Friday, March 28, 2008

Synchronize Your Watches

Take note of the URL

Rumor has it that Madonna's video for her new single 4 Minutes (featuring Justin Timberlake) will premeire online at this URL on 04.04 at 4:44PM local time. [Source, thanks Kevin]

Show Time

There are a couple new photos of mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears finally starting to show a baby bump worth talking about ... for the first time, we can actually see that her stomach is actually protruding enough to formally be classified as a bona fide baby bump. AND she's wearing the much talked-about engagement ring that babydaddy Casey Aldridge gave her recently. Her mother must be so proud. Things are coming along nicely for little JL and Casey Beau ... plans for their baby shower are also coming together nicely:

Photo credit: X17

Jamie Lynn Spears took another step toward marriage and motherhood Thursday – registering for gifts at Babies R Us. Spears, who turns 17 on April 4, drove 80 miles to Baton Rouge from her home at the Serenity mansion in Kentwood, La., was reportedly accompanied by her cousin, and, "somebody called ahead to say they were coming in," a source told PEOPLE. Reportedly flashing an engagement ring on her left hand, Spears also was sporting a shirt that read "The Rumors Are True" as she and her cousin both registered for gifts at the store, according to sources. Casey Aldridge, 18, the baby's father, is listed as her "co-registrant" and the "event date" listed is July 10. Spears added the message: "Thank you for supporting us during this special time." The Zoey 101 star's choices ranged from a $1.49 teething ring to a $300 car seat. Other requests include an ultrasound frame, a Cookie Monster bath towel and a Baby Neptune Ocean Gym. Spears was careful not to select any pink or blue items, instead opting for sage-green terry cloth changing-pad covers and receiving blankets decorated with Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.

Why, this lil' young'n is gonna be along in no time ... pour the moonshine, it's celebratin' time! Woot! Woot!! Woot!!! [Source]

Brush Hour

It may take 4 Minutes to save the world but couldn't that time be better spent running a brush thru one's hair?

Photo credit: Splash News

Just asking. [Source]

Jared Got His Hair Did

Jared Leto was rockin' a sassy new hairdo on his appearance on Fuse TV's The Sauce this week which I think looks mighty fetching on him ... here are pics from Jared's appearance on the show:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Could Jared be interested in giving Pete Wentz a run for the title of Sexiest Emo Haircut of All-Time? I think so ... and I don't even think a flat-iron was involved. Me likey. [Source]

J. Lo's Nursery Of Death

Parents magazine has posted a friendly memo to new parents Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony on their blog that calls attention to the fact that they believe the expensive nursery that has been put together for their twin children Max and Emme is, essentially, a baby death trap:

Photo credit: People magazine

Dear J. Lo:

We all fight for first dibs on the office's People subscription, and this week everyone was dying to see the "world exclusive" pics of your newborn twins. Max and Emme are darling, natch, and you look as glam as ever—but Parents staffers were kinda shocked at the photo of the babies' ornate, Versailles-like nursery, which is filled with safety hazards. We want those sweet twins to stay out of harm's way, so we're begging you ... please babyproof!

• Take the pillows, stuffed animals and blankets out of the cribs—they're suffocation hazards.
• Get rid of the dramatic draped canopies hanging over the cribs, which can cause strangulation.
• Those cute bows tied onto the crib slats? Choking hazards as soon as the babies are big enough to get their hands on them.
• Throw a window guard on that open window!

Yours in safety,

Well, J. Lo is new at this mommy thing so I can cut her some slack but what is Marc Anthony's excuse? Doesn't he already have children? Shouldn't he know better? It doesn't really make sense that they would wait all this time to have children only to keep those children in a baby room of death. It would make sense if they got themselves a subscription to Parents mag just to be on the safe side. [Source]

The TV Guide: The Weekend Awaits

Last night, David and I were invited by Steph and Alek to have dinner with them at the home of their friend Francis and we happily accepted. It had been ages since I got to hang out with mes amis (a whole week, y'all) so I was anxious to see how the boys were doing. Francis has an amazing home so we had a really great night together. The night was very casual, very easy going.

Mike G. is in town this weekend, visiting from Detroit, and David and I want to do everything we can to show him a good time. We're doing an amazing sushi dinner tonight with possibly some dancing afterwards ... then who knows what else as the weekend progresses. This is Mike's first visit to LA so I hope has a great time ... the weather is gorge so I'm sure he'll have fun (currently it's 36 degrees at home in Detroit).

I'm sure there will be lots of fun to be had ... and I can't wait to get to it!

Les News: Tom Joins The Trek? Rikki Rockett Busted, JC Is Annoyed

That Was Then ...

David Beckham and his lovely robotron wife Vicki B. celebrated the night away Wednesday night after Becks reached the 100th cap milestone with the English national soccer team in their game against France. Here are a few pics of Les Beckhams as they stepped out on the town in Paris, France hand in hand to get the party started:

Photo credit: Splash News

To celebrate playing his 100th soccer game for England, David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham chose to dine in Paris – at the same spot Eva Longoria and Tony Parker used for their wedding rehearsal dinner. Beckham's extended family were seated in the swanky Baccarat restaurant when the 32-year-old midfielder arrived late on Wednesday. The soccer star's three sons did not attend the midnight meal. Beckham is only the fifth Englishman ever to play 100 soccer games for his country. "When he walked in all the guests applauded his achievement," says a restaurant source. "David was happy and smiling even though the England team lost the game to France" ... In celebration, the Beckham clan dined on a nouvelle cuisine set menu at the eatery in Place des Etats-Unis. "They didn't have a champagne toast but Baccarat presented David with a cake at the end of the meal," says the source. "It was in the shape of a soccer ball and decorated with sparklers." The Beckhams were then due to return home to America in preparation for a Saturday match in Denver for his Los Angeles Galaxy.

Again, congrats to Becks on this latest achievement but the time for celebratin' is over ... Becks has to get back to work here in the US as the MLS soccer season kicks off this weekend. The LA Galaxy takes on the Colorado Rapids tomorrow evening at 6pm in Colorado with the home opener to take place on April 3. Becks still has a long way to go to win accolades of this nature in the US of A so he really needs to really buckle down and get to work. [Source]

Superhero Hype

Pamela Anderson, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Nielsen, Brent Spiner (the artist formerly known as Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation) among others were on hand at the Mann Festival Theater in Westwood, CA last night for the Hollywood premiere of the new superhero spoof movie Superhero Movie ... here are a few pics from the red carpet arrivals:

Photo credit: Splash News

I don't know why but I am always such a sucker for these brainless spoofy movies (which tend to do very well at the box office so I know I'm not alone). I didn't really get into the sports spoof movie that came out last year but I'm a huge fan of the superhero movie genre so I think I might get a kick out of this one. I am a huge fan of the comic stylings of Leslie Neilson (from way back in the Airplane! movie days) so I'm just happy to support any movie that gives him a chance to make money :) Besides, the great thespian Pamela Anderson is also featured in this flick ... what's not to love? [Source]

Sloppy Seconds

Bad habits are hard to break, it would appear ... Hulk Hogan was spotted upon arrival at LAX Airport this week with a new blonde-haired and buxom "friend" who bears a spitting image to both Hulk's soon-to-be ex-wife Linda and his daughter Brooke ... natch. Is love in the air for the Hulkamaniac?

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

I guess everyone has their preferred type ... clearly Hulk Hogan is a fan of peroxide and silicone. I really don't think he's ever gonna want for female companionship ... ladies simply cannot turn down a rich man with an affinity for the fanny pack. [Source]

"Let's Go Bite Some Butts"

Mischa Barton was lookin' a bit worse for the wear as she emerged from a lunch at La Scala while wearing a pair of too-short shorts, a charming t-shirt that reads Let's Go Bite Some Butts and carting around a pack of Parliament Lights cigs -- clearly she was dressed to impress:

Photo credit: Splash News

Shows like Gossip Girl are never gonna call if she keeps going out in public like this. Poor thing. Isn't it a bit early for her to be giving up like this? [Source]

For A Good Time Call ...

Talk to Candy * Live 24 Hours * 04.29.08

Be Afraid, Danity Kane ... Be Very Afraid

Danity Kane may be celebrating the fact that they just scored their second #1 album with the release of their latest effort Welcome to the Dollhouse but things aren't all rosy for the pop group. Pink reader Michelle gave me the head's up that DK have got some serious competition from one guy on You Tube who manages to perform their dance routine from their music video Damaged better than they do:

Click HERE to watch the official Danity Kane music video for Damaged ... and then watch this video and you decide who does the better job:

Yep, the guy wins. Chris Crocker must be weeping into a pillow somewhere right now because he's got even more to lose once this guy blows up on the InterWeb. [Source, Source]

What's The 411, Dina?

Dina Lohan, mother of 4 [including wild child Lindsay Lohan] and aspiring reality TV star, was spied doing ... something ... at a youth center in Harlem, NY this week where she took her daugther Ali and her mother to exploit feature kids in her new reality TV show which is currently in production for E!

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm not entirely sure what exactly is going on in these pics ... Dina is either:

A.) dying/suffering a seizure/possessed by evil spirits
B.) in the throes of a passionate sexual awakening/having hot flashes
C.) experiencing religious ecstasy (ie. she got the Holy Spirit)
D.) desperately trying to reclaim her youth by showing that she can "get down" with kids younger than she by dancing around like a fool

In any case, it's not a pretty picture. I can't wait to see this bullshizz on basic cable TV when the show debuts later on this year. [Source]