Sunday, February 17, 2008

2 Years, 2gether

Ever since conservatorship of Britney Spears's person and assets was granted to her father, Jamie Spears, a few weeks ago there has been a markedly different modus operandi in Brit Brit's day-to-day life. She went from daily outings to gas stations, drug stores, hotels, lingerie shops, various boutiques, etc. at all hours of the day and night to a much slower paced life of infrequent trips to Starbucks and her fave dance studio in North Hollywood, CA (in fact, she even started doing a bit of charity work, spending some of her free time teaching dance classes to little kids). It's unclear whether Papa Jamie's influence on Britney is the reason for this behavioral shift or if her treatment for bipolar disorder is finally having an effect ... the bottom line is that positive changes have occurred in Britney's life ... which is cause for celebration. Last night, Britney and her father Jamie went out for a nice, quiet dinner together at Social Hollywood ... along with 68 of Brit Brit's closest photog friends:

Photo credit: X17 and Splash News

I am still amazed that things appear to be going so well for Britney once again. I'm sure there will be talk about how Papa Jamie and Britney were partying the night away but I contend that her father wanted to do something nice for his daughter since she has been making great progress over the past few weeks. As far as I can ascertain, there was no sign of any of the toxic people who used to be in her life at last night's dinner. There was no sign of Adnan Ghalib, Cousin Alli Sims or Sam Lutfi ... just Britney and her father. It's a nice sight, I must say. I only hope that this sort of positive behavior continues well into her future. I long for the day when talk of Britney's mental breakdown and subsequent erratic behavior is just a thing of the past. [Source, Source]

While Britney was bizzy working on getting her act together, Mariah Carey has been bizzy getting the music video for her first single Touch My Body shot (at a mansion in Beverly Hills, CA) as well as the cover artwork for her new album E=MC2. Here are a couple pics from Mimi's video shoot and a couple pics of Mariah making her way into the apartment of Lenny Kravitz in NYC where she reportedly held the photoshoot for her album's cover art:

Mimi is set to conquer the world once again with the release of this new single and album. She's been out of the spotlight for the past couple of years and is ready to get back on the scene. There are reports that MC is planning to hit the road in support of this album almost as soon as it gets released on April 15th. There is no word on when the video is due for release but I can't imagine that it will be long now ... the single has already been released to radio and is already making waves. In case you've yet to hear Touch My Body, you can stream it online from Z100 HERE. [Source]

The Spice Girls are winding their much-hyped Reunion Tour down with their last remaining shows in the Midwest portion of the US (they played Chicago, IL on Friday night and Detroit, MI last night) and Vicki B. has been using her off-time in between shows to do promo work for her dVb denim line. Here are a couple pics of VB at an in-store appearance at a Saks Fifth Avenue department store in Chicago this weekend where she slipped up and showed a bit of emotion in front of the cameras:

Perhaps it was the opportunity to combine her two favourite hobbies, fashion and herself, that put Victoria Beckham in such a good mood. Or maybe it was the sight of her adoring fans that did - but Posh decided to break with the norm and mark the occasion with a smile. In a refreshing sight, Victoria, better known for stern-faced poses, flashed her pearly whites as she spent the day promoting her clothing brand dVb at Saks department store in Chicago. The Spice Girl, 33, took the time to greet her fans, paying particular attention to one in particular - who had Victoria's autograph tattooed on her back. Dressed in her own brand jeans and a black tuxedo jacket, the popstar unveiled her new collection of denim and sunglasses.

I usually complain that Vicki B.'s stoic and emotionless nature makes her look cold, heartless and unfeeling ... but I think I'm more disturbed by this photo of VB trying to show happiness. Her face just looks all ... wrong. Clearly this woman was not constructed for emotive purposes ... perhaps it's best that she be allowed to appear stone-faced and unmoved by humanity whenever she appears in public. It seems to be for the best, no? [Source]

In other Beckham news, David Beckham has been keeping himself bizzy back home in LA with his daddy duties and his commitments to his soccer team, the LA Galaxy. Here are a couple pics of Becks training with his team mates in SoCal this week:

Hee hee ... I love me some Becks, partly because it seems completely impossible for the man to take a bad photo -- but he sure does look ... special ... in the first photo. Hahahahaha ... whatevs, he still rules all. [Source]

In other hotness news, Jake Gyllenhaal looks to be back to his usual happy self in these new pics of the lad emerging from a medical building this week. These photos are the first of Jakey poo looking semi-happy again since the sudden and shocking death of his good friend Heath Ledger:

Photo credit: Mavrix

I can't imagine that it has been easy for Jake to accept the untimely death of his friend (and at such an early age) so it's really nice seeing him back to good. Jake has been lying low the past few weeks so it's great having him back ... he's been missed. [Source]

Okay y'all ... have you heard of the new German pop group called Tokio Hotel yet? Well, if not then you're about to. The boys in this group have been breaking hearts all over Germany and in parts of Europe ... wherever they show up to play a show, actually ... and they have now set their sights on the US. Here are a few pics of Tokio Hotel playing their first LA show at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip this weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

I have yet to experience the group live but that is about to change ... Tokio Hotel are making their way to NYC tomorrow to play the first of 2 shows at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza. Since David and I will not be back in NYC until late Monday night, I managed to get a couple of tickets for their Tuesday night show. I confess, I am not very familiar with their music just yet ... but I've deffo been taking in all the buzz that has been going around in the past year. I'm really looking forward to seeing if Tokio Hotel is really worth the hype. [Source]

Laguna Beach alum Stephen Colletti spent part of his weekend at JET nightclub in Las Vegas, NV where he was celebrating his 22nd birthday. Interestingly enough, Stephen (who used to date Hayden Panettiere after he dated Kristin Cavallari) showed up to his own birthday party dateless. It should also be noted that none of his Laguna Beach pals were at his little shindig either:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Hmmm ... I wonder where Dieter, Trey and his best bud LC were when poor Stephen was left to dance at his birthday party all alone. It's such a shame that the boy had no one to share his Jean-Philippe Patisserie birthday cake with ... which had sparklers and everything. What a shame. [Source]

Here are a few amazing photos of Kylie Minogue from the latest issue of Gala magazine which featured a special feature for her new fragrance Showtime:

Wee! I love these photos. It's amazing how Kylie manages to keep her fingers on the pulse of what's cool and always manages to keep up with the times. The whole disco ball thing looks very cool and I love how she's embraced the whole 80's neon color throw back that seems to be all the rage this season. I am very much looking forward to her tour later on this year ... it will be the first one that I will be able to see live and in person. I can't wait :) [Source]

Coco, the big-bottomed wife of Ice-T, is featured in the new March issue of Playboy magazine in a very ... interesting ... 6-page pictorial. Obvs, I cannot post her pictures here on the blog but they can be seen online if you look in the right place. Now, the only reason that I am even mentioning this new pictorial is because Coco caught my attention with the interview that she gave to Playboy where she gave some disturbing answers to a few questions: chatted with the effervescent star of her own website (, myspace/cocosworld2006), Best of Coco 2008 Calendar and now Playboy magazine pictorial about how she keeps rap's original gangster happy in bed, her favorite sex positions and her ballyhooed butt.

PB: What does Ice like you to wear?

Coco: He loves heels -- it's gotta be some freak heels. I wear them in bed all the time. I actually keep a pair of shoes next to the bed, just in case I don't have them on and we start gettin' busy ... I can throw them on. When I get a new pair of shoes I'm gonna have them right next to the bed, because that's the first place I'm gonna wear them. When he's laying in bed, I'll go into my closet and give him a fashion show. I'll show him four or five different outfits. It turns him on when I give him a fashion show. I'm not even dancing. Guys like the dance; he likes how I walk.

PB: Is that butt of yours real or surgically enhanced?

Coco: [Laughs] People ask me that all the time. I got my boobs done when I was 18, so I've always said they were enhanced. But I feel like they're mine though; I've had them so long I don't even remember what they were like before. My butt of course is a hundred percent au naturel. We'll do tests; [Ice] will let women touch my butt, feel it, grab it, whatever they want to do, to prove that there's nothing in there. But no matter what I do people will always think that somehow it's fake. Thanks to my mom -- she has the same kind of body type; she has a small waist. And my dad is really muscular without even working out.

PB: Do you have pet names for each other?

Coco: I call him Baby Poo. He calls me, "Bitch, get over here."

Now, the freaky shoes in bed thing isn't really all that strange but the other 2 questions are a bit disturbing. It doesn't seem right that her husband "lets" other women feel her ass just to test its authenticity. I also think it's not at all cool that his pet name for her is Bitch, get over here ... even if he/she is only kidding. It just doesn't feel like love when a relationship is framed in this manner. I don't know that it sends the right message either ... call me old fashioned but I just think that partners should be treated with respect. [Source, Source]

We interrupt this blogpost with a special message from the makers of the break-out hit movie Cloverfield. For a limited time only, you can get your hands on the official Cloverfield Monster action figure which will be available for sale in limited quantities:

In conjunction with the launch of the highly anticipated CLOVERFIELD movie release, Hasbro, in a partnership with Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures, has produced a super-articulated and highly detailed limited collector's edition Cloverfield Monster. The Cloverfield monster is available exclusively through Reserve your Cloverfield monster today to have the opportunity to receive it when it ships later this year. Limited quantities are available.

Cloverfield Monster Features Include:

*70 points of articulation and incredible life-like detail
*Authentic sound
*14" tall
*10 parasites
*Two interchangeable heads
*Statue of Liberty head accessory
*Special Cloverfield collector’s edition packaging

Includes 3 "AAA" Batteries.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

You know you don't want to be the last kid on your block to own the official Cloverfield Monster action figure so Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! and act now while supplies last. Hmmm ... I wonder if this is the point where this supercool movie finally jumps the shark. [Source via Source]

And finally ... it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week. Even tho is chilly and cold outside here in Amsterdam there is no reason why we cannot enjoy some half-nekkid hawtness in the form of All American Guy Mike:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Even tho it may not feel like it outside, the summer season is just around the corner and sights like this will, once again, become commonplace ... especially at the SoCal beaches. What better way to warm up on those cold winter nights than with visions of half-nekkidness dancing in your heads. Enjoy ;) [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was another fun-filled day for David and me here in Amsterdam. We talked about bike riding yesterday but the daytime temps. were the coldest they've been so far in our trip so we decided to hold off until today when the weather would be warmer. We spent the early part of the day at the FOAM museum and then the rest of the day walking around town snapping pics of our lovely surroundings ... which included a submerged bicycle in one of the canals:

We had a great sushi dinner at a cute little placed called Moshi Moshi and then went out on the town. We started off with drinks at ARC ... where we ran into my only friend in Amsterdam, GJ, who I met on my last trip 2 years ago. It was really nice seeing him again after all these years. Then we made our way to Exit for some dancing ... which is one of the first places that David and I hung out when we met 2 years ago. As the story goes (according to David), it was on the balcony over the dancefloor where our arms brushed up against each other and ignited the spark of our love. Hahahahaha ... yes, it's cheesy (and horribly and literally gay) but that's apparently how everything got started for us. We had to go back and try and relive that magic moment ... unfortch, it wasn't exactly the same this time around. We did make a point to snap a pic on that special spot ... and then returned home to our hotel room for some magic of our own :)

Today is our actual 2 year anniversary and, incidentally, Pink reader Rahshel is also celebrating her 2 year anniversary with her boyfriend Alex as well ... she sends in this really cute pic of the two of them:

We had a few things planned to celebrate our day today but unfortch we may have run into one little snag. David woke up not feeling all that great and is trying to recuperate in bed so that some of our day may be salvaged. I don't know that we'll be able to go on that bike riding trip that we've been planning but I hope we'll be able to have a nice day together nonetheless. To be honest, it won't really matter what we do ... as long as we're able to do it together.

It's a nice feeling being 2 years into our relationship and still going strong ... I've never been happier in all my life.

Ack ... okay, enough sap ... I am out.