Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby, Baby

Woot! Woot! It turns out that the reports going around yesterday that Jennifer Lopez checked herself into the hospital to undergo the birthing process were true ... J. Lo and hubby Marc Anthony became the proud parents of twin babies (a boy and a girl) at just after 12AM ET this morning:

It's double the baby joy for Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony: They're the proud new parents of twins, a boy and a girl, Lopez's manager tells PEOPLE exclusively. The babies were born early Friday in Long Island, N.Y. The girl was born at 12:12 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz., and the boy followed at 12:23 a.m., weighing 6 lbs. "Jennifer and Marc are delighted, thrilled and over the moon," Lopez's manager Simon Fields tells PEOPLE exclusively. They're the first children for Lopez, 38, and the fourth and fifth for Anthony, 39.

If memory serves, J. Lo planned to have her children by c-section so today's date must've been predetermined ... it sounds like she wanted to make sure the babies were born as soon as possible on this date, 02.22. In any regard, much, much love and congrats goes out to the happy couple and their newborn babies. I'm not sure how long it'll be until we get to feast our eyes on these $6 million dollar babies but I hope it'll be soon. I imagine that J. Lo is pretty ecstatic to be a mom at long last :) [Source]


Okay, I have to say it ... this season of Lost is turning out to be the best season of Lost so far. Sure, the first season was pretty damn good but it took a long time for all of the confusing clues to start coming together in that first season ... this season has the luxury that we, the audience, have already been primed and trained to watch the show by now -- everything that we have been getting is pretty much new information ... new and extremely confusing information ... which I think makes watching Lost such a fun experience again:

I gotta say ... all the flash forwards are killing me! They have opened up an entire world of possibilities that, at this point, don't make a whole lotta sense in the context of the story arc that we know thus far. It's almost impossible to tell how far into the future the flash forwards go and we have to rely on facial hair (ie. Jack's) for clues (ie. pre Jack's crazy beard and post Jack's crazy beard). But first things first ... I found it VERY INTERESTING how the ep opened with the exchange between Ben and Locke -- did anyone catch the line that Ben said to Locke, "You're more lost than you ever were"? So brills ... I think it's also a line that is meant to be said to the audience as a whole ... this new season has taken the storyline into completely unchartered territory ... we basically have NO IDEA what is going on any more. I dunno why, but I never really considered the fact that Kate would be forced to answer for her crimes once she got off the island ... but it makes sense, I suppose. The testimony that Jack gave in her defense was very intriguing ... it would appear that the folks that made it off the island decided to go with a story of survival that goes something like this: only 8 people survived the initial crash and Kate was integral to keeping them alive, at some point something happened to 2 of the survivors and only 6 made it off the island (OR only 6 made it off the island and to America ... it occurred to me that Sun and Jin may have made it off the island as well [since she is pregs, she would have to get off the island in order to survive, why would she choose to stay?] and they returned to Korea -- meaning that the Oceanic 6 are Americans and the other 2 survivors went to Korea) ... it would be necessary to make Kate look as heroic as possible to help her with her previous trubs with the law. I must admit, I could smell something fishy when they started talking about "Kate's son" early on in the ep ... when the island scenes of Claire, Kate and Aaron came on I knew that Aaron was the one that would turn out to be Kate's "son" in the future ... I wasn't anticipating that he would be so much older tho. He looked to be at least 2 or 3 years old which would mean that at least a year or two would have had to pass from his being a baby on the island to being a toddler in the future off the island. Also, it's weird that Jack wouldn't want to see her son ... he must know that her son is Aaron (who, incidentally, is his nephew since Claire is Jack's half sister). The only thing I can think of is that something terrible happened to Claire and he can't bear to think about it. I think it's clear that the experiments between Dan and Charlotte will mean something very soon ... it would appear that his memory is failing (how hard is it to remember 3 cards?) and they are aware of it and are trying to keep track of it. Myles learned that it's not smart to eff with Locke (did you catch that Locke told Myles that he is in charge of the welfare of the island -- not the people?) ... but his demand from Ben for exactly $3.2 million dollars should also mean something -- the number is too specific. We are getting bombarded with new, confusing information so it's really impossible to guess correctly what it all means ... we just don't have enough of the pieces yet. Next week's ep looks really good ... we may find out what happened to the helicopter and the people on it ... we may also find out more about the Oceanic 6. Does Aaron count as one of the six? What about Michael and Walt, who left the island ages ago? Are they among the six? What about Ben ... we know suspect that he made it off the island (he becomes Sayid's boss) but does he count as one of the six since he wasn't on Oceanic 815? It's so hard to tell how far into the future the flash forwards go ... thinking back to the season finale last year, Jack was pretty crushed at that funeral -- if enough time passed, it could be Aaron in that casket. OMG ... my head hurts. We need more Lost and we need it NOW ... I want more pieces of the puzzle to try and make the hurt stop. [Source]

PS: Love the Xanadu bit ... I'm so happy the show has gotten awesome again :)

Okay ... moving on ... here are a bunch of amazingly hot photos of David Beckham lookin' all kinds of yummo as he trained with the LA Galaxy in Honolulu, HI ahead of their first match in the Pan-Pacific Championship soccer tournament this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Unfortch for the Galaxy, their first outing in tournament play didn't really go in their favor ... they ended up losing the match 1-0 against Japan's Gamba Osaka in Wednesday night's semi-final game. Eh ... in the end, it was alright tho ... Becks still got shirtless after the game was over:

David Beckham's first pre-season game of 2008 ended in disappointment with his Los Angeles Galaxy side losing 1-0 to Japan's Gamba Osaka in the first Pan-Pacific Championship semi-final on Wednesday. The English midfielder played the entire game at Aloha Stadium but was unable to prevent his team losing to their J-League opponents. He was involved in an angry exchange with Brazilian Lucas after a heavy collision in the second half. Brazilian striker Bare scored the winning goal in the third minute, firing a left-foot shot past goalkeeper Steve Cronin. "It is always disappointing when you lose the game but when you don't start off properly that happens. For the first 15 minutes we were terrible," Beckham told reporters. "It is nice to be back on the pitch and we are still trying to get our fitness back." Galaxy coach Ruud Gullit added: "We thought David might only play 30 minutes because we were concerned about the artificial turf but he felt good out there so we kept him on." Los Angeles will face Sydney FC in the third-place playoff on Saturday after the Australian side lost 3-0 to Houston Dynamo in the second semi-final.

It should be noted that the Houston Dynamo were the MLS Soccer Champs last season, so congrats to them on their win. You know, I'd love to see the LA Galaxy win some games this year but it's not really the end of the world if they do not ... it's still very cool to have David Beckham play for the team. That said, I'm sure the team feels differently ... didn't they shell out megamillions to get Becks on the team so that they could start winning games? [Source]

In other Beckham news, poor Becks was not able to be on hand to celebrate with his baby boy on his 3rd birthday this week ... but Mama Spice Vicki B. managed to get her Spice Girl friends (well, the ones with kids, that is) to come out and celebrate with the little tyke nonetheless ... here are a few pics from Cruz's birthday party this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Victoria Beckham's Cruz celebrated his third birthday today - with the help of his mother Victoria and her four Spice Girl friends. The youngest son of Victoria and David Beckham celebrated with Spice children Beau Lee, Bluebell Madonna, and brothers Brooklyn and Romeo at the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington DC. Cruz's celebration came just two days after the talented toddler upstaged the Spice Girls with an impromptu display of breakdancing at their New York concert on Monday. A beaming Cruz took centrestage once again as he enjoyed a birthday celebration with his brothers and mother, although father David Beckham, who is on a club tour with team LA Galaxy in Hawaii was not in attendance. He was carried out of the restaurant, dressed in a Buzz Lightyear costume from the Disney film Toy Story, and sucking a dummy, in his mother's arms as the group left the restaurant following the birthday lunch. Geri brought daughter Bluebell Madonna, who wore a cute fake fur jacket, and Emma's son Beau Lee was decked out in a baseball cap tilted to the side, and New York Yankees sports jacket. Mel B turned up without her children, while Mel C, the only Spice Girl without children appeared to have passed on the invitation to a noisy children's party.

Boo ... poor Sporty ... why does she have to become the pariah just because she hasn't given birth to a baby of her own ... it's not her fault she can't find a man to love her and make a baby with her. Ah well ... I'm sure it was a fun party nonetheless ... I just love how VB can be so snooty when it comes to not wearing pedestrian clothing but she has no problem taking her kids to TGIFriday's and the Hard Rock Cafe. She is becoming quite the cute little American already. [Source]

Here is our first look at Channing Tatum on the set of the new live-action GI Joe movie ... his hotness has been cast in the lead role as Duke, leader of the GI Joe squad:

Photo credit: JFXonline

Now everyone knows that GI Joe was created as The Real American Hero but I understand the movie plot has been tweaked a bit to make it a more global-friendly enterprise. I'm not entirely sure what that means for the characters themselves (ie. I'm not sure what changes will be made) but the GI Joe I know has Duke in command of the special ops force known as GI Joe in their battle to stop the evil forces of Cobra. Now, I think it's pretty clear to anyone who knows me that I am not a gung-ho pro-American zealot but I am kinda bothered that the movie version of GI Joe is being changed in this manner. Why make this movie if you're going to change things so fundamentally? [Source]

Case in point, here are a couple pictures of Sienna Miller, also on the set of GI Joe, in the role of The Baroness who is a member of the Cobra Command team ... and is supposed to have long black hair and glasses:

Photo credit: JFXonline

Granted, this first look at Sienna might not be how The Baroness will be portrayed thruout the entire movie (ie. she may go thru some change from good to bad, with the make-over to go along with it) but I'm still very worried that they are going to change the storyline too much for my liking. I was a big fan of the GI Joe cartoon and I collected the action figures when I was young (Rock and Roll was my favorite ... he had a blonde fuzzy beard and his weapon of choice was the machine gun -- I also liked Shipwreck cuz he came with a little plastic parrot that sat on his shoulder) so my nostalgicness is giving me cause for concern. I guess we'll see how things progress with this movie. [Source]

I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and guess that Ryan Phillippe is supporting Barack Obama in his bid to win the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America ... here are a couple pics of Ryan proudly showing his Obama pride on his chest:

Photo credit: X17

He looks good. And from the looks of things thus far, I think Barack Obama is really benefitting from all the support he's getting from all those famous folks out there. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, only begotten daughter of Madonna, as she tries to enjoy a cup of Pinkberry here in SoCal this week while her bodyguard* tries to smother her:

Photo credit: X17

Hmm ... he looks like a pretty grabby bodyguard. I wonder if Madge approves of this sort of manhandling protection. [Source]

*It's unclear, but it turns out that it may be Carlos Leon, Lola's father, in this pic ... I can't tell for sure tho.

In other happy celeb kid news, little Pax Thien (the newest member of the Brangelina brood) is now officially one of the family ... his adoption as been finalized, he is a bona fide Jolie-Pitt now:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's official: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's adoption of 4-year-old Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt was approved Wednesday by an L.A. County Children's Court judge, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. reported Thursday that the happy family celebrated at the courthouse in Monterey Park on Wednesday. Jolie adopted little Pax from an orphanage in Vietnam last year, telling PEOPLE at the time, "You can imagine what courage it takes to be in all new surroundings, with new people and a new language. He is very strong."

Yay! Now the kid is set for LIFE! And since Pax's adoption is now finalized, I think it might be time for Brangelina to head out into the world and find the next lucky little kid to win entry into their happy family. Don't be surprised if something like this happens by year's end. [Source]

Here are a few pics of a very happy-looking Nicole Kidman, showing off her tiny baby bump, at the Japanese premiere of her latest movie The Golden Compass which was held at the Yebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo, Japan:

Photo credit: Wireimage

My, my she's all kissy-kissy with the crowd. She looks great tho ... pregnancy seems to be agreeing with her :) [Source]

Ricky Martin showed up at the Premio Lo Nuestro awards in Miami, FL this week showing off his new hair'do ... take a look:

Survey says: No. I mean, I like the buzz cut ... it's not that bad but what's with the little tuft of hair that he left in the back? If he grows it out just a smidge he may turn into a hare krishna. [Source, Source]

Oh, Aaron! What trubs have you gotten yourself into now? While other celebs higher up on the food chain are getting busted all over the place for DUI, Aaron Carter has opted for getting himself busted for the good old fashioned charge of marijuana possession while speeding along the highways of the great State of Texas (yee haw!) ... which is just SO 1972:

Pop singer Aaron Carter was arrested for investigation of marijuana possession Thursday after he was pulled over for speeding in Texas, authorities said. Carter, 20, the younger brother of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, was in jail in Junction, Texas, awaiting a Friday morning appearance before a magistrate, Kimble County Sheriff Mike Chapman tells PEOPLE. Carter's Cadillac Escalade was pulled over for speeding in Junction at about noon on Thursday, said Chapman. Officers found marijuana in the car, the sheriff said. There was nobody else in the car.

Oh snap! See, this is exactly why Aaron is still just a z-list celeb ... the first thing you learn in celeb school is to always make sure you have mindless, nobodies in your entourage that way if you get busted like this you can pay them off to take the heat for you. Laaa-ame. [Source]

And finally ... it would seem that the long arm of the law has finally reached out and begun to embrace our dear old friend Osama Sam Lutfi ... former BFF/manager/controller of Britney Spears who has become public enemy #1 to Team Spears for his role in her destruction. Lutfi has finally been served with his very enforceable restraining order and the investigation into whether or not he was illegally drugging Britney Spears is well underway ... it looks like things may be getting very hot for Sam very soon:

A federal judge late Thursday extended until March 17 a temporary restraining order preventing Britney Spears's pal Sam Lutfi from approaching the troubled pop star and her family, according to court papers The two-page order by U.S. District Judge Phillip Gutierrez was in response to a request by Spears's father Jamie Spears, who is co-conservator of her $100 million estate. Jamie had asked the judge to extend the temporary restraining order – served on Thursday and set to expire a day later on Friday – until the judge rules on an unusual civil rights challenge to the conservatorship. The temporary restraining order could be extended at a March 17 hearing. But Jamie Spears would have to be able to successfully serve Lutfi with notice of the hearing; in the past, Jamie has complained that Lutfi apparently attempted to dodge being served. The temporary restraining order, which forbids Lutfi from getting within 250 yards of Spears, her homes and her family's homes, alleges: "Mr. Lutfi has drugged Britney. He has cut Britney's home phone line and removed her cell phone chargers. He claims to control everything."

He can run but he can't hide forever ... well, he can't hide here in SoCal, at least. The way I see it, 2 things could come from all of this ... either Sam gets busted and gets sent to jail or he disappears off the face of the Earth once things get really hairy. To be honest, I'd be happy with either scenario. Sayonara, Sammy boy! [Source]

Les News:
So, I made it back home to LA last night and then immediately exploded my suitcases all over my apartment ... ahh, it's good to be home. The weather is cloudy and dreary but it's much warmer than it is on the East Coast so I'm not complaining at all. I have an appointment this afternoon and then ... who knows.

Home at last ... I'm out.