Friday, April 11, 2008

What The Elle?! Nina Garcia Is Out At Elle Magazine

Pink reader Rachelle gave me the head's up that Women's Wear Daily is reporting that Elle magazine has parted ways with their amazing fashion director Nina Garcia today. There is no word on what caused the split or on whose terms since neither Nina or anyone at Elle, including editor in chief Robbie Myers, could be reached for comment ... here is the report:

Elle is said to have parted company with its fashion director and "Project Runway" star and author Nina Garcia sources said late Friday. Neither Garcia, Elle editor in chief Robbie Myers nor a spokeswoman for Elle could be reached for comment. On Tuesday, Elle hosted a dinner with Moschino to celebrate Simon Doonan's new book, "Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fashionable You", but Garcia was notably absent. Speculation about Garcia's departure has swirled for months, especially after the arrival of Joe Zee at the beginning of 2007 as creative director. Last spring, Garcia left the magazine on maternity leave, and began writing a monthly fashion column for Elle upon her return. Garcia was in the office on Friday morning, but by the afternoon, sources close to the building say Hachette’s Midtown offices were abuzz about the rumor.

Wow ... this is a big surprise for me. I have no idea what exactly is going on but it is my sincere hope that this split didn't catch Nina off guard and that things will work out in her best interest in the long run. Just yesterday, I blogged about an event that Nina hosted in NYC on Wednesday and there was no hint of trubs with Elle. The only thing I can offer at this point is that Elle magazine is losing a very talented woman and I know that whoever gets to work with her next will be better off for it. [Source]

The Couple That Scoots Together

Here are a couple of really cute pics of Naomi Watts and Liev Shreiber going for a ride together on their motorscooter near Bondi in Sydney, Australia this week lookin' as adorable as can be:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Aww ... they really do make the cutest couple. It's nice to see folks this happy and in lurve. I should see about getting a scooter for David and me to tool around town on as well ;) [Source]

Going Thru The Motions

Victoria Beckham got her domesticity on this week when she paid a visit to her friendly neighborhood Whole Foods (with a very hot-lookin' bodyguard in tow, I might add) in order to pick up some grub for her family ...

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

... tho, many shoppers were confused as to why a Barney's New York mannequin was prominently placed in aisles thruout the food store. I understand they were also perplexed when the mannequin stepped up and paid for her purchases with a Black American Express card. [Source]

Later on, the aforementioned mannequin blithely attended an LA Lakers vs. LA Clippers basketball game with her hot hubby David Beckham at the Staples Center in downtown LA:

It's a game of four quarters, played by men of amazing stature and agility. But although she's married to a pretty handy sportsman herself, Victoria Beckham looked less than enamoured with a trip to the basketball. Quite frankly, Victoria looked bored stiff as she sat in the coveted courtside seats at the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers game at the Staples Centre in LA. Dressed in a sober black sleeveless shirt and jeans combination complete with high heels - Posh looked less than animated as she sat with David's arms draped protectively around her. With a look of intense concentration on her face, Posh vainly tried hard to follow just what was going on. Husband David looked much more relaxed in a navy blue military shirt, baggy jeans and trainers - if a little unshaven.

In Vicki B.'s defense, I don't think she was bored stiff ... she was prolly just in need of a tune up or something. In happy news, the Lakers handily defeated the Clippers 106-78 ... I believe Vicki B. managed to almost smile when everything was said and done. [Source]

Come Fly With Me, Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away

Now, it's perfectly normal for someone to forget to button his fly every once-in-a-while ... hell, it should be expected that pretty much everyone will forget to do up their pants and then go out in public at least once ... but how is it that Hayden Christensen managed to not only forget to button his fly but he also managed to not realize that his pants were entirely wide open:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Hmmm ... do we think this is just a matter of easy access or is Hayden just being "showy"? [Source]

A Star Is Born

Mario Lopez, who first achieved fame as AC Slater on Saved by the Bell and more recently danced his way into people's hearts as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, will be making his Broadway debut in the current production of A Chorus Line on April 15. Here are a few pics of Mario kicking up his heels as he rehearses with his A Chorus Line castmembers ahead of his big Broadway debut:

Photo credit: Splash News

John Breglio for Vienna Waits Productions announced ... that "Extra TV" host and "Dancing with the Stars" finalist Mario Lopez will make his Broadway debut joining the cast of the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning musical A Chorus Line beginning Tuesday, April 15, 2008, at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre (236 W 45th St). Mr. Lopez will play Zach, the demanding director who is casting the chorus roles for a new Broadway musical, through Sunday, September 7, 2008. "Mario is an enormously talented actor and dancer and we are thrilled to have him make his Broadway debut in A Chorus Line," said producer John Breglio. "His talents and charm will transfer beautifully to the Broadway stage." "Every actor dreams about appearing on a Broadway stage. I have as well, and have been searching for the right time and opportunity," said Mario Lopez. "A Chorus Line is a legendary musical and I am so honored to have been chosen to join the amazing cast and be a part of the Broadway family."

I've never seen A Chorus Line so I'm not sure what the scope of Mario's character will be ... but if Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Osbourne are capable of acting in big theater productions (tho, it should be specified that both ladies performed in West End productions of Chicago in London, not in NYC on Broadway) then I don't see why Mario can't do the same. He looks the part ... I guess we'll have to wait and see if the can act the part, too. [Source]

The TV Guide: Viva Las Vegas

David and I arrived safe and sound here in Las Vegas yesterday night and we immediately to to eatin' ... we met up with the first contingent of David's NY posse who also flew into town yesterday for a sumptuous dinner together. As we made our way to the restaurant, I ran into Real World: Hollywood castmember Kimberly who I was able to interview at the RW house a few months ago. She was with a friend's bachelorette party and came over to say hello.

Other than that, the night was a pretty quiet one. We ate until we were stuffed and then retired for the night since David and I would both be working today. I have a date with the pool this afternoon while David hits the gym ... then later on we're prolly gonna catch a show (perhaps something in a Cirque du Soleil). Prices here are astronomical so that's not fun but we are having a blast together ... and the partying hasn't even started yet. OY!

Les News: Vanilla Ice Released, Paris Can't Find A Friend, Foxy To Be Freed

Pink Is The New Prom Night

In concert with the release of the new movie Prom Night (the remake of the classic early 80's horror film), I asked that Pink readers submit photos from their proms or formal dances so that one special picture could be featured on the blog today. As usual, all y'all sent in a bunch of really fun pictures which made it absolutely impossible for me to pick just one photo to feature ... so, of the vast number of submissions sent in, I picked a nice bunch of my fave pics to feature on the site. Here are the Pink is the new Prom Night photos that I thought best represented the feel of prom night:

I think all ya'll will agree that these are some really fun prom pics so you can see how difficult it was for me to pick a singular favorite. There were a lot of other photos submitted but, as usual, it would be impossible for me to feature them all. Thank you all so much for taking the time to submit your photos. They totally rock!!!

Lookin' For A New Love?

It seems that Lance Bass may no longer be on the market these days since his break-up with ex-boyfriend Ben Thigpen early last month ... Lance was spotted out and about yesterday with a mysterious new fellow (who looks burly yet not as cute as his previous exes Ben or Pedro Andrade, IMHO) as they left the Foxtail nightclub in Hollywood, CA last night ... check it out:

Photo credit: WENN

Meh. I think Lancey traded down so hopefully this new guy is just a fling or whatevs. I really did like La-Ben together so it may take me a while to get used to seeing Lance with a new dude ... it would help if he was superfreaking hot, tho. Yeah, I'm just not feelin' it with this dude yet. [Source]

UPDATE: A source close to Lance has clarified who this mystery gentleman is ... his name is Byron and he is the Development Director for GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network). Lance and Byron are not romantically involved, they are merely good friends who got together to discuss the possibility of Lance working with GLSEN in some capacity. When I taught back in Detroit, a colleague and I worked with GSLEN when we created our Gay/Straight Alliance at the school and I can confirm that the organization does amazing work for school-aged kids. This meeting between Lance and Byron is even better than a romance ... I can't wait to see what sort of involvement Lance has with the organization.


Prince William earned today Britian's coveted flying wings (essentially, the UK's version of becoming Top Gun in the naval air force) in a ceremony where his new honor was bestowed upon him by his father, Prince Charles, and was attended by members of the Royal Family and Wills's on-again girlfriend (fiancée?) Kate Middleton. Here are a few pics from Wills's graduation and award ceremony earlier today in Lincolnshire:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Prince William received his coveted flying "wings" at a Royal Air Force graduation on Friday, while girlfriend Kate Middleton looked on with pride. Britain's Air Chief Marshall – who happens to be his dad, Prince Charles – presented 25-year-old William and 32 other graduates with their "wings" during a 45-minute graduation ceremony at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire on Friday morning. The young prince is following in the footsteps of his father, who also earned his RAF "wings" at the same flight school back in 1971. William's uncle, Prince Andrew, is also a pilot, having flown helicopters in the South Atlantic during combat operations in 1982's Falklands War. Also in attendance at the graduation for Flying Officer Wales – his Air Force rank and name – was his stepmom Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Middleton, meanwhile, continued to show her support – having also attended William's Sandhurst army college graduation in 2006 ... Prince William began his pilot training in early January and was soaring the skies solo after only eight days of tutoring. Dressed in his full RAF "No. 1" dress uniform, William proudly showed his father and Camilla the helicopter he learned to fly in. Says spokesman Locke: "To have your wings presented by Prince Charles is very special, I'm sure none of these graduates will forget today."

As if Prince Wills needed any more pedigree to make him an even dreamier prince, now he has his own pair of flying wings. As both an officer and a gentlemen, Prince Wills seems poised to become Britain’s top Royal heartthrob. While Prince Harry is bizzy doing the dirty work in actual war, Wills is content with garnering medals to wear on his lapel. Don't mind me, I'm just insanely jealous ;) Much congrats, Prince Wills. [Source]

Gossip Girl Wants You To Watch

In case you weren't previously aware, The CW will be airing new episodes of its hit series Gossip Girl starting its new night, Monday April 21 ... and to entice you to tune in, the network has worked up two versions of their promo commercials to reel you back in -- a "PG-13" version and an "R" rated version ... check them both out below:

Saucy. I love how one little "F" can make all the difference in the world.

Don't Be Fooled By The Rock She Don't Got

Yesterday we got our first peek at the engagement ring that Ashlee Simpson got from Pete Wentz when he asked for her hand in marriage ... because the photo only showed the bottom of the band, I wondered just how big her diamond stone was ... but these new pics of Ashlee's ring confirm that her engagement ring has no stone at all. Boo. Irregardless, it's a nice enough piece of bling and everyone is very happy for Ashl33n's engagement -- especially big sis' Jessica Simpson and Papa Joe Simpson:

Photo credti: Mavrix

The day after Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz announced their engagement, their loved ones say they couldn't be happier about the news. "My sister is overflowing with joy," says Ashlee's older sibling, Jessica Simpson. "Pete is an incredible soul. They naturally bring out the best in each other. I couldn't be happier." And their dad, Joe, weighed in from Augusta, Ga., where he is in town watching the Masters golf tournament with Jessica's beau, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. He confirms that Wentz, the bassist for Fall Out Boy, asked his permission to propose to Ashlee. "[Pete] did ask me," says Joe. "I told him that I would be honored to have him as part of my family."

Awwwww ... how sweet. I can see Pete being the type of guy who would ask the father's permission before asking for the lady's hand in marriage. Naturally, everyone in the Simpson family is going to say how happy they are, there's no big surprise there. But let's face the fact that Pete is not as clean cut as Nick Lachey (then again, look how that Simpson marriage played out) so I'm sure his tattooed and flat-ironed emoness may be a shock to the Simpson family tree. I can't wait to see what their wedding will look like ... with all those Texans on the bride's side and all the rockers on the groom's side (and Pete's dog Hemmingway posing as the ring bearer) it promises to be a hoot-n-hollerin' good time. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Claire reminded me that Pete had given Ashlee a "promise ring" back in February ... the same ring that she has been wearing on her ring finger since news broke of the couple's engagement. Soooooo, either Ashl33n have been engaged longer than we've been led to believe (since Pete gave her the "promise ring" a couple of months ago) or Ashlee isn't worthy of getting a new ring. I suppose it's possible that we've yet to see her real engagement ring ... but I tend to believe the couple have been engaged longer than we've been told.

Bump & Grind

Jamie Lynn Spears's baby bump is growing at a pretty significant rate these days ... it was only a few weeks ago that she was still having a hard time showing the world that she was actually pregs (ie. her stomach was pretty nonexistent) but these days, JL is having a hard time keeping her baby bump underwraps anymore. Here are a couple of the latest pics of JL out and about and doing her thing at Connie's Jewelry & Gifts in her hometown of Kentwood, LA where the little Miss was reportedly getting her engagement ring resized to accommodate her swelling pregnancy fingers:

Photo credit: Splash News

Bless the poor dear's heart ... pregnancy really seems to be agreeing with the just turned 17-year old darling. Not even swelling fingers can mar the wondrous experience that incubating a baby can have on a young girl like JL Spears. Why, that baby bump is only gonna get bigger and bigger (as are her fingers, btw so she should've held off on getting that ring resized) and she'll be birthin' that young'n in no time. HMMM ... it kinda brings a tear to one's eye, no? And the bump watch carries on ... [Source]

One Woman's Trash Is Another Woman's Treasure

At long last, Kathy Griffin was able to live out her very own Britney Spears moment in Beverly Hills, CA this week ... and she had Britney's last boyfriend, Finalpixx photog Adnan Ghalib to help her achieve her goal. Here are pics of Kathy and Adnan doing a little shopping (and a whole lotta mugging for the paparazzi) on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

Now, I have no idea what the hell these two were really doing with one another (except trying to get attention from the paps) but I really love Kathy for capitalizing on the moment. We all know that Adnan doesn't have a thing going on in his life since both Britney Spears and his ex-wife dumped his ass so it makes sense that he'd be willing to try and grab some attention ... Kathy, on the other hand, is just brills. You can tell that she is loving every moment and every flashbulb that is going off as she poses with Adnan Ghalib. I'm sure we'll know very soon what her real motive is (was she filming a segment for a new show?) altho, the sheer joy of pretending to be Britney Spears for a day seems just as likely a scenario as any other. [Source]

The King Lives On

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be able to blog about the immortal Elvis Presley but ... that day has finally come. A bunch of previously unseen photos of The King have just been made public (from a show he did at Madison Square Garden in the 70's) and I feel they are deffo worth talking and blogging about ... here are a few of the newly discovered pics of Elvis Presley:

A rare collection of previously unpublished Elvis Presley pictures have just been released. The images capture the King in his jumpsuited glory while rocking in Madison Square Garden, New York, in 1972. They were recently found, almost by accident, by George Kalinsky, who took the photos. Kalinsky came across the photos while doing research for a billboard company campaign called "Great Moments in New York." Kalinsky has been the official Madison Square Garden photographer for more than 40 years and said he did not realize at the time that he had so many good shots. "When I photographed the show, I thought I only had a few good ones," he said. "I just never really looked at the files until recently. He was electrifying in his white jumpsuit, with his cape on ... He was quite humble, but he had an aura. There are very few people who have triple-X charisma, and Elvis was one," Kaplinsky added. Kalinsky needed to get permission from Elvis Presley Enterprises, the business arm of the performer's estate, to reproduce Presley's image for the campaign. The estate asked if he had any more photos, and Kalinsky came back with about 40 unpublished images from Elvis' second-night performance at the concert in 1972, said Kevin Kern, spokesman for Elvis Presley Enterprises. Kern said Elvis experts were impressed with the collection, which show him performing on stage at the age of 37. "What came from their mouths was 'Wow!"' Kern said. "These are very crisp, clear, professional photos of Elvis. It's such a rare find," he added. The collection is set to be displayed at Graceland, the former Memphis home of Elvis, as part of "Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access," an exhibit that will also feature more than 50 of Elvis' famous jumpsuits.

What a great find! At the very least, these photos remind us of just how cool Elvis Presley was in his hey day. He may be gone from the Earth but he still lives on in our hearts and minds ... an apparently on our blogs with the discovery of these new photos. [Source]

Sarah Marshall Sucks

Kristen Bell, Jason Segel, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof and others were on hand for the LA premiere of Forgetting Sarah Marshall at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA last night ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the latest film from comic genius Judd Apatow (The 40-Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up) which tells the harrowing tale of breaking-up and finding one's new love ... but in a vulgar and totally inappropriate way. I'm not sure I would've even paid attention to this movie if it weren't for the amazing ad campaign that has been going on for the movie. No doubt many of you have seen the billboards, bus signs, posters and web ads (including right here on Pink is the new Blog) that read I Hate You, Sarah Marshall, You Look Fat In Those Jeans, Sarah Marshall, My Mom Always Hated You, Sarah Marshall, etc. The ad folks for this movie launched a preemptive strike of advertising that teased for the movie weeks before we know what the hell was going on. Genius. I am absolutely more willing to see this movie based on the ad campaign. The fact that Forgetting Sarah Marshall was made by Judd Apatow is even more of a draw. I guess we'll see if the movie is worth checking out ... I've been impressed with Apatow's movies thus far (Superbad, notwithstanding) ... I'll have to see if this one holds up the funny tradition. [Source]

Vanilla Ice Busted!

90's white rapper Robert Van Winkle, better known to the world as Vanilla Ice, was arrested in his Palm Beach County, Florida home last night on the charge of domestic battery on his wife -- too cold, too cold ... TMZ has the available deets, natch:

Former rap star Vanilla Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle, was arrested tonight at his home after an alleged altercation with his wife. Ice was booked by Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies at 10:43 PM ET on a charge of domestic battery. Sources tell TMZ he got into an argument with his wife, Laura, and he pushed her. Vanilla Ice is still in custody at Palm Beach County Jail. Palm Beach County Sheriff's tell TMZ that in most cases, people arrested for domestic violence are usually held over to see a judge. Looks like Mr. Van Winkle will spend a night in the pokey.

From the sound of it, it appears that there may be nothing at all to this altercation ... whether or not he really battered his wife, the details thus far do not make it seem like anything of substance will come from this incident. To be completely honest, I'm just stunned at how quickly Vanilla Ice's mug shot made its way to the InterWeb ... sometimes the photo never gets released but in jurisdictions where celebrity mug shot releases are common place the photos make their way half way around the world before the accused is even fingerprinted. What a world, what a world. [Source]