant star was photographed in Hammond, La. on Friday carrying a GED book, used to study for a high school equivalency degree. Spears, who announced last month that she's expecting a baby, was pictured outside a building that houses both the Tangipahoa Parish School System Adult Education Center, which is a GED preparation site, and the Title I Parent Center, which teaches parents how to help their children learn reading skills ... However, two weeks before Jamie Lynn revealed her pregnancy, she was seen buying several pregnancy-related items, a source tells PEOPLE. Spears picked up a pregnancy calendar, the well-known book What to Expect When You're Expecting and a sonogram frame, according to a clerk at the Brookhaven, Miss., baby boutique Expectations. "It was just random things – she was in here with one of her girlfriends," says the clerk, who asked not to be named. "It was about two weeks before it hit the news that she was having a baby. She hasn't been back. She's probably laying low."

It's smart of JL to plan for her future in this way ... tho, it would've been smarter had she started planning for her future with the same degree of maturity before she got pregs in the first place. As for that acting career, she may not have to throw in the towel just yet ... the third season finale of Zoey 101 doubled their normal ratings of a regular episode:

Was it the dramatic cliffhanger or its star's real life teen pregnancy drama that gave the finale of Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 a major ratings boost? Either way, 7.3 million viewers tuned in to watch Jamie Lynn Spears in the season finale of Zoey 101 on Friday — that’s more than double the show's usual audience. So what's next for the hit show? A source told PEOPLE that Spears's contract with Nickelodeon ended when she completed filming Zoey 101 in August, and that the 16-year-old was not expected to promote the fourth and final season, which begins airing in February.

I guess those kids who love to watch Nickelodeon really dig pre-marital sex in their TV stars. [Source, Source]

Oh and one last bit of Spears family-related news, it turns out that Cousin Alli Sims's career as a TV star is already dunzo before it actually began. This from Life and Style magazine:

Britney Spears' cousin/friend/former assistant Alli Sims' hope of getting herself a TV career out of her relationship with Brit-Brit has been shattered, an insider tells Life & Style. Maloof Productions, run by the family that owns the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings basketball team, had planned to produce an Entourage-style reality show with Alli as the star. But the Maloofs have suddenly changed their minds. "While Britney was being hospitalized in LA, Alli, her supposed best friend, was self-promoting in NYC. She was flown in for meetings to draw attention to her career — including her reality show. Only problem is, it's not happening," the insider says. While she was partying in New York at hotspot Tenjune, the Maloofs decided to drop the idea. Although it was intended to be Alli's show, Britney was always the main draw. "Alli and Britney are obviously not close anymore, and Alli's even had a falling out with the Spears family. So the Maloofs lost interest in going forward."

LOL! It's true ... no one gives a crap about Cousin Alli Sims ... that show was only gonna be made on the promise that Britney Spears was going to show up for cameos. Oh well, I guess Cousin Alli is gonna hafta refocus on that promising singing career. [Source]

ALRIGHT ... let's move on ... in sad news, the Golden Globe Awards has been axed for this awards season. NBC announced yesterday that the awards show has been pulled due to the WGA Strike and the prospect that none of the SAG actors who are up for awards would even show up to attend the show in the first place:

The Golden Globes, the ceremony known for getting Hollywood's awards season off to a rollicking start, will be reduced to a news conference Sunday by the writers strike and will likely draw picket lines and lack star power. Despite the revamped ceremony announced Monday by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Screen Actors Guild said it was encouraging its members to skip the show in support of the two-month walkout by the Writers Guild of America. "The WGA informed us they will picket the event on Sunday," the actors guild said in a statement. Patric M. Verrone, president of the Writers Guild of America West, said union leaders were uncertain if they still would picket outside the Golden Globes since they were unclear about what form the awards announcement would take. "I would say an awards show in news conference clothing would still be picketed, but I just don't know if it's been definitively decided," Verrone said.

Yowza. I honestly thought that some sort of agreement between the opposing sides would've been reached by this point but if the Golden Globes can get axed ... so can the Academy Awards ... right? Ugh ... I guess we'll just have to wait and see. [Source]

At least last night's Critics' Choice Awards, which were held in Santa Monica, CA last night, were able to go off without a hitch ... and by hitch, I mean picket lines. Here are a few pics from the CCAs red carpet last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

Brangelina deigned to make an appearance at last night's affair as did George Clooney ... most probably because they felt that this might be the last awards show they'd be able to attend for some time now. As for the actual awards, a couple of darker films took home awards (to mimic the mood brought on by the Writer's Strike perhaps?) ... as did some lighter fare (cuz folks can't be miserable all the time?). Here are a few pics of some of the winner's showing off their trophies in the press room:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Films with dark themes were the big winners at Monday's 13th annual Critics' Choice Awards, perhaps befitting the mood in Hollywood, which continues to be roiled by the writers' strike. No Country for Old Men, a somber, violent Western based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy, won three prizes: for best picture, for supporting actor Javier Bardem and for directors Joel and Ethan Coen. The epic There Will Be Blood picked up two wins, including best actor for Daniel Day-Lewis for his portrayal of a ruthless oil tycoon. Among lighter fare, the musical Hairspray was awarded best ensemble, and its lead, Nikki Blonsky, took the prize for best young actress. The comedy Juno took best writer for Diablo Cody and best comedy. The absence of pickets in front of the Santa Monica Civic Center meant that celebrities could dress up, schmooze and tout their upcoming projects guilt-free ... Presenter Steve Zahn gave a shout-out to the strikers from the stage and joked: "Ideally, as an actor, it would be great if the writers would return and the critics would go on strike." His co-presenter, The Closer's Kyra Sedgwick, said during arrivals that the conflict "is sad for everyone. I feel like there's enough to go around. So I feel like they should be able to come to some kind of compromise. But I might be alone in that." Other stars, though, kept their focus on honoring film.

Well, I really hope that the celebs enjoyed their party last night since it might be the last one of its kind for some time now. Click HERE for a full list of Critics' Choice Award winners. [Source]

Oh ... one more thing ... I have to give much props to Katie Holmes who looked utterly amazing at the CCAs last night:

I know I give the girl grief for putting us thru a sham of a pregnancy and then for forcing us to endure her sham of a marriage but Miss Thang really knows how to rock a bed sheet. In all seriousness, she looked really damn good. Even I can't hate on that. [Source]

Katherine Heigl, her BFF TR Knight and others were on hand at Mann Village here in LA last night for the Hollywood premiere of her Katherine's new movie 27 Dresses which is due to hit theaters on January 18th:

Photo credit: Splash News

As far as "chick flicks" go I have to admit that I find the premise of this one very charming. I think I saw the trailer for it in front of P.S. I Love You when I was back home in Detroit and I actually guffawed out loud. The fact that uberhottie James Marsden also stars in the film doesn't hurt either. Curiously, I'll be back in Detroit for my dad's birthday later on this month so I may have to hold off on seeing it until I'm able to do so with my BFF Sarah ... unless Mike decides to drag me out on opening night ;) [Source]

Woot! In very happy news, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban confirmed via their people that they are, indeed, pregnant with their first child together! I just knew that those pics we saw yesterday of Nicole gossiping with her girlfriends over lunch in Australia prolly involved baby talk:

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban are expecting their first child, her rep confirms. "The couple are thrilled," Catherine Olim says in a statement. For Kidman, 40, this will be her third child. She and her former husband, Tom Cruise adopted two children during their marriage: Isabella, now 15, and Connor, 12. As for where Kidman and Urban, 40, who will be a first-time parent, may bring up their impending arrival, the couple, though both from Down Under, purchased a farm near Leipers Fork, Tenn., a half-hour southwest of Nashville, in 2007.

Love it. Remember when her rep denied that she was pregs a couple of weeks ago after the Daily Mail broke the story worldwide ... the fact that she was due to begin work on her next film was one of the reasons given that she couldn't be pregs ... well, Nicole has announced that she will be pulling out of that film altogether:

Nicole Kidman will be a slightly less busy working mom. The actress, whose pregnancy was announced Monday, has withdrawn from the film adaptation of The Reader, it has been confirmed to PEOPLE ... "The part will be recast," said a spokesperson for Studio Babelsberg, near Berlin, Germany, speaking to the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper's online edition.

Again, I'm thrilled for Nicole and Keith. At last, Nikki K. can enjoy something that her ex-hubby Tom Cruise has absolutely ZERO claim over :) [Source, Source]

Madonna, who has been vacationing with her family for the past few weeks in the Maldives Islands and in India was snapped out for a stroll with her hubby Guy Ritchie on the streets of Mumbai where she was greeted happily by the locals:

Madonna visited a crowded Mumbai slum Tuesday, where impoverished residents showered her with rose and marigold petals. Madonna didn't speak to journalists, and a New York-based spokeswoman for the 49-year-old singer wasn't immediately available for comment. Millions of people live in makeshift huts in slums along railway lines and roads in Mumbai, India's financial and entertainment center. Wearing a black jacket, T-shirt and jeans, Madonna spent nearly 45 minutes with residents of the downtown shanty township. She was accompanied by her husband, Guy Ritchie, and Australian author Gregory David Roberts, who made the Mumbai slum his home in the early 1980s.

I'm curious to know what inspired this visit ... could she be working on a new project or were she and Guy merely up for a stroll. Hmm. [Source, thanks Kevin]

Lindsay Lohan, having completed a whole slew of errands upon her arrival from her recent Italian jaunt to Capri, was snapped at a local Red Cross here in SoCal completing some of the hours left on her community service sentence which stemmed from her most recent DUI incident:

You know what ... I shant even make a joke. Lindsay is doing her thing, trying to take care of biz and I think it's great. Keep it up, Linds!! [Source]

Um ... what is going on with Heath Ledger?

I realize that the man has his own brand of unique style but ... I simply cannot approve of this socks/legwarmers thing he's got going on. Legwarmers are hard to pull off for chicks in most cases ... Heath ain't even close to cute in this getup. [Source]

Here are a couple of new Versace ads that feature Dr. McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey:

It's hard to look bad in a sharp suit like this. Actually, it's hard for Patrick to look bad, period. Puttin' the man in a hot suit like this seems almost ... criminal. [Source]

Heidi Montag is featured in the new issue of Maxim magazine:

The anti-LC seems to be doing a good job keeping her presence on the radar. Mark my words, this girl has got Playboy magazine in her future ... you can just see it in her eyes. And I say ... go for it. A Playboy pictorial is bound to do wonders for her career ... and it's a helluva lot better way to go than the Spencer Pratt route. [Source]

And finally ... Toyfare magazine has the first look at the Heroes action figures on the cover of their new issue:

Um, I wonder if these are only prototypes ... cuz I'm not really feelin' the look of these action figures. Claire looks constipated and I didn't even know the other one was Sylar right off the bat. I'd need to see what the Peter Petrelli figure looks like before I decided to spend the money ... I'm not opposed to taking the Peter figure and the Claire figure and pressing their bodies together in a provocative 4th grade sort of way. [Source]

Les News:
Boo. Being sick sucks ... but knowing what I'm dealing with helps. Pink reader Adriana sent me THIS article from the New York Times that sounds pretty much like what I was suffering with after NYE. But as I said, I think I'm on the upswing ... I hope to have all this illness out of my system by the weekend ... here's hoping.

In really cool news, I recently got my hands on a new Nikon Coolpix s51C digital camera which I have been playing around with and plan to take with me to events very soon to snap pics (that is, as long as death doesn't take me into its icy grip cuz I can't shake this cold I'm dealing with). The cool thing is that the digicam is Wifi-equipped to send the photos I take directly to an online photo album as soon as they are taken. I've got a whole site devoted specifically to these sorts of pictures at You can register at the site by clicking HERE (use the password TRENT) so that you can see the pics that I take as soon as I take them when I hit up those fun parties (again, so long as I live long enough). I really like the idea that the pics go into the online photo album immediately since I am not able to post pics to my blog in this way presently. Now, all I have to do is get better and get out there and party ... and snap pics ;)

Yeah ... one thing at a time tho ... right now, I need to go drink something hot, eat something healthy and spend some more time with my Sex and the City DVD box set ... I'm into the 6th season already ... I should have the whole thing watched in no time.

That is all ... I'm out.



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