Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Frog Princess

I wonder how many frogs Victoria Beckham had to kiss before she stumbled upon the very princely David Beckham. Do you suppose that Vicki B. feels that she needs to keep kissing frogs (like she does in her latest ad for Marc Jacobs) to see if someone better comes along?

Yeah, she ain't gonna do better than having Becks for a hubby so she should really quite while she's ahead. Any guess what sort of silliness may be involved in VB's next Marc Jacobs ad? [Source]

Distance Makes The <3 Grow Fonder

Joel Madden, sans Nicole Richie, has been spending time in Europe this week where his band Good Charlotte has been playing a few shows while on tour. Here are a few cute pics of Joel doing a bit of shopping (presumably for his daughter Harlow Winter and prolly for his babymama Nicole) in Prague earlier this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

This is the first time that Joel has been away from his newborn daughter Harlow since she was born in January. I'm sure he is really missing his babygirl right about now. I fully expect Joel to shower his lovely ladies with tons of gifts and I know he can't wait to get back home to see them. I bet it's hard to catch Joel in a bad mood these days ... the boy always looks as if he's walking on Cloud 9. [Source]

The TV Guide: Reunited & It Feels So Good

Yesterday was one of those chill days that I really love ... I didn't really do much other than make some preparations for David's arrival last night. I had to run out and take care of a few errands but other than that, I was able to chillax like a mofo. David arrived late last night and we ended up just maxin' on the couch watching TV. Altho it sounds terribly boring, I can assure you that our down time like this means a lot to us. I very much look forward to the day when David and I can just do nothing together on a daily basis once we live in the same city.

Today is Darion's mom's birthday so we'll be meeting up with those crazy kids for dancing later on tonight ... David and I are thinking about grabbing a bite to eat in Pasadena or something like that. It's a great day out, cool but temperate. Honestly, I don't really care what we do as long as we're together :)

Les News: Radiohead Vs. Facebook, Nic/Joel Aren't Engaged, Kylie Still <3s Will

PITNB Readers: Spring Break Fun, New Ink, Amazing Artwork

Here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Kaitlyn, who attends classes at Miami University, sends in a pic with her sorority sisters Molly, Kenzie, Jamie, Jenna and Ali from their recent Spring Break trip to Scottsdale, AZ -- Aly sends in a pic with her best friend Sarah Jane as they hung out and made pink cupcakes together while they were home from college while on Spring Break -- Lauren sends in a pic of her Corgi pooch Duke dressed in her Victoria Secret pink robe -- Deanne from Staten Island, NY sends in a pic of her newest Madonna tattoo (which features the animated Madge from her Who's That Girl? music video) -- Margaret sends in a sweet picture with her dog in recovery mode after they were both in an accident -- Heather sends in a scan of one her her son Ian's drawings ... Ian has Asperger's Syndrome and she sent in the drawing in recognition of National Autism Awareness Day which was observed earlier this week:

Thank you all so much for the great pics. It looks like Kaitlyn and her sisters along with Aly and Sarah Jane had a great Spring Break this year. I sincerely hope that Margaret and her pooch are healing well from their injuries. Much love goes out to Heather and Ian for sharing his great artwork with all of us. Thank you all, so much, for another great batch of photos this week. I love them all ... keep 'em coming :) xoxo

Devastating Transformers 2 Rumors

Last week we saw the first hints that work has already begun on the sequel to the hit Transformers movie from last summer ... and this week there is even more news coming out about Transformers 2. First off, new photos of Optimus Prime (in truck mode) were snapped as he was being transported on the 405 Highway here in SoCal (I suspect he was making his way to Culver City since that is where the Decepticon police car Barricade was spotted last week) and is reporting that Devastator (the omnibot that is composed by the merging of the 5 Constructicons) will be featured in the new sequel (slated for a 2009 release). I understand that Michael Bay was working on the movie while the Writer's Strike was going on (not sure if he was in violation of any union rules by doing so) and started the production work for the film as soon as the strike was over. Here are the pics of Optimus and the report from IESB -- which contains HUGE spoilers so beware of that before reading:

The big questions are who will be back and what new characters will we see? Which new heroes and baddies will we get to see on the big screen this time around? There has been some web speculation that Transformers 2 is already in production, that is not accurate, it's public knowledge that Michael Bay worked on the script during the WGA strike and once it was over it was handed over to the writing trio of Kurtzman/Orci/Kruger. So a lot of prep work has already been done on the film getting ready for the upcoming July start date, the film is definitely gearing up for the intended mid-summer start date. Now, on with the ROBOT ROLL CALL! First, the Decepticons will be getting some new help in the form of Constructicons. In the cartoons, their names were Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook and Long Haul. And what do we get when they all combine and form one huge ass robot? That’s right boys and girls, we are going to see DEVASTATOR on the big screen! A REALLY BIG FUCKING ROBOT IS COMING! It's hard to tell what Michael Bay and his merry band of filmmaker friends will be calling the Constructicons in Transformers 2, but the above names will most likely change, especially considering that they used the name "Bonecrusher" in the first film.

The IESB report goes on to discuss casting news of the human characters ... but OMG on the Devastator news! The giant omnibots who are created by the merging of multiple Transformers have always been my fave characters (I'm also a big fan of the Dinobots but they might not come until Transformers 3). This is all very exciting news ... I'm very happy with the way Transformers turned out ... I expect the sequel will rock balls as well. [Source, Source]

A Night To Remember

As we all know by now, Jamie Lynn Spears, who is not a girl, not yet a woman, turned 17 years old yesterday and managed to get her camera-shy babydaddy/fiancé Casey Aldridge to come out and help celebrate her birthday with her in Mississippi last night. On the eve before her birthday, JL and Casey did some pre-bday shopping at their favorite JC Penny department store. On the day of her bday, JL and Casey did some shopping at Wal-Mart before dining at Ruby Tuesday's. Now that's how you celebrate your birthday in style:

Photo credit: X17 and Bauer-Griffin

Jamie Lynn Spears celebrated her 17th birthday with fiancé Casey Aldridge shopping at Wal-Mart and having dinner at Ruby Tuesday, a source says. "They both seemed really happy, both in really good moods," the source tells PEOPLE of the couple's outing near Aldridge's home in Liberty, Miss. "Jamie Lynn had a big smile on her face." With Wal-Mart purchases in hand, Spears, who is pregnant with Aldridge's child, took in a quiet dinner with Aldridge, 18, at the restaurant. "It was just the two of them," says the source. "They were like a little adult couple, very low-key."

Something tells me that there are going to be many shopping trips to Wal-Mart and birthday dinners at Ruby Tuesday's for this happy couple (and their young'ns) for years to come. Do your thing and keep it country, JL. [Source]

Training Day

Here are a few great photos of Liev Shreiber (who is still rockin' the outrageous mutton chop sideburns for his role as Sabretooth in the new X-Men Origins movie Wolverine) taking in a surfing lesson on Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia this week. It looks as if all that training he's been doing for the movie has really paid off ... his muscular man boobs are really coming along nicely:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Of course, Liev doesn't look quite as hawt as his Wolverine co-star Hugh Jackman looks when he's wet and shirtless at the beach (le sigh) but Liev's not lookin' too shabby. These photos totally fortify my argument that people tend to look much better when they're wet. Hawt!! [Source]

Double Take

In recent weeks we've seen a flurry of activity on the Manhanttan sets of Gossip Girl where new eps are being filmed and are scheduled to begin airing in just a couple of weeks. Michelle Trachtenberg is the new star on set as she has been signed to play the new character Georgina Sparks who rolls into town to cause trouble for Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively). We've seen Michelle and Blake on set as well as GG boys Penn Badgely, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick ... but Leighton Meester (who plays Blair Waldorf) has been curiously absent ... until now. Here are a couple pics of Leighton on the GG set this week, all by herself, lookin' very much like a young Megan Mullally:

Photo credit: Splash News

I imagine it's not very much fun for Leighton to have to share the spotlight with Blake already so she mustn't be all too thrilled to have another hen in the house with the arrival of Michelle on the scene. Still, it looks like she's keeping a stiff upper lip and is doing her best to solider on. Bless her heart. She'll be a'ight ... after all, Megan Mullally had some bit of success with that face, Leighton should be able to squeeze a bit more fame out of it as well. [Source]

Kylie Gets Back To Biz

Welp, Kylie Minogue has already arrived and made herself at home back in London, England where she lives after spending this past week here in the US. It already seems like a distant memory that Kylie was even here in the US ... here are new pictures of Kylie's arrival back home in London and of her stepping out this morning to get back to work:

Photo credit: Splash News and Bauer-Griffin

Kylie's visit to the US was a short break from the tour rehearsals that she's been bizzy with over the past few weeks. has been updated with a new promo pic for her X Tour 2008:

And a short 1-minute video has been posted online of Kylie giving us a behind-the-scenes look at how tour rehearsals are progressing:

I am very excited for this tour! It will be the first tour that I will be able to see live, in person and with my own eyes! I am going to do my best to stay away from tour spoilers ...

... despite the fact that I've already watched this short video 5 times. I really want to be surprised and awed when I see the show for myself this July. Woot! Even tho I'm bummed that Kylie's stay in the US is already over, I'm glad that she's back home getting things ready for her X Tour :)

Did B-Jay Do The Deed?

According to People magazine (reporting on the basis of a "source"), Beyoncé Knowles and Shawn Corey Carter (better known to the world as Jay-Z) did, in fact, get themselves hitched yesterday in NYC in all of that wedding rumor hoopla that was going on all day yesterday. There has been no official confirmation from the happy couple, so let's take the report with a grain of salt:

After years of speculation, singer Beyoncé Knowles wed her longtime boyfriend, rapper Jay-Z, on Friday, a friend of the couple tells PEOPLE. Though there is no official confirmation, the friend says, "It happened earlier this evening. Jay wanted it to be a really private affair – close friends and family." The ceremony was followed by a lavish party at the rapper's Tribeca apartment that drew Beyoncé's mother Tina Knowles, her father/manager Mathew, her sister Solange, her Destiny's Child mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and the couple's friend Gwyneth Paltrow. The wedding buzz began when the couple went to get a marriage license at a village hall in Scarsdale, N.Y., on Tuesday ... Early Friday morning, workers erected a white tent atop the building in Tribeca, where Jay-Z owns a penthouse apartment. Not long after, an SUV carrying what seemed to be AV equipment arrived, followed by deliveries of party rentals and flowers. A source tells PEOPLE that Amy's Orchids was hired to provide 50,000 to 60,000 white orchid blooms from Thailand for a "big party." At the apartment, waiters were seen practicing their service. A couple since 2002, Jay-Z, 38, and Knowles, 26, always kept quiet about their relationship, even as they were photographed together on romantic holidays around the world. Still, marriage seemed to be in the cards – eventually. "I never pictured myself as a bride," she told Cosmopolitan in January 2006, "but after my sister's wedding, I did start thinking about what kind of wedding I'd want. I don't think I want a big one."

See ... on the one hand, it strikes me as very shady that the couple applied for their marriage license this past Tuesday -- April 1. It does jibe with an elaborate April Fool's Day joke. But People magazine has a great record for not reporting something unless they're very certain that it is true. Even still, the magazine's source may be in on the joke ... if there is a joke, that is. [Source]

Here are a few pics of the building in Tribeca where yesterday's party took place:

Photo credit: Splash News

Whether it's where the couple were wed, where the wedding reception took place or just the site of a huge party still remains to be seen. Let's not forget that Jay-Z is "in talks" to sign a $150 million dollar deal with Live Nation ... this could've been just a regular ol' Jay-Z party in celebration of that. I'm still on the fence about whether or not B-Jay tied the knot. I won't be surprised either way if this report turns out to be true or not. [Source]