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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dancing With Kylie Minogue

Here are the videos from Kylie Minogue's performance on tonight's episode of Dancing with the Stars ... the first song that Kylie performed was All I See which is on her new album X which was released in the US today:

And then Kylie performed her megahit song Can't Get You Out Of My Head from her album Fever which was released in 2001:

My friend Tony and I were able to attend the taping of DWTS and we got to see Kylie perform these songs live ... I'll have all the deets tomorrow. Enjoy the videos, KM did a really great job with these performances :)


Waist Not, Want Not

It's no secret that Janet Jackson tends to lose and gain and then lose weight seemingly overnight depending on whether she's in the spotlight (ie. publicly promoting a new project) or out of the spotlight (ie. in between jobs/on her downtime) but these new pics of JJ showing off a super tiny waist are a bit strange to look at:

Photo credit: Splash News

Perhaps the cut of the dress is what is causing the severe look but her waist looks painfully cinched in these pictures. Janet has been lookin' really good lately ... I just hope she's not taking things to the extreme. I love a healthy lookin' woman and Janet is usually as healthy as they come. [Source]


Give 'Em Elle, Madonna

Madonna is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of British Elle magazine ... here is our first look at her latest coverphoto and an excerpt from the mag's coverstory:

In May's issue of ELLE magazine our newest cover star Madonna talks intimately to Louise Gannon about her new album, family life, staying in shape and her love of Cadbury Creme Eggs ... This year Madonna turns 50, yet on the cover of this month's ELLE magazine, out tomorrow, you would hardly believe it. In her latest interview she tells us just how she stays at the top of her game and reveals how she keeps in such incredible shape. "There are no short cuts to being Madonna," she tells us. "It's all about hard work. There is no easy way. If you want to know how I look like I do, it's diet and exercise and constantly being careful." She also swears by oxygen facials and never goes in the sun, drinks rarely and would like to work out for three hours a day, she reveals in a candid interview on the eve of the hotly anticipated release of her 26th album, Hard Candy. It probably comes as no surprise that her routine is regimented and strict and that's how she gets such great results. "I'm not going to slow down, get off this ride, stay home and get fat!" she declares. But isn't it hard to be perfect all the time Madge? "One of the worst things about Britain is that it has such fabulous candy," she says and lets slip that when she's worked particularly hard at something, like the rest of us she rewards herself with a treat. "I love Cadbury Fruit and Nut, Crunchies and Maltesers. But my absolute favourite is a Cadbury Creme Egg. I bite straight in to it and suck all that good stuff right out!"

Brills! Does it really come as a surprise that Madonna would choose to inject a bit about her favorite candy in a coverstory interview to promote her new album entitled Hard Candy? The woman is insanely savvy and calculating ... everything she says is well-thought out component in her master plan for world domination. She is truly a media genius, I just love her. Personally, I prefer her VF cover to this coverphoto but they're both very nice. They do look a bit similar (except for the hat) so I wouldn't be surprised if the photos came from the same photoshoot. Never a wasted moment in Madonna's life. This issue of UK Elle hits newsstands tomorrow. [Source]


The TV Guide: Thai One On

It pains me to admit that I simply didn't have the heart to try and concoct an April Fool's Joke for today ... even tho a good joke can be a lot of fun, I just felt that some zany revelation or announcement made by me today would only be seen as a pitiful joke and I decided to skip the shenanigans this year. Actually, I haven't really come across any good April Fool's jokes today ... altho, Gmail did try to be funny. Ah well, mebbe next year.

Last night, I met up with Mike G., Adriana, Amy, her husband Scott (and their children), and my Mike for dinner at Rambutan Thai. It was Mike G.'s last full night here in LA (he flies back to Detroit tonight) so I wanted him to partake of the amazingness that is Rambutan. We had a lovely meal and a great convo ... it was a very nice night.

This afternoon, I'm meeting up with Tony so that we can go to the taping of Dancing with the Stars to see Kylie Minogue perform live on the show. I'm so excited ... normally I don't do dress code events (I loathe wearing ties) but this is one event I couldn't pass up. I'm not really counting on getting to meet Kylie but I am hopeful that maybe a chance meeting can happen. In the end, I'm just happy that we get to see her in such an intimate setting. Make sure you tune in tonight to watch DWTS so that you can see Kylie, too!!

I have no plans for the rest of the day ... I want to get some work done and do some cleaning ... really interesting stuff. It's a beautiful day outside, maybe I'll enjoy some of it while I'm out. Have a great April Fool's Day ... I'd be weary of wooden nickels today.


Les News: Katie Cuts, Jessica Gets Released, Janice Scares


Can You Dig It?

The newly blonde Lindsay Lohan was caught digging for gold as she roamed the streets of LA this week ...

Photo credit: X17

... which isn't really all that horrible if you really think about it. After all, Hollywood "It" Girls can't be glamorous all the time ... I find that boogers are the great equalizer. It's kinda nice knowing that Paris Hilton falls flat on her face, Mariah Carey doesn't change her clothes and L. Lo likes to pick her nose ... why, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Vicki B. even changes her own oil (er, on her person, not in her car). [Source]


A Change Of Pace

While Kylie Minogue is making the promo rounds here in the US, Mariah Carey is bizzy doing the same sort of promo rounds in Europe ... here are a couple pictures of the fabulous Mimi wearing a lovely striped outfit at the Showcase club in Paris, France yesterday as she made an appearance to promote her new album E=MC2:

The only thing missing from her Parisian outfit was the beret ... but I think the ponytail works in its place. This '60's Brigitte Bardot-look is a good one for Mariah ... I quite like it ... [Source]

... and apparently, Mariah loved it too. Here are pics of Mariah causing a commotion as she arrived at Claridge's hotel in the Mayfair district of London, England late last night/early this morning ... you will note she is still wearing the same outfit:

Now, under normal circumstances, a person who wears the same outfit all day long even while traveling is perfectly OK ... but Mariah Carey changes her clothes more times than pretty much any one else (celebrity or not) I've ever heard of. Could it be that Mimi has finally run out of outfits to wear? Does this mean that she is just a regular person like anyone else? I wonder what this news does for the morale of all her faithful Lambs out there. [Source]


Cloverfield: The Next Generation

A mysterious new site has popped up at that feels eerily reminiscent of the first Cloverfield movie viral sites that started popping up months before buzz about the movie kicked into high gear. It would seem the new sequel (?) has been codenamed Aladygma which, I think, is meant to mean "nothing" just like Cloverfield kinda means nothing. If you go to and highlight the entire page (by pressing CTRL + A) you'll find a small box on the upper right hand side of this screencap image:

Clicking on that box will show a series of symbols that mean nothing to me by the industrious folks who have created Alaygma Clues have a few theories.

Here are a couple of videos that appear to go along with this new viral campaign:

Now, because this buzz started a few weeks ago, I tend to believe it's not an elaborate April Fool's Joke but can we really be so sure? I tend to think that this new viral thing is genuine and will expand and grow over the coming weeks and months. At this point I'm intrigued to see what more comes of this ... but I'm wary that it may get complicated and confusing way too early before a movie may come of it. This is the new media, tho, online games like this are the wave of the present ... I guess it's time to play again. [Source]

UPDATE: The webmaster at informs me that this Night Shot site may be a fake and believes is the only genuine site out there right now. Highlighting the site will reveal small squares that are links to more clues. Game on.


The Kylie Has Landed

The 2008 Kylie Minogue mini-promo tour has moved from the East Coast of NYC and has made its way to the West Coast here in LA after Kylie made a very successful appearance on The Today Show yesterday morning in the Big Apple. Here are pictures of Kylie making her grand exit from the Mercer Hotel in SoHo and the her arrival at JFK Airport yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

I understand that Kylie arrived here in SoCal early enough to go out for dinner in West Hollywood ... she was spotted at a restaurant on Beverly and La Brea. Woot! Kylie has landed!!! This afternoon she tapes her appearance on Dancing with the Stars (which will air tonight). Tomorrow she will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and is scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday. It's Kylie Mania all in this beyotch! I'm really hoping to have my own personal Kylie encounter at some point ... weeee!!! [Source]


Manual Labor

Jamie Lynn Spears continues to go about her bizznazz in her hometown of Kentwood, LA as she makes preparations for the arrival of her first child. Since getting engaged to babydaddy Casey Aldridge, JL has been making it a point to show off her diamond engagement ring at every opportunity (she even started wearing it on the right finger). The only thing is ... since word came out that the couple got engaged they've still not been seen together ... here are new pics of pregs JL Spears (wearing a cheeky Phat Lady shirt) unloading baby things from her car all by herself with her strapping 18-year old fiancée nowhere in sight:

Photo credit: X17 and Bauer-Griffin

I think it's great that JL is all about doing things for herself but a little help might've been nice. Is this a harbinger of things to come? I'd expect the babydaddy to disappear after the baby arrives but it doesn't strike me as a good omen that he's already not around. [Source, Source]


4 Screencaps To Save The World

Drowned Madonna is providing our first look at Madonna's new music video 4 Minutes which features Justin Timberlake and is set to debut online on 04.04. Here are 4 screencaps from the vid:

iTunes has already added the music video for pre-order HERE but word is that the video will premiere first at on 04.04 at 4:44PM. Click HERE to see all of the preview screencaps which give a few clues about how the video will turn out when we finally get to see it on Friday. [Source]


On The Road Again

Look out, y'all ... Britney Spears is back behind the wheel of her motor vehicle again. It's been quite some time since we've seen Britney driving a car (I don't think she's driven her own car since before her first meltdown in early January) but, it appears, she has gotten her act together enough to be able to drive on her own again. I'm not sure why this new development bothers me a bit but it does. Even tho she's made incredibly positive progress in the past month, seeing her behind the wheel again stirs up the image of her recklessness from just a few months ago. Additionally ... Britney picked up a new wig to wear ...

Photo credit: X17

... and even tho it's not pink, it also brings back the image of "crazy Britney". If you also consider that she looks a helluva lot like Ryan Cabrera with her new brown wig on ... well, you see how disturbing it all is. [Source]

Thus far, tho, Britney Spears has given us no reason to believe that she has reverted to her reckless ways ... in fact, even more positive changes continue to happen in her life. OK! magazine is confirming the rumors that Britney has rehired her former manager Larry Rudolph to be her manager again:

As Britney Spears continues to strive to get her personal and professional lives back in order, OK! has learned she's turned to a familiar face for help — former manager Larry Rudolph. Though the pair had parted company a year ago, sources confirm exclusively to OK! that the "Toxic" songstress has once again been taken under Larry's wing. Larry and Brit share a long and bumpy history. He was the visionary who discovered the young star Britney and shepherded her career from teen pop tart to international superstar. And when her life began to spiral dangerously out of control in the weeks and months following her Oct. 2006 divorce from Kevin Federline, it was Larry who Britney's parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, turned to for help getting her into rehab ... Brit's dad has always been open about his positive feelings toward Larry, even publicly thanking Larry for his efforts. And now Jamie, who has continued to think the world of Larry both as a manager and as a friend who has Britney's best interests at heart, has finally convinced Britney to let him take over the reins of her recently resurgent career.

This is great news. I honestly believe that Larry really cares for Britney and will do anything to help her succeed ... but not at the risk of her health and well-being. Larry is the perfect manager for our dear Britney and I'm happy to know that they are working together again. The good news just keeps on coming. Now, as long as Brit Brit continues to stay out of trubs (ie. no more hit and runs, Britters) then it should continue to be smooth sailing ... er, driving. [Source]



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