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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The TV Guide: Long Live SASS!!!

Alas, my quick trip home to Detroit has come to a close as I'm basically out the door on my way to the airport bound for sunny SoCal. But, before I go, I have to give a quick recount of my great day yesterday/night and publicly send out all my love to Detroit Rock City. Earlier in the day, Sarah and I drove out to spend some time with Princess Zakiya since I hadn't seen her in a couple of months and I had presents to give her from David's and my trip to Amsterdam in February. I was surprised to see that Z and I were wearing almost the same outfit when I arrived (pink tops, black skinny jeans) ... you can see that she gets her sense of style from her godfather :) Here are pics of Z and me from yesterday afternoon:

This little girl is amazing -- she was well aware that her Amsterdam raincoat made her look like a lady bug and she happily told everyone that she was, indeed, a lady bug. We had really fun time yesterday ... we played instruments together, we snacked on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together and then we napped together. Actually, I kinda fell asleep on the couch but Zakiya was very sweet enough to cover me up with her fave blanket, making sure to have the pink side facing up. That's my girl.

After my play date with Zakiya, it was time to meet up with Erik and Steve for a sushi dinner at OSLO. I had Tracey tag along to round us out, even tho she's not a big sushi fan. Dinner was pretty good ... we were kinda annoyed that half of the stuff on the menu wasn't available but we really enjoyed what they did have. Since SASS takes place underneath OSLO, we were ready to head on down to commence the booty shaking as soon as we were finished with our meal. People, last night's party was SO DAMN FUN. DJ's Nathan Rapport (San Francisco, CA) and Mike Servito (NYC, NY) really know how to put together a fun party mix ... it was rare that we were given a song we didn't like. I'm really glad I brought along my dancing shoes (hot pink patent leather Marc Jacobs sneaks, to be exact) because they really served me well :) Here are some of my pics from last night's totally awesome party:

Now, normally, the SASS party don't stop until around 4:30 or 5AM but the affair came to a screeching halt when the Detroit Police showed up to shut the party down at just after 3. That's some bullshizz right there ... things were in full swing and then all of the sudden -- dunzo. While we were very annoyed, I guess it ain't a hot Detroit party until it gets shut down by the po po. Still, Detroit's finest get a big Poop Sandwich from me for cutting our fun short.

Even still, I was able to meet a bunch of really cool Pink readers at last night's SASS party ... unfortch (due to the numerous drinks that kept getting shoved into my hands and, eventually, down my throat) I don't remember many names -- but here are some of their pretty faces:

Last night was just super fun. It felt like the good old days ... Erik's friends came out and my friends came out -- just like our happy days of yore.

I am also happy to report that SASSman Nathan told me directly that there MAY be another SASS party later on in the year (around Xmas) and SASSs are being planned for NYC and San Fran! Woot! This is amazing news ... I'll have full deets when these parties are to take place when I know more.

And so ... I must be off. I love you Detroit, I'll miss you Detroit ... I'll be back, Detroit. I'm out.


Les News: Madonna Goes #1, Eli Gets Married, Massive Attack Returns


Hot Dude Of The Week: Peter

Woot! It's time to get sexy with this week's installment of the Hot Dude of the Week -- holla! Because last night's party was seriously insane, I had a very difficult time waking up this morning and am still having a tough time this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to my flight home to LA in a few hours mainly because I'd like to just lay my head down and sleep for a few hours ... which is where a handy yet nekkid dude like Peter comes in. The pillow on his lap looks really inviting and not at all for the reason that you'd usually expect:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Sure, Peter's got that "tough as nails" look on his face which is meant to look mean yet ever so unattainable ... but that pillow on his lap looks sooo nice and soft. It looks like the perfect place to lay one's head. I bet you could enjoy a nice and secure nap in that lap :) [Source]


The Incredible Ferrigno

Even tho everyone (me, included) is getting all excited about the new Incredible Hulk movie that is due for release later on this year, I think it's important that we don't forget who we have to thank for some of the Hulk's popularity. Yeah, I'm not talking about Marvel kingpin Stan Lee (who gets enough accolades on his own), I'm referring to Lou Ferrigno -- the man who portrayed the Hulk in the 1970's TV series. It can be argued that Lou was the star of The Incredible Hulk series even tho Bill Bixby got all of the credit for playing Dr. David Banner. Lou was the one who had to have his massive body painted green day after day after day ... and it was Lou who had to do all the heavy lifting ... and it was Lou who did all of the really hard work as the Hulk. This is why I'm so happy to see that Lou Ferrigno made an appearance at Day 1 of the New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center this weekend:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Lou Ferrigno is well into his 50s but you wouldn't know it by looking at him. He looks amazing and is still in peak shape. I think it's right that the Hulk will exist in digital form in the new movie (as long as it's handled properly) but there's something to be said about Lou's old skool green body paint version of the Hulk. We must never forget our forebears and Lou Ferrigno is deffo the first and prolly the best Hulk we've ever had ... which is why I felt it necessary to show the man some blog love today. We salute you, Lou. [Source]


Coming Of Age

Emma Watson, known to the world as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter movies, celebrated her 18th birthday in style at the Automat Club and Restaurant in the Mayfair district of London, England this weekend ... here are a couple pics of the little lady as she emerged -- rosy cheeked from dancing ... yeah, dancing -- from the venue at 4AM

Photo credit: Splash News

Despite turning 18 earlier in the week, Emma wasn't able to get her proper party on until this weekend. I don't believe that 18-year olds are allowed to drink legally in the UK so I'm *sure* Emma managed to stay away from the hard stuff as she celebrated the night and morning away at her party. UPDATE: Pink reader Elli informs me that 18 is the legal drinking age in the UK so she was prolly rosy-cheeked with the governent's blessing! Even if Emma perhaps indulged herself last night, it's all good ... she strikes me as a very nice young lady who has her head on straight and manages to keep her nose out of trubs -- which is good because Emma now has control of the millions that she's made over the years playing Hermoine in the HP movies. Be good Emma ... don't blow it all in one place. [Source]


Tools Of The Trade

Here is our first look at 4 cards from the just announced Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tarot Deck which will be released by Dark Horse Comics this August. Drawing on elements from all 8 seasons of BtVS (seasons 1-7 which aired on TV, season 8 which continues in comic book form), the Buffy Tarot Deck seeks to offer fans of the show a collectible tarot set that is meant to exist as a tool for slayers and their allies in their constant battle with vampires, demons, etc. Uh huh. Anyways, here are pics of the Magician, Death, Temperance and Devil cards from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tarot Deck:

Magic and divination have always been cornerstones of the world of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and thanks to Dark Horse Comics, Buffy fans will soon have access to the tricks of the magic trade. In addition to the previously announced "Buffy the Vampire Slayer 'Conversations With Dead People' Board," Dark Horse is producing an official Buffy tarot set. CBR News caught up with the set's designer, Rachel Pollack, and longtime "Buffy" cover artist Paul Lee to talk about the Slayer's Tarot. A former school teacher, Pollack was introduced to the art of tarot nearly 40 years ago by a colleague at the State University of New York. "One of the teachers asked me if I'd give her a ride home, and she said she'd read my tarot cards in exchange," Pollack said. "And I was immediately taken with it, I'd never seen tarot cards before, and I thought it was wonderful. So I ran around looking for a deck, and a little book, and that got me started." Pollack has long been a fan of "Buffy," and the Slayer's Tarot has been a long time coming. "Actually, I put together some ideas for a possible Buffy tarot deck ten/some years ago," Pollack said. "Never really got anywhere, I don't know if it even got to the eyes of the people in charge of things. But when I heard through a friend that Dark Horse was looking to do a Buffy tarot, and wanted someone to write the text for it, I wrote them immediately and said, 'I'd love to do this.'" ... "The idea is it's a tarot deck created for (use by) slayers in their task and for their allies in struggling against the vampires and the demons," Pollack said. "So we've constructed a whole kind of world for this in which it's not simply characters from the story, it's actually cards that those characters actually use. There are characters, and some of the cards represent particular moments in the story." The Lovers card, for instance, is Buffy and Angel. In addition to choosing the characters and situations pictured on the cards, Pollack is also writing the accompanying tarot book explaining how the tarot matches up to the "Buffy" storyline. "We have this whole back story on the tarot deck that places it within the Buffy universe, as opposed to collection of trading cards with characters on them," Lee said. "So it's been really fun figuring out how each card relates to the world of Buffy" ... "Some representations of Buffy are very, very powerful, they really capture the quality of that character," Pollack said. "Willow comes through very strongly in certain cards. They're all great, really, but the card of Justice is extremely striking. I own hundreds of tarot decks, and I've seen many more, and all of the pictures are certainly among the best tarot art I've ever seen" ... "I've been involved in quite a few tarot decks," Pollack said. "I was one of the people who designed the Vertigo tarot for DC/Vertigo, and I did the text for the Salvador Dali tarot, and this is really one of the most thrilling tarot projects I've ever been involved in. I think people in the comics work and fans of the show and tarot fans will be delighted with it."

This is prolly the coolest thing ever. Even tho this tarot deck isn't be presented as a "real" deck, I'm sure fans of the series will be able to see how the iconic representation of the tarot's avatars in Buffyverse form might have a power of their own. I was previously unaware of the Conversations with Dead People Ouija board that is mentioned in this article but I'm really intrigued now that I do:

I must admit that I am a huge sucker for these kinds of Buffy memorabilia type prop things (I may even own a full-size replica of Buffy's Slayer Scythe which either sounds really cool or really dorky depending on your level of Buffy fandom) and I'm sure there are many other folks who are as well. I'm very much looking forward to my first BtVS-themed séance now that the tools have been made available to us ... and I won't even need an Orb of Thesula either! [Source]


Just A Good Ol' Boy

It don't get much farther from Hollywood than this ... here are a couple of new photos of Jamie Lynn Spears's babydaddy and fiancée Casey Aldridge mowing the lawn at his family's home in Gloster, MS just like a regular country boy from down on the farm:

Photo credit: INFdaily

It would've come as no surprise if Casey started showing up at all the hot clubs in Hollywood throwing his weight around as dude who got JL Spears pregs (which, I'm sad to say, would afford him quite a bit of caché in LA) but instead the boy has been staying out of the limelight, going about his every day biz as if he had just gotten a normal, unfamous 16 year-old girl (now 17) pregnant just as guys have been doing for years. You have to respect that Casey, who has very nice arms I must add but isn't really all that relevant at the moment (but is deffo worth mentioning), hasn't let his new status as the soon-to-be father of Spears spawn go to his head. He strikes me as a very down guy who will most likely live up to his responsibilities ... prolly the way his daddy did and his daddy's daddy did. [Source]


Anchor's Away, Heidi Promotes Heidiwood At Kitson

Heidi Montag, with her #1 man Spencer Pratt by her side, brought Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA to a stop yesterday when she showed up at chic boutique Kitson for a promotion event for her new clothing line Heidiwood for Anchor Blue. Because Kitson is the only other retailer/e-tailer that will carry the Heidiwood for Anchor Blue line (besides Anchor Blue retail locations), Heidi paid a visit to the shop yesterday afternoon to do a meet and greet with fans. Here are a few photos from yesterday's event ... the middle pic of Heidi posing with a fan was sent to me by Spencer himself which he snapped with his iPhone:

And these photos of Heidi were taken from inside the shop before the raucous public was allowed inside to meet with Heidi:

Vicki B. could learn a thing or two about promoting her clothing line from Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Say what you will about the villainous Speidi you see on The Hills but this couple works very hard to attain their fame and fortune. Heidi always looks so put together (she was lookin' pretty fine in her Chloe dress and shoes) and it's rare that we ever see Spencer at an event not wearing a suit. VB may not want to deign to make public appearances very often but Speidi are happy to do so -- in fact, they insist on it. Speidi seem hell-bent on world domination ... and given enough time, they'll prolly achieve their lofty aims. [Source]



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