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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Come On Over, Baby

Tomorrow morning, Britney Spears is scheduled to show up in court to prove to the judge presiding over her child custody case against her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, in a pretty much make-or-break appearance that will determine what, if any, sort of time she will be able to enjoy in the presence of her young sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. With such an important day looming, one might expect that Britney Spears would be holed up with her legal team figuring out the best strategy to successfully prove to the court that she is not merely capable of being a fit care-giver to her children but that she even wants to be any sort of care-giver to her children. Instead, Britney has been spending her weekend in the company of Adnan Ghalib, former (?) papparazzo photographer working for Finalpixx Photo Agency, going to gas stations around town and shopping for furniture together -- presumably for the new home they are planning to share with one another. While Britney's legal team is pleading with her to work with them on her case, Brit Brit's most pressing concern is what couch from Maison Luxe would look best in her new living room:

Photo credit: JFXonline

Sources connected with the custody case tell TMZ Britney Spears has been strongly urged to attend tomorrow's hearing. We're told her lawyers know if she doesn't show, it will be curtains -- at least in the short term. Sources tell us Brit's lawyers know Commissioner Scott Gordon expects Britney to address a number of issues surrounding the craziness at her home a week ago Thursday. In particular, Commissioner Gordon wants Brit to explain why she violated the custody order by not turning the kids over to K-Fed's security guard at 7:00 that evening. The commissioner is also keenly interested in Britney's behavior that caused her to be placed on a 5150 hold at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Britney's lawyers know if she does not attend tomorrow's hearing, the Commish almost certainly will extend the ban on visitation until the April trial. The wild card, of course, is Britney herself. She hates appearing in court and it's certainly possibly she'll be a no show on Monday.

Yeah, that sounds exactly like what is going to happen. Irregardless of whether or not Britney shows up in court tomorrow I think that the judge is going to extend the ban on visitation until April ... that way she has some time to get her life back in order and the kids won't have to be thrown back into the craziness of her everyday life again until she can prove that she can live a normal life -- if that is even possible. But I fear any semblance of normalcy is still long way off ... without professional medical help, she appears to have no chance of truly getting her life back on track. Page Six is reporting that Britters was recently overheard screaming into her phone that she would rather die than submit herself to the "nut house":

The young woman was adamant. "They're not sending me to the nut house!" she shouted into her cellphone. "No one can make me go if I don't want to go - and I ain't goin'!" It was last Tuesday evening, and Britney Spears was talking to a close friend as she cruised down Sunset Boulevard in her black sports car, followed by the swarm of paparazzi that pursues her everywhere she goes. As the friend tried to reason with the star, her words - and her driving - became increasingly erratic. "See that? I just went through another stop sign!" Britney shrieked. "See what you made me do? I'm gonna hurt someone out here!" Then the 26-year-old made a chilling promise: "I'll kill myself before I let them lock me up again! So tell Mama and Daddy I said so!" Just before she hung up, she uttered a final few words. "Oh, my God," she moaned, "it's over for me." As a reporter who has known and liked Britney for almost a decade, I find what she had to say utterly chilling. In one short week, it seems, Britney's life has become a living nightmare, turning a troubled young star into a woman on the brink of insanity. To add to the mess, Britney has just taken into her confidence - and apparently as a boyfriend - a British photographer. For several years, Adnan Ghalib has been one of the many paparazzi who earn a wage simply by following Britney Spears' every move. Originally from Afghanistan, he moved with his family to London in 1977 as a 5-year-old refugee, later settling in California, where he managed a strip bar before branching out as a paparazzo ... "Britney has been slipping off to hotels and spending the night with this guy for a couple of weeks now," one friend of the singer said. "He always said he [wanted to] one day get Britney Spears in the sack, and I guess he finally has. She's giddy when she's around him." He has reportedly sold photos of Britney for about $49,000 to an Australian magazine - though he vehemently denies it. "I ain't sold sh*t," he responded Friday night when Us Weekly asked ... "She's used to people exploiting her," says one of her relatives. "She once told me: 'If I cut everyone out of my life who has tried to make a buck off me, I'd have no one.' "She feels she's been exploited by lovers, assistants, managers, her ex-husband, her parents. This girl needs help, badly."

This article was written by author and reporter J. Randy Taraborrelli who is famous for writing biographies of Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Cher, Madonna -- the biggies. The article is a very poignant piece on he state of Britney's life right now ... which just adds to the tragedy of her current situation. It's hard to imagine what at this point can be done to help our dear Britney ... not that she wants help of any kind anyways. It's scary to think how bad things have to get for her to realize that she needs help ... but I'm still hopeful that her life can turn around. I just have to keep believing that she will one day be able to enjoy a nice, normal and healthy life again. [Source]

I happy, very diametrically opposed, news -- Xtina Aguilera has finally, officially given birth to her first child. She and hubby Jordan Bratman are the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy who was born last night at about 10pm PT and whom they have named Max Liron Bratman:

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman welcomed a baby boy on Saturday at 10:05 p.m., PEOPLE has confirmed exclusively. This is the first child for the 27-year-old singer and her music executive husband. "Christina and Jordan are proud to announce the birth of their son Max Liron Bratman. He is a beautiful, healthy baby boy!" a rep for the couple tells PEOPLE. "Mom is resting and doing well!" Despite various media reports that Aguilera had her baby on Friday, Max – 6 lbs., 2 oz. and 20.5 inches – arrived late on Saturday night in L.A. In a message later posted on her official Web site Sunday, Aguilera tells fans, "Today is a very joyful and special day for Jordan and I as we welcome our first son into this world." The singer also posted a special video of her song Save Me From Myself, with footage from the couple's personal wedding video. "Just a little something to say "thank you" for your undying love and support," writes Aguilera. "It is in no small part because of you that I live such a blessed and wonderful life!"

Here is the video clip that Xtina posted to her official site as a thank you to her fans for their support:

Yay! Babies, babies, babies ... they're poppin' out all over the place ... I am just so happy that Xtina and Jordy are finally parents. Much congrats to them both ... and to little Max for making his way into the world. It's gonna be a crazy ride for the little tyke ... and it's only just the beginning ;) [Source]

Remember back in 1996 when tiny little Icelandic singer Bjork viciously attacked a news reporter upon her arrival in Bangkok when the reporter innocently said hello and welcomed her to town? Well, it must be that time again because just this weekend Bjork went on the attack again, this time in Auckland, when a photographer decided to take her picture:

Iceland's singing and songwriting sensation Bjork attacked a Herald photographer on her arrival at Auckland International Airport yesterday. This is the second time the singer has attacked a journalist - the last time was in 1996 after a long flight to Thailand. Bjork, who is in Auckland to perform at the Big Day Out on Friday, tore photographer Glenn Jeffrey's shirt in half, after he photographed her arriving at 7.50am yesterday. Jeffrey, a news photographer of 25 years, said Bjork was accompanied by a man who asked him not take photographs. "I took a couple of pictures and I got about three or four frames of her ... and as I turned and walked away she came up behind me, grabbed the back of my black skivvy and tore it down the back. As she did this she fell over, she fell to the ground. At no stage did I touch her or speak with her." Bjork said nothing throughout the incident but the man with her was saying: "B, don't do this, B, don't do this,"' Jeffrey said. Jeffrey spoke to Auckland police yesterday. He said: "I don't see being assaulted as I'm working as a press photographer as an acceptable thing. "If anybody assaults anybody you have the right to a legal recourse, whoever they are." A spokeswoman for Auckland International Airport said staff would review video footage if police requested it. The incident bears the hallmarks of another attack, in 1996, during which Bjork famously attacked a reporter after a long flight to Thailand.

I guess the good thing is that Bjork only goes apeshizz crazy on folks every 10 years or so ... it's not like she's whippin' ass every other day. That said, I really don't think this is appropriate behavior. I love Bjork very much, as I've been a fan for years, but this ain't cool at all. I doubt anything will every come of this latest outburst but I'm sure an apology will be coming along shortly. [Source]

In sad news, Larry Birkhead has given a new exclusive story to Entertainment Tonight concerning a medical condition suffered by his daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Smith Stern Birkhead which is called strabismus or, in layman's terms, "cross-eyedness":

Is ANNA NICOLE SMITH's little girl losing her sight? Only ET has the truth behind why LARRY BIRKHEAD and Anna's baby is wearing an eyepatch! "She has strabismus, which is a turning in of one of her eyes, and it's something that we've been looking out for a while," Larry tells our own MARK STEINES in an exclusive interview. "I've been taking her to the doctors and ... Anna had taken Dannielynn to the doctor [in the Bahamas] to see about it when she was just a few months old." Common in about five percent of children, the eye condition is perhaps better known as "cross-eyed" and it is something that cannot be outgrown and must be treated. An eyepatch is used to cover the strong eye in an effort to strengthen the weak one. "I got her a little pirate doll to show her that people wear patches, and it's okay," says Larry, "and daddy wears a patch if he has to show her it's okay. I've been really aggressive with the patch as much as I can be. At first she was really open to it and it didn't really bother her. Now, she's gotten a little smart because she can pull it off, so it's a little bit harder for me to patch her." But if the eyepatch doesn't work, or if using medicated eyedrops to dilate the pupil fails, little Dannielynn may face surgery. "I'm going to do everything to make sure that it's corrected," says Larry, "but having lost Anna and [her son] DANIEL and my dad -- my dad just came out of a simple surgery and he died -- it's just tough for me to think about surgeries with [Dannielynn]." And Larry staunchly defends any suggestion in the tabloids and on Web blogs that Dannielynn's condition has anything to do with methadone or any medications Anna may have taken during her pregnancy. "All of the opinions that I had [from doctors], every one of them said that it's very, very unlikely, because no one knows one-hundred percent what causes [strabismus]," says Larry. "But I point-blank ask every single doctor, 'Could any medications that Anna was on have caused this?' and they said that it's more likely that a genetic reason could have caused it."

Aww, this is really sad news. I hope that the treatment prescribed by the doctor's will be able to correct the problem as any eye surgery can be very tricky. I think it's cute that Larry is giving Dannilynn pirate dolls to make her feel better about her eyepatch ... it can't be easy for the little girl right now. Here's hoping that the problem can be fixed ... I'd hate for little Dannilynn to have to deal with this sort of affliction as she grows up in the public eye :( [Source]

Lauren LC Conrad, flanked by her boys Stephen Coletti, Trey Phillips and Dieter Schmitz, was spotted taking in an LA Kings hockey game last night. Here are pics of LC and the boys sittin' front and center as the Kings took on the Dallas Stars:

Photo credit: Juan O'Campo/LA Kings

The Kings defeated the Stars 4-3 and LC looked very nice and cozy with her Laguna Beach dudes. LC may be happy when she's hanging with Audrina and Whitney ... but I bet she likes it so much better when she's chillin' with Stephen, Trey and Dieter. Hot!!

Cartoon Network debuted a new animated series of the Transformers which features an anime style of animation. Some of the characters have been changed slightly but the original theme song from the 80's has been preserved ... the best thing about this new show, which made it blog-worthy in my eyes, is that series is set in Detroit City in the 22nd Century:

Holla! I love it when Detroit gets any sort of love anywhere and this sort of love is amazing to me. Transformers rule and setting the new version of the series in Detroit just makes it all the better. Transformers Animated air on Cartoon Network Saturday mornings at 10:30. Check it out and behold the Detroit of the future :) [Source]

In other new TV show news, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles debuts on Fox tonight and I have been very fortunate enough to get to preview tonight's debut ep and tomorrow night's season premiere ep beforehand. I am a huge fan of the Terminator movies (part 3 Rise of the Machines notwithstanding -- which this series kinda doesn't totally follow sequentially) so I was very excited to hear that they were bringing the series to TV (and will be releasing a fourth movie, starring Christian Bale, in 2009). Thankfully, special effects for TV shows have gotten good enough so that a show like this won't look terrible ... I'm happy to report that I am not disappointed at all:

The Sarah Connor Chronicles stars Lena Headey as Sarah Connor (you might remember her as the hawt Queen Gorgo in the movie 300), Thomas Dekker as John Connor (you might remember him as Zach, Claire's best friend on Heroes) and Summer Glau as Cameron their Terminator protector (you might remember her as River from Firefly/Serenity). I was hooked after just the debut episode (which airs tonight) but the second ep (which airs tomorrow night) cements the show as a must-see. I had forgotten how cool the Terminator stories could be ... this weekly series is going to do much to win back old fans ... and make some new ones too. Check it out ... I think you'll like it. [Source]

LA plays host to the Mr. Gay Competition next Sunday night and my friends and I have been asked to attend the festivities ... which we are all very excited for. The competition, which pits Mr. Gays from countries all around the world (pictured below are the contestants from Australia, Brazil, UK and USA), will take place at The Henry Fonda here in Hollywood next Sunday night:

I believe that tickets are still available to come out and see these hot dudes compete for Mr. Gay supremacy. Wild horses couldn't keep me and The GangTM from this kickass event next week ... I think y'all should come out and play with us. Woot! I can't wait to take pictures, too :) [Source]

And finally, speaking of hawt guys ... it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week. Let's say hello to Justin:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Temperature have been climbing back into the 70's here in SoCal this week and you know what that means ... hotter temps. means less clothes for the hot men around town. It won't be long now 'til guys like Justin are stripping off excess clothing so that they can soak up the sun properly. I am very much looking forward to the warmer weather ... not just cuz of the hot dudes but also because I am in dire need of a day at the beach. It's almost time ... almost time. Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
Last night I got to meet up and hang out with Kirsten, Darion, Mike, Paul and his new boyfriend Corey for dinner at a place called Tart. It was the first time The GangTM was able to get together since we parted ways before the holidays -- and it was the first time many of us got to meet Corey in person. Not only is the boy super hot but he is so sweet, smart and funny. We all love him already and are happy to bring him into the fold:

After dinner, we popped over to The Abbey for a quick drink but didn't make it a late night. A few of us are still tired from all of our sicknesses so we didn't stay out too late. It was great having us all back together again tho ... I've missed these guys.

Much love and congrats goes out to Eden Hauslaib who successfully completed her marathon run in Phoenix today. David flew to Phoenix to be with her this weekend and I hear she kicked total ass. WOOT WOOT!

I hope all y'all are having an amazing weekend ... I'm hanging in there ... the sun is out today ... it's really glorious. I hope it's sunny wherever you are! I am out!



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