Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It Must Run In The Family

What's this? Britney Spears back in the company of Adnan Ghalib? Could it be that this couple has managed to elude Team Spears long enough to secretly reconnect and then make a public appearance this week as the following photos seem to imply?

Thankfully ... this is not the case. These photos are not of Britney Spears nor Adnan Ghalib ... strangely enough, they are of a couple of z-list British celebs (I think) who are in desperate need of attention (obvs) and are only dressed as Brit Brit and Adnan to get attention ... and their ploy worked, it would seem ... here is a bit of commentary from The Sun's Gordon Smart:

SOME people say that BRITNEY SPEARS will do anything for a bit of publicity and that applies double to her snapper boyfriend ADNAN GHALIB. So what does that make this latest stunt from MICHELLE HEATON and hubby ANDY SCOTT-LEE? For me, it's the most desperate attempt to stay in the public eye of all time. In all my years following celebs I don't think I've seen anything as cringeworthy as this pair dressed up as Britney and Adnan. What next? Michelle posing with a crack pipe to mock AMY WINEHOUSE or Andy jacking up heroin to mimic PETE DOHERTY. The newlyweds did the shoot for new! magazine, sharing all about the difficulties of married life. When Andy revealed a girl tried to snog him, Michelle said: "I got her by the head and I dug my nails in her face. I said, 'If you ever do anything like that again, I'll fucking kill ya!'"

From what I've gathered, Michelle Heaton used to be in the failed British pop group Liberty X and her husband Andy Scott-Lee was a member of the failed British pop group 3SL. I'm surprised they were asked to be featured in any magazine at all ... but, that's beside the point. You know, in all honesty, they have the look down pretty good ... I guess I can give them that. [Source]

Rachel Bilson, Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Bell were joined by others at the NYC premiere of their new movie Jumper which was held at the Ziegfeld Theater last night. Here are a few pics from the event's red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

I must admit ... I was not very impressed with this movie the first time I saw the trailer. I tend to immediately dismiss things that don't catch my fancy right off the bat. If something makes a bad impression, then I tend to carry that impression for a long time. I'm not sure what it was but, at first, I thought this movie looked stupid. Something must've changed in the way the movie has been promoted because now I am very interested in seeing it. I like that it was directed by the guy who made the Bourne Identity movies ... this means there will be great special effects and lots of action scenes. I also like that Samuel L. Jackson is in it ... cuz he is a bad mofo. I hope I haven't been led astray by fancy promo ... here's hoping the movie is as good as it looks. [Source]

This just in ... TMZ is reporting that Barron Hilton, II -- Paris Hilton's little bro -- was arrested in Malibu, CA this morning for, you guessed it, drunk driving (fortunately for him, no drugs were involved). Man, talk about keeping up the family name. His mug shot hasn't been released yet (I understand he's still being processed) but this picture of the lad seems to fit the bill:

TMZ has learned 18-year-old Barron Hilton, Paris' little brother, was arrested for DUI in Malibu at 8:30 AM this morning! Cops tell TMZ he was driving a black Mercedes on Pacific Coast Highway with a passenger -- not one of his sisters-- when he was pulled over at a 76 gas station. He's currently in the process of being booked at the Lost Hills Sheriff's station -- the same place Mel Gibson was taken.

What is it with the Hilton family? To be fair, you really can't blame Paris or her influence on stuff like this (well, not entirely). It would seem that the buck needs to stop with the parents. What does it say about their parenting skills that half of their children have now been arrested for drunk driving ... in the span of about a year? Hopefully, Nicky and little Conrad Hilton, II can manage to stay out of trubs ... but I dunno ... I think that Conrad kid is gonna grow up to be one helluva pistol. [Source]

A jubilant Amy Winehouse paid her incarcerated hubby, Blake Civil-Fielder, a visit in jail yesterday one day after she pulled off a near sweep of Grammy Awards. Here are a couple pics of a happy and, dare I say, mostly put-together, Amy Winehouse as she made her way into the detention facility in London:

Amy Winehouse celebrated cleaning up at the Grammys with a visit to Pentonville Jail. The 24-year-old troubled star went to see husband Blake Civil-Fielder today after winning five awards at last night's ceremony. Winehouse, wearing jeans and red high heels, looked healthier than ever as she appears to have put on weight since checking into a rehab clinic last month. She dedicated her awards to her imprisoned husband, her family -- and London's blaze-hit Camden Market ... In one speech, she also thanked her parents for standing by her, and expressed sadness over the blaze in Camden which destroyed her favourite pub, among other buildings. As she collected record of the year for Rehab, Winehouse, said: "This is to my mum and dad -- for my Blake incarcerated. And to London, this is for London because Camden Town is burning down."

I can only hope that all of this positivity in her life will help her realize that life is worth living and isn't something to take for granted and gamble with. Strange as it may seem, Amy Winehouse has a lot of people rooting for her in her corner ... [Source]

... altho, not everyone is on Team Amy. Multi-Grammy Award winner Natalie Cole (daughter of the famed Nat "King" Cole) spoke out publicly in opposition to all of Amy Winehouse's Grammy glory. To Natalie, Amy isn't someone that should be revered with trophies of this caliber because, in her opinion, she is unworthy:

Natalie Cole is lashing out at the "Rehab" singer and those who awarded her with five Grammys, including Song of the Year. "I don't think she should have won. I think it sends a bad message to our young people who are trying to get into this business, the ones who are trying to do it right and really trying to keep themselves together," Natalie told People.com. "We have to stop rewarding bad behavior." The "Unforgettable" singer admitted that she lost five years of her life to substance abuse. "I mean, she could die," Natalie said. "This is about discipline and hard work, and you don't get to just do your drugs and go onstage and get rewarded." The fact that Amy, 24, recently said "yes" to rehab wasn't enough to satisfy the 58-year-old crooner. "I'm sorry. I think the girl is talented, gifted, but it's not right for her to be able to have her cake and eat it too. She needs to get herself together." Natalie rated Amy's performance as "fine" but said that she doesn't think the beehived songbird deserved the awards. "I don't take anything away from her talent, but I just feel like she's stepping into a place that she hasn't earned yet."

Wow. On the one hand, I can see Natalie's point ... I have commented on numerous occasions that I feel that Amy Winehouse has been treading dangerous territory for some time now and I've confessed that I'm not much of a fan of her type of music. BUT, I don't know that it's fair to say that she doesn't deserve to win these awards based solely on the actions in her private life. If illegal drug use were to unqualify people from winning Grammy awards, who would be left to recieve them? It's clear that Amy has made a significant impact on the music industry ... and love her or hate her, you cannot deny that the girl can sing. I'm not sure it was very wise of Natalie to be so vocal in her ... displeasure. In the end, it sounds more like sour grapes rather than an unbiased opinion. [Source]

After sending off the late Heath Ledger into eternity at a joyous wake/celebration on a beach in Australia with family and friends, Michelle Williams is back in the US and is already back to work. Here are a few pictures of Michelle on the NYC set of her new movie Mammoth, which halted production for a few weeks so that Michelle could grieve for Heath:

Photo credit: Splash News

I was so happy to see that Michelle looked happy at the jubilant celebration of Heath's life which took place in OZ last week. I admit, I'm a bit surprised to see that she's already back to work on her movie but I can understand her need to get back to her regular, familiar routine. I'm quite sure it'll take some time for her emotional wounds to heal but I hope that she can find solace and strength in her work again. She strikes me as a tough chick ... I think she's gonna be OK. [Source]

After fleeing the country (well, the mainland portion of the country) after failing to secure a spot in the Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo and his girlfriend Jessica Simpson have returned from their sojourn to Hawaii and are back on US soil (well, the mainland portion of US soil). Here are a couple of pics of Jessimo making their way thru the airport:

Images removed by request

I gotta say ... if Tony Romo can still choose to love Jessica Simpson after she jinxed his team's chances at the national football title then it must be true lurve. I suspect her ample boobage might have something to do with his affinity for her as well but still ... good for her. She needs to hold on to this one. He's devoted! [Source]

Things are looking up in LA-LA land these days now that the Writer's Strike is essentially dunzo ... but it will take some time for things to level off and get back to normal ... which is why Patrick Dempsey still has all this free time to go bike riding around SoCal whenever his heart desires ...

... and for that, I am eternally grateful. It sucks that Jake Gyllenhaal hasn't squeezed his hot bod into spandex bike riding gear for quite some time now ... but I'm quite pleased that Patrick McDreamy has taken up the mantle. Now, if we could just get David Beckham to take up the sport, that would rule all. Yummo! [Source]

And speaking of Beckhamness ... what do you suppose is going on with Vicki B.'s stomach in these pictures?

Photo credit: Splash News

The poor dear looks like one of her plastic panels has come loose, has misaligned and is in need of repair. You would think the RoboBeckham would be wise enough not to wear a sheer, midrift bearing outfit when she's malfunctioning. I think someone might need a reboot. [Source]

Jared Leto, actor/musician/emogoth, has been spending some time in Paris, France recently showing off his beauteous make-up work:

Say what you will about the boy (and I do tend to say what I will about him), he is pretty consistent and very confident with his sense of style. Maybe he's been reading Nina Garica's book, too. [Source]

R&B songstress Mya has just announced that she will be playing the role of murderous vamp Velma Kelly in the Broadway production of Chicago for a limited run this year. Here is one of the new promo images featuring Mya as Velma:

Mya -- the Grammy-winning singer known for such hits as "Case of the Ex," "Ghetto Superstar" and "Lady Marmalade" -- will join the Tony-winning revival of Kander and Ebb's Chicago in May. According to a press notice, the multi-platinum recording artist will begin performances as merry murderess Velma Kelly May 12 at the Ambassador Theatre. Mya will stay with the long-running musical through July 13 ... Mya's association with the razzle-dazzle world of Chicago dates back to 2003 when she played Mona in the Rob Marshall-directed film version of "Chicago." In a statement Chicago producer Barry Weissler said, "It's not often that one encounters a performer with the level of accomplishment that Mya brings to the table. She is a true triple-threat -- a wonderful actor, an amazing singer, and an insanely talented dancer. She has an incredible sense of drive, intensity and showmanship that I'm confident will make her portrayal of Velma Kelly unlike anything we've ever seen."

I love it! I think she is perfect for the role and I'm confident that she will be able to make this role her own. Mya will be appearing in Chicago for a few months leading into the Summer so I'm going to have to make sure to catch her on the Great White Way at some point during her run. [Source]

Hold the phone ... the title of Mariah Carey's new album was widely reported to be That Chick ... but new press materials released today reveal the album's release date as April 15 and that the name of the album is actually E=MC2:

Mariah Carey has set April 15 as the in-store date for her new album, E=MC2. The first single, Touch My Body, makes its debut worldwide today. The video, which premieres later, was directed by feature filmmaker Brett Ratner.

Hmm ... I didn't totally love the name That Chick but I think I like it much better than E=MC2. The former sounds much more like a Mariah Carey album (it could've been something like The Emancipation of That Chick) ... the latter just opens her up for ridicule. [Source]

Ousted Project Runway season 4 designer Ricky Lizalde talks to After Elton in a new interview that goes a long way in making him much more likeable and relatable ... at least to me ... especially when he had time to explain what caused the unceasing flow of waterworks in every.single.episode:

AE: We saw you crying a lot on the show. It was an emotional experience obviously, but what can you say to those of us wondering "Why is Ricky crying so much?"

RL: [He chuckles] First off, I guess I am an emotional person, and for me the journey of Project Runway was really an emotional journey, and I think I was discovering things and allowing people to see who I am. I sort of put myself out there, and when I'm disappointed in myself and at how I don’t produce, or when I'm under pressure, instead of getting angry or ugly, I just take it internally. And in order to get it out, that's how I expressed it, instead of biting of someone’s head off. It was just my way of dealing with my frustration.

AE: Well, at the very end, when you left you held it together. So maybe you made some progress?

RL: It all really was a journey. When I started the competition, I was coming from lingerie -- a whole different background. And I was thinking, "Wow. How am I going to compete against all of these people who do ready-to-wear already?" And being in the lingerie industry for so long, you kind of sort of lose sight of other things that are out there in the fashion industry, so for me it was doubly hard. But I made it work! [Laughs]

When you read about it, it makes sense ... I ain't gonna lie, I can be an emotional sap, too ... it's just that I don't show up on TV week after week crying in front of the entire country. I bet Ricky is a really sweet guy ... the rest of his interview (which you can read HERE) paints him in a much more favorable light (he even talks about my girl, Nina Garcia). But to be honest, I'm glad the crying game is over ... I like my designers bitchy, not teary. [Source]

Ryan Phillippe is featured in the new issue of W magazine wherein he talks a bit about his "relationship" with co-star Abbie Cornish, his daughter Ava's image issues and various other fascinating topics ... but I'm kinda all about the photo that goes along with the article:

One can only hope that the shirtlessness does not end here ... I realize that his new movie, Stop Loss, is military-themed but that doesn't mean there can't be any nekkidness, too. The article is a great read, really, but I just can't get past this pic :) [Source]

Getting back on the Rachel Bilson tip for a quick sec ... she is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue fo Lucky magazine:

Lookin' cute as a button, as usual. I heart her, totally. She looks faboo. [Source]

Ali Larter, of Heroes fame, is featured on the cover of the new issue of Shape magazine:

She is also lookin' all sorts of faboo, as well. I dunno, tho, something about the way this final cover turned out looks ... odd. Her body looks a bit disproportionate. I have no doubt that she's got a rockin' bod, tho. [Source]

And finally, Sony Rewards is giving away a fabulous 5 day, 4 night weekend in Hollywood along with the opportunity to attend The Young and Restless 35th Anniversary Exclusive Event in Beverly Hills later on this year ...

... which I'm sure will pique the interest of all those Y&R fans out there. The grand prize comes with a whole bunch of amazing things ... but I'd be happy just to get to go to the Y&R event. Make sure you enter quickly, the contest ends on Sunday. [Source]

Les News:
So ... yeah ... yesterday was pretty damn cool. Getting to hang with Nina Garcia was just so much fun ... and since I was in the neighborhood of some great shopping places, I decided to have a look around :)

Later on last night, David and I met up with Sashie and Will for dinner at The Smith in the East Village. We spent the whole time catching up ... and talking about their upcoming wedding which I'm SO excited for. We had a really great night.

Tonight, we're meeting up with my friend Brad and his lovemuffin for dinner ... and I think that is all that's on the agenda. It started snowing here in NYC today ... I don't know that we're gonna wanna go outside if we don't have to.

BTW: The Internet connection has been going in and out all day long ... which is why posting is late today ... as of right now, it's still not working so I may have to trek my ass out into the snow to find a WiFi signal somewhere ... OY!!!


I'm out.

Tea & Crumpets With Nina Garcia

Okay, the title of this blogpost isn't entirely accurate ... but Tea, Cafe Au Lait & Sugar-Baked Scones with Nina Garcia felt a little too long for a title. But yes, folks, I was very fortunate to be able to spend a considerable amount of time yesterday afternoon with the very fabulous Nina Garcia:

As I gushed in my short post on Friday, Nina invited me to be her guest at the Project Runway Finale Fashion Show at Bryant Park ... which was an amazing experience in its own right. Because the Project Runway show was a frantic and chaotic melee of insanity, I was unable to gain access to Nina after the show was over. I did get a call from her right after the PR show was finished and I was able to thank her for giving me such a fun experience ... it was then that we made plans to get together yesterday to chat for a bit over coffee. We originally planned to meet up at The Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel (her favorite place for tea) yesterday morning but had to push back our meeting due to time constraints in her schedule. To be honest, I'm glad we had to push back because I am sure I wouldn't have been able to spend as much time with her as I did yesterday afternoon (after her work day was finished). I anticipated I'd prolly get at least 15-20 mins. with her ... I hoped to get a full half-hour ... but we ended up spending almost 2 full hours just talking about pretty much everything and just really getting to know one another. It was really more than I was expecting so, as you might imagine, I was just over the moon the entire time. I wasn't sure if Nina would be up for a "formal" interview but I came prepared with a bunch of questions nonetheless. Here is the full audio of my interview questions for Nina Garcia:

I must apologize for the awful feedback noise that pops up at various points in the interview. My BlackBerry was too close to my digital recorder and the noise you hear is the feedback that is caused when my BB received an email. Also, the interview appears to end a bit abruptly but all of my questions were answered and the last 2 mins. or so was extra stuff ... Nina had to take a call on her phone and I just switched off the recorder then.

While this 20 minute interview consists of our "formal" little Q&A, I think the hour we spent eating scones (did I mention they were sugar-baked ... with orange marmalade!!!) and drinking tea (she likes Earl Grey with lots of lemon) and coffee (I prefer au lait with lots of sugar) before the actual interview was my favorite part of our time together. We talked heritage and how she fears her son will grow up not wanting to speak Spanish (I revealed to her that I rejected learning Spanish from my parents at a young age because I wanted to fit in with my friends), we talked at length about my blog and how I got into blogging in the first place (she was very inquisitive about the whole subject of blogging ... and she said some very complimentary things to me that most probably had me blushing) and we also talked about some behind the scenes stuff on Project Runway (it was really hard for me to not ask her to clue me in as to who the final 3 designers are ... even tho 5 designers showed collections on Friday, she did confirm that only 3 of them are left in competition for the top prize) and about her book, The Little Black Book of Style:

I must confess, I really do love her book and I made sure to tell her so. It was reading the surprisingly simple yet enlightening advice that Nina offers in this book that inspired me to pay more attention to the way I dress. Without getting into gory details, one of my New Year resolutions is to try and dress better, to try and think more about my personal style (and ease up on the jeans and t-shirt look I love so much) ... which will come more naturally once I learn how to edit my closet ... which is something I learned from her book ... yada, yada, yada. The point here is that, I really wanted to let her know that I found some great information in her book (even tho it's geared towards women, the basic principles she discusses can be applied to anyone).

In our off the record convo, Nina revealed to me that she is headed for Detroit, MI today so I hope that if any of my Detroit peeps run into her you will do your best to take care of her for me ;) Here is one of the pictures that we took together before we parted ways:

I know ... we look really cute, huh? Nina was on her way to see the Spice Girls Reunion Tour concert in NJ with a girlfriend (she hadn't seen the show yet) and that was our afternoon. I had such a nice time with her ... she was incredibly gracious, very, very sweet and a delight to sit and chat with.

Much love goes out to Erin and Jade at ELLE for helping orchestrate my meeting with Nina ... I really appreciate y'alls help with organizing everything for us.