Sunday, May 04, 2008

The TV Guide: Asian Persuasian

Yesterday was a really amazing NYC day for Darion, David and me. For the first part of the day, Darion and I spent a couple of hours at the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the © MURAKAMI exhibit which is on display until mid-June. I am a big fan of Murakami's work so I was very excited to get to see the show ... I was very surprised at how large the exhibit is. There were quite a few pieces that I had seen before in print but never in person along with a whole bunch of other pieces that I had never seen before. Darion managed to snap a few pics of the exhibit on the downlow ... check 'em out:

The pieces were just stunning ... I really respond to color like this and the high brow meets low art feel of the show was very impressive. I love the Louis Vuitton boutique in the middle of the exhibit, it's such a great play on art and consumerism. The show is really very spectacular, I really recommend that y'all see it if possible. As we made our way out of the museum, I got to meet Pink reader Erin who works with stylist Alexander Allen who is currently working with Murakami (I bet she loves her job).

After the museum, Darion and I met up with David at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the Cherry Blossom Festival ... here are a few pics from that fun excursion:

I *knew* the rain would hold off so that we could enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival and it did! David and I had one of our first dates together at the festival 2 years ago so it was really special that we were able to go back again. We had a blast, obvs, it was the perfect afternoon among all the flowers.

After the fest, we made our way to David's friend Kurt's apartment for a night of Gay Games. We played a couple rounds of Catchphrase and a raucous game of 90's Trivial Pursuit ... and managed to stay friends afterwards:

The afterparty was at The Cock, which is a very seedy, very dark, very grabby bar in the Lower East Side. As dirty as it was, it was really fun ... I was most taken with the accoutrements that were kept behind the bar:

Yeah. Fun.

This afternoon, Darion and I are seeing XANADU on Broadway!!!! Woot! It's sunny and 70 and I'm loving NYC :)

Les News: Miley Is Thankful, Gary Is Embarrassed, Lindsay Gets Ugly

Hot Dude Of The Week: Jordan

Wee! It is that time of the week again ... time for us to partake in some hot man semi-nekkidness ... and this week, our Hot Dude of the Week who is showing off his semi-nekkidness is a chap named Jordan:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Lawdy, lawdy ... Mr. Jordan has got one sick bod that not only should be highlighted on a weekly basis but I wouldn't really mind if his hawtness was lauded on a daily basis ... but I suppose we take what we can get. I'm not sure the weather outside wherever you are is chilly or cold but the mere sight of Jordan's rippling maleness should do wonders for your disposition. It's sunny and warm here in NYC, maybe a little warmer than it was before Jordan's picture went online ... enjoy!!! [Source]

A Shot At PITNB Lurve

Pink reader Tohid asked me to post this flyer along with the news that The Happy Ending Bar & Restaurant in Hollywood, CA will be offering Pink readers a FREE shot of tequila if they wear/bring anything with PITNB on it to their Cinco De Mayo Bash tomorrow:

I think this is amazingly generous offer so I hope you SoCal folks are able to take advantage of this kind offer. I really wish I could be there to do shot with all y'all in person but I will still be here in NYC. Trust me, I'll be doing shots with all ya'll in spirit all day long for Cinco De Mayo tomorrow :) xoxox

A Star Is Born Sought

MTV announced this week that they have begun the search for the new undiscovered Broadway star to take on the role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: The Musical on Broadway. Hosted by Haylie Duff, MTV will air a new competitive reality TV series where Broadway hopefuls will compete for the role that will be left vacant by the original Elle Woods actress Laura Bell Bundy. Here is a cute photo of Haylie and Laura Bell at the press announcement event this week and the full text of the press release for the new show:

The first cable network to televise a musical in its entirety, MTV will follow the success of its "Legally Blonde The Musical" special by again partnering with the musical team for the reality competition series "Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search For Elle Woods," premiering Monday, June 2nd at 10p.m. ET/PT. Actress Haylie Duff ("7th Heaven," Hairspray on Broadway and Napoleon Dynamite) stars in and executive produces alongside Reveille, the eight-episode series which will provide an authentic first-hand look at what it takes to star in a Broadway musical. Viewers will follow 10 "triple-threat" hopefuls as they vie for the ultimate shot at stardom: the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to star on Broadway at the Palace Theatre and replace the Tony Award nominated Laura Bell Bundy in the leading role of "Elle Woods" in Legally Blonde The Musical, which is based on Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Picture's (MGM) hit film "Legally Blonde." Week-to-week a nation of fans will watch the drama unfold as these talented young women embark on a grueling and high-stakes season-long audition. The series will provide a genuine glimpse into just how difficult it can be to headline a musical as the contestants receive direction from and ace challenges provided by the very creative team involved with Legally Blonde The Musical. On hand to show the ladies just what it takes to succeed in the show will be the musical's director and Tony Award winning choreographer Jerry Mitchell, who will serve as the final word on who will star nightly on his stage; associate director Marc Bruni; associate choreographer Denis Jones; and cast members including Laura Bell Bundy the original, Tony Award Nominated "Elle Woods" of Broadway, Nikki Snelson (the original "Brooke Wyndham"), Orfeh ("Paulette") and Richard H. Blake ("Warner Huntington III"). As they progress, the ladies will have to learn the musical's dance routines and songs all while giving their all in around-the-clock rehearsals and workshops. As they navigate the obstacles involved with getting their theater dreams off the ground, they will learn to deal with being both competitors and roommates as they live together in a New York City loft. An emerging Broadway actress in her own right, Duff will be on-hand with renowned theater vocal coach Seth Rudetsky to provide some much-needed guidance as the contestants face critiques from a panel of expert judges filled with some of the theater industry's most respected names. Serving as judges for the series in which they will jumpstart one lucky young woman's theater career are legendary casting director Bernard Telsey; Legally Blonde The Musical's Tony Award nominated book writer Heather Hach; and Original Broadway cast member of Legally Blonde The Musical Paul Canaan. This J-Team made up of judges and Jerry Mitchell – not America – will decide who the next "Elle Woods" will be. Beginning May 5, will add to the fun by going platinum blonde with exclusive show content and extras. Viewers will be able to log onto to see cast profiles, photos, audition reels and performances; get info on Haylie Duff and the series judges; watch full episodes and the series trailer; and check-out deleted show scenes and episodic flipbooks exclusive to

As much as I hate the thought of Laura Bell Bundy leaving the show (she is, after all, one of the best new Broadway actresses of our time, you know) I have to agree that this competitive reality TV show to cast the part is pretty brills. I know I'll be watching each week as hopefuls backstab and try to tear each other apart engage in friendly competition in order to win a chance to star on Broadway. Maybe it'll be like Making the Band 4, but with real talent. Sounds like fun. [Source]

Sometimes Second Place Just Isn't Good Enough

Yesterday was the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, KY and a whole bunch of celebs (like Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt [who both rocked the hawt pink very well, I must add], First Daughter Chelsea Clinton and more) made their way to the Churchill Downs to witness the big race. Congrats are in order for Big Brown, who ended up winning the Derby this year ... Peace out goes to Eight Belles who, altho she came in second place, had to be euthanized after she broke both of her front ankles ... ouch!

Photo credit: Wireimage

Big Brown was pulling away from the field, accelerating with every powerful stride toward the finish line in the Kentucky Derby. The crowd of 157,770 was on its feet and cheering as the big, unbeaten, muscular bay crossed the line first, 4 3/4 lengths ahead of the filly Eight Belles. Trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. was still celebrating, along with thousands of happy bettors, as Big Brown and the 19 other horses in Saturday's race galloped out around the first turn at Churchill Downs. It took a few minutes to sink in, but anyone watching those horses soon realized that one of them had fallen to the track. "It's the filly," someone whispered. She went down about a quarter mile past the finish line. In just a few minutes, the joy of the Derby and the promise of a new Triple Crown season were upended when Eight Belles was euthanized by injection on the track. She had broken both front ankles and could not be saved. "This horse showed you his heart," winning jockey Kent Desormeaux said, "and Eight Belles showed you her life for our enjoyment today. I'm deeply sympathetic to that team for their loss." Big Brown did everything his owner said he would do. An explosive finishing kick put away his rivals for his fourth consecutive victory. Eight Belles, meantime, was attempting to become the fourth filly to win the Derby. Her owners chose to keep her out of Friday's Kentucky Oaks so she could run with the boys in the Derby. And run she did. Big Brown's start from the outside post did little to hamper his charge when the field turned for home. Under the urging of Desormeaux, the 2-1 favorite cruised to an easy victory to become the seventh undefeated Derby winner. The last one was Barbaro in 2006. That wasn't the only reason thoughts of Barbaro were hard to ignore on this Derby Day. The breakdown brought back memories of the 2006 Preakness, where Barbaro shattered his right rear leg just after the start. The colt was euthanized months later, after developing laminitis from the catastrophic injuries. In two weeks, Big Brown will race in the Preakness as the only 3-year-old with a chance to become the first Triple Crown champion since Affirmed in 1978. "We're ready to roll," Dutrow said.

You know, I'm not a big horse racing fan (well, not at all) but I am fascinated by the Kentucky Derby ... all those big hats and stuff. It's such a long-standing, time-honored American tradition. I am a bit appalled that horses have to be put out of their misery just because they break their ankles. I think someone should create a rehabilitation/retirement home for horses who suffer breaks like this. Can't they make big wheelchairs for the poor dears and save them from early death? Meh, it's just a thought. Anyways ... congrats to Big Brown anyways!!! [Source]

TomKat Surface In NYC

Tom Cruise, his captive wife Katie Holmes and his humanoid childling Suri Holmes-Cruise have made their way to NYC this weekend for a little family vacay. Earlier in the day yesterday, the happy family was seen emerging from their hotel and then later on in the night, after Suri was stashed away somewhere (prolly in HERE), TomKat made their way out to see the Broadway show The Country Girl:

Photo credit: Splash News

I love how Tom and Katie can never, ever seem to go out in public without him having the death grip on her wrist ... I guess you never know when she might want to make a break for it. Ah well, they've made it together this long ... there is no reason to think they won't continue to stay the happy couple. Poor Katie. [Source]

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?

Awww and Yay! Here are a few photos of Britney Spears relaxin' at her family home Serenity in Kentwood, LA this weekend. Brit Brit made the journey back home to Louisiana reportedly to attend her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears's baby shower. Due to her long estrangement from her mother Lynne Spears for most of last year, Britters hadn't been back home to Kentwood since early 2007. Check out there photos of Britney, puffin' on a cig, chillin' out with some family members on the lanai:

Photo credit: Splash News

Britney Spears is home again: The pop star left California on Friday and returned to her hometown of Kentwood, La. – her first trip back since before her hospitalization and custody battles of the past year, a source tells PEOPLE. Also in town is Spears's father, Jamie, who remains in legal control of her affairs until a July 31 hearing. The singer's arrival in her home state comes as sources say there is a planned baby shower over the weekend for her 17-year-old sister Jamie Lynn, who announced her pregnancy in December. Spears, 26, last visited Kentwood in early 2007 for her aunt's funeral.

I cannot tell you how AMAZING it is to see Britney back in the bosom of her family life. Irregardless of who was wrong/what went down to cause the rift between Britney and her family, I am just thrilled that the wounds seem to be healed (or at least are healing nicely) and she is able to, once again, enjoy the fruits of her family's love. I realize that this weekend is prolly all about JL Spears and the bun in her oven but I'm just really geeked about our dear Britney being home again. Woot! [Source]

You Cans Do It!

On Friday, I blogged about the new Banksy art exhibit, called the Cans Festival, that is showing this weekend in an abandoned tunnel in London, England and I mentioned that if any Pink readers in the UK happened to check out the exhibit then I would be happy to post some of their pics. Pink readers Hayley and Meredith heeded the call and sent in some amazing photos that they took at the exhibit. Apparently, attendees are encouraged to spray-paint their own mark on a portion of the exhibit space (ie. the tunnel wall) and Hayley left at Pink is the new Blog stencil tag on the wall for me ... and for that, I will love her always :) Here are a bunch of photos that both Hayley and Meredith sent in for sharing and Hayley's rundown of the exhibit:

Hayley writes: It took me a while to actually find the place due to not having had Googled directions the night before, but it was on a little street kinda hidden away, in an old Eurostar tunnel (?). I arrived at about 10:30 but it was still very packed and I had to wait around 2 0minutes to get in - there was a long, long line, barriers had to be put up for fear of overcrowding. There were families, couples, friends, people alone, everyone was there and it's only the first day. I spent about 2 hours inside, including the wee 15 minutes spray painting my stencils (I sent you a picture of the stencil I made as an 'homage' to you, as well as my little final results as your stencil went a bit smudged, sorry! It was meant to say 'Trent - PITNB'). The work inside was mixed with Banksy and the other artists so sometimes you couldn't tell who was the artists behind a certain piece. Nothing was off-limits like galleries where the only thing you can do is look, I saw people touching, taking pictures and even sitting on some of the pieces. The whole thing was free, but there were people selling little booklets or 'fanzines' as they were called and at the exit there were mini stalls selling Cans Festival posters or little souvenirs.

OMG ... these photos are amazing, I love that other graffiti artists besides Banksy were also on "display" at this exhibit. Much, much love goes out to both Hayley and Meredith for sending in their amazing photos ... and much love to all the other folks who also sent in photos from the exhibit. I really wish I could see this exhibit for myself but this almost makes up for seeing it in person. [thanks Hayley and Meredith]