Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ashlee Does HX Magazine

Ashlee Simpson is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of HX magazine. Unfortch for the mag, the interview with Ash was done before news broke of her engagement to Pete Wentz but there are a few gems worth mentioning from this interview:

In her interview, Ashlee reveals that her gay BFF is a guy named James ("We go out to dinners, shopping, all that good stuff.") altho her bestie Ken Paves is a close second ("Oh, we may have a tie! Ken is definitely up there. Ken is the most exciting person to have around. He's so much fun and brings the best energy, and he has the best heart. Ken is like a family member to me—like the long lost Simpson sister.") ... she also reveals that she didn't actually design any clothing for Wet Seal, despite the fact that her new clothing line will launch on April 22 ("Well, I haven't seen all of [the clothes]. I didn't really design them or anything, which I'm definitely going to do in the future, but there are some that are cute. I like them."). Interesting. Ashlee actually opens up about a lot of things, including personal stuff about her relationship with Pete ("[I'm] more of the gay man in the relationship. He definitely wears the man-shoes in the relationship, which is great. I love that guys love him, too—that's wonderful. It's flattering.") and how he DID NOT influence the sound on her new album ("If he would've influenced that, I probably would've made a totally different record. But there are many other ways that he inspires me—through music, writing, and just watching him. But I would never try to sound like him."). Click HERE to read the full text of Ashlee's interview with HX magazine [Source]

Zoo 2

Here are a few more photos from the Federline kids' trip to the LA Zoo yesterday which are too damn cute to not post ... so here you go:

Photo credit: X17

Jayden James and Sean Preston are just too adorable ... as are Kaleb and Kori (who are getting so big these days) ... which is why I had to post this next batch of photos. While it's a bummer that the kiddies have Federline blood coursing thru their veins one can only hope that they children will be able to overcome their Federlineness. Who knows, perhaps there is a poet laureate or scientist among this brood of young'ns ... anything's possible, after all, Kevin Federline has been hailed as the Father of the Year. [Source]

Christian Blows Into The Windy City

Here are a few photos of Christian Bale on the set of his latest movie Public Enemies (which also stars Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard) in Chicago, IL this week in the guise of Melvin Purvis opposite Depp's John Dillinger and Tatum's Pretty Boy Floyd:

Photo credit: Splash News

While these photos aren't quite as exciting as I would like, it is wonderful seeing Christian Bale under any circumstances. Christian spent part of the summer last year in Chicago for the filming of Batman: The Dark Knight and now he's back in the Windy City for Public Enemies. I'm actually kinda bummed that I'm all the way in LA these days since Detroit is so close to Chicago ... I've yet to have a close encounter with Mr. Bale but if any of ya'll Chicagoans run into him make sure you say hey for all of us ... and then send photos :) [Source]

Under Lock And Key

Who knew that Wentworth Miller was such a kinky boy ... why else would he be carrying around a pair of handcuffs on a run-of-the-mill trip to Bed Bath and Beyond?

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

The handcuffs I get but what do you think is up with the oversized set of keys? Do you suppose that the Prison Break star likes to pretend he's a big bad jailer while in the privacy of his own home? I wonder who he likes to lock up when he's playing these games ... enquiring minds want to know ... preferably with photos. [Source]

The TV Guide: Vegas Bound, Baby

Okay, so my day yesterday was basically spent running a few errands and a quiet night on the couch reading Blind Fall by Christopher Rice. This should sound absolutely boring to everyone but Christopher Rice but it was a great night nonetheless. My book list is piling up and I really want to get thru it. David and I leave for Vegas this afternoon which means there will be no time for reading this weekend so ... there you have it.

I'm not sure what the plan is for tonight but we should be in LV by dinner time so I guess we'll see how things turn out. I'm sure there will be much excitement to come :)

Les News: Couric To Move To CNN? Elton Is On Team Hillary, Halle Hides Her Baby

Urban Word Of The Day: Irregardless

Pink readers Eryka and Jasmine gave me the head's up that the Urban Word of the Day today is one of my fave words ever -- Irregardless. You may recall that the word gained fame from its use in the movie Mean Girls (I even blogged about it HERE back in 2005) and I have been known to use it occasionally right here on the blog (which *always* results in a flurry of emails from readers to insist on telling me that "irregardless is not a word") ... so I think a salute is in order:

Urban Word of the Day

April 10, 2008: Irregardless

Without lack of disregard.

Joey: Irregardless, she's a [batch].
Beth: Irregardless isn't even a word.

Holllllla! It's not as if I needed further validation to use the word but it's nice to have nonetheless. Happy Irregardless Day, y'all! [Source, Source]

You've Got To Hand It To JK Rowling

Hollywood "It" Girls should take a lesson from author JK Rowling on how to keep from suffering a wardrobe malfunction in front of the cameras. Here are a couple photos of JK making her exit from the British Book Awards last night while getting a helpful hand from her friend and publicist Mark Huthinson ... check it out:

Whether she intended to or not, author JK Rowling certainly made a big splash at the prestigious British Book Awards last night. The Harry Potter author opted for a waist-clinging, purple satin gown with an exceptionally low-cut front, perfectly displaying her voluminous cleavage for the ceremony. But even having £450million to your name apparently does not guarantee a decent seamstress, because she was soon the victim of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction ... At one point during the event at the swish Grosvenor hotel in London, as JK's bosoms made a bid for freedom, a hand flashed in front of her and appeared to touch her breast. The hand did not belong to her husband, Dr Neil Murray, the father of two of her three children, but to her trusty publicist Mark Huthinson. It seemed that he was making a grab for the dress which had been struggling to contain the writer's bust all night but he later claimed it was merely an attempt to turn her towards waiting photographers. Either way, his chivalry maintained the dignity of his client who has been through an incredible transformation from a single mother writing her story ideas on a paper napkin in an Edinburgh cafe to becoming one of the wealthiest authors in history courtesy of little Harry Potter.

Well I suppose any opportunity to grope your boss in public is a good one if you can convince them that it's for their own good. Wouldn't it be a great idea if all Hollywood "It" Girls hired "handlers" to follow them around and ensure that their bobbies stay safely tucked away while they are out in public? Meh, I don't think the girls are actually smart enough to enlist this kind of help. So, until the boobie groping offensive becomes standard operating practice, I think we're bound to see more nip slips for years to come. Woot! [Source]

C. Love's Candy Shop

Courtney Love was spotted making her way into and out of the Dolce Club in London, England last night doing her best Annie Hall impersonation while carrying a large and spacious purse ... which begs the question, What in the world could Courtney Love be carrying in such an ample-sized bag? Well, let's take a peek inside and see:

Photo credit: INFdaily and WENN

Hmmm ... why do you suppose C. Love would need so many bottles (I count at least 4 bottles) of prescription pills? The Dolce Club was the site of a Teenage Cancer Trust benefit last night so maybe the meds were party favors found in the event's gift bag? Er, it's doubtful tho ... something tells me that Courtney walked into the joint with all those pills and prolly has them close at hand on her person at all times. To tell you the truth, this information kinda makes Courtney's crazy My Space ramblings make more sense. [Source, Source]

Britney's Givin' Back While Bringin' SexyBack

Earlier today we saw a bunch of really great pics of Britney Spears's sons spending the day with their half-siblings at the zoo yesterday afternoon so I think it'd be appropriate to check out with our dear Britney herself. While the kiddies were chillin' at the zoo, Brit Brit was out and about around town yesterday doing a bit of shopping and showing off her hot bod. Even haters must admit that Britney is lookin' real good these days. And the positivity doesn't stop there ... Life & Style magazine is reporting that Britney was so touched by what she saw on Idol Gives Back last night that she whipped out her Amex card and donated $25,000 to the cause:

Photo credit: X17

Britney Spears was so touched by Idol Gives Back on Wednesday, April 9, that she donated $25,000 to the cause, Life & Style can exclusively reveal. "She did it all on her own. She watched the show and cried for like two hours over the children in Africa with malaria," a Spears family insider tells Life & Style. "She didn't know much about the disease, so she Googled it. She was horrified to realize kids were dying from mosquito bites. So she went online and donated after getting [her dad] Jamie's permission. She used her Amex." A spokesperson for Fox declined to comment.

It seems odd that a family friend would be telling this sort of story to a tabloid magazine but I do hope that the report is true. It shows that Britney has some semblance of philanthropy left and is willing to use her money for good rather than excess. I must reiterate my happiness with the way things have been going with our dear Britney these days. Gone are the days of her endless partying, her reckless driving and that horrid pink wig. Her life continues to stay on track and I couldn't be more pleased. I know she still has a long way to go to prove that she's back to "normal" but I know she'll do it. I've been confident since the beginning that she will make a stunning comeback someday soon. [Source]

40 And Faboo

Elle magazine fashion director and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia was on hand in NYC last night to host the Anne Klein and Macy's Celebrate 40 Years of American Fashion Event held at Macy's Herald Square ... here are a couple pics of the lovely host at yesterday's event:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Woot! I love me some Nina Garcia. It's always a good thing when she is asked to host an event like this cuz she's one helluva cool woman and I know that any event will benefit from her presence. I understand that Nina was here in LA this past weekend to film an upcoming cameo on a new episode of Ugly Betty (along with PR season 4 winner Christian Siriano) to air in a few weeks and I can't *wait* to see how it turns out. I'll see what I can do about maybe sniffing out some deets from Nina's appearance on the show (without spoiling the ep, natch). I'm just elated whenever I get to see pics of Nina at various events ... the world can never have too much Nina Garcia. [Source]

Rihanna's Falling Stars

Rihanna seems to be going tattoo crazy lately ... we recently found out that she had a small star tattooed on the top part of her ear and just this week she was spotted making a grand exit from a tattoo shop in NYC (with her rumored beau Chris Brown) showing off some new tattoo work cascading down her back. Here is our first look at Rihanna's new ink that she just got etched onto her back:

Photo credit: Splash News

If fans were not star struck before they saw pop singer Rihanna, they certainly will be now. The R&B artist revealed her latest tattoo to eagerly awaiting fans in New York, a collection of stars plunging down her back. It took a collection of police and bodyguards to keep fans at bay after the singer visited one of her favourite tattoo parlours. The singer, who has only just turned 20, already has four other tattoos - a music note on her ankle, a Pisces behind her right ear, a star inside her left ear and a Sanskrit prayer going down the hip. She was later seen coming out of the tattoo parlour wearing a green top - perhaps to hide the painful and sore price of her latest fashion accessory. The Umbrella star then went to an evening party, where she was joined by on-off boyfriend Chris Brown. But true to form, the two R&B stars, who have kept any relationship secretive, they made sure they arrived and left at different points of the evening.

This latest bit of tattoo work is, by far, her most ambitious to date but something tells me that she may not stop here. Rihanna seems to have the same love of tattoos that David Beckham has and we know that he is far from finished getting tattoo work done on his body. I don't think that RiRi will go the way of a tattooed arm sleeve but mark my words, she will very probably get more tattoo work done in the future. That being said, I really like the cascading stars down her back. They look nice and it's a very classy-looking tattoo. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. [Source]

Gossip Goss

Over the past few weeks, there have been a whole slew of photos making their way around the InterWeb from the NYC filming of the CW show Gossip Girl ... and today is no exception ... but this time around, we have a bit of information gathered from an industrious Pink reader who was on the scene, close enough to eavesdrop on the action and provide a short report. Here is what Pink reader Brian was able to glean from recent filming on the show that he was able to listen in on:

Photo credit: Splash News

Brian writes: Spotted on the Steps of the Met: A whole of action going down on the set of Gossip Girl. It appears Blair (Leighton Meister) has been able to wrangle her token Asian and token Black girl away from Jenny (Taylor Momson). But, the other three steps girls are part of Jenny's rebel forces. Which means Blair has to deal with being equals with Jenny. The guy who was on set in those photos you posted is apparently Jenny's plan B. From what dialogue we over heard on set on Monday, Jenny tried to get Nate (Chace Crawford's character first, then settled for the new guy). And, You should see the wardrobe trailer, it's bigger than an 18 wheeler, and each time the door opened someone came out with hangers containing more than my rent's worth of fabulous stuff.

I.Love.It. Being able to spy on the show's filming is kinda like bringing the world of Gossip Girl to life. As soon as this action was "spotted" I'm sure it made its way from cell phone to BlackBerry to Sidekick almost instantly. What a brilliant merging of real life with fiction and vice versa. And I totally believe the bit about the wardrobe trailer ... you can tell that the show takes wardrobe very seriously. I've been very impressed with the look of the show's wardrobe since these new eps have started filming. I'm sure the show is gonna come back with a huge bang come April 21. [Source, thanks Brian]


Each and every one of Kevin Federline's spawn (that we know of, at least) gathered together this week to take a little visit to the LA Zoo with K-Fed's mother, the Spederline children's nanny and a bodyguard in tow. Here are a few pics of Kori & Kaleb (mothered by Shar Jackson) and Sean Preston & Jayden James (mothered by Britney Spears) chillin' together with their entourage at the zoo yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: X17

It's so nice that all of the Federline siblings can get along like this ... since, they've yet to grow up enough to start resenting one another. They really do make a cute bunch of munchkins right now, tho ... it's a shame about the whole Federline thing. [Source]

With This Bling, I Thee Wed

Hot on the heels of yesterday's late day announcement that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz got themselves engaged to be wed comes our first photo of Ashlee rockin' her engagement ring. Unfortch, tho, the angle of the ring only shows the bottom of the band but I'm sure we'll be seeing what kind of rock a bandmember of Fall Out Boy can afford to give his betrothed:

Photo credit: X17

From the angle of this photo, it looks like Ashlee's ring has small diamonds all round the band ... which means there is prolly a big honkin' rock sittin' pretty on top. I'm sure there will be much ado about this engagement for days to come now ... I understand that no wedding date has been set yet so folks are gonna have to milk this engagement story for as long as they can in the meantime. [Source]