Saturday, April 12, 2008

The TV Guide: How Suite It Is

Lawdy, lawdy ... I just spent an amazing couple of hours at the spa for a massage and facial and, let me tell you, I'm feeling fine :) Yesterday was a pretty fantastic day as well. I was able to hang out by the pool for a couple of hours with David's friends Marissa and Isaac before David and I grabbed a quick bite to eat. Then it was time for our Cirque du Soleil show ... we kept hearing great things about (Pink reader Amanda sent me her recommendation) so that was the show we decided to see ... and seriously, we couldn't've have made a better choice:

Of all the Cirque shows, this one is the only one that has a storyline but to be honest, I was so enraptured by the acrobatics and theatrical devices used in the show I was only half paying attention to what was going on. The stage is just stunning ... I can't even adequately explain how many cool things they do with just the stage itself but it was pretty damn spectacular. I really sat there slack-jawed for most of the show. I've never seen a Cirque du Soleil show before but I'm deffo a new fan ... now I can't wait to see the rest of them here in Vegas. After the show, we were met by Karin (who works for Cirque) who took us backstage to meet some of the amazing performers:

We really had a spectacular time. Much love goes out to Jessica and Karin for making sure we had a phenomenal time. As I said, the experience was truly memorable ... I can't wait to see more shows soon.

After the show, a whole bunch of us met up at the Bellagio for a birthday party in the Spa Tower ...

... and drunken craziness ensued. Without divulging too much about what went down (you know what they say about "what happens in Vegas"), I'll just say that we had a really fun time and no incriminating evidence exists from last night's shenanigans (that I'm aware of) so the guilty parties have no cause for concern (I think).

OY! So much going on this weekend ... I have to get back into the mix ... we leave tomorrow afternoon but there is still a bit of partying to be had tonight.

Les News: Miss USA Crowned, Kanye Blogs, Alicia Hypothesizes

PITNB Readers: Birthdays, An Engagement, A Baby To Be

Here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Travis sends in a pic with his girlfriend Brenda on the occasion of her 22nd birthday ... Travis also popped the question and asked for Brenda's hand in marriage so I'll be expecting a wedding photo from the happy couple when the big day finally arrives -- R, an Airwoman in the US Air Force sends in a preview pic of her baby girl who is due to be born in June -- Ibby from Martinsville, VA sends in a pic with her boyfriend Jordan on the occasion of their 3 year anniversary -- Danielle from New Orleans, LA sends in a party pic with a few of her best ladies -- Beckie sends in a photo from the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival this year -- Ang sends in a pic from her friend Jenny's 26th birthday along with their friends Amy, Mandy, Morgan and Amy:

As always, much love goes out to you all for taking the time to send in your amazing photos. Much congrats goes out to Travis and Brenda on their engagement and to R on the impending birth of her baby girl. Thank you so much for another batch of really fun pics!! xoxo

Mariah Carey Does Jet Magazine

Mariah Carey is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Jet magazine ... check it out:

Meh ... it's a pretty boring cover, I think, but I do love me some Mariah. I've been able to preview her new album, E=MC2 in its entirety and I gotta say that I kinda love it. There are definite #1s on the album so I'm sure she'll be able to tie and then surpass The Beatles' record for the most #1s from any artist. I have a pretty good feeling that MC is going to have a really stellar year. [Source]

Winning Streak

Britney Spears got herself a new hairdo, y'all, which means that folks will be talking about it for days. Here are a couple pics of Brit Brit's new 'do:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm not usually a fan of streaks (and by that I mean I generally hate them) but these don't look too shabby. It's unclear if Brit's new hair was streaked before she had it sewn onto her head or after but the job turned out nicely, I think. To be honest, as long as Brit Brit stays out of trubs I'll support any and everything that she does ... even if it does involve streaks. [Source]

B-Jay <3 B-Ball

While the Beckham boys were sitting courtside at the LA Lakers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA last night, the allegedly newly wedded Beyonce and Jay-Z were holding court in Houston, TX where the couple cheered the Houston Rockets to victory over the Phoenix Suns. Clearly aware that they were being photographed, Beyonce coyly kept her ring finger hidden from sight ...

... which means we've yet to see what her huge rock looks like. There still has been *no* official confirmation that the couple were even married last weekend so we're still operating on the *assumption* that they did get hitched. I bet they are really enjoying keeping the guessing game going. [Source]

Holding Court

Yesterday we saw pics of David Beckham and wifey Vicki B. sitting courtside at an LA Lakers basketball game on Thursday night and it looks like Becks went back for more on Friday night ... only this time, he brought his sons Brooklyn and Romeo to the game -- who both looked more excited to be at the game than VB did ... check it out:

Photo credit: Getty

Clearly the Beckham boys are huge Lakers fans because they showed up for the game all decked out in Lakers gear. These pics of Becks and his sons are really freakin' cute. I can't even imagine what it must be like to have David Beckham for a daddy (tho I wouldn't mind finding out ;) but I bet it's a real nice feeling. Incidentally, the Lakers went on to defeat New Orleans by a score of 107-104 -- it would appear that Becks is a pretty awesome good luck charm for the Lakers. [Source]

Heidi Would

Heidi Montag took another step forward towards world domination yesterday when she threw her own fashion show, for her line of clothing for Anchor Blue, at the Hollywood and Highland complex in Hollywood, CA ... make way for Heidiwood, y'all!

Photo credit: Splash News

Heidi Montag debuted her fashion line, Heidiwood, Friday in Hollywood. Models hit the catwalk as music from her upcoming, as-yet-untitled pop album blared. Montag, 21, worked the runway in sky-high black stiletto platform pumps, super short black shorts and a midriff-baring zebra print halter top. ("I love zebra print!" she said. "I'm obsessed with it!") The real head-turning moment of the night? Spencer Pratt popped on stage and gave Montag two dozen long-stemmed, pink roses before kissing her on the lips. So is all well between the on-and-off Hills pair? "I mean, you know, we're up, we're down," she told reporters after the show. "It's just the routine." Though they are not living together, "the bottom line is that we love each other," Montag added. "We always have, and we're just trying to figure out our stuff like every other couple."

The fashion show consisted of models who looked like Heidi Montag strutting their stuff down the runway -- among them was Pink reader Kelsey who was hired to be in the show -- and then the big finale with Speidi taking center stage. Speidi had grand plans to have the famed Hollywood Sign amended to read Heidiwood for the occasion but those plans were nixed by city council ... they did manage to get the street sign on the corner of Hollywood and Highland to read Heidiwood and Highland, tho. [Source]

It pains me that I couldn't be in attendance at yesterday's show but Pink readers Alex and Chanda where in the hiz last night and managed to score a pic with Heidi and Spencer after the show:

Woot, this sounds like it was a very fun fashion show ... which prolly has Lauren LC Conrad in a tizzy. But, there is more than enough room for everyone to have their own line of clothing (and it really does feel like everyone does have their own line of clothing) so there should be no feuding over any of this. The Heidiwood line of clothing will be arriving in Anchor Blue stores on Tuesday April 15.