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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Suri Holmes-Cruise, who is currently in NYC with her paternal caregivers Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, was spotted using her mighty powers of cuteness -- which incapacitate the unwary human who foolishly gets lulled into staring at her adorable visage -- while out shopping with Katie this week ...

Photo credit: Splash News and INFdaily

... I do not recommend engaging this little being by directly looking at her -- doing so may result in a 30% increase in XENUness with a 2 point raise in Thetan level. You have been warned. [Source, Source]


Ou Est Le Bébé?

The betrothed Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have made their way to France (along with Kylie Minogue, Madonna and the entire Brangelina bunch) this week and were snapped walking the streets of Paris hand in hand, looking very much like the happily engaged couple:

Photo credit: Splash News

It should be noted that there is no baby bump to be seen at all. Not a one, nothing. Just wanted to point that out. [Source]


Gimme More ... Time With My Babies!

Hurray!!! Britney Spears has successfully won back more court-sanctioned alone-time with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Altho Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, wouldn't give any of the deets to TMZ (K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said after the court hearing today that he wouldn't talk about the custodial timeshare between Brit and K-Fed -- except to say that it is "more than it has been."), he was happy to provide the news to US Weekly after today's child custody hearing in LA:

Britney Spears' visitation rights to sons Sean Preston and Jayden James were expanded Tuesday following a custody hearing with ex-husband Kevin Federline. There was no change in custody, Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said at a press conference, but overnight visits "will be phased in in the near future. "The court made orders today, they were orders that the parties were able to mostly agree to," Kaplan said. "It represents a cautious step moving forward." Kaplan said the court was "pleased with the progress that seems to be occurring" with Spears daily. He called the court's ruling "a step in the right direction. "The children are doing great — that's the key," Kaplan said. "That's what all of this is about." Court spokesman Allan Parachini also read a statement from Britney's parents, Jamie and Lynne. "We are so pleased with Britney's progress, and we are very appreciative of the court's recognition of this progress," they said in their statement. The next progress hearing is set for July 15. After the hearing, Britney was spotted smiling and leaving with her parents, Jamie and Lynne. When asked if she were happy, her attorney Stacy Philips gave a smile and a thumbs up sign. Lynne and Jamie were smiling and talking to each other As Federline left the courtroom, he smiled but did not say anything.

What a great day for the Spears family. I am ABSOLUTLY LOVING all of the positive news in Britney's life these past few months ... it's a far cry from the tumultuous year she had last year. I fully expect that Britney will continue to prove to the court that she is working very hard to regain custody of her children. This is just amazing news!! I am so happy :) [Source]


The Hills: No LO-ve For Audrina


Finally ... the drama returns to The Hills. Despite the fact that LC doesn't have any boy drama going on in her life, she has managed to stir up some of the dramz with her once BFF Audrina now that her eternal Best BFF Ever Lo is back in her life. On the Speidi front, Heidi continues to spread her wings and Spencer is left to yell at his sister about it ... good times are back again:

Okay, I'm just gonna say it ... Lo seems to hate Audrina. Apparently, there is only room for one BFF at LC's side and Lo wants to make sure she gets that spot, meaning Audrina is on her way out. The new house (plus servant's quarters in the back) continues to be labeled "Lauren, Audrina and Lo's House" but I don't think it'll remain so. Now that Justin Bobby has cleaned up his act, started pretending to care and keeps putting ideas in Audrina's head, Audrina looks ready to fly the coup and separate from LC once and for all. I think the new dog is a big hint that Audrina's about to be replaced. Poor thing. I love how Heidi's big pink Derby hat made a cameo in last night's ep ... I wonder how long she's had that thing before she was able to wear it in public this past weekend in Kentucky. It's curious that on the show, Heidi and Spencer are never together and never seem to know what the other one is doing and yet, on a daily basis in real life, they're absolutely inseparable. Hmmm. Ah well, suspending belief in reality is part of the fun, otherwise how else would we be able to actually believe that Justin Bobby is interested in being Audrina's "boyfriend" rather than just using her to get on TV? I'm still waiting for a major blow-up to occur ... between someone ... anyone. Maybe Audrina will end up torching the main house on her move out day ... maybe Lo with slash Audrina's neck with her razor sharp nails -- you can see that Lo is very proud to show off her razor sharp nails, especially the one on her middle finger:

Wee! This is the sort of the thing I'd love to see more of on The Hills. Bring it!!! [Source]

Oh yeah ... they are deffo gonna hafta bring it, now that they've just announced The Hills will be back for a 4th season which just started taping and will debut on August 19.


The TV Guide: Cinco Or Swim Splash

OMG ... the weather here in NYC has been absolute PERFECTION. The sun has been shining brightly, the temperature has been edging toward the 80s and the city has been bustling happily. Darion spent most of the day running around town doing touristy things and then met up with me for a shopping jaunt in SoHo at evening time. After we were done with the shopping, we met up with David and Monique for a delish dinner at Caliente Cab Co. (where I got to meet Pink readers Dawn and Gary and was told I have to give a shout-out to Molly) ... the after party was at Splash for Musical Monday:

Kurt, Trey, Shane and Jeremy came out to sing showtunes with us, so it was a grand affair. Darion and I made friends with hottie Splash bartender Brett (le sigh) and I ran into Pink reader Brian, who was also in the hiz for the festivities. It was just a really fun day/night over all.

We ended up making it home in one piece, watched Gossip Girl (OMG OMG OMG on that front) and The Hills and crashed out. Darion flies back to LA tonight ... I realized that my flight home isn't until tomorrow so I get one more day in the Big Apple. Woot! I hope it's as beautiful wherever you are as it is here in NYC.


Les News: Uma's Stalker Is Guilty, L. Lo Gets Bossy, Radiohead Hit The Road


Rihanna Does Elle Magazine

Rihanna is featured in the new issue of Elle magazine and has a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from her fashion shoot. Here are a few pics of Ri Ri's Elle photospread:

There are those hits that climb to the top of the music charts, live in our iPods for a couple months, morph into ring tones, do a cameo on Grey's Anatomy, and eventually reach their shelf life and disappear into the pop-music ether. And then there are hits, addictive sonic pleasures that burrow deep inside our brains. Songs that seduce not only the Sidekick-packing teens but also the snobby music critics: Madonna's "Like a Virgin"; George Michael's "Freedom 90." Songs that stick. Rihanna, the Barbados-born singer who landed on our shores only three years ago, launched her career by perfecting the formula for the first kind ... last year, just as some critics were about to write off Rihanna as another fresh-faced R&B flirt with, you know, stuffing where her soul should be, she unleashed a monster. Over futuristic drums and a shimmering bass line, the 20-year-old gave us "Umbrella," a synthesized love poem that Jay-Z, then president of Def Jam Records and Rihanna's mentor and boss, anointed when he rapped a few tightly written rhymes for the intro. It was a benevolent gesture that only amped up the song's It Factor. (It also fanned the rumor flames that he and she were at one time romantically involved. But we'll get to that.) However, it was Rihanna's delivery, clear and clipped in all the right spots, and that MTV Music Award–winning video that cemented "Umbrella." Unlike one of those carb-free pop tarts trying her hardest to nail the choreography and muddying up the choruses with vocal acrobatics, Rihanna lets her Bajan accent lace itself through the -ella, -ella, -ella, ey ey eys. Her hips float in fishnets, swaying back and forth—she's the hottest girl in the club. And yet, even in the video’s many phallic moments involving an actual umbrella, she comes off as simultaneously sexy and adorable. The combination is organic; how can we help but compare her to a sexually emerging Britney, who first made us aware of her budding talents by throwing on a thigh-high pleated skirt and doing school-girl slutty? Maybe the dichotomy within Rihanna is the birthright of an island girl who spent a lot of her life in a bathing suit with the beach as her backyard. Wherever it comes from, the idea that a young performer could be so incredibly game, so comfortable in her own skin, and not yet (maybe never?) affected by the physical and psychological weirdnesses American fame brings is like candy to us. We just want to gorge ourselves.

It's amazing how one song can just make an entire career. I am not ashamed to admit that I hated Rihanna's reggae-pop music before Umbrella came out last year. I loathed every stupid song that came out ... barely tolerating SOS (mainly because of the Tainted Love sample) ... and ready to be done with her entirely. Then Good Girl Gone Bad came out and, thankfully, she learned that the reggae-pop thing wasn't working for her. The album is pure dance pop and Umbrella, that monster hit, was ready to conquer the planet. It's really very amazing. It's a good thing she learned the lesson when she did because I honestly believe her career would've been finished if she released one more crappy album. And now look at her ... she is everyone's darling, gracing magazine covers and selling out stadiums ... all on the strength of one hit song. Amazing. [Source]


Birthday Blow Out

Here is a cute pic of Lance Bass celebrating his 29th birthday over the weekend in South Beach, FL with an explosive bottle of P.I.N.K. vodka:

I believe Lance is still currently single so maybe next year he'll have someone to blow with in celebration of the big 3-0. [Source]


Bad Girl Gone Good

Britney Spears arrived at the LA county courthouse at just after 8AM this morning to make an appearance before the bench in order to fight for custody of her children Sean Preston and Jayden James. You might recall that Brit Brit's track record at impressing the court in previous custody hearings wasn't all that great (to be more accurate, she was a horrible mess -- that is, when she bothered to show up at all) but that was then ... this is now:

Britney Spears showed up at the county courthouse for a custody hearing Tuesday without the usual screaming fans, signs and banners or frenzied paparazzi chase to the parking garage. Dozens of photographers, reporters, sheriff's deputies and prospective jurors recorded her arrival as a front-seat passenger in a white Land Rover. Then she disappeared into the garage. It's been three months since Spears slipped away from a psychiatric ward and stirred up a paparazzi car chase, a scene that looked like the beginning of even more erratic behavior for the troubled pop star. In the weeks that followed, she acted out of character, all right — she lay low and avoided the cameras. She spent time with family members. She found work, and succeeded at it. With that stability and momentum to build on, it appeared Spears' child-custody hearing had the potential for a positive outcome. Showing up was the first step. Spears' ex-husband, Kevin Federline, arrived at the courthouse about 15 minutes after the troubled 26-year-old pop star, who has been under the conservatorship of her father since her one-week-early release from UCLA Medical Center. Federline, in the back seat of a black Range Rover, entered the courthouse in the same driveway used by Spears. By the time Federline showed up, there were a few dozen camera-toting fans gathered on the steps of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion across the street from the courthouse. Federline has had full custody of his two sons by Spears, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, since January, when police were called to Spears' home after she refused to relinquish one of the boys to a Federline bodyguard. Spears was taken by ambulance to a hospital after the incident. Her visitation rights were suspended at the time, but have been gradually restored in recent months. Tuesday's hearing was to include discussion of a psychiatrist's evaluation of Spears, a person close to the case told The Associated Press. The person was not authorized to speak publicly about the case and requested anonymity. Commissioner Scott Gordon, who was to preside over the hearing, could modify the couple's visitation agreement Tuesday based on Spears' recent conduct, the person said ... Spears has been elusive at recent court hearings, her every anticipated appearance drawing a circus of media and paparazzi. In January, she arrived at the courthouse wearing cocktail-party attire — a black minidress and gold platform shoes — and left before the custody hearing began. A lawyer for Federline said that behavior may have played a role in the commissioner's decision that she remain barred from seeing her sons. Federline has allowed Spears limited visitation rights since Feb. 22.

Even tho she may not gain any sort of physical custody of her children today (she is, after all, still under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears) I'm sure her timely appearance in court today coupled with all the positive progress in her life over the past few months will go a long way to remedy the judge's impression of her -- she may even walk away from today's hearing with more allowance time with her sons. The reinvention of Britney Spears is fully underway now, you'll see ... she'll be back in pique condition. Trust me. [Source]


Le Whoops!

Yesterday I blogged that Kylie Minogue was honored by the French governement with the Order of Arts and Letters, the country's highest cultural award, at the French Cultural Ministry and then I realized that I failed to post any pics of the actual award itself. Why you may ask? Well, because the woman who presented the award to Kylie ended up dropping the prestigious award onto the floor:

The pint-sized pop star was made a knight in the Order of Arts and Letters for her "contribution to the enrichment of French culture". But before Kylie could proudly accept the medal, the French minister of culture and communications dropped it on the floor and embarrassingly had to stoop down to pick it up. Onlookers tried to keep straight faces but Kylie lightened the mood by laughing off the gaffe and the ceremony carried on.

LOLOLOLOL. Well, at least Kylie was a good sport about the little faux pas. The medal looks très magnifique on her as well :) [Source]



The New York Post has got a lovely little story about one woman's loss, another woman's gain and the petty grand larceny that brought the two together ... well, kinda. Apparently, Lindsay Lohan mistakenly stole a mink coat from an unwitting party-goer named Masha Markova earlier this year, wore the pilfered mink on a semi-daily basis and then eventually returned the article of clothing when it was brought to her attention that she didn't actually own it:

Photo credit: Splash News

A Columbia co-ed wants to know how Lindsay Lohan ended up wearing her $11,000 blond mink coat - and is demanding the "Mean Girl" pay for the impromptu rental. Masha Markova, 22, believed she had forever lost the prized jacket - a gift from her grandmother - while attending a private birthday party at 1Oak in the Meatpacking District in the early-morning hours of Jan. 26. The club was closed for a friend of jet-setting playboy Stavros Niarchos, Markova said. She added that at one point, she was seated next to Lohan, and recalled putting the mink in a common bin with other jackets. It was gone when she prepared to leave 1Oak after an hour, Markova said. Two weeks later, Markova flipped through the Feb. 11 edition of OK! Magazine and couldn't believe her eyes - Lohan was photographed the night of Jan. 26 wearing the very same fur coat. "I was actually talking on the phone to my grandmother about something else, and then I flipped through the magazine, saw the picture said, 'I need to call you back,' " Markova told The Post yesterday. "It was my coat. It was no doubt!" The pretty co-ed said that in the ensuing days, she surfed the Internet and found several paparazzi photos of Lohan wearing the distinctive blond coat hours after the birthday party they had both attended. Also, celebrity blogs posted pictures of the actress party-hopping that night - wearing a black coat before she arrived at 1Oak, Markova said. Club owners vowed to get to the bottom of it, but several days passed with no call back, Markova said. That's when her immigration lawyer, Merrill Cohen, called Lohan's high-powered Hollywood attorney, Blair Berke, threatening litigation. Hours later, Markova said she heard from 1Oak. "They were very discreet, never mentioned a name or even the word 'coat,' " Markova said. "They just said, 'We're going to bring you something.' " The coat arrived at Markova's Morningside Heights apartment two days later. Reeking of cigarettes and booze with a slight tear in the lining, the fur coat was no worse for wear after a dry cleaning and quick patch-up ... "I don't see how it could have been an accident," Markova said. Markova and her lawyer stopped short of accusing Lohan of wrongdoing. But they still want her to pay at least $10,000 for the unauthorized, three-week rental. Lohan's spokeswoman did not return calls.

This has to be the funniest shizz I've ever read. It's too bad the mink has sentimental value to Ms. Markova ... she could sell that thing in eBay and make a killing. I kinda love that Lindsay went around town wearing a coat for 3-weeks straight without realizing that she didn't really own the coat. That is kinda brills. That is kinda why I <3 her so! [Source]


Star Sighting

Star Jones was spotted dining with a mysterious new fellow here in NYC last night which might mean that the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Al Reynolds is already lookin' to land her next man ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... or that this poor chap is in dire need of some extra cash to make ends meet. Sad. [Source]


We Can Be Heroes ... Just For One Gala

NYC's biggest, poshest bash of the season, the annual Costume Institute Gala, took place at The Metropolitan Museum of Art last night and a who's who of fashionistas and celebs (and fashionistas who fancy themselves celebs and vice versa) got themselves all dolled up for the occasion. This year’s theme was titled Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy ... which meant that no look was too ostentatious or too fug for this yearly event. Here are a few photos from last night's red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

L.A. might have the Oscars, but Manhattan's social event of the season is the annual Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute gala, which draws bold-faced, glammed-up names from both coasts and across the pond. This year's theme? Superheroes, a fitting one given the massive box-office hit that was Iron Man and summer flicks still to come: The Dark Knight, featuring the Caped Crusader, and The Incredible Hulk. Designer Giorgio Armani served as this year's honorary chair, while George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Vogue editor Anna Wintour chaired the benefit. Armani dressed Clooney and Roberts. "He asked me very sweetly if I'd be his date," Roberts, wearing a platinum Giorgio Armani Privé gown, said about the designer, who also outfitted other A-list celebrities, including Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Beyoncé Knowles and John Mayer. The crowd buzzed as Cruise and Holmes arrived, and Holmes, in an orange strapless gown, grinned and got a little assistance climbing the steep staircase in her killer blue stilettos. But they did not stop for interviews; neither did Beyoncé, who was without Jay-Z and without a visible wedding ring. David and Victoria Beckham, in a sequined, plunging white Armani, posed for photos the longest, vamping all the way up the staircase. Clooney was taking it all in stride. "I get to have a drink. It's easy for me," he said. As for the superhero theme, he said he had a favorite when he was a kid: "Well, you know, I loved one that no one ever talks about, the Green Hornet. He was really cool." ... Jennifer Lopez wore a blue-green number with metallic and jewel trim by Alberta Ferretti. Getting ready for parties these days "is the same except with a baby on my lap," she said. As for which superhero her ensemble recalled: "The only thing I could think of was Wonder Woman with my cuffs." Wintour wore a black and white embroidered dress by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Haute Couture. Chanel also dressed Thandie Newton, Kate Bosworth and Audrey Tautou ... [Naomi] Watts was all glamour in white Thierry Mugler embellished with a star at the waist. "I'm glad that the structure of this dress is holding me upright," she said. "I'm very tired. I've been away in Sydney for ages, so I'm sure I'll see a lot of people I haven't seen for a while." Sex and the City's Kristin Davis, in a Michael Kors number with a flowing, cape-like train, said she felt like Superman. "We both wish we could fly."

Yes, yes, everyone was all dressed up to the 9's. Chace Crawford sure was lookin' sassy ... I love it. The Olsen twins were their usual mess ... I dunno why Mary-Kate felt that her ill fitting dress was the right choice for such a high profile event. The saggy boob look will *never* be in. [Source]

David and Victoria Beckham joined forces with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to try and steal as much attention from the other attendees as they could ... tho, I think the sun has set on this foursome generating all that much excitement ... and to be honest, I'm pretty disappointed at what Vicki B. and Katie wore over all:

Photo credit: Splash News

Team Cruise and Team Beckham reunited on the red carpet last night at the social event of the season, the annual Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala, which drew a who's who roll call of international stars. The quartet put aside rumours of a rift as they posed up together at the glamorous event, but in typical fashion, Posh did her best to steal the spotlight in a see-through white Armani dressing coat. But with her usual bob swept up into a carefully set chignon and heavily painted face, Victoria's attempt at Old Hollywood glamour was rather too literal, leaving her looking well beyond her 34 years. And pout-prone Posh appeared more glum than ever - perhaps it was the pressure of competing with a host of Hollywood actress and supermodels that prompted her look of disdain. Katie Holmes, who also wore Armani, didn't fare much better in the style stakes, leaving onlookers shocked and awed at her bright orange dress and cobalt blue stiletto combination. The extravaganza, billed as Manhattan's rival to the Oscars, marked the opening the museum's Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibition, a theme that delighted the ever-excitable Mr. Cruise. "I've always just loved comic books," he said as he arrived. "I dig those characters."

I totes agree ... Posh's upsweep makes her look like Faye Dunaway a la Joan Crawford a la Mommie Dearest -- but not as nice. Katie's make-up was a misstep for me ... the orange eyes would look really fab on a model runway but I just don't think she can pull it off. Sorry. [Source]

In happy news, Scarlett Johansson very demurely showed off her new diamond engagement ring on the red carpet last night ... mere hours after her rep released the statement that she and Ryan Reynolds are engaged to be married:

Photo credit: Splash News

Scarlett Johansson has become engaged to her actor boyfriend Ryan Reynolds after a one year courtship. The Lost In Translation actress looked delighted as she showed off her new diamond ring for the first time as she attended the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala in New York City last night. The 23-year-old and Canadian beau Reynolds, 31, started dating in March 2007 - a month after the Just Friends actor ended his three-year engagement to singer Alanis Morissette. Johansson's representative Marcel Pariseau confirmed the couple's engagement to People magazine on Monday. She said: "They're both thrilled." Pariseau declined to say exactly when the couple got engaged, but admitted it was recently. They are yet to set a wedding date.

Altho Scarlett happily showed off her new rock, her fiancée was nowhere to be seen at last night's affair ... clearly he had somewhere more important to be ;) At any rate, much congrats, again, to Scarlett and Ryan ... I guess ... I mean, I'd much prefer that Ryan stay sexy and single (and shirtless, let's not forget shirtless) but if he *has* to get married, I guess Scarlett is as good choice. Yeah, whatevs. [Source]


Left-Overs Or Appetizers?

Two new photos have made their way to the InterWeb that could either be remnants from the movie Cloverfield ... or new images from the sequel. At this point, there is no way to know which is the case but the photos appear to be new (at least to me) and are presented here:

According to, the photos were excavated from THIS site (Username: alysehanssen Password: 11112014349), which may be related to the new Aladygma viral sites that are rumored to be part of the Cloverfield sequel. Again, who knows for sure ... but I like that folks are already effing with our minds so far ahead of any possible sequel. [Source]


Two Bad

We all know that The Joker (played by the late Heath Ledger) is the big bad in the Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, due out in theaters this summer ... but we cannot forget that Harvey Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart), Gotham City District Attorney and all-around best bud to Bruce Wayne, is also heavily featured in the upcoming film -- and at some point in the future, Harvey Dent becomes the supervillain Two Face. Well, he may become Two Face sooner than you might imagine ... Slash Film, by way of Comic Book Resources, has a huge spoiler look at what Harvey Dent may look like when he actually makes his transformation into Two Face:

Click above to see concept art

If real, this first look at Two Face feels about right. I suspect that the concept art will still be further tweaked to look even more grotesque. I've always felt that Two Face needs to look really repulsive and not at all like a joke. Clearly, they are planning on taking the character more seriously. [Source]


Hi Hi

Mariah Carey just released the music video for the second single, Bye Bye, from her #1 hit album E=MC2 which looks like it was filmed just last week in the Caribbean ... since her new husband, Nick Cannon (the one she was only dating for about a month before she married him), makes a few cameos in the vid:

Additionally, footage from Mariah's most recent promo appearances with fans is also interspersed in the video (tho, very creepily, the faces of her lambs have been blurred out) and the vid ends with a photo montage of her dearly departed friends. It's the Nick Cannon bits that are most interesting to me, tho:

I guess this vid is supposed to be Mr. & Mrs. Carey-Cannon's coming out piece ... it's the most footage that we've ever seen of the couple together and is our first look at them as a couple in lurve. Enjoy.



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