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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mariah & Nick Got Hitched ... FOR REALS!

Wow ... I am just so STUNNED by this crazy turn of events. It now appears more and more likely that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon did, in fact, get married in a super private, secret ceremony last night. Pink reader Nicole sends in some inside info from the site of the nuptials:

My father is currently staying in Eleuthera in the Bahamas and can confirm that Mariah Carey did infact marry Nick Cannon yesterday. She and all of her guests are staying at the complex where she owns a condo (this is the same complex my father is staying at) and she had a secret ceremony private ceremony on Wednesday. She flew all of her guests in via private jets. My father is there building an airport so he knows the pilot who flew Mariah in and apparently she flew with her wedding cake next to her because she was too afraid to let anyone else fly it there. She chose Eleuthera because the locals generally don't bother them and there are no paparazzi.

Additionally, In Touch Weekly is reporting that Nick gave Mariah a $2.5 million dollar ring ... apparently NOT the same ring he gave to his last fiancée :

In Touch has exclusively learned that Nick Cannon worked with Jacob & Co to design the $2.5 million ring he gave to bride Mariah Carey. The store's rep confirms that Mariah's new 17-carat bauble was crafted from platinum and features a square emerald-cut, fancy light-pink diamond as the center stone. It's surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds and two half-moon diamonds on each side ... In Touch has exclusively learned that Nick worked with Jacob & Co to design the ring. The store's rep confirms that Mariah's new $2.5 million, 17-carat bauble was crafted from platinum and features a square emerald-cut, fancy light-pink diamond as the center stone. It's surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds and two half-moon diamonds on each side.

As far as I can ascertain, there are no photos from the wedding at all ... unless pics get released by the newlyweds (damn, that is so hard to even type out) I'm not sure we'll be seeing anything for a while. Hmmm ... but there had to be as least one cameraphone in Eleuthera that managed to snap an image. I'm just amazing how Mariah can go from not even being seen with Nick Cannon publicly in years to all of the sudden married to him. Again, I saw WOW!


Repeat Performance

Despite Britney Spears's previous life as a crazy person, she really seems to have gotten her life back on track ... thank the Gods above ... and continues to make greatly positive strides in her life. Here are a couple new photos of Britney on the CBS Studios lot yesterday -- she was there to begin work on her next guest stint on How I Met Your Mother which is set to air on May 12:

Photo credit: X17

Yay! I love it! She looks great ... I'm sure she's gonna help the show pull in mega-ratings again. Additionally, in more good news, it turns out that Britney is going to get to spend Mother's Day (possibly with a sleep-over) with her sons:

Britney Spears has been given the perfect Mother's Day gift--a day with her kids. Thanks to continued improvements in the pop star's relationship with ex-husband Kevin Federline, the rapper/dancer has agreed to let Sean Preston and Jayden James spend May 11 with their mom. Federline was given full custody of the kids after Spears staged a standoff with police, emergency services officials and childcare experts when she refused to hand over her sons after a scheduled visitation in January. The couple has been battling the custody order ever since, but now Federline appears to have cooled on the issue--and he's agreeing to let Spears spend more time with their sons. A family friend tells Life & Style magazine that Federline is considering granting his ex overnight visits with the kids, after Spears filed a formal request with the courts. The insider says, "He hasn't said yes yet, but he's considering it." And whereas Federline once reportedly dreaded phone chats with his ex, sources claim the couple has become friendly, with the rapper calling her his "lady" and Spears ending calls by telling her former husband that she loves him. One pal tells Life & Style, "It's such a huge change. It hasn't been like this between them in forever."

I am just really pleased with the way things have been going for our dear Britney these last few months. I really believe that her darkest days are behind her ... the future looks bright and happy and I still foresee her making a hugely successful comeback. Mark my words, y'all. [Source, Source]


Goin' To The Chapel Abbey

Congratulations are in order for TR Knight and his new (and very young) boyfriend Marc Cornelsen who are, according to a new press release by Love and Pride, going to "tie the knot" this June in a mass symbolic commitment ceremony officiated by the Mayor of West Hollywood and witnessed by Judy Shepard at The Abbey in West Hollywood, CA to help kick off National Gay-Pride Month. Here is the full text of the press release:

On June 4, 2008, "Grey's Anatomy" star T.R. Knight will join the Matthew Shepard Foundation to help kick off National Gay-Pride month with a symbolic dusk commitment ceremony at the famed West Hollywood hotspot, The Abbey. At 8pm, couples from around the nation will "tie the knot" in an event officiated by the Mayor of West Hollywood and witnessed by Judy Shepard. Couples will be wearing the Matthew Shepard Erase Hate pendant courtesy of Love and Pride jewelry designer, Udi Behr. Love and Pride is the first online jewelry destination for people who believe in equality, diversity and tolerance for all. Behr created the Erase Hate pendant for Judy Shepard, in memory of her son, Matthew Shepard, who was the victim of a brutal anti-gay hate crime in rural Wyoming ten years ago. His murder brought national attention to the issue of hate crime legislation and was a watershed moment in the fight for gay civil rights. Behr remarks, "A public commitment ceremony is a great way to join together and strengthen our two messages; 'Celebrating Love' and 'Erasing Hate.'" 100% of net proceeds from sales of the pendant assist the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Judy Shepard, executive director of the Foundation, said, "Wearing the Erase Hate pendant is a great way for people to express how they feel and promote the values of understanding, compassion and acceptance that were so important to Matthew," Adding, "It has been ten years since the death of my son. Although we can not replace Matthew, we can join together to help spread the message of erasing hate." Mayor Jeffrey Prang comments, "The City of West Hollywood supports marriage equality and continues to work hard for changes in California law." Adding, "We will not stop fighting for our rights as no government can prevent us from loving whom we choose." World renowned recording artist Steve Oliver will perform the classic ceremonial march Pachelbel Canon in D major. CEREMONY REGISTRATION FORM:

I love it! Even tho this is a symbolic ceremony, I think it will mean a lot to the folks who choose to participate. Bravo to TR Knight for agreeing to attend this event ... I think it's an amazing idea to raise money for an amazing organization. [Source]


Shall We Dance?

His uberfierceness Christian Siriano has teamed up with Gaia Online to throw a virtual Prom for all those interested. Christian has designed the Prom gear, all you have to do is head over to Gaia Online to create an avatar and the come back on May 16th to attend the Prom in Cyberspace ... you might even be lucky enough to win an outfit designed by Christian himself. Here is the full text from the press release:

Designer prom fashions, check. Dance-offs, check. Annoying chaperones, not here. Gaia Online, the world's most active online community of more than five million users, today announced it will host its first ever virtual prom, Prom Crashers. As part of the event, Project Runway's Christian Siriano has designed an exclusive line of avatar prom garb to ensure all Gaians – both veterans and newbies – are stylin' for the big event. Prom attendees will also have the opportunity to enter to win a real-world original Siriano garment custom designed for the winner. Unlike the real-world prom, Prom Crashers isn't one night only; the virtual blow-out kicks off on Friday, May 16 at 12:00 pm PDT and the fun lasts until Monday, May 19 at 9:00 am PDT ... Beginning today, Prom Crashers attendees can start getting ready for the big event by purchasing prom fashions, including exclusive limited edition Christian Siriano pieces, looking for a prom date or a group of friends to go with, chatting with others in the forums about their plans for prom, and much more. At Prom Crashers, by way of their custom-built avatars, Gaians will be able to participate in dance contests, create user-generated play lists, take pictures, sign the yearbook, and, of course, socialize. Prom-goers ages 13 and older can register for the free virtual prom at "We all know real-world proms can be a little played out, so I'm excited to be part of an event that brings some creativity and originality to this time-honored tradition," said Christian Siriano, Project Runway Season 4 Winner. "The prom fashions I designed for this event are fierce, flawless and fabulous and will really let Gaians express their unique style!" Siriano's exclusive virtual prom designs will be available in-world for purchase with virtual Gaian currency, Gaia Gold, or with standard U.S. currency, known in-world as Gaia Cash. "At Gaia Online it's important to us to listen to our users and provide them with a place to hang out that is a natural extension and enhancement of their real-world experiences," said Scott Kinzie, vice president of creative and user experience, Gaia Online. "With Prom Crashers, we wanted to take a completely new spin on an old tradition, and who better to help us than an edgy young fashion designer like Christian Siriano who embodies the independent and innovative spirit of our Gaians."

OMG ... I love it! What a cute idea. I think it's totally rad of Christian to take the time to participate in a fun little event like this. If any of ya'll end up "going" to this Prom, you have to let me know how it goes. Who knows, maybe I'll show up myself :) [Source]


The High Cost Of Crazy

In Touch Weekly has calculated just how much it cost Britney Spears out of pocket for all of her insane-o shenanigans over the past few years ... according to the magazine, Britney's total losses reached $61 million bucks! That is a lot of money if you consider that Britney used to save money by giving herself haircuts, not buying any underwear, having her BFF (at the time) Paris Hilton to babysit and wearing the same 3 articles of clothing day after day after day.

When Britney Spears' father, Jamie, was named her co-conservator on February 1, he took over her financial affairs. But after going through her books, Jamie must have learned just how much of a toll Britney's crazy behavior, which started in February 2007 when she shaved her head, has had on her bank account -- she's lost nearly $61 million. "It's staggering how much money has been used up," a family friend says. In addition to the enormous tab for legal bills, rehab and psychiatric care, Britney's inability to work has cost her a fortune. "By not touring for her last album [Blackout], she lost out on $50 million," estimates Robert Bianchi, an LA-based CPA who isn’t an accountant for Britney. Jamie hired his own accountants to sort out the money mess and bring an end to the 26-year-old's excessive spending. "It's been quite a challenge getting things under control," the insider says. Luckily, as Britney's mental health improves, so does her bottom line. "She's spending about a fifth of what she used to," the insider adds.

Shoot ... I'm really starting to think that Brit Brit has committed herself to getting well again out of a desire to avoid bankruptcy. Who knew that insanity cost so much? [Source]


Mariah Carey Married?!

Um ... I don't really know what to make of this new report from Latina magazine but they seem fairly convinced that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got themselves married last night "on an island" on the spur of the moment. I'll say ... it was only yesterday that we heard that they were "engaged" and now they're already married? This seems all very suspicious to me:

A source close to Nick Cannon has confirmed exclusively to that Cannon and Mariah Carey are married! The couple wed yesterday in a small ceremony on an island and it was "very impulsive," according to our source. The wedding was attended by a few close friends of the couple, including Da Brat. Details forthcoming, but we'd like to be the first to say congrats to the happy couple!

On the one hand this sounds all too impossible to believe ... a secret engagement suddenly turns into a full-fledged wedding? On the other hand, Mariah Carey doesn't really need to generate bullshizz stories like this for media hype or publicity ... no that that fact alone makes this ridiculousness ring with any more truth but ... yeah. I mean I guess Nick Cannon could be hurtin' for attention and he's the one behind this crazy story. I won't believe it 'til I hear from Mimi herself ... or People magazine. [Source]

UPDATE: The New York Post is now also confirming the secret nuptials:

"Touch My Body" singer Mariah Carey got secretly hitched to her 27-year-old boyfriend-of-one-month, shocking the chart-topping songbird's family and friends, The Post has learned. Carey married little-screen actor Nick Cannon at the home Carey just bought in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, a source close to the singer said. "They have been smitten with each other for days, weeks," the friend said. "And she's always had a crush on him." It's the second marriage for Carey, who took her first walk down the aisle with record kingpin Tommy Mottola. Cannon has last been linked with Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, to whom Cannon proposed via the Times Square jumbotron. Five months later, the couple broke up. Carey, 38, and her boy-toy had tongues wagging when she was seen sporting Cannon on her arm and a shiny ring on her finger at the Tribeca Film Festival. When asked what he loved about Carey, Cannon reportedly cooed "everything." "Everyone is happy to see her happy," Carey's friend told The Post. "And it could work out -" some people know each other for five years and get divorced, maybe this is true instant love." Not everyone is so over-the-moon. "There was no pre-nup - there wasn't time," said another worried source. Guests at the wedding included Carey's longtime pal, rapper Da Brat. Calls to Carey's rep weren't returned.

I ... have no words ... but I guess I should offer my congrats. Wow. [Source]


NYC: One Day You're In And The Next Day You're Out

Entertainment Weekly is reporting some stunning news on the Project Runway front ... in addition to the show moving from the Bravo network to the Lifetime network, there is now a report that the show will move from being taped in NYC (the seat of American high fashion) to being taped in LA (not the seat of American fashion). Um, now don't get me wrong ... I *love* LA ... but this seems like a very drastic change that could possibly hurt the show. I'm worried, y'all:

One day, New York is in. The next day, it's out. has learned from two well-placed sources that Project Runway and its host Heidi Klum will move to Los Angeles for the series' sixth season, expected to premiere on Lifetime in November. The show's fifth season, which debuts on Bravo in July, will be shot in the Big Apple — as it has been since the Emmy-nominated reality program's inception. A Lifetime spokesman was unaware of any decision to move production for the sixth cycle. Story developing ...

I dunno :( I am really concerned that this major change will aversely affect the show. I guess we'll see how it turns out and it does seem to be an unconfirmed rumor at this point ... a new city might provide new interest but ... do they even have a Mood Fabrics in LA? Boo. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Sergio gave me the head's up that EW has amended their Project Runway in LA report. They are now saying that the show will split filming between NYC and LA:

According to a source close to Project Runway, the Emmy-nominated reality show will split its sixth season (expected to premiere on Lifetime in November) between Los Angeles and New York to accommodate host Heidi Klum's schedule and home life. For season 7, the show will be back in New York, where it has been since its inception, and the upcoming fifth season, which debuts on Bravo in July, will also be set in the Big Apple.

HMMM ... it sounds like their "source close to Project Runway" got the deets wrong the first time. This makes more sense and totally takes the worry away :) AND ... a few Pink readers have emailed to tell me that there is a Mood Fabrics in LA. Panic over.


The TV Guide: May Day! May Day!

Happy May Day, y'all! I can't even believe it's May already ... 2008 is almost half over, which is so strange because it seems like just yesterday when Britney Spears went and lost her mind in early January and here we are, at May already. How time flies.

Last night's Madonna concert was just so much fun, I'm still on a bit of a high. David and I had a blast, it felt really good to be able to share the experience with him. I got to meet a few Pink readers last night in addition to hanging out with some good friends. Our concert buddy Dave Mace was doing his best Guy Ritchie impersonation, lookin' quite dapper in his little cap:

I also got to meet Tony and Bryan (pictured above) as well as Grace and Julia. We all had a blast at the show.

Darion is on his way to NYC as I type this ... he arrives in a few hours and then our fun weekend can commence. Darion, David and I are going to a midnight screening of Iron Man ce soir, so I'm pretty geeked to finally get to see the movie. NYC has been a lot of fun thus far ... and there is still a lot more fun to be had. Woot!!!


Les News: The Reinvention Of Star Trek, Miley Tries To Save Face, Lil Kim Loses Her Ride


Hard Enough: Madonna Kills At The Roseland Ballroom

Woot! Madonna turned the muthaeffin' house out last night as she took to the stage at the Roseland Ballroom here in NYC for her Hard Candy Promo Show last night. David and I were *extremely fortunate* to be invited to this intimate show and had the time of our lives. To be honest, I was expecting Madonna, perhaps her guitar, a few dancers and maybe a laser or two ... I was totally blown away by the actual production value of the show. She had a full stage, a few incredible video screens, a full troop of dancers, a full band AND a special guest star performer. It had to be the coolest 30 minute concert I think I've ever seen ... and I'm pretty sure that every single person in that venue would have to agree:

Madonna's career may span more than 25 years, but during an exclusive performance on Wednesday to celebrate the release of her 11th studio album the U.S. superstar told fans it still feels "like the first time." The athletic 49-year-old performed six songs for around 2,000 people at New York City's Roseland Ballroom, including four from "Hard Candy," her final album for long-term label Warner Bros. released internationally this week. "Even though I have made what seems like 100 records, every time I put one out it's like the first time and the best time," said Madonna, dressed in knee-high black boots, black satin sweatpants with glittery side stripes and a corset. "Hard Candy" scored solidly among critics, although much of the credit, or blame, they said, should go to the established hit-makers with whom she collaborated -- the likes of Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Timberlake joined her on stage at the Roseland to perform the single "Four Minutes," which went to No. 1 in the British singles charts and peaked at No. 3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 listing. "I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have been able to make a record with him, Timbaland, Pharrell, Kanye," she told the crowd.

At first, I expected a small show ... once I saw how much she was bringing it on stage, I was very surprised that Timbaland, Pharrell and Kanye didn't come out to perform with her like JT did -- it was really a spectacular show. Despite a technical malfunction or two, the show was very well produced ... it was an impressive sight to see. All in all, Madge performed Candy Shop, Miles Away, 4 Minutes (with Justin Timberlake), Hung Up, Give It 2 Me and Music. I loved it when Madonna brought out a bottle of Moët & Chandon White Star champagne and took a big ol' swig of it right on stage :) Again, I was so taken in by the production that I sort of forgot it was just a small showcase concert ... I was shocked when it was already over after the 6th song. If this is what a 30 min. set looks like, I can't wait to see what a full concert will look like. [Source]

The show was peppered with a small group of celebs ... I ran into Chris Kattan from SNL on the way to the bathroom and I saw Josh Duhamel and the Heatherette boys in the crowd ... as well as Andy Cohen, the big cheese at Bravo programming, jumping up and down having a ball -- lookin' about 2 secs. from ripping his shirt off and twirling it around in the air. I hear Rosie O'Donnell, Fran Drescher, Michelle Trachtenberg and Zac Posen were there as well. David and I got to hang out with Dave Mace, the big cheese at Logo programming, for the whole concert up in the VIP balcony -- it was so much fun.

Here are a few pics of Lady M and JT making their way out of the Roseland after the show:

Photo credit: Splash News

I heard that Maddy was on her way to The Box to perform a super intimate show for Steven Klein's birthday party ... but, who knows if that actually was the case.

Here are a bunch of the photos that I took at the show:

I had a hard time not taking photos ... I wanted to watch the show but I also wanted to shoot every second of it to share. It was just an absolute blast ... I feel very lucky that I was able to see it live and in person with David.

Additionally, my good friend Marc Malkin from E! was also in the hiz and he posted his report on last night's concert HERE and the New York Times has a slideshow of photos from the show HERE.

In case you missed the MSN webcast of this show the first time around, you can watch it again online HERE.

Much love goes out to my absolute favorite Semtex Girl EVER, Denise, for taking such amazing care of David and me and for allowing us the VIP treatment at last night's show. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much :)


Jessica Alba Is A Show-Off

Ruh-roh ... Jessica Alba stepped out for a night on the town with her babydaddy Cash Warren and managed to suffer a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. Here are photos of Jessica making her way out from dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, CA last night wearing a black top that seemed to disappear with each flash from the paparazzi's cameras:

Photo credit: Splash News
Click above to see larger, uncensored image

To be fair, the see-thruness isn't all that bad ... in fact, I attribute the showiness more to Jessica's heaving bosom rather than the dress itself ... but it does look a bit thin. I think it might be wise for the mama-to-be to be a bit more aware of the showiness of her clothing ... and she might want to keep her growing bazoombas under better wraps. [Source]


Dennis Rodman Busted For Domestic Battery

TMZ is reporting that Dennis Rodman was arrested in LA last night after getting into a drunken altercation with his girlfriend in a Century City hotel ... which resulted in bruising on the girlfriend and a night in jail for The Worm:

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was arrested last night on suspicion of felony domestic battery. Law enforcement tells us they charge suspects with a felony if there is evidence of injury, such as bruising or blood ... Hotel security got involved and called LAPD, who responded and made the arrest. We're told Dennis plans to enter a rehab facility upon returning to Florida because -- according to Rodman's manager -- "his drinking has been escalating in the last six weeks due to a nasty divorce and not seeing his children in over two months" ... Rodman was released on $50,000 bail today at 4:16 AM.

In response to this TMZ report, a rep for Rodman released this statement:

"Last night Dennis and his girlfriend had too much to drink. When they returned to their hotel they started arguing and a minor altercation broke out where Dennis grabbed her by the arm and left a bruise."

Something tells me that this proposed stint in rehab was concocted to keep The Worm out of a jail cell for any significant amount of time. I can only hope that Dennis takes his stint seriously and gets the help that it sounds like he desperately needs. [Source]


The Late Show With Heidi Montag

Speidi's attempt for world domination took another step forward last night as Heidi Montag made her very first appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Looking very much like Malibu Barbie, Heidi (with Spencer Pratt in tow) posed for the cameras on her way into the Letterman taping. On the show, she was very poised and seemed intent on making sure that the viewing audience 1.) realized that there are two sides to every story and 2.) got to hear her side of the story. Here are a few pics and a couple of screencaps from Heidi's appearance on the show:

Photo credit: Splash News

I gotta say, Heidi was very personable and she really held her own. Thruout her interview, a vast array of topics were discussed -- my fave part was when Heidi described what The Hills would be like if she were the protagonist and she were the one doing the narration:

"... If it were my show then [Lauren] would be the villain. And it would be like, 'Last week on The Hills, Lauren tried to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend and blame her sex tape on me,' you know? So it'd be a little different."

LOLOLOL! The first part of Heidi's interview (which can be seen HERE) also goes into that whole LC/Jason Wahler sex tape territory again and doubts that there could ever be a reconciliation with LC. In the second part of her interview (which you can watch HERE), Heidi talks about the momentous Rolling Stone covershoot (and its uncomfortability), the White House Correspondents' Dinner and her lovermuffin Spencer (who she referred to as a "hustler") ... and who ended up popping onto the screen at the end of Heidi's interview to make an awkward cameo from the green room -- he was flanked by a couple of weird-looking guys which only made his quick appearance seem ... odd:

Whatevs! Why they gotta keep homie back in the green room? He should've been brought out to the seat next to Heidi for a hot minute. Damn. Anyways, I gotta say, I think Heidi did a great job on the show ... she seems poised to take on her own show ... I'm telling you. Well done, Heidi ... this is one small step for you personally and one giant leap for a total Speidi take-over. [Source]


Does Beyoncé Have A Bun In The Oven?

Hollyscoop is reporting that close friends of Beyoncé Knowles are confirming that the chanteuse, who just recently (and allegedly, altho official documents have been filed) got married to jiggaman Jay-Z, is secretly pregs. The report also states that because of B's strict Christian beliefs, the marriage turned out essentially to be a shotgun wedding ... just the way God intends:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hollyscoop has learned exclusively through multiple sources that Beyoncé is expecting. A source close to the couple revealed, "Beyoncé is 100% pregnant, which is why the couple rushed their wedding." The source also told Hollyscoop that all the friends and family that attended the ultra private wedding were all aware that Beyoncé was already expecting. Our source added that Beyoncé is in her early stages, but don’t expect this star to come out with a confirmation statement anytime soon. The couple is pretty private about their personal lives--they still haven't even confirmed their wedding. But the source confirmed that she is expecting and they rushed the wedding due to Beyoncé's strong Christian beliefs.

Interesting ... and totally believable. The ladies at Hollyscoop know what they are doing and I'm fairly sure they've got themselves a pretty good source. Everything about the quickie/quiet wedding jibes perfectly with a possible unplanned pregnancy. Personally, I think it's great! A child born of B-Jay would deffo be crowned the First Child of Rap/R&B and would most certainly be adored as such (can you imagine the bling that would be lavished on a baby of this magnitude?). I really do hope she is pregs and that we'll be seeing a little jigga very soon ... just as long as it don't have Jay-Z's ears, I think it'll be a stunner :) [Source]


The Honeymoon's Over

John Mayer has made his way to NYC after spending some quiet and intimate one-on-one alone time with his rumored new love interest Jennifer Aniston over the weekend. After the pair was spotted canoodling together (at various venues, in various states of undress) in Miami, FL, John was snapped making his way around the Big Apple doing a little shopping, getting a little haircut and taking care of a few errands:

Photo credit: Splash News

Cheeky John was being all cute by brushing his hair for the paps as he made his way into the Giorgio Armani store on Madison Ave. As you might expect, John stayed mum on the topic of Jennifer Aniston and just went about his biz trying not to let all the attention affect him in any way. I'm pretty sure the paparazzi are going to be shadowing him for some time now, waiting for him to reconnect with Jen. I'm sure he's very much looking forward to that. [Source]


Reichen Recants

In a follow-up to yesterday's blogpost about Reichen Lehmkuhl's My Space profile update, it would appear that the hottie actor/model has had a change of heart and now regrets the things he posted on his My Space blog and profile. Reichen updated his profile again to read thus:

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 -- Sorry everyone for being childish

We all experience pain, but venting on MySpace isn't right. I'm sorry and I regret it. I was emotional and I don't feel any of the things I've said. And whoever I've dated that it could have been directed toward is and was never the way I may have described. I was venting on life and frustration and I apologize for offending anyone or for making myself look childish.

Awww. Yes, we've all been there ... there is many an email or nasty letter to an ex that I wish I could take back after they were written and sent in hasty (and sometimes inebriated) anger/hurt. Reichen is a good guy ... it takes a big man to own up and publicly apologize like this. I sincerely hope his pain lessens and that he will be able to get back to the smiling hotness that we all know and love very soon. [Source]



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  • "If you don't like having a chuckle at celebrity misfortunes or enjoy a good gossip about Britney's latest blunder, then you might want to refrain from visiting this site. This is our sort of gossip - the piss-taking, ass-shaking stuff that'll keep you coming back for more. A mix of scandal and send-up, hearsay and gossip, rumour and fact." -- NZgirl

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  • "Trent is one of the few gay bloggers I could actually get along with in real life." -- Toby

  • "Pink is the new crack" -- Johnnie

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