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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hilary Duff Does Allure Magazine

Hilary Duff is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Allure magazine. has posted a few behind-the-scenes photos of Hil. D's photoshoot for the mag which accompanies a cover story where Hilary talks about her ex-rival Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne and confesses that she sees herself in Miley Cyrus:

Hilary Duff may have been in show business for a decade, but she's never gotten used to tangling with her fellow celebutantes. "It's hard to find people who don't feel like they're in competition with you," she tells Allure in its May issue. But while Duff, 20, may try to stay out of the fray, she can't help but chat – a little, anyway – about some of her peers.

She goes on to talk about Lindsay ("Supposedly, I stole Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend [Aaron Carter.] We were, like, 13! And I've never stolen anyone's boyfriend! I don't know how you do that! . . . She was talking about it and I wasn't. It made us both look bad and put up a big weirdness. Really she was just a girl my age. We are fine now, by the way."), Avril ("I said something about how she didn't like her fans dressing like her, and how she should appreciate that because it's a compliment. She called me a goody-goody [Lavigne called Duff a 'mommy's girl' in Newsweek] Everyone is trying to prove who they are, and their position. So, I'm 'the good girl.' She's 'the bad girl' or 'the party girl.' Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't take her clothes off, but she's not a 'good girl.' [Adult actors] don't get tagged like we do.") and Miley ("We don't have each other's phone numbers. But when she meets me, she's excited. It's cute – I see a lot of myself in her.") in an attempt to sound grown-up but she kinda still sounds like a little girl gossing about the other little girls on the playground. At any rate, folks won't be seeing her as a little girl when her movie War, Inc. comes out ... I'm pretty sure of that. I wonder how long it's going to take before Hilary does a mag cover and doesn't have to talk about Lindsay Lohan. [Source]


The TV Guide: Detroit, Here I Come

Last night I got to hang out with Mike for the first time in what felt like ages, which was very good for both of us. He's been working like crazy with a big case coming up and I needed to be distracted from my own woes of late. We ran around Burbank before grabbing some grub at the Outback. Yes, those deliciously evil cheese fries were just what the doctor ordered. It was really nice getting to spend time with Mike again after so long.

I am just about outta here for today, tho, as I'm on my way to LAX to catch a flight back home to Detroit this afternoon (I hear it's been warmer there lately, let's hope it stays that way). I will only be home for the weekend but my entire trip is centered around the SASS danceparty that is taking place at OSLO this weekend:

SASS has to be one of the funnest parties I've ever gone to so there was no way I was gonna miss its return. I'm counting on all my Detroiters to come out and dance with my and my peeps this Saturday night cuz who knows when we'll be able to SASS again. Posting will resume tomorrow, as usual (tho I have another post ready for posting in a bit) ... but as for now, I'm audi.


Les News: SAG Makes An Indie Deal, Madonna Vlogs, Ryan Adams Blogs


The Real World Turns 20

Last night MTV premiered the 20th season of their long-running reality show The Real World (which sorta gave birth to the genre) which, this time around, was filmed here in Hollywood, CA. When the show reached its 10th season, they went back to NYC where the show originated ... so for the 20th season they decided to go back to the LA area where the second season was filmed (tho, to be honest, The Real World: Los Angeles house was really in Venice, CA). At any rate, I am especially excited for this new season of The Real World because I was invited back in January to visit the RW: Hollywood house (which was all decked out in furniture and accessories by Chiasso) where I got to meet and chat with the cast. Those of you who signed up at got to see my photos from the RW house back in January but for the rest of you, here are some of the pics that I took that day:

The house was built on a soundstage in Hollywood (the same soundstage where I Love Lucy was filmed back in the 1950's) at Gower and Sunset. I was really struck by how cool the house was but also how small it is in person. I understand that house was broken down from the soundstage the day after I visited so it no longer exists. I did watch the series premiere last night was very happy to see that the show still looks "real" unlike the way The Hills looks unreal.

Here are the photos I took of the cast that I got to meet when I visited the house:

As you can see, the 7th roomie (Greg aka PretyBoy who was chosen to live in the house by online vote) was not there the day that I visited. I was told that he had an "emergency" and that he had to fly back home "immediately" after filming was complete and would not be available for interviews. I had heard that he was kicked off the show but none of the cast members would answer those questions. Having seen the show, I can see why some believe he was kicked off the show. He's basically a big-headed asshole who thinks he's God's gift to humanity. As much as he irritates the hell out of me (my favorite line that he uttered was "I am Greg and I am perfection and I'm not affected by these mere peasants in here. They will not affect me."), I'm looking forward to seeing him butt heads with everyone in the house ... it looks like Joey is gonna go ballistic on him soon (that is if Sarah doesn't kill him first).

This time around, MTV is providing uncensored footage from the filming online at

I believe this is the first time that the audience will get to see uncensored, explicit footage from any Real World filming ... and I love it! I've not been a big fan of some recent seasons of The Real World but I've got my heart in this one. Will is the first RWer to come from Detroit, MI (holllla!) and getting to meet the cast in person really endeared them all to me (I am really glad that Greg was not there that day). In fact, I just ran into Kimberly in Las Vegas last weekend where she was partying with some friends at a bachelorette party. So far, I like what I see ... and if Dave wants to keep getting nekkid, then I'm quite alright with that ... as long as that uncensored shizz ends up at :)


Ashlee Simpson Is Starting To Show

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz continue to milk the media uproar over news of their engagement and rumors of their pregnancy as they play coy about the personal specifics about their relationship. The couple are currently in NYC (where they met up and dined with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, who just arrived in town, last night) where Ashlee is bizzy doing promo work for her new album Bittersweet World. Here are a couple pics of Ashl33n out and about last night (showing off her fat NEW engagment rock to People magazine) and a report on her interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM his morning where she didn't say a thing about any pregnancy but she did talk a bit about her engagement:

Photo credit: Wireimage and Splash News

Ashlee Simpson did not mention her pregnancy during an interview on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Thursday morning. But she opened up about hubby-to-be Pete Wentz. "I didn't know I'd be getting married right now, but I'm so happy to be!" she said, calling from her mother's Ritz-Carlton hotel room in NYC. "I'm a lucky girl." How did Wentz ... pop the question? "That part I am keeping sacred," she said, "but I will tell you that it was very thoughtful, and he did a great job. Of course, it was thoughtful," she added, "He's like that." Simpson — who flashed her new engagement ring (which Wentz designed) in NYC Wednesday — said she loved her rock. "It's definitely a big diamond!" she said. "I go, 'Oh, my God, I can't believe its on my hand!'" When asked if she'd be marrying soon, Simpson replied, "I can't tell my secrets," but added, "my mom loves Pete, so does my dad!" Seacrest avoided asking flat-out if she were pregnant, but asked whether she'd be drinking booze during her stay this week in NYC (where she is promoting her new album Bittersweet World). Simpson replied, "Who knows? Maybe."

So I guess that tiny rock-less band she's been wearing on her ring finger lately really was her friendship ring and not her engagement ring. I wonder why she only started wearing the ring just now, days after the couple announced they were engaged. Perhaps the ring wasn't ready from the jeweler yet? Perhaps Ashlee demanded a larger stone? Who knows? On the business front, the New York Post is reporting that Papa Joe Simpson is bizzy workin' behind the scenes to try and sell photos of Ashl33n (and a possible baby bump?) to all the big magazines ... unfortch for him, he's not really getting any interest from anyone willing to shell out the big bucks that he's asking for:

THE Simpson sisters' dad-ager, Joe Simpson, is trying to cash in on the baby-crazed trend in celebrity magazines - but he's having a difficult time. A magazine source said, "Joe is contacting all the weeklies and asking them to pony up $1 million to put Ashlee on the cover." The news broke this week that Jessica's younger sibling is pregnant with her now-fiancée Pete Wentz's child - a claim Wentz has backed off denying. "The deal would include photos of Ashlee - taken by Joe, of course, so he can make more money - an interview and photos of the baby when she has it," our source said. Sadly, there is some interest - but not for anything close to $1 million. One magazine editor said the pictures would fetch "$60,000 maybe - but definitely not a million. The timing is a little suspicious. Her album ['Bittersweet World'] is dropping next week, and there was little to no interest until now. Ashlee's lucky she got pregnant, frankly." But even with the marriage announcement, "Joe has an unrealistic expectation of what Ashlee can command," the editor said. Ashlee's shotgun wedding to Wentz is expected to take place before summer. Her rep declined to comment.

I must say that I am not at all convinced that she is pregs. Pete Wentz would've been foolish to flat-out deny to MTV News that she is pregnant if she really were ... that's not the kind of thing you can keep secret for long. I'm guessing his denial was a misstep in Papa Joe's plan for Ashlee to play coy so that we'll believe that she's pregs to make the story of their engagement a bigger one. It seems curious that we've seen no evidence of Ashlee's rumored pregsness but now suddenly we're seeing the diamond on her engagement ring -- that's all they've got to show right now. All in all, the hype is working ... if this media attention doesn't help her sell more albums when Bittersweet World gets released in a couple of weeks then she may just have to rely on her talent instead. What a bittersweet world, indeed. [Source, Source]


Britney's Workin' On Her Fitness ... And Her Bank Account

Just yesterday I publicly pontificated on the positive new vibe that Britney Spears has got goin' on these days in that she seemed poised to be in pursuit of making a big career comeback (seriously this time). She's been spending a lot of alone time with her sons, she's been showing up a recording studios and for vocal training around town and she's diligently started a new work out regiment that I presumed was to prepare her for the possibility of a tour sometime down the road -- all extremely positive things. It turns out that while the working out is good she may have an ulterior motive for her frequent visits to the gym -- the Bally Total Fitness gym, I might add. TMZ is reporting that a possible deal is in the works between Britney Spears and Bally's for some sort of endorsement deal. Here are a few pics from Brit Brit's latest visit to Bally's Total Fitness yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: X17

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears is in negotiation with Bally Total Fitness to be a frontwoman for the company ... Here's what we know. Brit's parents have both been talking to Bally about making a deal. Daddy Jamie has the power as co-conservator to make it happen. It all happened because Larry Rudolph, who is coming back to manage the Britster, has a close friendship with John Wildman, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bally. During the negotiations, Brit has been going to the club at least once a day and up to as many as three times a day. She's training with two of the company's top personal trainers -- we're guessing one for the front and one for the back. She's also working with the company's nutritionist, who has put Britney on five to six quality meals a day. No Taco Bell, no Fanta ... life can really suck. As of now, there is no deal -- just negotiations. We're told she isn't getting any money yet, but she's working out for free. As a company insider put it to us, "We're more interested in Britney Spears' health than her $19."

This is really great news, Larry Rudolph has already got Britney talking serious new endorsement deals. Sure, she's still a long ways away from scoring mega-million dollar deals with companies like Pepsi again but this is a great first step. There is a Bally Total Fitness in pretty much every city in the country so it's no small endorsement deal we're talking here. Just a few months ago, it would've been unfathomable that any company would want to ally themselves with Britney Spears. It would've been equally unbelievable that she'd be asked to do a guest spot on a TV show and she's already done that successfully. Larry Rudolph is a pure genius and with him back at the helm of Britney's career, he is sure to work as hard as he can to make his big talk about the "greatest comeback in history" a reality. LOOOOOOVE IT!!!! [Source]


Happy Birthday, Vicki B.

Everyone's favorite robot, the illustrious Victoria Beckham, turns 34 years old today and last night stepped out on the town with a couple of friends and her supersexy hubby David Beckham to get the party started a bit early. Here are a few pics of VB and Becks along with her BFFs Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale as they stepped out from having dinner together at the just-opened Hollywood eatery Beso (which is owned by Eva Longoria) ... curiously, the Cruises were noticeably absent from the festivities:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Victoria Beckham's stepped out with a gaggle of high-profile girlfriends for an early 34th birthday celebration - British actress Kate Beckinsale, and Eva Longoria - but where was girlfriend Katie Holmes and husband Tom Cruise? The couple who had famously welcomed the Beckhams with open arms upon their high-profile arrival in Los Angeles, were noticeably absent at the dinner for the Spice Girl as Eva Longoria's Hollywood eatery. The Cruises were nowhere to be seen as Posh, who turns 34 today, enlisted her other A-list pals to help her kick off her birthday celebrations a day early. Joined by new best friends, actress Kate Beckinsale and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, Posh dined at Beso, Longoria's Latin-America restaurant in Hollywood. Bastketball widow Eva's husband Tony Parker was - as usual - on duty for team San Antonio Spurs, however, she played the generous hostess, inviting her celebrity friends to her newly opened restaurant. Looking very futuristic in an electric blue mini-dress, Victoria giggled with the girls in the back seat of David's personalised Lincoln Navigator 'truck' as he played taxi driver for his wife and her pals. Katie Holmes conspicuous absence comes after a source claimed husband Tom is concerned that the Spice Girl is rubbing off on his wife just a bit too much. According to the source, the actor is keen to put some distance between his actress wife and Victoria.

You know, I'd expect that the world-famous Beckhams would have a few more friends to call on to celebrate an occasion like this but, really, we don't see them hanging out with many folks at all. Shoot, I bet they only called Eva just so they could eat for free at her restaurant. Kate is a new friend, they've only been hanging out for about a month now. To be honest tho, if I were married to David Beckham I don't think I'd make much time for anyone else either ... and maybe that's what's really going on. Any any rate, I guess I should send out some Birthday Lurve to Vicki B. ... and best wishes that all her cogs and silicone parts hold out for at least another year. [Source]


GI Jane

Last month we got to see what the character of Snake Eyes will look like in the new big screen, live-action adaptation of GI Joe and today we get our first look at what Scarlett (played by Rachel Nichols), GI Joe's #1 lady, will look like in a just released promo pic which comes to us by way of Check out what GI Joe's lady in red will be lookin' like:

Love her! I am so impressed with how the GI Joe characters are lookin' so far. First Snake Eyes and now Scarlett -- they both look most excellent. I can't *wait* to see what the Baroness (played by Sienna Miller) and her lover Destro (played by Christopher Eccleston) will look like and I *really* can't wait to see what Cobra Commander will look like (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt)! These promo pics are a great way to tease for a movie that is still at least a year away ... I wonder who we'll get to see next -- and when. [Source]


Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes You Look Like One

Celebs like Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester, lookin' better than I think I've ever seen her (and also lookin' like a young Jennifer Lopez, I might add) and 24's Kim Raver (who really knows how to rock the megahot cleavage) were joined by the very ridiculous looking Mary-Kate Olsen (who, for some completely unknown reason, was wearing a small cylindrical couch cushion wrapped around her head) at the New Yorkers For Children Celebrates New Year's in April: A Fool's Fête event at the Mandarin Oriental in NYC last night ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The New Yorkers for Children New Year's In April event is one that benefits children in foster care and did manage to bring out a bunch of celebs but, honestly, I just can't get past that thing wrapped around MK's head. I had to also post pics of Leighton and Kim, since their hawtness couldn't be denied, but MK clearly stole the show by showing up looking like ... er ... I don't know what the hell she looks like ... I don't think anyone has ever tried anything so fug looking. I mean, I can't even believe she wore this out in public ... she looks like someone dared her to wear it and ended up pulling it out of a cat bed or something and said, Here -- wear this! I swear, if I see anyone wearing this dumb thing on their head in real life I might have to walk up and slap them back to their senses ... then again, I guess I won't be surprised if they start selling these things at Urban Outfitters. [Source]



Just when you thought it was safe to live a life free of Justin Bobby, the grungy bad-boy ex-boyfriend of Audrina Partridge from The Hills rears his mangy head again. JB is not only terrorizing the poor ladies on the hit MTV show (in previews for next week's ep we learn that he will be returning to the show) but now he's bringing his special brand of Justin Bobbyness to the modeling world. Here are a few photos of JB new ad campaign for the men's wear label Orthodox:

Justin Bobby (né Justin Brescia), the longhaired hipster from "The Hills" who took toothy Audrina Patridge on countless thong-exposing motorcycle rides, is staging a comeback as a look-book model. He is posing for Orthodox, a sporty men's wear label, which is coincidentally represented by People's Revolution, the public relations firm where Whitney Port (another "Hills" personality) landed her coveted styling gig. With the show's cast's growing network of fashion connections, surely someone can help Patridge find an underwear line to endorse?

Really, Justin Bobby? Are you really still trying to sell this grimy look? Even Chris Cornell got tired of looking like a homeless person and long ago ditched this exact look for a more clean-cut one. On the one hand, I'm not really that surprised that Justin Bobby is cashing in on his pittance of fame, I mean, what other opportunities could be made available to the poor guy? Surely deodorant and shampoo endorsements are out. To tell you the truth, I'm all for JB's attempt at a modeling career. I never cease to get enjoyment from watching everyone associated with The Hills scramble as hard as they can to make the most of their 15 minutes of fame ... which is why *I am soooo excited* for the Jason Whaler reality show that is currently being filmed :) [Source]


Mariah Helps Eliminate An Idol

Mariah Carey was the special musical guest on this week's eps of American Idol, appearing on both nights that the show aired. On Tuesday night she mentored the contestants and last night she helped eliminate one of the competing hopefuls ... here are a few screencaps from her appearance last night:

The group performed Mimi's song One Sweet Day (which you can watch HERE) before this week's contestant was eliminated ... and then Mariah performed the song Bye Bye from her just-released album E=MC2 right before the axe fell down and ended one contestants attempt at becoming the next American Idol. I shant spoil who the eliminated party was (just in case some of you have yet to watch the ep) so I'll just point you HERE to watch Mariah's solo performance last night. I must say that Mimi is lookin' damn good these days. I'm still loving her new album and as much as I'm not a big fan of AI, I enjoyed watching MC's performance last night. [Source]


Rome, If You Want To ... Enter The Tokio Hotel Flyaway Contest

So here's a pretty cool contest for all you Tokio Hotel fans here in the US ... the band's record label has teamed up with Pink is the new Blog to offer all y'all a chance to win a trip to Rome, Italy to see the band live in concert this July. What better way to see Tokio Hotel live than at a FREE all expenses paid trip to Europe!

Make sure you visit the official contest page by clicking the image above in order to fill out the entry form ... and don't forget to read the eligibility rules (unfortch, this contest is only open to residents in the contiguous US) and get your entry submitted today. Hopefully YOU'LL be the lucky winner of airfare for two, hotel accommodations and an exclusive meet and greet opportunity with the band in Rome -- then you can let us all know how amazing the experience was. What are you waiting for ... enter now!!! [Source]



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