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Once More ... Once More: The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reunion

So ... the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion was last night and I am having a hard time figuring out how to adequately relay my experience. Because I was allowed access unlike any other person there last night, I really want to convey first, how lucky and extremely thankful I feel to have enjoyed such access and second, I want to share as much of the experience as I can. I may end up tweaking this post a bit as I am able to better process last night's events. Let's get the bummer stuff out of the way first. For reasons that were not explained last night, Alyson Hannigan and Eliza Dushku did not attend last night's reunion. I'm sure there was no malicious intent by their absence but my fear was that something went wrong or that someone got ill or something. They were sorely missed last night. But everyone else who was confirmed to attend did attend. I was EXTREMELY fortunate to go as Amber Benson's personal guest ... this meant that I got to go everywhere Amber did. I ended up spending the whole night by Amber's side (except when she was on stage for the panel discussion) with the entire Buffy cast all night long. I cannot express how amazing that was for me. Amber was truly my angel ... she took great pains to make sure I was having fun and that I got to meet everyone. I will never be able to thank her properly for the experience. But let's get to things in order.

Here are a few red carpet pics of the Buffy folk who attended last night's reunion event, hosted by the Paley Center at the Arc Light Cinema Dome:

Photo credit: Wireimage

It was so surreal seeing everyone altogether ... they all got along as if it was a high school reunion. They were sharing baby pics with one another, lots of hugging and lots of "OMG you look great!". The cast members and I stayed in the green room while the episode Once More With Feeling was being screened in the Cinema Dome for the attendees. They did broadcast the ep on a big screen TV in the green room and Amber got all shy when her scenes came on. It was really cute. I was trying to get her to sing to me as if I was Willow but she wasn't interested ;) [Source]

I'm not sure whose idea it was but one of the cast members decided to rally the others to go outside to sign some autographs for the fans who couldn't make it inside for the panel discussion. So they all went outside, Sarah Michelle Gellar included, to say hello to the fans. It was really the coolest thing I saw last night. There were fans who flew in from Australia for the event, it was really remarkable.

Anyways, because I was with Amber and the cast all night, I was able to snap some intimate and fun pics of the Buffy folks hanging out with each other and hanging out with some of the fans outside ... here are some of my pics:

Then it was time for the panel discussion ... here are a few of my pics from inside the Cinema Dome of the actual event:

Here are a few of my copious notes that I typed into my BlackBerry as the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion panel was going on. I tried to jot down the more important/interesting aspects of the reunion so that y'all could have a pretty good feel for everything that was discussed last night. I'm sure I missed a few things but, really, I don't think I missed anything major ... so here goes, more or less in chronological order of discussion:

Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed that the hardest episode for her to tackle was Hush, which she found odd since there was hardly any dialog in the ep.

Michelle Trachtenberg revealed that she came down with a case of psychosomatic tonsillitis when she found out that she would have to sing in the musical episode, One More With Feeling.

Nicholas Brendon was cracking jokes thruout the entire discussion, he seemed to be in ADD overdrive ... he was very Xander on stage. Seth Green also cracked a lot of jokes, his were very sharp, witty and right on cue.

When asked if the musical episode would ever be brought to Broadway, Joss Whedon revealed that he would like to bring a Buffy story to Broadway, just not the musical episode Once More With Feeling (saying that it wouldn't work as a full-blown musical because it is merely an episode on a TV show). A real Broadway show would have to start from scratch. Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Seth Green, Amber Benson and producer Marti Noxon all said they would happily sign on if Joss did write a Buffy Broadway musical ... SMG said she would not sign on saying, "I'm out!"

Sarah Michelle Gellar said that season 6 was tough for her overall since she has a hard time separating herself from the character of Buffy thruout the course of the series ... since the things that Buffy was going thru in season 6 were so foreign to her she had a tough time of it overall.

Marti Noxon made the comment that, "Joss wasn't happy unless Buffy cried" referring to all the horrible things he put Buffy thru in the course of the series.

Sarah Michelle Gellar explained that Joss took all the horrible things about youth and molded them into the monsters that were the bad guys on the show ... this is what she believes makes the show so relatable to so many people.

Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed that she had *just* learned about the same-sex incident that Buffy got herself into in the comic book series and that she was unprepared to answer the question when it was asked of her on the red carpet.

Joss Whedon likened Buffy's same-sex incident in the current Season 8 comic book series to an experimental college experience.

Joss Whedon said there is a possibility of another Buffy the Vampire Slayer project but that "so many stars would have to align" for it to actually come to be and that he thinks it'd be "really cool" if something came to be. Nicholas Brendon joked that it could be called, "Xander: the one-eyed Monster"

Michelle Trachtenberg revealed that she feels "honored" that she was able to play such a pivotal role in the episode The Body. The ep made her feel as if she was losing a part of herself and it really allowed the audience, for the first time, to really connect with (instead of hate) the Dawn character.

Sarah Michelle Gellar offered that she had more time to prepare for the death of Buffy's mother Joyce (played by Kristine Sutherland) and still had a hard time dealing with the emotional impact of Joyce's death (especially since she is so close to her own mother and she could not imagine losing her). She had a half day to prepare for the scene where she finds her mother's body and the 3-minute scene was shot on a handycam, which was the only scene shot that day. She loves that the show constantly broke the rules, every rule in TV show making.

Joss Whedon revealed that the ep The Body intentionally used no music, he wanted it to have the same feel as the Hitchcock movie The Birds which also used no music in key parts of the movie.

Emma Caufield revealed that she had to go to the bathroom in the worst way when she shot her poignant monologue scene in The Body. Her tears were actually generated from a need to go to the bathroom.

Joss Whedon said that Joyce Summers (played by Kristine Sutherland) was the most underrated character of the series.

Amber Benson said that she had no idea that she and Alyson Hannigan would become lovers when she signed on for the show. They were taken aside 3 eps into her tenure on the show and they were complimented on their "good chemistry", then they were told about their burgeoning relationship. She says the beauty of the show is that it has heart. Her quote was, "Joss wants to touch you guys" which caused the audience to erupt in laughter.

David Greenwalt (producer) talked about how The WB network called him and asked directly, "are you really gonna do the 'gay thing'?" Joss said the network told him that they had already had "too much gay" that year (on Dawson's Creek, etc.) and then they tried to get him to cut out the same-sex kiss between Willow and Tara, he in turn seriously threatened to pack up his office and quit. Joss also revealed that it wasn't "the kiss ep" that caused the network to lose advertising dollars ... it was the ep where Buffy started working at a fast food restaurant (the Doublemeat Palace) that caused ad revenue to drop.

Charisma Carpenter says that she felt it was the right move for her character, Cordelia Chase, to move on to Angel. David Greenwalt said there would've been no Angel series without her ... James Marsters said that when she left Buffy he became the new Cordelia.

Charisma Carpenter says she was afraid Angel would fail but Joss took her for a walk and told her, "you will always have a net here at Buffy". She also revealed that Joss liked to pretend to fire people (Marti Noxon confirmed this).

Joss Whedon said he didn't put Buffy on The WB to win Emmys (in response as to why the show didn't win more awards).

The panel was asked what their fave movies were and what was on their iPods at the moment ... movie choices varied from the South Park movie Bigger, Longer and Uncut (SMG) to Pulp Fiction (Emma Caufield), music choices varied from Beck and Nirvana (James Marsters) to Britney Spears and Abba (Michelle Trachtenberg).

Joss Whedon promises that Oz will show up in the comic book story arc, says that Buffy was mature enough at 13 to date Angel (their relationship was about love, it might not have been legal but it was real).

Seth Green revealed that the thing he misses most about being on the show was showing up at his trailer only to find that David Boreanaz had already pooped in it ... he swears it's a true story (and that Boreanaz is proud of it). Michelle revealed that she misses sneaking into SMG's trailer to pet her shoes and that she also misses sneaking up to hang out with the writers hoping to convince them to let her hang with the "cool kids".

Sarah Michelle Gellar says that playing the Buffybot kept things fresh and new for her, it allowed her to find the essence of Buffy and that she thought it was "fun" being Spike's sex slave.

And that was pretty much all that was discussed. Most of the discussion was lead by the moderator from TV Guide (who, IMHO, wasn't all that great to be honest) but that last few topics were asked by folks in the audience. Also, Michelle Trachtenberg (who's lovely mother and sister I got to meet in the green room) confirmed officially from her own mouth that she has joined the cast of Gossip Girl so we can deffo be on the lookout for her on the show.

I have to give a shout out to a few Pink readers who I got to meet last night ... I want to say hey to Kathie (who does the amazing blog Give Me My Remote) and Carla (who is pictured above).

Because of the intimate nature of my access last night (ie. with Amber) I wasn't able to get pics with the cast members (it would've been weird under the circumstances) but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I was able to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event unlike any other person in attendance last night ... and for that I will be forever grateful. I got to bond a bit with Nicholas Brendon's girlfriend, I got to chit chat with Emma Caufield and I got a really sweet hug from Sarah Michelle Gellar herself! No picture or autograph could ever top that. So it must be known publically that I am forever indebted to Ms. Amber Benson. Her kindness and generosity is truly remarkable ... I cannot say enough how thankful I am for the experience. Much love goes out to her boyfriend Adam Busch who gave up his ticket for the event so that I could go in his place.

So that was it ... the whole kit and caboodle. All of my pics from last night have been uploaded to for your viewing pleasure. If I neglected to include anything, I'll make sure to update accordingly. And now ... I'm off to NYC.

Lost: Guilt By Disassociation


Ack ... last night was so crazy, I barely had time to watch Lost before going to bed ... I'm doing a bit of scrambling this morning so that I can get some work done before I have to take off for NYC. I still have a bit of packing to do so today's posts may feel a bit rushed. Apologies. But, there is Lost to be had so let's have at it. Last night's ep was a good one but it didn't feel as electric as the rest of the eps this season. We did get a lot of information and the door has been opened for even more questions to spring up but I felt that the pace of the ep wasn't on par with the rest of the season. Perhaps that was by design, who knows. I did really enjoy it tho ... it gave us a lot of things to talk about:

I really enjoyed the "Previously on Lost" intro for the ep ... it was a nice little montage of all the bastardly things that Michael did to the other survivors on the island in his desperate need to save his son and himself from the island. I had forgotten all the really shitty things he did (like killing Libby) and the montage was a great reminder of what had happened before and hinted at what was to come in the ep. So we now know that Michael and Walt did successfully make it back home from the island but that he was so racked with guilt over what he had done to his friends that he wanted to kill himself (we also learned that Walt is having issues with what his father did as well). Because the island "won't let" its inhabitants kill themselves (nor will it let you forget the things you did on the island) he had to find another way to right the wrong ... enter Tom (aka Mr. Friendly, aka Zeke) to show him the way. Who, surprisingly enough, appears to be either a really affectionate man or just merely a gay man. I think it's safe to assume that he is gay (which makes sense if you recall that Tom showed no interest in a disrobing Kate when she was held captive by The Others in that polar bear cage ... he said she "wasn't his type"). It figures they'd made one of The Others gay and not someone hawt like Jack and Sawyer ... together ... mmmm ... but I'm getting off point. We now know for sure that Charles Widmore owns the boat and that Michael was placed on the boat by Ben to sabotage it -- when the time is right. I think we're to assume that attempting to get off the boat and heading towards the island is what caused George Minkowski (played by Fisher Stevens) to start time-traveling like Desmond. We also know that Widmore was responsible for faking the Oceanic 815 wreckage. Other than these bits of info, there wasn't really any new revelations. I did note that Michael pawed the watch that Jin gave to him, back when he tried to leave the island on his homemade raft, in order to procure his gun ... that was a nice throwback. The big shocker at the end was that both Carl and Rousseau were shot by sniper fire as they and Alex tried to make their way to the DHARMA Temple (seriously, a temple? I really hope it's just a codename). I think Carl is pretty dead ... tho it remains to be seen if Rousseau was killed by her gunshot. She's a tough bird, I suspect she might survive. The preview for the next new ep (due out April 24) confirmed the members of the Oceanic 6 -- Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aaron -- I so knew it! Now we just need to know how they got off the island ... which is what the next ep hints will be revealed. I am so glad they're putting out a few more new eps ... we need more more more. I don't mind waiting a couple of weeks if it means that we'll get a lot more weeks of Lost afterwards. [Source]


What's this? Jake Gyllenhaal on crutches? Whatever could've happened to our dear Jakey poo to land him on a pair of crutches? Even better, what horrible trauma could have scarred him so badly that he actually believes that it is appropriate to wear Crocs shoes in public?

Photo credit: X17

I don't know what makes me feel sorrier for him ... the crutches or the horrrrrible shoes. Actually, I understand that Jakey hurt his ankle while playing a game of pick-up basketball earlier in the week. My guess is that the guys he was playing with roughed him up a bit for showing up to the basketball court wearing these fugly Crocs. I love Jake lots but I, too, would feel the intense need to hurt the man if he dared to wear those shoes in my presence. I'd still lurve him, don't get me wrong, but just a wee bit less until the shoes came off. [Source]

Every Maverick Has His Day

Details magazine threw a little shindig in honor of the Mavericks of 2008 who, according to the mag, are "incorrigible", they "habitually ruffle feathers", they "cut thru the bullshit" and they "reinvent and reimagine" ... so of course they put Ryan Seacrest on the cover of their latest Mavericks issue because when I'm thinkin' maverick, I'm thinkin' Ryan Seacrest. Okay not really, I think the magazine is could've picked a more appropriate coverperson ... like Diablo Cody ... but I digress. Here are a few pics from the red carpet of some of the celebs who came out for the event which was held at a private residence in Beverly Hills, CA last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Yeesh, some of the dudes on last night's red carpet really caked on the make-up ... it's hard to tell who was wearing more foundation -- Ryan Seacrest or Ian Ziering (tho it looks like Ian might have the edge). At least hottie Chris Evans managed to keep it semi-real ... it looks like he showed up sans make-up. Interestingly enough, new couple Kat von D and Nikki Sixx made last night's Details party their "official" coming out party together. I believe that this is the first time the couple has appeared together at a public event. I can't imagine that it is easy for Kat's ex-boyfriend Orbie to see photos like this ... I understand he was pretty blindsided by the demise of their relationship ... tho, I kinda think that Kat and Nikki are well-suited for one another. If this new relationship lasts at all, I think they make the better couple ... after all, they are both incorrigibly habitual feather rufflin' mavericks. [Source]

Bored Now

Being the wife of Keith Urban can't always be easy. I suspect that Nicole Kidman, the now pregs wife of Mr. Urban, gets dragged to a large number of his concert performances on a regular basis and I bet it's not all it's cracked up to be on every occasion. Full disclosure here, I'm not a huge Country music fan so I think it'd be hellish to have to suffer thru even one Keith Urban concert, but that is beside the point. Nikki Kidman was spied at a recent concert of her husband's lookin' a little worse for the wear ... she will prolly claim it was due to her pregnancy ... I think I know what's really going on in these pics:

Photo credit: Mr. Paparazzi

For his adoring fans, watching Keith Urban perform on stage is a thrilling experience. However, for wife Nicole Kidman, it's a time when she can try to sneak a quick forty winks. The mum-to-be didn't even attempt to hide her boredom, as she yawned the night away – even looking as though she was secretly checking her watch at one point. Luckily for Grammy-winner Keith, 40, while his missus was nodding off, the thrilled audience was nodding along to his music at the gig in Byron Bay, western Australia. On fan said: "Keith gave a blistering performance – but Nicole looked as though she had seen it all before and wished she was somewhere else." However, Country and Western singer Keith, failed to notice his wife's apparent boredom, and continued to belt out his hits ... And, after the performance, it was straight back to the airport for the couple, where Nicole again revealed more than she wanted to - this time flashing her lacy underwear as she boarded the flight.

LOL! Yes, the poor dear looks horribly bored but, c'mon now, she is not even wearing a watch on her wrist -- so how could she be "secretly checking her watch" as the show carried on? That said, tho, these pics are priceless ... NK looks an absolute wreck. To be fair, I think I'd look just the same if I had to sit thru multiple Keith Urban concerts, too ... and I'm not even pregs ;) [Source]

A Shining Eggs-ample Of Philanthropy

It's Easter weekend and today is Good Friday, ya'll ... so what better way to celebrate the occasion than by russlin' up a fun batch of Easter Eggs. I'm sure many of y'all will be dying your own eggs this weekend but just in case you want to let someone else do the work for you, here are a couple of eggs that just might be up your alley. The chocoloatier Thorntons has whipped up a batch of Easter Eggs with the likenesses of British celebs, like David and Victoria Beckham, for sale at auction just in time for the big day Sunday ... check them out:

Celebrity egg-heads are being auctioned off on the web to raise money for the children's charity Barnardo's. Five chocolate eggs bearing the faces of Gordon Brown, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Lily Allen and Prince Harry have been created to "represent a spectrum of British culture". Chocolatier Thorntons worked with design duo Id-Iom, known for their graffiti-style art, to create the bespoke eggs. Dark chocolate has been used to stencil the portraits onto white Easter Eggs which will go on sale on eBay ... Peter Wright, marketing director for Thorntons, said: "Our customers have always loved the fact that they can personalise Thorntons' Easter eggs with an iced message. With this in mind, we decided to join forces with select creative experts, to celebrate our dedication to personalisation and innovation in chocolate, and engage people with a variety of cultural interests. We look forward to seeing how much we can raise for Barnardo's."

I think this is such a cute and inventive way of raising money for such a great cause. To be totally honest, tho, I don't know that all of the eggs really bear a striking resemblance to the aforementioned celebs ... some are better than others. I can easily recognize Vicki B. on her egg but the Becks one isn't all that spectacular. Nonetheless, as far as celeb-emblazoned Easter Eggs go, this batch ain't so bad. I'd still happily eat the David Beckham one :) [Source]


Angela Bassett became the latest entertainer to receive her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. Flanked by her family, friends and colleagues, Angela was honored with the 2,358th Star on the Walk of Fame. Here are a few pics from Angela's WoF ceremony:

Photo credit: Splash News

Angela Bassett has had good days — giving birth to twins, winning a Golden Globe, being nominated for an Academy Award. Then there was Thursday. "Do you ever have one of those days? I woke up and the sun wasn't really shining but then it burst through the clouds and it was glorious. Hallelujah!" Bassett exclaimed to the crowd at the ceremony for the 2,358th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bassett, 49, was joined by husband Courtney B. Vance, their children and guests Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne and Rick Fox, her co-star in the new film Meet the Browns, out Friday. Fishburne, who starred alongside Bassett in 1993's What's Love Got to Do With It, highlighted Bassett's resilience in the industry. She landed an Oscar nomination for the role portraying Turner triumphing over abuse. "You get a lot of no's in this business and you have to have that desire and determination which is what Angela has," Fishburne said. Whitaker gushed that Bassett was "a powerful artist, a beautiful person, a mother, a wife, a friend who illuminates my life." ... At the ceremony, she recalled moving to Los Angeles from New York in 1988. "I meant to stay six months but I stayed. Today my cup runneth over!" Bassett said. "I am crying now, I cried yesterday and the day before. ... This day is so, so special to me."

For the most part, the honor of receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is bestowed on very deserving people and this instance is no exception (granting a star to the Olsen twins would be an example of an exception to the rule). I have been a fan of Angela's for years now ... I am among the legion of fans who were so mesmerized by her performance in What's Love Got To Do With It? and I really believe this honor is long overdue. I have to send out much love and congrats to Angela on this amazing achievement. The honor is well deserved. [Source]

Silent But Deadly

USA Today released the first two photos of what the character Snake Eyes will look like in the live-action movie version of GI Joe, due out August 7, 2009. Fans of the 80's cartoon GI Joe know that Snake Eyes is a good guy, a Ninja who doesn't speak, and one of the coolest members of the GI Joe team. His arch rival is Storm Shadow who works for Cobra and speaks with a Japanese accent. I always wondered what Snake Eyes would look like as a real person ... I guess this is how he would look:

Say hello to Snake Eyes — just don't expect him to say anything back. This is the first character reveal from next summer's G.I. Joe movie — the mute, faceless, black-clad ninja commando, among the most famous of the good guys from the 1980s incarnation of the decades-old Hasbro toy line. Just as Paramount breathed new life into the Transformers franchise last summer, the studio is hoping to do the same to this sci-fi soldier series about a team of military experts battling the villainous Cobra organization. G.I. Joe refers to the team, not any one person, and Snake Eyes is its mysterious lone wolf. In the movie, shooting now and set for August 2009, this fearsome figure is played by Ray Park (Darth Maul in the first Star Wars prequel). "He's the world's greatest ninja, but he's also next-generation. He's not afraid to use a sword one second, and a split-second later he's pulling out his Glock," says director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy and Van Helsing). "His chief nemesis is arguably the world's other great ninja, Storm Shadow. The two grew up together, were blood brothers and now are mortal enemies." Channing Tatum (Step Up) plays all-American team leader Duke. Rachel Nichols (Alias) plays the crossbow-wielding Scarlett, Marlon Wayans is paratrooper Ripcord and Dennis Quaid is the commander, Hawk. On the evil-doer side, Sienna Miller plays the raven-haired Baroness, Christopher Eccleston is Destro, the arms dealer who hides behind a silver mask, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock From the Sun, Brick) plays multiple roles, including the Cobra Commander ... Sommers stresses that the movie is an origins story, so his challenge is to explain why the bad guy wears a metal mask, why Snake Eyes doesn't talk and other strange things kids took for granted. "For people who know nothing about it, it'll make sense," Sommers says. "And to people who love this stuff, it'll show where they all came from."

First off ... I love these pics! Snake Eyes looks really freaking cool. Second, I knew that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing Cobra Commander! He was way too eager not to talk about it when I asked him earlier this week. I have to admit, this new GI Joe stuff is really stirring up the inner kid in me. I'm anxious to see how it all turns out ... Transformers came out OK, let's hope that GI Joe will as well. [Source]