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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pre-Packaged Meat

Put your hands up for Detroit! I love this city! David Beckham and his LA Galaxy cohorts are currently in Honolulu, HI in preparation for their participation in the inaugural Pan-Pacific Championship soccer tournament and Becks has been spotted on the island showing is love for my hometown of Detroit. Here are a few amazing photos of Becks walking along the beach, signing a few autographs and proudly wearing a Detroit Tigers baseball cap for all the world to see:

Photo credit: Splash News

OMG ... I love it! These pics are seriously the coolest things ever ... in fact, I'd be hard pressed to come up with any photos that could be even cooler ... [Source]

... but these half-nekkid pics of Becks in a pair of Abercrombie and Fitch board shorts (and, strangely, a pair of Armani underwear) come pretty close:

Photo credit: Splash News

Woot! Woot! While I'd much prefer to see pics of Becks going for a dip in those cute little speedo trunks that he's usually fond of wearing while vacaying in Europe (shoot, I'd really prefer if he just wore those little white undies he's got on underneath his board shorts) I find no cause for complaint. A semi-nekkid, wet Becks is a good Becks. [Source]


.. well, not really a spoiler alert, last night's ep of Project Runway wasn't a new ep -- it was just the reunion special leading up to the season finale to come. To be honest, last night's reunion special wasn't all that exciting ... and it wasn't nearly as juicy as I hoped it would be but it was really good to see all the contestants back together again ... and there were a few entertaining bits from last night's ep:

LOL ... right off the bat, I was hoping that there was gonna be more fireworks ... when Carmen started to speak up about being disappointed by what others said on camera behind her back I thought the fists were gonna fly ... instead, there was a lot of back patting and hugging. I mean, yes, it's nice that they're all friends but I wouldn't have minded a face slap or 3. Things did get tense when Victorya and her "up-tightness" was brought up ... I was actually very surprised that it was Heidi Klum who made it an issue. You know, I thought that maybe Victorya looked like a cold-hearted beyotch on the show just because of all the stress of filming but she really didn't look all that nice last night either. I was also surprised that Tim Gunn wouldn't let the "Is Kevin gay?" thing go ... he kept pressing the question. Kevin seemed like a good sport tho ... but something tells me that Tim was really hoping that Kevin would have a change of heart right there on the spot and run away with him to Red Lobster. And I must say, the little montage of Ricky's best crying moments was HI-LAR-IOUS! Did you notice that while he was watching the montage it looked like he was about to cry -- again?! I just don't get it ... at one point in the montage, the producers were asking him to state his name, age, etc. and all he could do was cry ... he's totally ridic ... and I love it. I'm very happy that Christian won the fan favorite money prize ... I think it's no surprise that everyone really responded to his fierceness ... love him or hate him, he was deffo the star of this season. Can I just ask why Michael Knight (the fan favorite from last season) has abandoned his design career for a fragrance career? I mean, really? Why would anyone want to smell like Michael Knight when they can smell like Shania Twain Starlight? I'm so confused. Last night's ep was pretty entertaining ... but I'm a bit concerned about next week's new ep. It looks like they are going to squeeze out one more show (the Rami vs. Chris showdown) before the finale showdown fashion show. I'm glad that there is more PR to be had but I am getting anxious from all the stretching out that they're doing. I must know who wins! [Source]

PS: What was going on between Rami and Chris? Are they an item or something?

Last night in London, the Brit Awards was the big draw for all the musicians and celebs on the other side of the pond. Similar to the Grammy Awards, the Brits is the biggest music awards show in the UK of the year and managed to pull out all the stops. Here are a few pics from the show's red carpet last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

And here are a few pics from the actual show itself ... where pop acts ruled the night, resulting in a few pretty fun live performances:

Pop reigned supreme at the Brit Awards on Wednesday as comeback kings Take That, Australian star Kylie Minogue and Beirut-born Mika scooped a clutch of top prizes during the British music industry's biggest night of the year. And it was the perfect chance for two stars to put their worst nightmares behind them -- Amy Winehouse shrugged off her drug woes to perform live and former Beatle Paul McCartney won a lifetime achievement award after a week in divorce court. To crown their comeback as one of the longest-running boy bands in the business, Take That fought off tough competition from the Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs to be named best British live act. They also won the prize for best British single for "Shine." Mika opened the show with a medley of his hits set against a backdrop of fireworks exploding across the stage before being named best British breakthrough act. Hip-hop star Kanye West was picked as best international male solo artist, while Mark Ronson, famed for his collaboration with stars like Winehouse, was named best British male solo artist. Australian Kylie Minogue underlined the pop theme by performing "Wow" in a gold figure-hugging dress flanked by dancers in shiny metallic track suits. She won the best international female solo artist award, telling fans: "I'm all overcome. This is so incredible" ... The Arctic Monkeys, one of the first groups to build their fan base on the Internet, won the coveted best British group and best album awards. The show was a real family affair with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne joined by son Jack and daughter Kelly to host the Brits, being broadcast live on national television. They made a few fluffs and had to control some inebriated prize presenters but survived the ordeal. McCartney told cheering crowds as he wrapped up the show, "I do think British music is the best," before launching into a medley of hits ranging from "Hey Jude" to the Wings hit "Live and Let Die" ... One of the biggest cheers of the night was given to troubled soul singer Amy Winehouse, who consistently grabs the headlines for her battle against drugs rather than her musical talent. Winehouse, who earlier this month won five Grammy Awards, joined Mark Ronson on stage to perform the hit "Valerie." Winehouse, wearing a short leopard-skin print skirt, said to the audience, "Make some noise for my husband, my Blake." Blake Fielder-Civil is currently in custody facing charges ...

Oh, Amy ... you're nothing if not consistent. I wonder if her hubby Blake Civil-Fielder, who is currently sitting in jail on charges of trying to pervert justice, is actually allowed to have TV privileges. It'd be such a shame if he were forced to rot in jail and not get to hear all of his wife's shout-outs on the telly. [Source]

It was a big night for Kylie Minogue as well ... not only did she put on a very flashy performance for Wow as well as take home an award of her own but she also became the proud owner of a new Diamond "Cocktail" Ring which came from the bottom of a drink that was given to her by an anonymous admirer. Here are a few pics of Kylie's on-stage live performance at last night's show:

It was quite a night for Kylie Minogue at the Brit Awards. After winning Best International Female Solo Artist at the Brits last night, the singer was given a £35,000 Flawless cocktail by another VIP clubber. The enormously expensive drink, which is a Movida trademark, comprises Louis XII cognac, half a bottle of Cristal Rose champagne, brown sugar, bitters and a few chips of 24-carat edible gold leaf. But making up the lion's share of the price tag is an 11-carat diamond ring in the bottom of the glass. The buyer did not want to be named but a source said: "He's known in the royal circles." It's Movida's policy to attach two security guards to the drink, who follow it from preparation stage right up until the last minute. Later the singer set tongues wagging by switching a ring she was wearing on her index finger to her wedding finger.

Damn ... that's a pretty sweet gift. Click HERE to see what the £35,000 drink looks like. Anyways, much congrats to Kylie on her win ... I quite liked her performance even tho some folks thought it was lackluster. Click HERE to check it out for yourself if you missed seeing it live last night. [Source, Source]

Back here on this side of the pond, Matthew Fox, Dennis Quaid and Forest Whitaker were joined by others at the NYC premiere of their new movie Vantage Point which was held at the AMC Lincoln Square last night. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know ... I'm not quite sure how I feel about this movie ... I thought that it looked interesting the first time I saw the trailer but movies like this can turn out all wrong. The gimmick is that the movie is comprised of the same 12 mins. in time but seen thru the different vantage points of all the characters. The way I understand it, the President of the US is shot in front of a crowd (in Italy?) and the movie is shown from the various vantage points to show what really happened. I was very surprised by how much I loved Cloverfield and it could be said that that movie was gimmicky, too. I may give this movie a shot, just because of the inventive way the story is told ... I just hope it's worth it. [Source]

In LA, Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon and others were on hand for the Hollywood premiere of their new movie Penelope which was held at the Directors Guild of America Theater last night ... here are a few pics from that red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Now this movie, I want to see. Christina Ricci + pig nose = good popcorn movie fun! [Source]

The time is growing nigh for Jennifer Lopez to unleash the fruit of her loins upon the world. There are new reports that J. Lo has checked herself into the hospital so that she can give birth to her twin babies:

Jennifer Lopez has been taken to the private hospital where she intends to have her twins, it has been reported. An American showbusiness website said a private room at North Shore University Hospital in Long Island, New York, is finally occupied, having been left empty for two weeks in preparation for the star to give birth. A recent patient at the hospital told that during her visit, staff were rushing about excitedly and saying: "J.Lo is here" ... Staff at North Shore University Hospital earlier revealed how a "suite" was been prepared for Lopez which included a brown leather sofa.

Shoot, the suite better be hooked up with better stuff than just a brown leather sofa ... I can't imagine that Jenny from the Block would want to give birth to her long-awaited babies in any room that wasn't up to her strict La Diva Latina standards. I hope this report is true, I can't wait to see what J. Lo's $6 million dollar babies will look like! [Source]

Well now ... it looks like Haylie Duff had herself a nice little birthday celebration with her new boyfriend (and ex-bf of Kristin Cavallari) Nick Zano this week. Here are a couple pics of the love birds as they made their way out of STKhouse Restaurant on Tuesday night:

Whew! It's a good thing that Kristin and Nick broke up when they did otherwise Haylie might've had to go to her birthday dinner on the arm of her little sister, Hilary Duff, like she usually does. [Source]

P!nk has posted a new message on her official website thanking her fans for their support and giving an official statement straight from the horse's mouth concerning the circumstances surrounding her divorce from hubby Carey Hart:

Well, I guess that clears things up ... I suppose. I guess I never understand the rationale that couples have to break up when they love each other too much to infringe on each other's careers. I really do hope that she and Carey end up together again sometime in the future, maybe having "beach babies", I really thought they made a great couple. [Source]

Here are a few new pictures of Xtina Aguilera and her newborn baby boy Max Liron from the pages of the Spanish glossy Hola!:

OMG ... these have to be the cutest pics of the little guy yet. He looks so much like his daddy, Jordan Bratman ... thankfully, he doesn't have his ears. Xtina looks a bit ridiculous in her posed pics with the baby but I guess that's what people want to see ... starlets carrying their newborn children against their bosom as they walk along the pool in a floor-length, flowy dress. Meh. I'd rather see Xtina playing in the park with the little tyke. Nonetheless, the pics are pretty awesome. [Source]

New York magazine has released a new batch of outtake photos from their photoshoot of Lindsay Lohan recreating the famous Last Sitting shoot of Marilyn Monroe ... check 'em out:

I think the top black and white photo is my favorite one of the bunch ... I'm surprised that it ended up as an outtake photo -- it's the one that looks the most like a Marilyn Monroe pic, I think. I guess it remains to be seen what these pics will mean for Lindsay's very young career (some folks contend that it was a mistake for her to pose nude like this so early in her film career) but I still contend that the pics are very cool ... it is a great idea, at least. The girl's got guts, that's for sure. [Source]

Here are a few screencaps from Paula Abdul's new music video for her song Dance Like There's No Tomorrow:

You know, I'm not sure what I was expecting from this music video but I have to say that I think it turned out very well. There are enough elements that make it feel like a Paula Abdul video from days of yore (the flying red streamers and much of the choreography) but it still has some newness that makes it make sense in the current popworld. The bit in the middle where she is being held up as if over water and the dancers are simulating waves with their legs is very odd ... but I can generally forgive Paula for these types of flourishes in her music videos (it's the crap she utters on American Idol that makes me wanna wretch). The song continues to grow on me ... but I'm ready to hear more. Dare I say, I'm a bit excited for a new Paula Abdul album. [Source]

Pink reader Courtney and her friend Jacob send in these photos from their recent reality-celebrity encounter ... they randomly managed to spend part of their Sunday night partying with a half-nekkid Jack Mackenroth from Project Runway Season 4:

Courtney writes: My good friend Jacob and I were partying it up at Ruby Skye in San Francisco on Sunday for his birthday, and we ran into the fabulous Jack from Project Runway!! I ran up and gave him a big hug, telling him how much we missed him on the show. He was soooo incredibly sweet.

Well now, it looks like Jack has no probs partying it up in public wearing as little clothing as possible ... tho, if you recall his recent photoshoot for Frank Louis, I guess we shouldn't be surprised at all. It sounds like it was a fun night ... thanks for sharing, Courtney!! [thanks Courtney]

Batman: The Dark Knight is still many months away from release in movie theaters but that doesn't mean that we can't start planning all of our movie tie-in purchases. Here are a few pics of some of The Dark Knight action figures that were unveiled at the NY Toy Fair this week:

The toys look pretty cool ... but it should be noted that the pic of Harvey Dent/Two Face is our first hint at what Aaron Eckhart may look like as the character in the movie. I can't wait to see that the McDonald's Happy Meal toys are gonna look like. [Source, Source]

Now, I'm not entirely sure what prompted Shia LaBeouf to pose for the following picture (if it's even him ... I suppose it's possible the pic is a fake) but I'm glad that it finally made its way to my eyes:

It deffo gives us a perspective on Shia that we've not previously been able to enjoy. [Source via ONTD!]

In other packaged P33N news, here is a new pic of Olympic simmer Michael Phelps modeling the new, high technology Speedo LZR Racer swimsuits that will be worn by the US Olympic Swim Team during the Beijing Summer Olympics this summer:

I ... uh ... yeah. I really hope the cutting edge technology of this swimsuit will be able to cut down the water friction that Phelps's protruding body parts might cause ... which looks like no small feat. [thanks Jen]

AND SO ... I think it's time for that age old question ... whose package delivers more bang for your buck ... Shia LaBeouf or Michael Phelps?

Hmmm ... I dunno ... it's a tough call. Who do you think takes the prize?

And finally ... here are a few pics from the Kodak Theater were preparations are underway for the 80th Annual Academy Awards which is set to take place there this Sunday night:

Photo credit: Splash News

We are only days away from the big show ... and because the Writer's Strike has finally come to an end, I understand that the show's producers are really planning for a huge show. I don't usually get all excited for the Oscars but this year's lack of high profile awards shows has really got me excited for the show this year. Darion is hosting a big party so it looks like Sunday night is gonna be lots of fun. [Source]

Les News:
Last night was my last night here in NYC as I fly back home to LA tonight. David and I met up with his sister Eden for dinner at the AMAZING Buddakan. Folks, let me tell you ... if you come to NYC you have to eat at Buddakan ... every single thing on the menu is ridiculously delicious, you won't be sorry. I have to send out lots of love to Pink reader John who was very kind enough to bring us an amazing dessert after dinner. It was the perfect way to cap off an amazing dinner. Thank you very much :)

Afterwards, David and I went to the movies ... the only thing that we could agree on was to see Jumper:

Poop sandwich. I was so bummed at how disappointing this movie turned out to be. The premise is so good ... the effects were very cool and yet ... crap. I am very sad to admit that Rachel Bilson was the worst thing in the movie. Her acting was laughable ... I can't believe she was so bad. Jamie Bell ("Dance, Billy!") was the best thing in the movie, followed by Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson and then R. Bils. Yes, folks, even Sammy J was atrocious. The movie should've been so much cooler ... part of it was set in Ann Arbor, MI on the campus of the University of Michigan. But even that aspect was lacking ... the movie made mention of "Detroit International Airport" which doesn't exist. I was just bummed by the whole thing ... David slept thru 80% of it. I suggest you save your $ for something better.

And so ... that is all ... my long trip away from home is dunzo ... I'll be coming atcha from the West Coast tomorrow.

I'm out.



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