Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OOOOOH Snap! Christian Lays The Verbal Smack Down

Life and Style magazine caught up with Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano in Las Vegas, NV over the weekend and asked his take on the new fashion designs that are coming out left and right from the ladies on MTV's hit show The Hills. In his usual candid no-holds-barred style, Christian told the mag exactly what he thinks about these new fashion lines:

Could there be a catfight brewing between Project Runway winner Christian Siriano and The Hills girls Heidi, Whitney, and LC? At the TAO Beach Season Two Grand Opening in Las Vegas on April 12, Christian was asked what he thought of their new fashion lines. He told Life & Style, "It's really sad that if I didn't win Project Runway, I probably wouldn't have the sponsors I have now. I would have never been able to do what they have done because they all have disposable income, and yet their work still isn't that great! I mean, it's fun and flirty and young, but they're not innovators. None of them will ever be an innovative designer. Buyers and editors are looking for longevity, and hopefully they will see that in me."

Oh yeah, it's on now. I wonder if any of The Hills ladies will take the bait and say something back. I just hope this doesn't turn into a feud or anything crazy like that ... I'd hate to have to see these folks engage in a walk-off to determine who's top design dog. Someone could really get hurt in the fray and then what would we do on Monday nights? [Source]

They Say Your Brain Is A Comic Book Tattoo

ToriAmos.com has announced that Tori has joined with Image Comics to release a collection of comics inspired by the music of Tori Amos and created by artists from around the world. The collection, a 480-page anthology of artwork meant to represent the spirit of Tori Amos's music, will be entitled Comic Book Tattoo and is set for release this July:

This July the ever-growing relationship between comics and music reaches new heights as Tori Amos and Image Comics release COMIC BOOK TATTOO, a 480-page, full color anthology adapting the themes and ideas behind her songs into a lush volume of sequential art. "I have been surprised, excited and pleasantly shocked by these comics that are extensions of the songs that I have loved and therefore welcome these amazing stories of pictures and words because they are uncompromisingly inspiring," says Amos. "It shows you thought is a powerful formidable essence and can have a breathtaking domino effect." To assemble COMIC BOOK TATTOO's diverse roster of talent, Amos worked alongside editor Rantz Hoseley, co-creator behind the upcoming DISPLACED PERSONS and VIX. Together they formed a line up featuring Y: THE LAST MAN's Pia Guerra, Leah Moore, John Reppion David Mack, Hope Larson, Ryan Kelly, Jonathan Hickman, Colleen Doran, Eric Canete, Ted McKeever, Jock, Anthony Johnston, Dame Darcy, Carla Speed McNeil, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Mark Buckingham, Ivan Brandon, C. B. Cebulski and many more, including an introduction by SANDMAN creator Neil Gaiman. Editor Hoseley added, "While the connections between comics and music have been long established by generations of creators, Comic Book Tattoo is the pure distillation of how these two art forms inspire and feed off of each other across all the classifications, genres and styles of comic storytelling. Like Tori¹s music, these stories run the gamut of human experience, emotion and imagination brought to life by some of the most compelling and innovative creators in the field of comics." COMIC BOOK TATTOO, a 12" x 12" 480-page anthology, will be in stores July 23rd.

What an amazing collaboration! I am not at all surprised that Tori would endorse this kind of project, especially when you consider that one of her best friends is Neil Gaiman who created the amazing Sandman comic book series. I cannot wait to get my hands on this collection ... I've always been fascinated with the way other people interpret the themes and lyrics of Tori's music ... to see these interpretations in comic book form sounds really freakin' cool. Click HERE for a more in-depth report on this new collection ... there are a few pages of artwork from the book that tease just how cool the book will look. [Source]

The Incredible Poster

Here is our first look at the first poster to be released for the new movie The Incredible Hulk which stars Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/Hulk:

As far as movie posters go, it's not bad. I love that Bruce is painted as a solitary man with his manbag strapped across his chest like he was portrayed in the 1970's TV series of the same name. I really believe they are going to get the movie right this time. [Source]

Heidi Does TRL

In further Speidi news, Heidi Montag got her turn to appear on MTV's TRL yesterday afternoon and she brought along her fiancée boyfriend Hills co-star Spencer Pratt for moral support (and to carry her bag). Here are pics of the illustrious Speidi as they made their way into and then out of the MTV studios in NYC yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

From what I understand (since I didn't watch the ep myself), Heidi decided to bust a rhyme and rapped for the TRL audience live on the air. Apparently, Nelly (TRL's other guest star) rated her rap an A for effort. Er ... isn't the singing enough, Heidi? Let's not go down the white rapper road just yet. I say, save it for the sophomore album. [Source]

The Hills: Girls! Girls! Girls!


Okay ... so last night's ep of The Hills was basically turned into the Speidi Show, which isn't necessarily a bad thing altho I'm sure that Team LC wasn't all too thrilled with the way things turned out. I would have to say that last night's ep was a pretty decent one ... there was drama, intrigue, shadiness and the promise of much more fun to come. And you just gotta love how Spencer's disappearing/reappearing beard was featured pretty heavily in his argument scene with the She-Spencer ...

Right off the bat I have to say how much I love Whitney's heinous new boss at People's Revolution. She is way more fun to watch on TV than Teen Vogue boss Lisa Love ever was. The scary new boss, I think her name is Mrs. Crabtree, just fills me with delight whenever she cackles at the sorry peons who work for her. The publicist for People's Revolution is sure to be fired in an upcoming episode -- meaning Mrs. Crabtree is prolly gonna rip open her chest and eat her heart out, literally ... and I can't wait!!! You gotta love that Audrina is doing whatever she can to get screen-time on the show .. which means she has no probs hanging out with Heidi again behind LC's back. Wooo boy, LC is gonna have a fit when she finds out (considering, of course, that we suspend all knowledge that the show isn't really a truthful representation of actual reality). We learned that Spencer has friends waiting in the bull pen to be called should he ever need to go out on the town (but don't be surprised if we never, ever see "Kevin" again) and that Heidi is a very jealous girl (she even threatened to "beat a b****" for gettin' too close to her man). Meh. The bottom line is that Heidi needs to accept Spencer for who he is or she needs to cut him loose once and for all. Isn't that the lesson we're supposed to learn here? Yeah, right. Anyways, props goes out to The Hills production crew for so adeptly filming the conversation that Speidi had in Spencer's car at the close of the ep ... all the lighting and camera shots really made the audience feel like we were right there with them in the moment. The production crew does deserve jeers for the shoddy editing in the Spencer/She-Spencer convo scene tho. You can deffo tell that parts of it were reshot at different times, when Spencer had less facial hair (which I don't understand how they could miss since they remembered to shoot him in the same shirt). This huge gaffe wasn't as obvious as the LC nail polish mistake last year but it's just as bad. I just hate it when my fantasy of reality is shattered by poor craftsmanship. Next week, Justin Bobby returns! Will he be back with his boots on and blazing? Gawd I hope so. I also hope we get to hear all about his new modeling gig. Please Gods, make it so. [Source]

The TV Guide: Taxed To Death

Blah. Full disclosure here ... I'm not really in a great mood today. I got the bad news from my taxperson last night how much money I'll be paying out to the government today. While being self-employed affords a lot of luxuries, it also opens you up to a major effing over come April 15th. I'm sure there are some of you feeling the pains of tax day today so just know that I'm commiserating with you today.

This afternoon I have an interview with a certain someone that I hope to make available to all y'all very soon ... which I'm very excited for. Tonight I may be going to a movie screening but we'll have to see how the day goes. I'll be heading by the bank this afternoon to make a withdrawal so hopefully I won't be jumping off any high bridges along the way. OY!

Les News: Nina Stays With Elle, Beyonce Retires? Wentworth's Friend Comes Out

ThunderCats Are Loose!

To celebrate the DVD release of ThunderCats Season 2 Volume 1 from Warner Home Video in the UK, the ThunderCats logo was projected onto the House of Parliament in London, England last night ... which I think looks pretty damn cool. Both Season 1 and 2 of ThunderCats have already been released on DVD here in the US but promo for the collections were never handled this well:

I was a huge fan of ThunderCats when I was a kid. I watched the entire series when it aired on TV back in the 80's and loved collecting the action figures (in fact, I still have a Lion-O action figure still in its package) which I loved posing with in photos:

During my very brief career as a Boy Scout, we named our troop ThunderCats and used the logo as our insignia. I hated every moment of camping in the wilderness (surprise, surprise) but I remember fondly that we would shine our flashlights into the air pretending the beams shined the ThunderCats signal yelling out ThunderCats, Ho! in the middle of the night. Yes, I realize this sounds incredibly dorky but this is what kids in the 80's who grew up without cell phones or the Internet did for fun. I trust there are a few readers out there who can appreciate this bit of ThunderCats news. I have to say, I feel kinda sad for the state of children's cartoons these days ... for the most part, they don't even exist any more. The pop culutre of kids' youth today is going to be made up of My Space and You Tube which feels ridiculously cheap compared to the richness of 80's cartoons (Transformers, He-Man, Sliverhawks, M.A.S.K., Voltron, Smurfs, Pac-Man, and on and on and on) and sitcoms (Diff'rent Strokes, Silver Spoons, The Facts of Life, Family Ties, Growing Pains, etc.). Ah memories. [Source]

Driving Lesson

Britney Spears is back behind the wheel again and it appears that she has recovered significantly enough to be allowed to drive with her son Sean Preston again ... well, actually, Sean is the one who was behind the wheel even tho Britters was lending a helping hand with the steering. Here are a few adorable photos of Britney playing with her eldest son in his very own car, a Fisher Price mini-Cadillac Escalade, at her home yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: X17

Clearly, Britters ain't letting her tiny fender bender from over the weekend keep her out of the driving seat ;) It's really nice seeing how well Britney's relationship is progressing with her children now that she's in recovery. The news is all still all-good out of Camp Britney (despite attempts to make a mountain out of the mole-hill of a car accident she had on Saturday night) ... things appear to be coming along nicely. Woot! [Source]

Guess Who Sees A Who

Pink reader Elisa sends in a couple of photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with 3 of their 4 children making their way out of the Cinemark Movie Theater at Southpark Meadows in Austin, TX over the weekend. As usual, Shiloh Nouvel was nowhere to be seen but Maddox, Zahara and Pax Thien joined their parents for the movie-going outing ... take a look:

There's no word on what movie the family went out to see but a quick check at the theater's show listings suggests they either saw Horton Hears A Who or Nim's Island. Elisa doesn't mention if she was able to have a close encounter with the family but much love goes out to her for sending in these pics of the fam on their way out of the theater. [thanks Elisa]

Suck On It

Jessica Alba took her plumping baby bump out for a little shopping excursion in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday while she sucked on a lollipop ... a Blow-Pop to be exact. Here are a few pics of Jessica doing a bit of shopping with a friend at the maternity shop Pea in a Pod yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm kinda taken with how much Jessica looks like Jennifer Lopez back when she was pregs (and, incidentally, J. Lo now looks like Jess back when she was super skinny pre-pregnancy) ... I think it's their shared Latinaness that is responsible for the striking resemblance. By the looks of her swelling bump and her heaving bosom, Jessica looks almost ready to pop. She looks beautiful, tho ... I really think pregnancy suits her. [Source]

The Nanny

Not that I would ever advocate allowing Amy Winehouse to care for children of any age (because, honestly, I never would) but at what point does a mother decide that it's prolly not a good idea to let the trainwreck care for her child under any circumstances? Is it when Amy thinks it's okay to smoke in the baby's presence or maybe when Amy throws back a shot of alcohol while holding the baby with her other arm? Here are a few ABSOLUTELY RIDIC photos of Amy holding onto someone's baby for them in her best Amy Winehouse way:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

She's never been seen as much of a role model so it was perhaps a bit of a surprise to see Amy Winehouse put in temporary charge of a young child. But it came as no shock that the singer didn't let the situation inconvenience her - she was still able to knock back shots and smoke a few cigarettes. The 24-year-old was looking healthier than usual but still raised eyebrows as she cuddled a friend's baby during a break in recording the James Bond theme tune. The Back To Black star has been holed up with producer pal Mark Ronson at his studio in his Henley, Oxfordshire retreat over the past week recording the main track for the upcoming 007 movie Quantum Of Solace. After hours in the studio, Amy couldn't wait for a break in the fresh air and joined a group of friends for a midday drinking session in a country pub. When one of Amy's friends brought along their young son to the afternoon festivities, the singer reached out for a cuddle - despite the fact she was smoking. After pulling faces and playing with the baby, Amy happily accepted a shot of melon-flavoured Midori from a male friend - even though she was still clutching the child.

I'm at a complete loss ... just when you think that Amy Winehouse couldn't possibly exercise any poorer judgment she goes and outdoes herself. A few months ago, I'd have believed that Britney Spears (at her craziest) might've employed Amy to babysit for her kids but, thankfully, now that she's getting better (every day) I'm sure Brit Brit wouldn't let Amy anywhere near her kids. It's a shame that Amy's friend doesn't feel the same way ... I just don't see how it is at all excusable to let anyone smoke and drink while holding YOUR BABY. This is a pretty sad sight. [Source]

The Gaunt-Lette

Jennifer Lopez was spotted out for a night on the town with her skeletal hubby Marc Anthony last night as the couple made their way out of the Waverly Inn in NYC ... and by the looks of it, J. Lo is pretty intent on losing all the baby weight (and then some) she gained while she was pregs with her twins Max and Emme ... check it out:

Photo credit: Splash News

Good for J. Lo that she has been able to get back to her normal size after being pregs with twins but it kinda looks like she might be taking the weight loss too far. I don't think her neck is really supposed to look like that ... she's starting to look more like her gaunt hubby than La Diva Latina that we all know and love. Here's hoping she gets her curves back (not to mention her neck) sooner rather than later. [Source]

A Bump In The Road?

Against the insistence by US Weekly, Pete Wentz gave a statement to MTV News refuting the reports that his fiancée, Ashlee Simpson, is pregs ... which I tend to believe, mainly because denials of this sort don't really pan out since it's a hard lie to keep for very long. Here are new pictures of Ashlee Simpson departing LA for NYC yesterday at LAX Airport lookin' about as unpregs as can be (tho, to be fair, at this point it would be hard to tell this early on):

Photo credit: Splash News

In an e-mail to MTV News, Wentz denied reports that surfaced Monday (April 14) on the Web sites of OK! magazine and Us Weekly that he and Simpson, 23, are expecting their first child. "There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood," he wrote. "This is all news to me. I can't wait for the story about how I'm really in a gay relationship and this is all just a cover. ... I mean really, this is crazy. ... I mean we're engaged, that's true, and happy about it." Asked again if he was denying reports that Simpson is pregnant, Wentz, 28, replied, "Yeah." OK! and Us Weekly both cited unnamed sources close to the couple in their stories. OK!, which reports that the baby is due in October, offered as "proof" an account of Ashlee dealing with a "fierce bout of what appeared to be morning sickness" during a lunch at Malibu's Chart House restaurant. "Ashlee would like to walk down the aisle before she's showing," a source told OK! "Although she's very cute the way she's always checking out her belly now and asking everyone, 'Am I showing yet?'" The report then goes on to say that the couple are currently living in Simpson's Hollywood Hills home, but that "they are already talking about finding something more kid-friendly." Us had reported that a source told them Simpson was pregnant shortly after her engagement to Wentz was first announced last week. When asked about the report by MTV News, Simpson's rep replied: "Engaged." On Monday, a spokesperson for the couple added fuel to the speculation by declining to confirm nor deny this week's rumors. "We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple," the rep told MTV News. "Beyond that there is nothing to add."

HMMMM ... well, the good news for Ashlee is that she has a new album due for release in a couple of weeks ... all of this hoopla is sure to help with record sales, at least in the short term. I guess that would be reason enough to get a story like this going in the media -- not that she did this, mind you, I'm just saying. [Source]

Is Nina In Or Is She Out?

So yesterday afternoon I received an email from Elle.com alerting me to the fact that a new video has just been made available on their website, which is a usual kind of email that pops up in my inbox from time to time. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the video is titled Inside Nina's Closet and is described as an insider's peek into the closet of Elle magazine's Fashion Director Nina Garcia where in she talks about "the clothes she loves". This video from Elle.com is being made available one business day after news reports started circulating on the InterWeb that Nina was ousted from the mag. Could this faux pas-esque video have been made available accidentally or does this mean that Nina's career at Elle isn't quite dunzo yet?

Here is the full text from the email that was sent along with the link to the this video on Elle.com:

Check out ELLE.com's exclusive footage of Nina Garcia giving a tour through her personal closet. We think your readers will be interested in hearing her take on personal style and why she owns the classic Chanel bag in every color.

Er, I think we're very interested in this video because Nina is clearly credited thruout the video as the Elle magazine Fashion Director ... despite the fact that reports are circulating that she has been let go from the mag. Is it really possible that the magazine is trying to plug this video while they still can to generate views on the site? Could they really be this tacky or is this just an innocent blunder? Despite Nina's ousting from Elle, she is expected to stay on as a judge on the hit show Project Runway. This is the best news I've heard from all of this mess thus far. Whether she's with Elle or not, Nina Garcia is an integral part of PR and the show would be really hurt if it lost her. There has still been no official statement made from either Elle magazine or Nina herself on any of this. I expect we should be hearing official word one way or the other very soon. [Source]