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Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's Not All Lurve For The Hills

Blasphemy! Could it really be that some folks do not actually love, nay, adore the hit MTV reality show The Hills??? TMZ cameras caught Hills star Lauren LC Conrad doing a bit of shopping on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA this week with the She-Spencer in tow and they were met by a lovely young lady who wanted to wave at the reality TV stars ... with only 2 fingers:

LOL! Click HERE to watch the vid clip. To be fair, I think the girl was "waving" at the She-Spencer ... which makes total sense. [Source]


Face To Face

Rihanna showed up for a little guest spot on the set of the new Maroon 5 video If I Never See Your Face Again yesterday and she brought all sorts of hotness with her ...

... coupled with Adam Levine's ubersexiness and, well ... I can't wait to see the final result. Woot! [Source]


Diddy Gets His Star

Sean "Puff Daddy P. Diddy Diddy" Combs was honored at long last with his very own star (the 2,362nd star, to be exact) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a grand ceremony in Hollywood, CA yesterday afternoon. Here are a few pics of Diddy and his fam at the joyous event:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hip-hop icon and fashion mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs received a star on Hollywood's "Walk of Fame" here Friday, becoming the first male rapper to be honored on the famous stretch of sidewalk. The 38-year-old Grammy-winning rap icon was on hand for the unveiling of the 2,362nd star to be laid on Hollywood Boulevard, paying an emotional tribute to his parents at a ceremony attended by hundreds of wellwishers. "Today is one of the best days of my life," Combs said as fans shouted "We love you Diddy!" "Today is proof if you believe, all your dreams can come true," said Combs, thanking late honorary mayor of Hollywood Johnny Grant, "who made all this possible." Combs dedicated the star to his father Melvin who was shot dead in 1972, as well as his grandmother, saying both were "shining down on me." His mother, Janice, was also showered with praise before standing alongside her son on a podium. "If it wasn't for my mother, I wouldn't be here," said Combs. "You can get a lot of honors, but there's nothing that means as much as the love of your mother. This right here, I hope it makes you proud Mom." Born in Harlem, New York in 1969, Combs rose to prominence during the 1990s as founder and chief executive of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment and Sean Combs Enterprises.

Wow. I had no idea that there have been no rappers honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before now. Personally, I think that really sucks ... but I suppose it's a good thing that Diddy has finally eliminated that barrier by receiving his star. Hopefully other talented artists in the rap music field will now be honored as well. Congrats, Diddy. [Source]

In fine Diddy fashion, the official afterparty for the Combs family was held at nearby Mel's Diner near the Hollywood and Highland Complex where Diddy got his star:

Photo credit: INFdaily

You know, for as opulent as Diddy is wont to be, he does have a knack for keepin' it real from time to time. Instead of poppin' Cristal with his homies he decided to have burgers and milkshakes with his children. That's kinda fly, if you ask me. Well done.


The TV Guide: Macbeth does murder sleep? Make It So!

So, David and I made our way to the Lyceum Theater to see the new Broadway production of Macbeth, starring Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. As I've mentioned before, Macbeth is my all-time fave Shakespeare play and I have been anxiously awaiting my chance to see Patrick Stewart in this particular production. Because the run is ending this month, this weekend was my only chance to see the play so last night was our night. Ye gods, y'all ... what a spectacular production it was:

I've seen a few productions of Macbeth on both stage and screen but this one has to be one of the more inventive ones. You can generally tell how good a production will be based on how the witches or weird sisters are portrayed. Since this version is set circa 1940's/Naziesque era, the witches are portrayed as creepy looking military nurses. They were really very good. You can also judge a production by the character portrayal of Seyton, Macbeth's nightwatchman/servant. If his soliloquy is actually funny, then you know you've got a great production. This Seyton (which sounds like Satan) was brills. Patrick Stewart was just incredible ... I kept wanting him to be a little bit Capt. Picard from Star Trek but he was totally Macbeth. I was very impressed with Kate Fleetwood performance of Lady Macbeth. She was really very crazed when she needed to be ... and also tender when she needed to be. It's very interesting to see how an actor portrays Lady Macbeth ... some are more reserved, some go all out ... Kate went for it and really nailed the character. The production uses sound very well (the audience is literally shocked by the booming noise) but I was most impressed with its use of video. It's hard to describe but the whole production kinda felt like it took place inside a Nine Inch Nails music video. The props use was very clever and I really enjoyed all the real fake blood use on stage. The staging of the scenes was also very, very well done ... it's not easy to make a cold, military hospital (that looked like the nasty bathroom in Saw) look like a bustling kitchen and then look like a formal banquet hall -- all by just moving around a few gurneys. I am so happy I got to see this production. I cannot urge y'all enough to see this play if you have the means and the time. The run ends in a couple of weeks. I wish I could see it again. Click HERE for an amazing write-up on the show by the LA Times. The article really covers all the production highlights of the show very well.

After the performance, I didn't get to meet Patrick Stewart, he kinda bolted for his waiting car as soon as he came out ... but he was kind enough to wave so I can't hate. Clearly the good Capt. had to rush off to deal with a Romulan incident in the neutral zone :) Later in the night, David and I met up with Darion and Matt for a few drinks at Barracuda (where I got to meet Pink reader James) and then David and I called it a night. Darion and Matt went to Splash ... I've yet to hear the tale.

This afternoon we're on our way to Brooklyn for the Cherry Blossom Festival and then for a trip to the Brooklyn Museum to check out the Murakami exhibit. Tonight is game night with David's friends ... so far, it's been good times.


Les News: Gary Gets Back To Work, Amy's Song Axed, Seacrest Out Of AI?


PITNB Readers: Grads, Bachelorettes & Kiddies

Here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Alisha and Saraa, seniors who are graduating from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL this year, send in a pic of "their mark" painted on the historic 34th Street Wall, which is basically a half a mile long wall along the busiest street in town where people can go and paint whatever messages they want to in order to show the entire Gator Nation can know what PINK is about -- Kelly from Hagerstown, Maryland sends in a pic from her PINK is the new Bachelorette Party that she celebrated with friends recently in Frederick, MD -- Melanie, who attends classes at the University of Texas at Austin, sends in a pic of the 8-week old miniature schnauzer puppy Layla that she adopted with her boyfriend Josh -- Aimee from San Antonio, Texas sends in a pic with Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon who she randomly met at a vintage shop in the East Village of NYC -- Karen from the Gold Coast of Australia sends in a couple pics of her very cute sons Eden (in the Cinderella dress, who is obsessed with all the Disney Princesses at the moment and who wears this little number all day, everyday) and Finn (9 month old sitting in the ball pit) -- Ms. Kelli sends in a pic of her rockin' the hawt pink heart shaped glasses:

Much congrats to Alisha and Saraa on their graduation and to Kelly on her upcoming nuptials. Much, much love goes out to Karen for letting her little boys have as much fun as they like. Thank you all SO MUCH for another batch of amazing photos. I love them all!! xoxoxo


The Pick & Save

You know, Pete Wentz is a real cutie ... well, usually ...

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

... when he doesn't have his finger shoved up his nose. Cheeky boy, I wonder where else that finger has been? Ew. On second thought, no I don't. [Source]


Punch Out

Filming STILL continues on the Manhattan set of Gossip Girl and it appears that the wedding scene is taking longer than usual ... resulting in possible irritation on the part of some of the cast members ... like, say, Chace Crawford:

Photo credit: Splash News

I really hope Chace was just filming scenes for the show and wasn't just, you know, like beating the hell out of a production assistant that was talking shizz about his boy JC Chasez. He's so rough. I can see what JC might see in him. [Source]


Full Disclosure

As we all know by now, Tom Cruise returned to The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday in part 1 of a 2-part interview (the second half will air on Monday). In the interview, Tom attempted to explain his crazy antics of the past few years since he, very famously, jumped on Oprah's couch and ushered in a new era of cruiseazy. I was very impressed with how honest Tom was being with Oprah in this new interview ... first, he revealed to the Big O that Suri Holmes-Cruise (his alleged "daughter") isn't really a human being at all, his direct quote was "She really is just magic." Additionally, Tom showed Oprah the cute little closet that he and wifey Katie Holmes keep little Suri in when she goes out of sight for months at a time ... here are a few screenshots from that exchange:

You know, Tom may still be cruiseazy as hell but I at least can respect the man for being so open at long last. And honestly, that little closet doesn't look so bad ... I bet lil' Suri really loves it in there. Yeah. [Source]


Nice Pad

Brangelina have packed up all their kiddies and made their way to France in order to shack up in a new home that they will live in for, what is being described as, a "long duration". Uh huh. Well, that doesn't mean that the paps didn't follow them there. Here are new pics of Brad and Angelina each holding little princess Zahara on the terrace of their new "secluded" home away from home in the South of France:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Megastar couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their four children have traveled to the south of France where they will stay for some time, People magazine reported online Wednesday. It cited an unidentified source who said Jolie, who is newly pregnant, arrived in Nice late Monday with her family, two nannies and three bodyguards and then drove to a seaside villa in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, on the cote d'Azur. The villa belongs to multimillionaire Paul Allen, a Microsoft co-founder along with Bill Gates. The couple are in France for "a stay of long duration," the source added. The magazine said Jolie will stay with Pitt during the May 14-25 Cannes Film Festival to promote "Kung Fu Panda," and Clint Eastwood's "The Changeling." Although gossip columns say Jolie is pregnant with twins and plans to give birth in France, People magazine made no reference to the rumors.

Yeah, it's too convenient that they are pretty much relocating to France for a considerable amount of time for them not to stay 'til she births those young'ns. It would be much easier for Brangelina to keep the birth under wraps over there than if they tried to get away with it here. Personally, I think it's great that they've relocated to France for a bit of time. That family needs a vacay from the constant pressure of being superheroes in this country. Rest well, ya'll. [Source]


Echoing The Sound; NIN Release A New FREE Song

Pink reader Carrie was the first person (among many, thank you!) to give me the head's up that Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails released another new and free song, entitled Echoplex, by way of the Facebook application iLike. If you have a Facebook account, click HERE to access the free download via the iLike app ... here is what the track artwork looks like:

Head on over to the NIN messageboard Echoing the Sound to download this new track if you do not have a Facebook account (I'm sure Trent Reznor wouldn't mind). Additionally, has been updated with the following message:

02 May 2008: New Presale Dates

The performance page has been updated with ticket and presale information for most shows on the upcoming tour - visit its new location at to view the updated listings.

From now on, you will need to be logged in to in order to access the ticket presale links. Additionally, your full legal name as it appears on your ID will need to be accurate in your account when you purchase presale tickets. To edit your name, login on the performance page, then follow the link to manage your account.

If you haven't become a member yet and are interested in presale access, you can sign up now via the performance page.

At this point, almost all of the tour dates that have been posted thus far will be available for presale on May 7th (including the Detroit and Cleveland dates) or very soon after. Only a couple have yet to have presale dates listed (like the LA show). Make sure you head over to now to create a login account if you plan on purchasing presale tickets when they become available next week. ALSO, remember that TR wants us to visit on May 5 for some sort of announcement ... I suspect that there may be more new NIN music in our very near future. [Source, Source]



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