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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Everyone Will Suffer Now

Happy Oscar Day, y'all! Today is the biggest day in Hollywood and this town is totally geared up for the big event tonight ... well, this afternoon. Because the Academy Awards air live on the East Coast the party gets started early here on the West Coast. As soon as I'm finished writing for today, I need to haul my cookies over to Darion's place for his big Academy Awards watching party ... and I know I'm not the only one, tonight, all eyes will be on Hollywood to see if this year's favorites will take home the big prize:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Hollywood stars will parade across the red carpet for Sunday's Academy Awards after weeks of uncertainty over whether a writers' strike that had derailed other award shows would be settled in time for the Oscars. However, the Oscars competition itself appears to hold little suspense, with clear favorites generally expected to win. Joel and Ethan Coen, screenwriting winners for 1996's "Fargo," look to come away as the night's big winners for their crime story "No Country for Old Men,'' which has dominated at earlier film honors. The Coens could make Oscar history if they sweep all four categories in which they are personally nominated: best picture as producers on the film, director, adapted screenplay and editing, for which they were nominated under the pseudonym Roderick Jaynes. It would be the first time anyone has won four Oscars for the same film, and it would tie the record of four Oscars in a single year held by Walt Disney, a quadruple winner for 1953 as producer of three winning short films and a documentary for the 1953 awards. No matter who wins, one key prediction from Academy Awards overseers already has come true: The show will go on. It was a nail-biter for weeks as a Hollywood writers strike threatened to decimate the Oscars, with stars and filmmakers indicating they would not cross picket lines if the labor quarrel remained unsettled ... "For the business that I'm in, it's the Super Bowl," Stewart told The Associated Press. "It's the ultimate show business 'let's put on a show, we open in two weeks, people' and it's grand. There's a grand scale to it that you don't get to experience, at least I haven't, in any other aspect. It's live, it's that night, it's their night. There's so much to it that is exciting." With the strike muting Hollywood's normally glossy awards season, Oscar planners figure there is pent-up demand for a big ceremony such as theirs. "I think we're going to have a wonderful turnout because there haven't been awards shows,'' said Gil Cates, producer of the Oscar ceremony. "Not only our community is really excited about all of us getting together, but I think out there in the rest of the world, there is awards fever."

To be honest, I'm pulling for No Country for Old Men to win ... I really loved the book, I really loved the movie, I really think it is the best of the bunch this year. I loved Juno but I just don't think it's Best Picture worthy. I would love for Cate Blanchett to win as well as Javier Bardem and George Clooney (who was really spectacular in Michael Clayton) but in the end, it doesn't matter what I want ... I'm usually not very good at gauging the way that Academy voters vote. I guess we'll find out who the big winners are in a few hours ... I'm not counting on any upset wins but -- you never know. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Britney Spears visiting with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, at her Studio City manse yesterday morning ... the first time that she was able to spend time with them since her January 3rd mental breakdown ... as well as a couple pics of Britney out on the town for dinner with her father, Jamie Spears, at Mastro's Restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA last night:

Photo credit: X17 and Splash News

After a three-hour visit with her sons on Saturday (her first since Jan. 3), Britney Spears continued her family time Saturday night, stepping out to Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills with her father, Jamie. Just before 8 p.m., the pop star and her dad were joined by an assistant, a family friend and two bodyguards for dinner. Clad in a purple silk dress, Spears smiled and appeared in good spirits as she headed inside. "Britney looked stunning and everyone turned around to get a glimpse of her," says a witness at the restaurant, adding that the group lead Spears to a private dining room. "Everyone seemed extremely protective of Britney." The party of six dined on a seafood tower with lobster, steak, french fries and lobster mashed potatoes. But Spears's good mood seemed to diminish over dinner. According to an observer, "She seemed quiet." After numerous bathroom and cigarette breaks, Spears and co. left the restaurant around 9:30 p.m., making their way through a pack of photographers with the help of restaurant staff. Asked if he'd ever helped a celebrity exit the restaurant, a chef told PEOPLE, "Never! It was like being in a war zone. I almost lost my [chef's] hat."

Clearly things continue to move in a positive direction for our dear Britney ... thanks, in large part, to the intervention of her father Jamie. Her life has been on the right course for weeks now and it's clear that something is finally sinking in for her. I imagine she was very thankful to her father for his help in bringing her sons to her again ... I'm just so pleased with the way things are going. It's really a great sight to see Britney out with her long-estranged father. Three cheers for Team Spears! They might actually do the impossible and save Britters once and for all. [Source, Source]

In exciting new baby news, Angelina Jolie has finally let the cat out of the bag, er, or should I say she let the bump out of the bag. Ange decided to let the 2008 Film Independent's Spirit Awards be the first public appearance where she let the world SEE that she is pregnant again! I just knew it! As soon as I heard that the adoption of Pax Thien was finally official, I knew that we'd be getting new baby news from Brangelina. There is speculation that she is pregs with twins and if she has a boy and a girl then her family will retain it's balanced perfection. Here are a few pics of Angelina with Brad Pitt proudly showing off her burgeoning bump:

Photo credit: Splash News and Wireimage

Yes, it's true. A source close to the couple tells PEOPLE that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are "thrilled to be adding to their brood." Jolie's baby bump was the buzz on the blue carpet Saturday as she stepped out in a curve-hugging black dress at the Film Independent's Spirit Awards with Pitt. The Jolie-Pitt family currently consists of Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; Zahara, 3; and Shiloh, 1. Last week the couple's adoption of Pax was made official. Adds a source close to the couple, "They are very, very happy."

OMG, I love it! These two are so baby crazy ... it's kind of adorable. I find it hard to believe that they're gonna stop having/adopting kids anytime soon. I'm actually kind of shocked that Angelina was able to keep this huge-ass bump under wraps for so long. Sure, there have been murmurings that she was with child but she did a really good job of keeping her stomach on the downlow. The last pics I posted of her were from earlier in the week when she went to the movies with Maddox ... I can't believe she was hiding this big bump underneath her trench coat. In any regard, I'm very happy for these two ... let the babies keep on comin'. [Source]

Anyways ... getting back to the Film Independent's Spirit Awards, which were held on the Santa Monica Pier this weekend, there were other celebs in attendance (like Amber Benson, Aaron Eckhart, Ellen Page among others) and there were even a few awards handed out as well ... here are a few pics from the event's red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Ellen Page took top honors at the Film Independent's Spirit Awards, winning best actress for her role in Juno, but Angelina Jolie's baby bump was the show stopper. Page was up against Jolie's A Mighty Heart performance and took everything in stride. "I'm just trying to go along with it, staying with a friend, having fun," Page told PEOPLE of Oscar weekend. "Just trying to remove myself in a way, and remember it's about film ... These nominations are a huge honor. It's exciting." Page, wearing a Yohji Yamamato jacket and shirt on the blue carpet, is having a big week. Not only did the film also win top honors, she's nominated for the Best Actress Oscar Sunday and celebrated her 21st birthday Thursday. "I played running charades and drank tequila," Page said backstage of her milestone celebration. "I had never tasted liquor before – what a funny, sharp taste" ... Cate Blanchett won best supporting actress for her turn as Bob Dylan in I'm Not There, while Phillip Seymour Hoffman won best actor for The Savages, and Chiwetel Ejiofor won best supporting actor for Talk to Me. Blanchett, who is expecting a baby in April, wore a flowy Vera Wang dress. She told PEOPLE she looked for a dress that was "something stretchy." She also paid tribute to her I'm Not There costar Heath Ledger, much like at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. "This is for him," Blanchett said, to applause. Meanwhile, Eva Mendes made her first public appearance since entering and then leaving rehab. She was a presenter and seemed in good spirits, clapping for host Rainn Wilson and chatting with Jada Pinkett Smith at the table they shared. presenting.

Woot! Much congrats and lurve goes out to both Ellen and Cate on their Spirit Award wins!! Hopefully these wins bode well for tonight. To be honest, as cool as the Film Independent's Spirit Awards are, I can't even focus ... Oscar is the big enchilada ... I can't wait to find out who will be winning those awards tonight. [Source]

Far from the crazy hoopla of Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan is spending some time in Milan, Italy for Fashion Week ... but when she's not sitting runway side at fashion shows she's out and about taking in the sights around town with her friends ... here are a few pics:

It's interesting that Lindsay would choose to be out of the country on Oscar weekend ... unless she jetted back home overnight last night, I think she's gonna miss all of tonight's fun. It's also such a shame that she was out of town for the Razzie Awards, too. As I mentioned yesterday, Lindsay's movie I Know Who Killed Me took home the most Razzie Awards of any film before. That's quite a feat! [Source]

Here is a cute pic of Heroes hottie Milo Ventimiglia checking out a couple of Candie's ad posters which feature their new spokesgirl and his rumored paramour Hayden Panettiere at the Candie's party at Hyde Lounge earlier this week:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Hmmm ... I wonder what he's got planned for these posters ... cuz you know he ended up taking them home with him ;) [Source]

In case there needed to be any clarification on the matter, Papa Joe Simpson is a dork ... as these pics of the man from Ashlee Simpson's party at LAX Nightclub Las Vegas last night can attest:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The Ed Hardy clothing doesn't help him look any cooler either. [Source]

Congratulations are in order for Rihanna ... who has just been named the honorary Cultural Ambassador for her native homeland of Barbados by the Barbados Tourism Authority this week. Here is a pic of Madam Ambassador being showered with praise and gifts in Barbados earlier this week:

I just love her ... she looks amazing. She will make an excellent honorary cultural ambassador for Barbados ... after all, look at what she's done for umbrellas. [Source]

Eric Bana is featured on the cover of the new issue of GQ magazine:

Oh yes, he's a migh-ty fine lookin' piece of man. He looks good in a suit but I'd much prefer to see him in a more fleshy way. [Source]

And finally ... and speaking of fleshy men ... it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's all say hello to Sal:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Well, actually we're saying hello to Sal's torso ... not that anyone prolly minds all that much. You know, sometimes you don't need all that extraneous stuff to get in the way ... sometimes, all you need is a good hunk of flesh to lift your spirits and put you in a great mood. So, Sal, we salute you ... at full attention! Enjoy!! [Source]

Les News:
Blah ... it's been kinda rainy ever since I returned home to SoCal and while I don't mind it all that much (ie. it's waaaaay better than the freezing cold and snow of the East Coast) it can be a bit of a downer. Nonetheless, I didn't let the rain keep me inside. I spent part of yesterday afternoon in Pasadena, walking around the shops on Colorado Blvd., and I came upon a couple of interesting things on my little shopping excursion ... the first pic is of a t-shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch and the second is of the window display at Armani Exchange:

LOL -- the shirt is just too funny ... and the A/X model in the window is just too hot. Lord!

After I finished my biz in Pasadena, I met up with my friend Tom for dinner at Luna Park. It had been ages since we were able to hang out and we've promised to make sure we hang out more often. He is just so fun to hang out with, I just <3 him ... we had fun.

Then it was time to meet up with Darion at The Wiltern to see Marilyn Manson on their Rape the World Tour ... here are a few pics that Darion took of the show last night:

I must confess ... I've been a big MM fan for years now. They are one of the bands that I've seen live in concert most but it's been a while since I've seen them live. When I heard that Twiggy Ramirez rejoined the band, well, I had to get tickets so that I could see the show. To be honest, I've seen better MM shows ... back in the day they used to be more hardcore, more shocking ... but last night's concert was fun for nostalgic purposes. Sure the show was severely lacking in impaled angels, crucified shows, sex acts and live animals (all things that I've seen on stage at previous MM shows) but we had fun nonetheless. The coolest part was when the girl dressed in the Alice in Wonderland outfit came out on stage ... she walked around, kicked up her heels, batted away Marilyn Manson's hand when he tried to touch her butt ... then he kissed her on the mouth and pulled off her head to reveal that she was a robot! It was really very cool. While I miss the rawness of the old shows, I still had a great time ... I even bought a shir and a pair of heart shaped glasses :)

UPDATE: Pink reader Erica informs me that the "robot girl" isn't a robot at all ... it's actually Evan Rachel Wood in costume:

Just a quick little fact for you ... the "robot girl" from the Manson tour is actually Evan Rachel Wood in costume. She goes onstage every night (with her head tucked under).

I am shocked! I *knew* the robot looked too lifelike ... this is cooler than I thought :)

Darion and I were still up for going out after the show even tho it had started raining pretty steadily ... so we went out to HERE Lounge for a few drinks ... I was annoyed by all the rain but we managed to find a nice dry spot to drink our drinks and ogle the kinda cute go-go boy who was dancing right in front of us. We ran into our friend Adam as well. All in all it was a pretty fun day/night.

Right now, I'm off to the West side for Darion's Oscar party ... I hope y'all have a great night ... let's talk Oscars tomorrow!

I'm out.



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