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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

That's A-Gross

Pink reader Gina gave me the head's up that a You Tube user named init4lulz has managed to get a hold of unedited MTV footage from their new competitive reality show That's Amoré (where former A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila contestant Domenico Nesci has American girls compete for his heart and other body parts). I suspect that this footage will not stay online on You Tube for long once MTV catches wind of this so I guess y'all should enjoy (or be repulsed) by it while you can. Here are a few screencaptures from raw footage supposedly from episode 5 of the show. Click HERE to watch the video if you so desire. In these captures, you can see one of the contestants (who I now know to be Kathaleen) sucking Domenico's toes while he lays in bed between two other girls:

In the video you can clearly make out Domenico's voice (complete with groans of pleasure) and the voice of his partner in crime on the show, cowboy Ashley. init4lulz posted another video HERE of the girls dressed in French maid outfits lookin' as skanky as possible. Neither video is really safe for work. It's a bit sad to see the lengths that these girls will go to in order to attain their 15 minutes of reality TV fame. If this is the sort of thing that is going on behind the scenes on That's Amoré, can you imagine the shenanigans that go on in the Rock of Love house with Brett Michaels of Poison? [Source]


The TV Guide: At A Loss

There are some moments when I realize what an extremely lucky person I am, moments that remind me to be thankful for all of my good fortune ... being able to hob nob with the likes of Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of those moments. As I mentioned previously, I've had my eye on Stop-Loss for some time now and I literally jumped at the chance to attend the premiere which was held at the Director's Guild of America building last night here in LA. Absent the fact that I've been a huge admirer of Ryan, Channing and JGL separately, I really wanted to see what sort of movie Kimberly Peirce (director of Boys Don't Cry) had up her sleeve. I try to do my best to share the wealth with as many friends as I can, so even tho I can usually only bring one person with me to events like these, I try to bring out different folks to share the experience. Any casual reader of Oh La La knows that Steph and Alek are huge fans of Ryan and Channing so it was a no brainer to have Steph come along with me. Before I write out some of my thoughts on the movie, let's get the OMG stuff out of the way first. After the premiere screening was over, the entire audience was led into the lobby for an after movie reception where we could mix and mingle with the stars of the film ... here are a few pics of me standing next to (and trying not to freak the eff out) Ryan, Channing and Joseph:

Each of the guys were incredibly sweet and friendly. Ryan and I got to talk a bit about the movie itself, Joseph was super nice to everyone who approached him for a quick hello or picture and I actually got a "bro" hug from Channing himself. I cannot even tell you how big that guy is ... even tho he's imposing, his friendly demeanor is really disarming (I can see how it may be easy for some folks to actually swoon around him). The last pic of Steph and me was taken by Channing with my camera ... he thought it was a cool camera, asked if he could check it out and took the pic of the two of us. AND to top all of this off -- both Ryan and Channing complimented me on my star tattoo! I'm telling you right now, I'm sure I blushed .. hahahaha! Breckin Meyer, Missi Pyle, Jesse Bradford and Rumer Willis were also at the premiere and afterparty but, honestly, Steph and I were too finely focused on the Stop-Loss trifecta. It was really a very fun night.

And so ... the movie ... to be honest, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this film. See, with films like this, you think you know what you're going to experience but, if handled properly, the filmmaker can put you in the mindset of a character who experiences things that you couldn't fathom enduring in real life. As she introduced the film, Kimberly Peirce explained that it was the events from 9/11 that inspired her to make this film in the first place. Her baby brother joined the military and went over to Iraq and she decided to make a film from the point of view of the soldiers ... and that is what she did with Stop-Loss:

Peirce used the theme of solider-made videos in this film, explaining that soldiers today have the affordable technology to film things that are happening in Iraq and send them around for sharing with friends and family. These films can be funny, heartbreaking, violent or just regular old home movie type films. Stop-Loss uses this convention as the movie begins to draw the audience in. Before the story gets too heavy and too serious, there is a scene where Channing Tatum is rolling around in the dirt, sweaty and crazed wearing only a pair of bikini briefs and army boots. People, for this scene alone you need to see this film. But seriously, with all kidding aside ... there is more to this movie than just eye candy. I contend that the film takes no position on the war itself, it only expresses the individual positions of the solider characters (and their families) in the film. It would be very short-sighted to say that the film is anti anything ... it merely tries to put the audience behind the eyes of soldiers returning home from a horrible ordeal who are then put into a no-win situation and makes you ask within yourself, what would I do in that same situation? For me, it is one of those movies that requires discussion with other people after the film is over. Steph and I were talking at length about what we had just seen ... the story is very powerful. The only fault I could find is that it runs a bit long. Ryan's character's journey is a long one in this film ... but other than the length, I really enjoyed everything else. I was very impressed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance ... and found newcomer Victor Rasuk very engaging. His scenes were difficult to watch, mainly because his character was so positive in light of the the misfortune he suffered. In short, I loved this movie ... I'm so glad that it surprised me because it made for a more enjoyable experience. Head on over to to see all of my pics from last night's fun.

I have to send out MUCH MUCH love to Charlie Pinto for taking such amazing care of us last night. Steph and I were able to have an extraordinary experience because of her ... so thank you so much again.

Woot! What a night ... today will be much calmer. I'm doing more tax stuff this afternoon and then perhaps there might be a trip to Redondo Beach for some yummy Chick-Fil-Ain'.


Les News: Punky Gives Birth Again, Busta Gets Probation, Will Denies Xenu


Rocky Road

Say it ain't so! is reporting that the rosy love affair betwixt Jamie-Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge (which resulted in her unplanned pregnancy at 16 years old) has soured to the point of near collapse. Does this mean that JL and Casey will never make it down the aisle and that she will remain an underage, unwed mother? 'Cuz that would be so out of character from a member of the Spears family:

There appears to be a bit of the old "good news, bad news" thing going on with Jamie Lynn Spears these days. The good news is, "she's finally feeling better and has moved past her morning sickness," a family insider tells The bad news, though, is a bit of a bummer. It seems that Jamie Lynn "has not wanted to be around Casey [Aldridge]," our source says, and the two look to be "on the outs right now, but not officially over yet." But since Jamie Lynn's mom, Lynne Spears, is trying to create a good public impression (well, as good as one can create for a pregnant 16-year-old), everyone is acting like everything is fine. "Lynne feels the public, especially younger crowds, needs to see that Jamie is working things out with Casey," the source continued — although it should be noted the two haven't been seen together in public in over a month. Additionally ... there is a rumor that the baby's sex is known, but is not being shared. "Britney alluded to the baby being a girl," says our source.

This is absolutely shocking! I cannot believe that an 18 year old boy is having commitment issues with the 16 year old girl that he accidentally got pregnant completely out of the blue. After all, who wouldn't want to settle down in Kentwood, LA with a babymama and child right out of high school (he did graduate, right?) ... I just cannot believe there could ever be trouble in a relationship like this. [Source]


Stop, War

It should come as no surprise that I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new Paramount Studios movie Stop-Loss every since I first saw the movie trailer late last year. Generally war movies aren't really my cup of tea but this one looked different ... after all, it stars some of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now -- Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt along with newcomers Victor Rasuk and Rob Brown. When you also consider that the film was directed and co-written by Kimberly Peirce (who directed Boys Don't Cry) you know that chances are you've got yourself a pretty good movie ... and something I was deffo into checking out:

The story revolves around a group of soldiers who come back from serving their tours of duty in Iraq and the effects that wartime service has on their lives when they return home. Ryan Phillippe's character, Brandon King, comes home a highly decorated hero only to discover that he has been stop-lossed -- ordered back against his will to serve another tour of war duty by the authority of the President of the United States. This is the central storyline of the film but the individual stories of the other characters are highlighted as well.

Here are a few pictures from the red carpet of last night's Hollywood premiere of Stop-Loss which was held at the Director's Guild of America:

Photo credit: Splash News

As you would expect, all the main boys showed up for the premiere and they were joined by their director Kimberly Pierce, Step Up's Jenna Dewan (who showed up to support her former co-star Channing Tatum) and Never Back Down's Sean Faris. I was *very lucky* to be invited to attend last night's premiere screening and Steph and I got to have our very own spot on the red carpet to take our own pics and ask our own questions ... here are a few of our red carpet pictures:

Doing red carpet duty is always a very hairy experience ... everyone is jockeying for position and the stars can't always stop to talk to everyone. I missed out on talking to Ryan on the red carpet (tho I did get to speak with him at the after party reception) but I did get to ask a question of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, click below to hear my question and his answer:

Because I only got to ask him one question, I wanted to see if he would be able to give us a hint as to which character he will be playing in the new GI Joe movie (which, incidentally, also stars Channing Tatum who plays Duke in the movie) but he was smarter than I was and didn't reveal any secrets. The rumor is that he will portray the character who will eventually become the supervillain Cobra Commander.

While I didn't get to ask any questions, per se, of Channing Tatum, I did record the brief interview he gave to the French media outlet who was stationed next to me, click below to hear his short interview:

I will post my full movie review a little bit later on (along with my pics from the afterparty reception which I can't wait to share) in today's personal post but I will say this right now. The movie is not at all what I expected. It doesn't necessarily take a singular position on the war overall, it really leaves the determination up to the audience. It left me thinking about how, when talking about war and an on-going military conflict, there are no absolutes. There is no absolute right and no absolute wrong ... each person's individual circumstance and belief is unique and no singular answer is right for every case. I found the movie quite stunning ... but more on that later.

In the meantime, you can head over to to check out a bunch of my pics from last night's premiere in all their glory, including my pictures from the afterparty reception.


Rubber Maid

Superfreak Janet Jackson is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Black Book magazine wherein she poses inside a birdcage while wearing a rubber dress and then snarls from inside a head cage .... you know, your usual run-of-the-mill photospread:

A-B-C, easy as 1-2-3? Not quite. Janet Jackson has always stood alone from those other five singing siblings (including the one who brokered Neverland from J.M. Barrie). But with her new album, Discipline, the beautiful, elusive performer steps forward—again—into her own spotlight (and cage). And that S&M headgear isn't slowing her one bit. Within a labyrinthine photo studio in Culver City, California, in a whitewashed room, otherwise unremarkable, a B & D fetishist's arsenal is displayed as if arranged for a tradeshow by the Marquis de Sade. The gear, close to a type once reserved for "correcting" "scolds," "shrewish women," recalcitrant serfs, and persons confusing to the Church, is all laid out for use on Janet Jackson. Her recent album, for which she is currently touring, is called Discipline. On collapsible buffet tables, hanging on fashion gurneys, and draped on walls, there are PVC cat suits, zippered headgear, latex eveningwear, metal-and-rubber bustiers, breastplates, gauntlets, codpieces, feather ticklers, and steel pelvic thrusters, relieved of their phallic attachments. Barbed cowhide whips are fanned out alongside some kind of automaton skull with a full set of human teeth and gums. There is an assortment of padlocks and chains, a bludgeon of some kind, a couple of fearsome hooks "Pinhead" would give the seal of approval, and a fresh coffee, extra large. On the bright side, it appears Jackson will for now be spared the Pear of Anguish and the Ducking Stool. Outside of the room, on fabled Smashbox Studios' blinding-white shooting stage, heavy-gauge chains sway and clang from a recently constructed metal gallows. There is a general clangor of metal as multiplying personnel, a majority large and tattooed, put through the paces more infernal devices. Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition. Enter Janet Jackson, dressed—by nobody’s mother’s standards—in strategic neoprene. She is silent, resigned, as two assistants lock a stainless steel cage around her head, a medieval housewives' bridle from the shiny future. Jackson is immobilized from the neck up, and there is a way to insert a ball-gag—or something—into the casque, should that be necessary. A prop director tests alien-looking keys in a ten-pound pair of shackles, which for certain would otherwise have to be removed with a wad of C4. Satisfied, he carries them off toward the already confined Jackson as more assistants draw towering walls of folded cardboard around her predicament, obscuring it from view, however precariously. A woman rushes by, lubricating a zipper mask while clutching a riding crop in her teeth; she slips into the makeshift keep. Jackson is about to be either violently ravished, or pressed for information, comprehensively. It's no great mystery if the caged bird sings ... "I just get embarrassed so easily," says Jackson. Her voice is delicate, and suited to whimsy. "Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong profession. You know, a photographer will ask me to do something, and I think, What? With all these people around, staring? I don't know, I guess it's my insecurity. Maybe when I'm 90, I won’t care, and just stick my ass out. But until I'm comfortable..."

Oh yes, it's very clear that Janet Jackson gets embarrassed easily ... I know I can barely look anyone in the eye whenever I leave the house wearing a head cage. I love Janet but she is deffo a split personality. In face-to-face interviews, she is quiet, demure and seemingly fragile ... and then in photoshoots, videos and live performances she let's her kinky side come out and play. She deffo gets snaps for her bold fashion choices -- after all, she is the inspiration for the term "wardrobe malfunction" (ie. lettin' her boob out during the Super Bowl a few years ago). Many folks have a hard time pulling off rubber ... I think she handles it like a champ. [Source, Source]


Keeping Up With The Jones'

Here are a few screencaps of the freshly inked David Beckham who appears alongside five other major soccer players (Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho, Cesc Fabregas, Lionel Messi and Frank Lampard) in a new international commercial for Pepsi cola. Since all six of the soccer stars have to share the 30-second screen time, each one is only featured briefly but Becks does get the most screen time overall -- his first appearance in the ad shows him rockin' the Indiana Jones look and he ends the ad wearing a sleeveless t-shirt on the beach:

It's unclear what the country of origin is for this TV commercial (tho, I suspect it's a Latin country if you go by the narrators' accents) but isn't it interesting that Becks can make that fedora look sexy? Additionally, Becks is refuting recent rumors going around that his family has grown tired of the US and that he is itching to leave the LA Galaxy. When asked about these rumors over the weekend, Becks replied:

"Nothing could be further from the truth. I've said from the moment I've arrived everything's been great and that everybody's treated us so well. Not just on the football side of things, but the family side. The children are happy in school and Victoria is happy living in LA. I'm not going anywhere."

And that settles that ... I'm glad to hear that Becksie poo ain't going nowhere ... now if he would just release more commercials in this country, we'd be all set. [Source]


A Guided Tour

It should come as no surprise that Britney Spears has landed the cover of the new issue of TV Guide (which is due out this wee) since everyone is talking about her upcoming guest starring stint on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother ... check it out:

Britney Spears' visit to How I Met Your Mother certainly has brought some quick buzz to the post-strike season. The March 24 issue of TV Guide went behind the scenes to get the scoop on the pop star's surprise sitcom gig; the exclusive cover story with posed Josh Radnor/Brit pic will be on newsstands this week. Talking to the Mother cast last Thursday at their return party, it became clear that each wanted a "piece" of her -- or, at least, admired the pieces she brought to the show. Jason Segel gushed, "She was just unbelievable. She had her lines memorized, jokes ready, and she killed it. And she's beautiful." Neil Patrick Harris, meanwhile, was surprised that Spears agreed to come on the show at all. "I didn't think she'd have the time to do it," he confessed. "I kept laughing, saying, 'You're serious? She's actually going to do it?'" Adds Alyson Hannigan, "[Britney] was sweet and funny. It was surprisingly normal." For Cobie Smulders, the combo of Brit and the March 24 episode's other big guest star, Sarah Chalke, was anything but toxic. Smulders (like Chalke, a Canuck) said, "Sarah is so funny, so nice, and she's the coolest chick. I know she seems like the coolest chick, but [she really is]."

It sounds like it has been a lovefest on the set of HIMYM lately ... I guess we'll see if all that lurve translates to the screen when the ep airs next Monday. [Source]

Additionally, Entertainment Tonight posted a very short clip of Britney on the set of HIMYM ... here are a couple of screencaps:

And you can click HERE to watch the blink-and-you-missed-it vidclip. I know, I'm posting every single little shred of new info concerning Brit's appearance on the show but I'm just so damn excited ... it's only fair that I cover the positive stuff with as much precision as all the negative stuff. I smell an Emmy Award, y'all ;) [Source]


Mariah Is Allure-ing

Mariah Carey is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Allure magazine (which hits newsstands on March 25) ... and just posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos that were taken during her photoshoot for the mag ... check 'em out:

And as if the behind-the-scene pics aren't cool enough, here are the two photos that accompany the magazine coverstory:

Clearly, Mimi is showing off the two loves of her life ... music and her baby pooch. Additionally, Mimi isn't merely celebrating being on the cover of Allure magazine this week, I'm sure she is also quite happy to be on the verge of tying The Beatles for the same record number of #1 singles:

Move over, Beatles. Mariah Carey is on the verge of tying the legendary British band for having the most chart-topping hits. The hip-hop diva's newest single "Touch My Body" is poised to give her 18 No. 1 singles, knotting her with the Fab Four. The song is the lead track on her latest album "E=MC2," due to hit stores later this month. The 37-year-old songstress is currently tied with Elvis Presley for second place for top singles. Carey, the best-selling female singer of all time, showed off her new hit and slimmed-down body on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, sporting stilettos and a micro-miniskirt. In an interview with Allure magazine, Carey joked that she doesn't need steroids to stay in top shape, but she does have some tricks to keep her voice sharp. Carey said she sometimes sleeps in the steam room of her Tribeca penthouse, claiming it keeps her vocal cords lubricated. She said she imported a personal trainer from St. Barts to help her trim off an estimated 30 pounds from her 5-foot-9 frame. "This trainer has actually helped me reshape my arms. That's where I gained most of my weight: upper body," she said. "With this whole steroid crap, that's crazy. I'm almost on the verge where I'd be too muscular if I was going to do a thing like that." Carey, a native of Huntington, L.I., lives with a Jack Russell terrier named J.J., and said she's too busy to settle down with a man. "I mean, I have three personal assistants just to keep up with my schedule. It's not that difficult to become exhausted," said Carey, who in 2001 was hospitalized after suffering a mental breakdown.

Holla! It seems pretty evident that Mariah Carey will end up surpassing The Beatles's record for the most #1s with this new album -- a feat that not even Madonna (who was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) has been able to do herself. I couldn't even imagine that MC would be able to enjoy as much success as she did with her last album, The Emancipation of Mimi. Clearly, her biggest accomplishments are still yet to come. [Source]


Take A Flying Leap

Filming is already underway on the 22nd James Bond film, called Quantum of Solace, which will once again feature Daniel Craig in the title role. Here are a few pics of Daniel leaping from a speedboat as he films one of the movie's action scenes in Panama:

James Bond never puts a foot wrong as he dices with danger. But the actor playing 007 is a little more human. Daniel Craig is pictured slipping as he leaps from a moving speedboat during filming for the latest Bond adventure, Quantum Of Solace, in Panama. The actor managed to regain his balance - just - as he landed in a small, battered fishing boat. The moment is believed to be part of a chase scene forming the longest-ever opening sequence of any of the Bond films, stretching to 30 minutes.

I must say that I have never been that big of a James Bond fan (essentially, Pierce Brosnan killed the whole idea of a sexy 007 for me) but Daniel Craig has pulled me back on the fan side. He portrays such a fresh, new Bond that I really hope that he will stay in the role for some time to come. I am very excited to see how this new Bond film, Quantum of Solace, will turn out ...

I don't really care for the name much but I like that Daniel is doing some of his own stunts (like he did in the last film, Casino Royale). I'm really looking forward to another round with James Blonde. [Source]



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