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Friday, April 04, 2008

Stay Alert

The official cover artwork for Scarlett Johansson's debut album Anywhere I Lay My Head has been released ... and from the looks of it, it's a little boring so do try to stay awake as you check it out:

Oh dear, it looks like not even Scarlett could manage to stay awake :( Hopefully she'll wake up in time for the album's release on May 20. [Source]


Dining With Dannii

Oh yes, there was one other thing that happened to me yesterday and I would be totally remiss if I didn't share. A friend of mine, Ben, who I met last summer just so happens to be BFF with Miss Dannii Minogue who was in town this week to take care of some biz and to support her older sister Kylie who was also in town doing promo work for her new album. Ben had been trying to arrange a meeting for Dannii and me for some time now and yesterday was finally the day :) I met up with Dannii and Ben along with their friends Shelly and Lindsey for a quick bit of sushi yesterday afternoon in Studio City. I have been a huge fan of Dannii's for some time now ... she really won my heart with her incredible album Neon Nights, so it was my extreme pleasure to get to meet her yesterday. We ate at Sushi Dan and I noticed that they had a sushi roll called the Crazy Dannii on the menu (it was misspelled as Crazy Danny so I'll have to have them change it for future reference) which Dannii thought sounded lovely and that's what she ate. We had just a nice little chat over a quick lunch ... it was very fun. Here are a couple pics of Dannii and me:

I really didn't want to interview her while she was eating but she did mention that she is doing a show back in Oz for Mac Cosmetics in the near future which sounded very, very cool. She was such a doll to ask me about my life and family ... we just got on as new friends, it was so cool. I just so happened to have my Deluxe Version of Dannii's album Neon Nights with me and she graciously signed it for me:

I couldn't be more thrilled with my little encounter. Dannii was such a sweetheart to let me invade a portion of her day ... I just love her to bits.


The TV Guide: Part Of The Family

Last night, at long last, I was finally able to meet Darion's amazing parents Janai and Tim, who are in town this week visiting from Oregon for Janai's birthday this weekend. Darion managed to book a nice, intimate dinner for me to meet his parents and we had a really great time. Now, I knew that hanging out with D's folks was gonna be fun but I'm not sure I was quite prepared for just how much fun we had. Janai and Tim were incredibly kind enough to bring me presents which were homemade for me which was prolly the sweetest thing I could hope for. Here are a few pics that Darion took from our dinner date last night:

The amazing deer blanket and heart tye-dye t-shirt were gifts for me to keep ... the fish hat I was only allowed to wear for a short time. And can you believe that Janai actually had a bunch of clown noses in her purse for us to wear in our photo ... the woman thought of everything.

In all seriousness, I've been really looking forward to meeting Janai and Tim because I knew, judging by how well their son turned out, they would be amazing people. I felt very honored to be included in their family fun this week ... I can proudly count myself as a member of the Lowenstein family ... I have the nose to prove it.

D's parents are here thru thru the weekend so I think David and I will be meeting up with them again tomorrow. David arrives here in LA late tonight and I'm very excited to see him :) It's been a crazy week, it'll be nice to decompress with him here in town again.


Les News: Liz <3s The Gays, B-J To Wed Today? Madonna Gets Approved


Kylie Goes Bye-Bye

It's a sad day here in the US today ... we are, once again, Kylie Minogue-less ... actually, we are also Dannii Minogue-less as well as both sisters flew back to their respective homes overseas last night. Here are pictures of Kylie making her way to and thru LAX Airport, bound for her return trip to London last night:

Photo credit: Splash News and Bauer-Griffin

Yesterday afternoon, Kylie taped an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for NBC (with the other guest being Senator Hillary Clinton) which will air on Monday (Ellen doesn't tape on Fridays so they double up on Thursdays). And then, just like that, Kylie's mini-promo tour in the US was dunzo. I have to say, I think she did a really great job while she was here ... they had poor Min workin' her little booty off from the moment she landed here in the US earlier this week. But alas, her time in our fair country is over and finished. We hope you had a pleasant stay, Kylie, thanks for dropping by. Y'all come back now, ya hear? [Source, Source]


Happy Birthday Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynne Spears turns 17 years old today so first and foremost, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to her today:

I was really wanting to get a very nice gift for JL today but what does one get for the girl that has it all ... a loving family, a famous sister, a bun in the oven ... really, the girl must really want for nothing.

In fact, her babydaddy/fiancée Casey Aldridge even dug himself out of the hole he's been hiding in to come out and help JL celebrate her birthday in fine style ... here are pics of the happy couple making their way into a JC Penny department store last night ... something tells me that JL was allowed to get anything in the store that she wanted!!

Yee haw! It sounds like JL is gonna have a real bitchin' birthday today. And the gifts keep on rollin' in ... big sis Britney Spears did a bit of shopping at Ed Hardy here in LA yesterday to pick up a few things for herself from Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier himself ... oh and a thing or two for Jamie Lynn. Here are pics of Britney at Ed Hardy yesterday:

Actually, I understand that Brit Brit, with mama Lynne Spears in tow, met up with Christian to discuss the possibility that she might be designing a line of clothing with his company. She left with a bunch of swag including a few bathing suits that she thought were "gorgeous". There may have been a thing or two in her swag bag for Jamie Lynn but I don't believe that Ed Hardy does maternity wear ... yet. In any regard, it's a big day for Jamie Lynn today ... she is now one year older which makes that whole unwed teenage pregnancy thing just a wee bit more respectable. Happy Birthday, JL!! [Source]


Spit & Wallow: Naomi Campbell Freed

Look out, y'all ... Naomi Campbell is free to terrorize the hapless victims who cross her path again. Yesterday afternoon, Naomi was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport for allegedly assualting a police officer after she discovered that one of her bags was missing. It turns out that that Naomi actually spit on the officer and was finally released on bail hours later as a result. Here are a couple pics of Naomi sheepishly making her exit from the police station where she was held under arrest yesterday night:

Naomi Campbell was released on bail Friday after a spat with a police officer at Heathrow Airport's troubled new Terminal 5, where one of her bags was lost. Campbell, 37, left the airport police station just after midnight. London's Metropolitan Police said she was released pending further inquiries and told to report to a police station in late May. The London-born supermodel was arrested late Thursday on suspicion of assaulting an officer after police were called to a disturbance at the airport. Since Terminal 5 opened last week, more than 28,000 bags have been separated from their owners. Witnesses said Campbell was aboard a British Airways plane due to depart for Los Angeles when she became involved in a dispute because one of her bags had been lost. During the dispute, Campbell allegedly spit on the officer. Campbell's spokeswoman, Annabel Fox, said Campbell was traveling to the U.S. to attend a memorial service and had boarded the plane when she was told one of her two checked bags was missing. British Airways "decided to resolve this by insisting she leave the flight and then called the police to forcibly eject her," Fox said.

You know, it would prolly behoove the supermodel if she told her driver to take her straight to a place where they offer all-night anger management courses but she most likely went home to beat on someone there. I bet she wouldn't be so testy if she ate once in a while. Supermodels, sheeseh. [Source]



Um, can I get a What? What? The LA Galaxy played their home game season opener at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA last night and went on to defeat the San Jose Earthquakes with a final score of 2-0. The Galaxy's star player, some guy named David Beckham, scored the first goal of the game (his first goal in regular MLS league play) and assisted with the second goal, leading his team to victory. Here are a few pics of Becks from last night's game looking very proud of himself:

England midfielder David Beckham scored his first goal in Major League Soccer play on Thursday and contributed to another as the Los Angeles Galaxy defeated the San Jose Earthquakes 2-0. Beckham arrived in the MLS to great fanfare last season but played little due to injuries. He had scored once before for the Galaxy, on a direct free kick last August 15 against MLS rivals DC United in the SuperLiga tournament featuring MLS and Mexican clubs. Landon Donovan also scored for the Galaxy, as they spoiled the Earthquakes' return to the US league after a two-year absence ... Galaxy stars Beckham and Donovan made sure San Jose's return to the league was not a winning one. The English superstar collected a pass from Donovan outside the penalty area and slipped the ball past goalkeeper Joe Cannon to open the scoring in the eighth minute. Beckham returned the favor for Donovan in the 37th minute, flicking the ball with his right foot to his hard-charging teammate. Donovan lofted a shot over a rapidly-closing Cannon to put the Galaxy up 2-0. "Obviously I always enjoy scoring. Usually I'm on the other end where I'm assisting," Beckham said. "Tonight was one of those nights where I scored. I'm happy, but I'm more happy with the team's performance." The Galaxy notched their first victory under the guidance of new coach Ruud Gullit. They had been beaten 4-0 by the Colorado Rapids in their MLS season-opener on Saturday. "In the first game, we were all over the place, from the back to the midfield to up front," Beckham said. "That's something that we've worked on the last two or three days. It showed tonight. It showed that we worked hard on it." Beckham said he felt completely fit, a big change from last season when he arrived in the United States battling injury after a demanding Spanish League season. "Last year, I was probably 50 percent fit when I started," he said. "I was playing in games I shouldn't have been and it just sort of went downhill from there. I feel great after two games and my England game, so I'm ready to get on with it." Beckham also noted that his arrival after the MLS season had begun last year also hindered his ability to contribute, as did the hoopla that surrounded his arrival. "It's important from my part and the team's that (I'm) here from the beginning," Beckham said. "Last year, there was a lot of distractions and I think I suffered from that - and also the team. "I'm happy to be through the preseason and ready to play. Last year, I wasn't even training and I was playing. It wasn't good. That's not right to do, and I won't do it again."

Click HERE to watch a video of Becks kicking his goal last night.

Well it's about time, Becksie poo! We've been waiting a long time for this kind of gameplay from you. I can only hope that this is the beginning of an amazing season for the Galaxy. I know that many people are very interested to see what Becks can do on the soccer field and last night's game was our first indication that the man is a force to be reckoned with. This is a great day for Galaxy fans. [Source]

Additionally, I understand that Vicki B. and the boys were in the hiz last night to cheer on glare and pout at Becks and the Galaxy in their home game opener last night. I'm told that VB arrived in a huge black SUV via police escort and she emerged from her vehicle wearing a fab black trench coat and big sunglasses (despite the fact that it was night time) making as grand an entrance as possible ... natch ... cuz you know, in the end, that it's really all about her.


The Last Laugh

Two new photos of the late Heath Ledger (who would've turned 29 years old today) in the role of The Joker from the upcoming summer blockbuster movie Batman: The Dark Knight have emerged today ... check 'em out:

I dunno, I think it's still a bit creepy seeing pics of Heath dressed up as The Joker. By all accounts, Heath did a stunning job in the role of the supervillain but I know it'll be strange seeing him in action in such a high profile role so soon after his death. These pics are a reminder that The Dark Knight is coming at us full force ... once the promo machine for the film gets kicked into high gear we are going to be seeing Heath Ledger everywhere. I still miss him. It's bittersweet that we get to look forward to seeing more Heath despite the fact that he is gone forever. [Source]


Back On The Block

Jordan Knight, Donnie Walberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre and Jonathan Knight -- the guys collectively known as New Kids on the Block -- made their first public appearance together as a group in nearly 2 decades on The Today Show this morning live in NYC to announce that they are coming out of a 14-year retirement and are planning the release of a new album of material along with the possibility of a world tour (ie. they're deffo planning a world tour). Here is a screencap of the guys making the announcement on The Today Show this morning:

Donnie Walberg did most of the talking for the group as the announcement was made and he revealed that the official confirmation about this reunion wasn't going to be made until the summer but because of overwhelming interest from their fans they decided to make the announcement today to satisfy the demand. He also revealed that NKOTB have been recording new material since last August and that they "hope" to do a Fall tour (meaning, they're planning a huge Fall outing). Click HERE to watch the video of the announcement. Donnie confessed they already have a few performance dates already on the books and that the FIRST NKOTB show ever in 14 years will be performed on The Today Show on May 16. The group also participated in a short Q&A session on the show where they answered, among other questions, where they disappeared to for the past 19 years -- they even played a very short snippet from one of their new songs, entitled Summertime ... click HERE for video of that.

Already, this sounds like a more substantial reunion than even the Spice Girls reunion was. I suspect they may not tour as extensively as the Spices did but an album of new material is pretty significant. I bet the boys will make some bank with this endeavor. I suspect Jonathan Knight is very much looking forward to quitting his job as a real estate developer, at least for a little while, so that he can go back to making real money again. [Source]


She's Baaaaaack!!!

Suri Holmes-Cruise lives, y'all!! The little darling emerged from a long winter hibernation and was seen enjoying a little playdate with her parental caregiver (male) Tom Cruise. Her other parental caregiver (female) Katie Holmes was no where to be seen, tho, she was most likely bizzy getting her hair did at the time. Here are a few pics of Suri and Tom enjoying their recent daddy-daughter day at a park here in LA:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Isn't it curious that little Suri hasn't been seen for ages and then suddenly (and just ahead of her birthday on April 18) out of the blue the little one makes her first appearance ... with Tom Cruise ... just playing in the park as normal as can be. Man, why does everything have to feel so shady with this family? With these pics, it really feels like Tom is saying, "Lookie, here she is! Nothing to worry about! We're a normal family even tho our little daughter has been stored away in a box somewhere undergoing routine maintenance to ensure that she doesn't suffer any malfunctions when the cameras are around!" The little hatchling does look cute, tho. She seems to be growing at the right pace. Now that she's reemerged, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her in a more timely fashion. As I mentioned, her 2nd birthday is nearly upon us. Head on over to to check out all 42 pictures from this Tom & Suri playdate photoset. [Source]



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