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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Halle Berry Gives Birth: It's A Girl!

Star magazine is reporting that Halle Berry has FINALLY given birth this morning to a bouncing baby girl after suffering, what can only be called, a major scare at the last minute:

At age 41, Halle Maria Berry is finally a mother! After an initial scare earlier in the day, Halle gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Sunday morning in Los Angeles. An insider tells Star, "Halle Berry had a 7lb 4 oz girl at 10:17am Sunday morning, March 16, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The actress had checked into the hospital for the second time that day after feeling contractions earlier Saturday morning. Halle had come to the hospital at 4am in the morning because the felt like she was going into labor. It was a bit scary because her blood pressure was skyrocketing and everyone was a little tense. She's a diabetic so that was complicating matters as well. The doctors checked the fetal heart rate and everything seemed okay. After a while Halle's blood pressure came down. She wasn't dilating anymore so at around 2:45pm they let her go home. Halle felt her contractions come on a lot more intensely later that night so she came back to the hospital at 11:00pm Saturday night. Halle was overcome with emotion when she finally held her little girl. She said everything she had gone through was worth that moment. The tears kept coming as Halle didn't even want the nurses to take her baby to clean her up and measure. It was a truly beautiful scene."

At the time that Star magazine posted this story, Halle's publicist couldn't be reached for comment. Let me be among the first to wish much congrats to Halle and her babydaddy Gabriel Aubry on the birth of their baby girl. [Source]


What Would Jack Do?

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly has a few really funny cartoons that show what it is that Jack Bauer from 24 has been doing in his off time in between the last season and the new season of the show ... take a look:

LOL! This is awesome. And I have to believe that I had a bit to do with the use of the exclamation OY! in the third cartoon ... despite the Jewishness of the joke, mekthinks that perhaps the folks at EW might spend some time reading Pink is the new Blog as well ;) [Source]


The TV Guide: St. Patty's Day Comes Early

Because St. Patrick's Day falls on a Monday this year (tomorrow), Le GangTM and I decided that it would be best to celebrate the Irish holiday yesterday since we could all get together and drink til we turned green. And while we didn't drink nearly as much as I would've liked (not me, necessarily, I like seeing my friends get all sloppy) we did have a great time hanging out nonetheless. Le GangTM and I were joined by Steph and Alek's friends Galen and Lori for dinner at Falcon (which sounds like a sex shop but is actually a really nice restaurant) before we all made our way to Tom Bergin's Tavern for a few pints of Guinness:

Don't let the third photo fool you ... I was merely gettin' tired not gettin' trashed. It was at Tom Bergin's Tavern that I got to meet Pink readers Cat and Dana. We actually spent a bit of time talking since there were so many connections that we found out we shared ... Cat knows a student of mine from ULS back in Michigan and Dana went to a rival high school that Mike and his sister Jill went to back in Florida. Cat and I even share the same birthday :) I'm so glad they came over to say hey, it was really very cool getting to meet them both. I'm told I have to give a shout out to Pink reader Emily who, unfortch, couldn't be with us last night.

I spent most of today getting my paperwork ready for my taxes (yay!) and will be meeting up with some folks tonight for dinner at Ketchup.

The coming week is going to be a dooze ... I'm very excited for a couple of really amazing events this week ... and then at the end of the week, I'll be flying back East to be with David for a few days in NYC. I hope it's been a great week for all y'all.


Les News: Meet Duffy, Madge To Move, Kylie Loses Her BFF?


Hot Dude Of The Week: John M

It is, once again, that time of the week when we pause to admire the fine physique of a strapping young gent in order to cap off the week and get pumped up for the week ahead. Yes, folks, it's basically our change to gawk at hot guys for no real reason other than they're hot and they're guys. This week we shall take a gander at John, who has been featured as the hot guy before but I don't know that anyone really minds:

Photo credit: All American Guys

It is very easy to see how some folks might be inspired to spend hours at the gym working out so that they might attain a body like John's but *I* personally prefer to leave all that working to guys like John while I keep far away from any unnecessary physical activity. I figure, play to your strengths ... some people are better at working out (John) and some people are better at admiring guys like John (me). It's win-win. I hope all ya'll enjoy this week's Hot Dude as much as I do :) [Source]


Britney & Mel's Russian Rendezvous

After a very long and exciting week, Britney Spears spent part of her Saturday afternoon yesterday chillin' with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James at her home while her father and conservator Jamie Spears and the court appointed monitor oversaw the visit. While this is very POSITIVE and somewhat interesting news, the really surprising thing was that later on in the day, Britters reportedly met up for a dinner with Mel Gibson at Romanov Restaurant and Lounge for a Russian meal in Studio City, CA ... got the supposed meeting all on film ... sorta:

Photo credit:

Early Saturday evening, stashed away in the back of her father's Escalade, Britney Spears snuck out of her gated Studio City community to grab a bite to eat, not with her family or Adnan Ghalib or even — heaven forbid — Sam Lutfi, but with none other than Oscar-winning director, actor and producer Mel Gibson. The pair met for a meal at nearby Romanov Restaurant and Lounge on Ventura Blvd., where they dined on some high-priced Russian eats for around two hours. So what is the connection between these unlikely dinner pals? The most likely culprit is super-powered L.A. attorney Blair Berk, who not only counts Brit's dad Jamie Spears as a client, but who infamously saved Mel from drowning in hot legal water after his 2006 DUI arrest. And while Berk is not representing the conservatorship directly, she has been involved in the restraining order against Sam, which will be discussed in court on Monday. Could the two have been discussing an upcoming project? "It's unlikely that they were talking about working together on anything specific," an industry insider tells OK!. "Although Mel has used a lot of inexperienced actors in his last two films." More likely, says the insider, Mel was sharing some of his insight into how to handle the negative press — something he became all-too-well acquainted with following his embarrassing arrest over two years ago. "He understands what she's going through," explains the source. "And he certainly has advice on how to not let it destroy your life" ... Of course, it is possible that Mel was giving Brit a little pep talk about bringing the mother of two into the fold of his ultra-conservative Church of the Holy Family in Malibu. If so, it wouldn't be the first time that Britney, who was raised a Southern Baptist, has attempted to explore other religious beliefs.

So essentially, we have no real idea what the two talked about or even if they actually dined together in the first place. I guess anyone's guess is as good as any other. Click HERE to watch video of Britney and Mel making their way into and out of the same restaurant and draw your own conclusions. [Source]


Becks Plays, Vicki B. Pays

After spending some time in the far East with his team the LA Galaxy, David Beckham and co. made their way back to the US to partake in a friendly match against FC Dallas in Dallas, TX yesterday. This game was the first one played in Dallas where Becks was able to play as member of the Galaxy (he was unable to play last year due to injury) and was meant to showcase Becks's fitness to play for the English national team later on this month (a rep from the English team was in the hiz to assess Becks's performance) ... the result? The game ended in a 0-0 tie. Here are a few pics of David Beckham doing his thang on the soccer field yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News

David Beckham finally appeared in Dallas as a member of the Los Angles Galaxy, but Dario Sala made six saves to help FC Dallas tie the Galaxy 0-0 in a preseason friendly Saturday night. Beckham played the entire game and did not register a shot on goal but did pick up a yellow card in the 87th minute for dissent. After the caution, the Galaxy captain engaged in a shouting match with FC Dallas players Andre Rocha and Marcelo Saragosa that resulted in Beckham having to be separated from Rocha by his Galaxy teammates. The game was a makeup for Beckham's missed visit last year during SuperLiga 2007 when Beckham did not make the trip to Dallas because of an ankle injury. Both last year's game on July 31 and Saturday's game were announced sellouts. Although there were a few empty seats on Saturday among the announced crowd of 20,500, fans took full opportunity to capture Beckham this year. Flash bulbs popped throughout the game, particularly every time the English star lined up for a free or corner kick. Franco Baldini, general manager for England coach Fabio Capello, was in attendance to watch Beckham and report back to Capello on whether the 32-year-old midfielder was fit to join the national team for England for its international friendly against France in Paris on March 26. Beckham currently has 99 career caps for England, but was not recalled for Capello's first game as England's national coach against Switzerland last month ... Los Angles' two best first half scoring opportunities were a result of Beckham passes. Beckham curled a corner kick from the left side in the 17th minute which resulted in an open shot for Alvaro Pires, but Pires' angled his header wide right of the goal. In the 34th minute Beckham sent a free kick from 30 yards out to the baseline which Donovan headed back to Abel Xavier, but Xavier's shot from about five yards away was deflected by Sala. FC Dallas did not have a shot on goal in the game.

Even tho it doesn't sound like there was much excitement in yesterday's game, there was at least one portion of the game that looked like it posed a bit of ... worry ... on Becks's part. Here are a few pics of Becks and a team mate trying to protect themselves from harm during the opposing team's free kick:

Photo credit: Splash News

HMMMM ... it's tricky bizznazz being a soccer player -- you spend most of your time kicking the hell out of balls but then you have to spend a portion of your time protecting your own balls in return. At least we know that Becks has a good handle on what needs to be done when the time is right. He's got himself a nice handful, it appears.

After game, even tho the match ended in 0-0 tie, Becks still thrilled the fans by stripping off his jersey and sauntering off the field in all of his half-nekkid glory:

Photo credit: Splash News

So just because the Galaxy didn't win doesn't mean that we don't win in the end.

While Becksie poo was bizzy playing with his balls in Dallas (his soccer balls, folks), wifey Vicki B. took their boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz out for a lovely afternoon on the town here in SoCal. After a quick trip to a gymnastics class in Sherman Oaks, VB took the boys shopping at the outdoor Century City mall and then it was off to Barney's in Beverly Hills ... here are a few pics from the family outing yesterday:

Yeah, it was basically a typical SoCal Saturday afternoon for Les Beckhams. It's unclear if Becks will be returning home to his family here in LA or if he will be flying off to play with the English team next week but I'm sure VB and the boys will continue to find things to occupy their time while daddy's away. [Source]


Live From New York, It's Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, who stepped in to fill in the vacant slot left by Janet Jackson who had to cancel due to an untimely bout with the flu, was the musical guest on last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. Mimi performed two songs off of her new album E=MC2 album -- the first single, Touch My Body and the song Migrate which features T-Pain (who appeared live on stage with Mimi for the performance last night). Here are a few screencaps from both of Mariah's performances last night:

Yeah, I'm not sure if Mimi was intentionally going for the stripped down performance vibe or what but neither performance was all that compelling. I really do like Touch My Body the more I hear it and the Migrate song wasn't bad either ... I dunno, maybe I wanted more from the performances than what was given. To be fair, the SNL stage isn't really conducive to stellar performances (and MC did step in at the last minute to replace Janet Jackson) but with a singer like Mimi who doesn't need to wow the audience with amazing dance moves I guess I was hoping for something more. If you missed seeing Mariah Carey's performances last night you can click HERE to watch her performance of Touch My Body and click HERE to watch her performance of Migrate (featuring T-Pain) and see for yourself. [Source, Source]


Ditchin' The Kids

Brand new mama Jennifer Lopez and her often-haggard lookin' hubby Marc Anthony made their first public appearance since the birth of their twin babies in NYC last night. Here is the first pic of J. Lo and Darc Anthony as they stepped out on the town last night for a nice dinner out ... away from their twin babies Max and Emme:

Photo credit: Splash News

I imagine that it is very difficult for a first-time mother to care for a newborn baby ... I imagine it's pretty hellish to take care of newborn twins. That said, J. Lo, altho she looks a bit tired, seems to be weathering motherhood like a champ. It's difficult to tell if hubby Darc Anthony is suffering the strains of newborn fatherhood or if he's just lookin' his usual zombie-self. In any case, it's great to see the parents out on the town again. I hope it won't be long until we get to see the twins for ourselves ... that $6 million dollar issue of People magazine should be coming along soon. [Source]


Table Dancing Queen

In case there was any doubt that Kylie Minogue is a secret party animal, the Daily Mail has published new "old" photos of Kylie kicking up her heels at the after-party for the Brit Awards in London back on February 20 ... where a very trashed-looking KM was snapped dancing on the tables in celebration mere hours after she wowed the crowd and took home a her very own Brit Award for Best International Female Artist:

Three hours earlier the applause had been rapturous and her performance immaculate as Kylie Minogue was named Best International Female Artist at the Brit Awards. Even as her delicate frame was swept aloft by Dr Who star David Tennant, who presented her with the Brit, Kylie had kept her composure. Now, in the throb of Movida nightclub in London's West End, it was a rather different story. Kylie was doing something most un-Kylie – knocking back champagne with friends and dancing on the tables. She was having a ball. For somebody whose persona is usually so rigidly controlled, it was a rare glimpse of Kylie the woman rather than Kylie the brand.

Ha! I love it! While I am fairly confident that we will never see Kylie blitzed to the point of sloppy debauchery, I think this image of a semi-hammered Kylie actin' a bit of a fool is really cute. Let's be honest, every one of us has been in this state (some more than others, I'm sure) so it's a nice way to see Kylie Minogue in this light as opposed to the prim, proper and incredibly stylish way that we are used to seeing her. As long as she doesn't take her partying to Tara Reid-like levels, I think she'll be OK. She looks really fun ... I'd love to party with Kylie myself :) [Source]



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