Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Vein Event

Angelina Jolie, the superhuman savior of mankind, has got some serious veinage going on in her arms ... what the hell do you suppose she's got pumping thru these bad boys? Superhero juice?

Photo credit: X17

When a famous actress has a baby on the way, every eye tends to be on her bump. But in Angelina Jolie's case, her arms attracted all the attention. While the 32-year-old looked the picture of glamour in bright yellow dress and over-size shades, the rope-like size of her veins startled fellow-diners at a Hollywood restaurant. Miss Jolie is thought to be six months pregnant, possibly with twins, by her partner Brad Pitt. Her body-builder-style veins are believed to be the result of her punishing exercise regime. Dr Chris Steele, resident GP on ITV's This Morning, said: "Prominent veins in the arms means there is very little fat under the skin, which is not something you would expect during a pregnancy. "We are more used to seeing it on athletes, sports people and those that exercise heavily because they have very low body fat. Women do get varicose veins in their legs when they are pregnant, because the weight of the baby is on the legs."

Blech ... this is a very unsightly look for Ms Angelina. It must be pretty punishing to be incubating another superbaby in her loins ... so I guess we can cut her some slack. But still tho ... Eek! [Source]

The TV Guide: It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding

So, last night David and I were going back and forth about what we wanted to do and we ended up not doing much. We spent most of the evening hanging out together at my apartment until we decided to venture out to see a movie. We ended up going to a late-night showing of Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay:

Meh, the movie was alright I suppose. I didn't see the first Harold and Kumar movie in the theater so I've only seen the censored version -- which I found entertaining but not all that remarkable. This movie was only marginally more entertaining, even with all the expletives left intact. This movie is deffo not for the politically correct sect but I'm sure there are a lot of folks out there who will really enjoy this flick. It was pretty funny and semi-gross ... pretty offensive and ridiculously unbelievable. And for the record, they really could've found a more believable GWB (looks-wise, not personality-wise). In the end, David and I had a great time so I guess that's really all that matters.

I got to meet Pink reader Marissa in the lobby of the theater last night so we managed to take a quick pic:

It was my pleasure meeting her ... she was such a little doll :)

This afternoon, David and I are heading out to Pasadena, CA to watch our dear friends Gillian and Tim enter into Holy Matrimony:

We're both very excited for the both of them ... we're also excited for the reception cuz Gillian likes to party so I imagine the shindig is gonna be off the chains. Woot!!!

Les News: Jen Hooks Up With Mayer, Amy To Divorce? Cynthia To Wed?

PITNB Readers: Golden Birthdays, A Pretty Princess And A New Mrs.

Here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Heather from New Jersey sends in an adorable photo of her daughter Charlotte who just turned 3 and is all dressed up in her Belle dress ready for her princess dance party -- Paige sends in a pic from her golden birthday, she turned 18 on April 18th -- Jeanna sends in a pic of her BFF Libby who is also celebrating her golden birthday this year, she turned 24 on April 24th -- Carly from London, England sends in a pic of her best friend Kat who recently got married to her long time sweetheart Gareth -- Andrea from New Zealand sends in a pic after she had surgery done on her legs (ouch!) while she is in the recuperation stage ... here's hoping she gets well soon and is back on her feet in no time -- roommates Tori and Caitlin from Radford University in Virginia send in a pic from their finals "hell week" ... hang in there ladies:

Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for the amazing photos. I'm sending all my birthday lurve to those of you who are celebrating birthdays, congrats to Libby and Gareth, best of luck to the college folks and a speedy recovery to Andrea. As always, I am so grateful that so many of you continue to send in your fun photos ... they mean so much to me. Keep 'em coming!! xoxo

In Between Takes

Michelle Trachtenberg took some time off from her bizzy Gossip Girl filming session yesterday to do some shopping in the Meat Packing Disttrict of NYC with her mother Lana and her new boyfriend. Here are pics of Michelle and her posse making their way thru the Meat Packing District with shopping bags in hand:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

MT has been hard at work for the past couple of weeks filming her first scenes on Gossip Girl ... Michelle blows into town on this Monday's ep as Georgina Sparks, who promises to make big trouble for Serena van der Woodsen and the rest of the GG gang. It's no wonder that Michelle would want to unwind and do a bit of shopping with her mom and bf. I'm really dying to see what sort of trouble Georgina is going to cause on the show ... I'm hearing that things are going to get really crazy on the show ... and I can't wait!!! [Source]

The Shirt Hits The Fans

David Beckham inadvertently sparked a legal squabble ... between two kids ... after he graciously gave away his soccer jersey to the kids at the end of an LA Galaxy match in Honolulu, HI earlier this year. Becks took off the jersey and then handed it to a group of outstretched hands ... and that is where the legal dispute comes in. Here are a couple pics of Becks handing off the jersey and then the subsequent tussle between the feuding fans:

TWO DAVID BECKHAM fans aged nine and ten are suing each other -- over who owns a SHIRT the star tore off and handed to the crowd after an LA Galaxy game. The nine-year-old grabbed it first -- sparking a furious tussle with his best friend who insisted it was meant for him. The boys' angry PARENTS then got involved in the fight. Last night both families were poised to go to court -- after hiring lawyers following the match in Hawaii against the ... Bulls. The nine-year-old's dad Wilfred Ho insisted: "My son got it first from Mr Beckham, directly. Our main argument for the jersey is that my son got possession." But the older lad's mum Yoshika Kerr, who had made placards for the youngsters to wave during the game, insisted the ex-England captain, 32, TOLD her son he wanted him to have the shirt. She and husband Eric said the gift was because their lad held his sign up during the entire game — while his pal could not be bothered. The couple accused the Hos of reneging on a deal to let the boys each keep the shirt for a week at a time — by trying to fob them off with a replica bearing a forged signature. Eric, whose wife had made signs declaring "Go Beckham" and "Aloha Beckham", insisted: "Mr Beckham pointed out he wanted our son to have it and it's been really hard on him. He's such a big star and it's one heck of an experience for the boys. We just want the Hos to keep their end of the bargain." LA Galaxy president Alexi Lalas branded the row "ridiculous". He scoffed: "My suggestion is that the judge get a pair of scissors, cut the thing in half and give half to each."

Damn. This is truly sad. I'm quite appalled that the parents would let something like this go so far. Kids are kids ... they're gonna fight with one another over dumb shizz like this but for the parents to get involved and force a lawsuit is really ridiculous. I think David Beckham should make both families return the shirt to him and be done with it. That would be the best lesson for the kids to learn. People shouldn't be rewarded for acting like douce bags. [Source]

Annnnny Moment Now

Here are a couple new photos of Jessica Alba making her way out of her Beverly Hills home yesterday afternoon lookin' just about ready to explode baby all over the place:

Photo credit: X17

I'm sure it won't be very much longer before we get word that J. Alba has popped ... but even this late in the game, Jess looks amazing. I can't wait for her to give birth to that young'n so we can see what all the fuss is about. [Source]

Coachella: One Down, Two To Go

The Coachella Music Festival got underway in Indio, CA yesterday where acts like Vampire Weekend, Tegan and Sara, The Breeders and The Raconteurs took to the stage to get the 3-day party started. Day Two has just gotten underway ... with acts like Mark Ronson, M.I.A., Portishead and Prince are scheduled to take to the stage thruout the day and night. Here are a few pics from yesterday's performances and a short report from USA Today of just how things went down:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Coachella isn't the oldest or even the biggest music festival in the USA. But it's considered the pioneer of the modern destination music festival — the one that got this whole summer music festival circuit going — because festivals before Coachella, like Lollapalooza, used to go on tours. Friday's launch of the annual three-day fest featured ideal desert weather for the bands coming from all over the world: lows 90s, microscopic humidity and a gentle, 5-mile-per-hour breeze that was like a nurturing fan. Some artists naturally complained about the heat. But Reggie Youngblood, the singer/guitarist of the red-hot Black Kids from Florida, said he was just grateful to see the sun again after three months in the U.K. Black Kids were one of several buzz bands playing Day 1. There was also the preppy New York Afro-pop band, Vampire Weekend, and this year's successor to Amy Winehouse, the highly authentic Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. The Verve got the plum spot on the main stage after the sun went down and made the most of the great Coachella amplifiers and natural surround-sound created by rocky hills on two sides. The U.K. band, just returning from a 10-year hiatus, stirred the dry desert air, especially with their finale, Sweet Symphony. A mild-mannered Jack Johnson put the chill back into it in the next set, with a comfortable program including a relaxed acoustic version of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. The Raconteurs, featuring super-talent Jack White of the White Stripes, used the day to showcase their new album, Consolers of the Lonely. The band did no advance press before the disc's release last month, presenting it to fans and media at the same time. They scorched their way through several new blues-based rockers, revealing their diverse, often angry collection to be one of the finest rock albums of the young year.

You know, there was a time in my life where I wouldn't let an amazing music festival like Coachella pass me by. Back in the day, I would go to pretty much every concert that was made available to me and I loved going to festival concerts because of the sheer number of acts that could be seen in a single day. But, as time went on and I had a number of music fests under my belt, I grew tired of having to deal with the large crowds and the annoying jockeying for position just to hear a 30-minute set. The thought of having to spend the entire day and night in the scorching California desert seems so unappealing to me that I always pass on attending the Coachella Festival. That being said, the line-up this year really had me rethinking my position. I was really interested in the line-up even before it was announced that Prince was headlining Saturday night. If it weren't for a certain wedding that is going on tonight, I think I would've make the trek out to Indio for this year's fest. Ah well ... I guess it wasn't meant to be. I've been getting a few emails from Pink readers who are having a great time at Coachella this year already so I feel like I'm living vicariously thru them. I can't wait to find out how Prince's set goes down tonight ... I'm sure we'll be hearing all about it tomorrow. [Source]

Britney's Comeback Checklist

While Amy Winehouse has been wreaking havoc on the poor and unsuspecting people of London, Britney Spears has been quietly taking care of her personal bizznazz here in SoCal without making much of a fuss and without causing any sort of ruckus at all. It's really amazing how much difference a few months makes. It wasn't that long ago that Britney was he one putting her life in peril on a nightly basis with her dangerous partying behavior and now she's in a position where she is working diligently on making a serious comeback. Here are a few photos from our dear Britney's quiet but positively progressive week:

Photo credit: X17

Early this week, Britters spent some alone time with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James along with her ever-watchful daddy Papa Jamie Spears at her Beverly Hills manse. The group spent some time playing in her backyard and then went en masse for a little walk together ... possibly the same kind of family walks that Brit Brit used to enjoy with her family when she was growing up in Kentwood, LA.

Photo credit: X17

For over a week now, Britney has been religiously showing up at various Bally's Total Fitness gyms all around SoCal where she has been diligently engaging in a serious work-out regimen. Not only has Britney been working on her fitness but she is also reportedly in negotiations to become the new spokesperson for Bally's Total Fitness ... which is pretty unheard of, considering that just last year no major corporation would even dream of associating their brand with her likeness.

Photo credit: X17

And just yesterday, Britney was spotted making her way out of a private session with her new vocal coach, proudly carrying a CD of her vocal lesson for all to see. I think the message is that Britney wants us all to know that she is very serious about getting her life back in order so that she can once again reach the heights of superstardom that she once enjoyed. I can see it now -- a new album and maybe a tour in the Fall with headlines around the world proclaiming that Britney Spears has pulled off the greatest comeback in music history. Monuments might be erected in her honor, sonnets may be penned to her glory ... pilgrims from all over the world will stream to Southern California in the hopes that they might be able to touch the hem of her garments so that they might too benefit from the miracle that has changed her life. Well ... maybe it wont' go that far but I can deffo foresee a chance for Britney Spears to stun the world with a massive turnaround. We're witnessing the seeds of her transformation right now ... and it's a really amazing sight to see.

Look Out, London ... Amy's On The Loose

Amy Winehouse, who was arrested yesterday for simple assault for allegedly head-butting a pub patron earlier in the week, was released from police custody early this morning in London. It turns out that Amy might've been released earlier if she had been in a "fit state" for questioning when she surrendered herself to police on Friday and hadn't needed to spend the night in jail so that she could sober up enough to be questioned:

Amy Winehouse was released from police custody in London Saturday morning, after being cautioned for "common assault," a police source confirmed to PEOPLE. The soul diva, 24, spent the night in the city's Holborn police station after voluntarily arriving for questioning at around 5 p.m. Friday. When she arrived, a police spokesman told PEOPLE, a doctor determined she was "in no fit state" to be interviewed, so she was kept in a cell overnight. Once a doctor gave the go-ahead, she was questioned Saturday morning about a street brawl in which she allegedly attacked a man in the early hours of Wednesday. "A 24-year-old woman today received a caution for common assault and has been released from custody," a police spokesman said. As is the custom, British police do not name suspects unless they are charged. It was an active 48 hours for Winehouse, who met with her lawyers Thursday evening to talk about the alleged assault. She then hit the Good Mixer pub and the Made in Brasil bar, where she was kicked out at about 12:30 a.m.

LOL. So lemme get this straight ... Amy allegedly assaults a person by bashing them with her head one night and then meets with her lawyers the next day to discuss the ramifications of her actions. After she meets with her lawyers on Thursday, she goes out to another pub and parties so hard that she had to be ejected from the establishment. The next day she skips out on attending a hearing for her incarcerated husband (who is currently cooling his heels in jail on the charge of attempting to pervert justice) because she knows that the cops would arrest her right on the spot ... only to finally decided to show up at the courthouse to be questioned (after she picked up her goddaughter from school [why in hell anyone would let Amy Winehouse go near their children is beyond me] and then visited a tanning salon) late Friday afternoon. AND THEN it was determined that she was too wasted to even answer questions so she had to spend the night in jail, only to be released early this morning. I'm amazed the woman is still able to function in a reasonable manner (tho, I suppose that fact is up for debate). I'm even more amazed that she manages to convince the police that she isn't a threat time and time again and is allowed to walk free. I just really fear that Amy Winehouse is going to meet a sad end someday ... whether it be with financial ruin, physical injury or worse. I absolutely contend that if the people closest in her life really cared about her they wouldn't let her get away with this dangerous bullshizz anymore ... she's a mess, she needs help and she ain't gonna get it on her own. Can no one save Amy Winehouse from herself? [Source]