Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The After Effects

Here are a few photos of Kylie Minogue, lookin' like a tarty little milkmaid, making her way to the VIP room nightclub in Paris, France last night to celebrate the first show of her KylieX2008 Tour:

Photo credit: Splash News

And here are a couple pics of Kylie emerging from her Parisian hotel, the Four Seasons, as she makes her way to her next concert stop in Belgium scheduled for tonight:

Photo credit: Splash News

There is no stopping Kylie once she's on tour. I do hope she takes it easy, tho, and doesn't overexert herself. She needs to save some energy for her London shows later this summer :) [Source]

The TV Guide: See Ya Later, NYC

By the time this post gets published, I should be well on my way to the airport bound for my flight back home to LA. I had an amazing time in the city this time around ... it was great sharing the weekend with Darion, who is an absolute pleasure to hang out with. He has really become one of my very good friends and I feel lucky to have him in my life. I got to see Madonna perform, Macbeth & Xanadu on stage and I got to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with my girl Monique. But, this weekend was especially great because of the time I got to spend with David. David was not feeling very well last Saturday but he managed to make the trek out to Brooklyn for the Cherry Blossom Festival anyways. He took me to the festival on one of my first trips to NYC to be with him at the start of our relationship and he wanted to come out to share the day with me again. He likes to call it "our place" so you can see how special it was that he would make every effort to come to the festival despite his illness.

As I type this, the bright sun is shining and a warm breeze is blowing in thru the open window. I can hear the traffic below and a little part of me is screaming "stay in NYC!" Even still, I'm very much looking forward to going home again. I miss my shorts and flip-flops ... Steph and Alek are home from France and I've missed them. It'll be good to be home again ... but I'll be back in NY again soon. You can count on it.

Les News: Amy Arrested Again? Ashl33n Set A Wedding Date? Mimi Got Tagged?

SJP Does NYMag

Sarah Jessica Parker, as Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of New York magazine ... behold:

Click HERE to read the New York mag piece (which is wonderfully written, I might add) wherein SJP talks about her life since SaTC ended and what she thinks life has in store for her with the launch of the new movie. It's not as if the Sex and the City movie really needs any more hype to get fans excited for its release but this particular article does a great job of making SJP seem like a real person and not at all like Carrie Bradshaw ... which makes me really anxious to see SJP become Carrie Bradshaw again on the big screen. Anyways, my point is that the article is a great read (it's not nearly as hyperbolic as their coverstory on Gossip Girl) so you should deffo check it out. [Source]

Free Range

Pete Doherty posed for an impromptu photo session with his manager in the wild of London, England just days after he was released from a 14-week sentence (which really worked out to just 29 days of incarceration) ... here are a few pics of Pete's Into the Wild adventure:

It would seem that Pete is trying to present a kinder, gentler version of himself. Maybe he did kick his nasty drug habit while in jail. Well, maybe. Good luck, Pete! [Source via ONTD!]

Showering Together

OK! magazine, which scored the exclusive story concerning Jamie Lynn Spears's unplanned pregnancy and reportedly secured the rights to the first photos of the baby once it is born, brings us a couple of intimate photos from JL's baby shower over the weekend with big sister Britney Spears in attendance ... check 'em out:

With Britney Spears embroiled in a seemingly neverending custody battle and 17-year-old sis Jamie Lynn Spears expecting her first child very soon, it's hard to imagine a family under more scrutiny these days than the Spears clan. But in spite of all the outside pressure on them, it was nothing but good times for the Spears sisters when they reunited on May 2 for the Zoey 101 star's baby shower. "It was wonderful to be able to spend time with her and just be girls again," Jamie Lynn told OK! in an exclusive interview about seeing her sister for the first time in months. "We painted our nails and did stupid stuff." Even better, explains Jamie Lynn, was that she was able to have some one-on-one time with Brit: "To be able to be in the privacy of our own home and just be sisters again was wonderful." Mother-of-two Britney even shared some words of wisdom with her pregnant sibling. "She told me, 'There are going to be some long nights, but it is completely worth it,'" Jamie Lynn recalls to OK!.

I have always been a fan of Britney & JL photos and these are no exception ... it's just really very strange seeing JL all pregs and shizz since I'm so used to seeing her as a little girl, tagging along behind her big sister on shopping jaunts or on vacays. It still will take some getting used to for me to be cool with JL becoming a mother already. It really is a great sight seeing Mama Lynne Spears reunited with both of her daughters again, even under the circumstances ;) [Source]

Good Boy

Remember way back in the day, before she was ever dating Joel Madden of Good Charlotte and before anyone knew that she even had an older sister, Hilary Duff used to employ her older sister Haylie to carry her shopping bags around for her so as not to ruin her nails or whatever? Yeah, even when Hilary was dating Joel, he was known to carry a purse or two for his then girlfriend. Well, it looks as if that mantle of responsibility has finally fallen to New York Islanders hockey player and current Hilary boyfriend Mike Comrie who was snapped happily carrying a few of Hilary's shopping bags in the Meatpacking District of NYC yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

Looks like fun. Actually, it looks like hard work shopping with Hilary Duff ;) [Source]

The Motherlode Of Crap

Well, I suppose if Kevin Federline can be named Father of the Year by Details magazine then it is in realm of possibility that Dina Lohan would be named Mother of the Year by a Long Island, NY organization called Mingling Moms. I'm not sure what the qualifications are in order to win an award of this magnitude but I suspect having one's daughter successfully complete multiple stints in rehab might be involved. Here are a couple pics of the "white Oprah" accepting her award yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News

Dina Lohan tried valiantly to keep the subject on motherhood last night at Carlyle on The Green in Bethpage State Park as she was swarmed by a score of videographers, camera people and reporters asking about her daughter Lindsay's foibles. Lohan, there to accept a "Long Island Top Mom" award at the Mingling Mom's "Mom's Night Out" event, posed with her cascading blond hair, and sidestepped questions about a tabloid story saying that Lindsay swiped a fur coat from a woman at a nightclub in Manhattan. She said she and Lindsay were "laughing hysterically" about that claim. "You go away," she said to a reporter from "Inside Edition" who continued to hound her, calling his line of questioning "evil" and reminding him to "be nice." "I've never partied with my daughter in my life," she also said, explaining that when she appears with Lindsay at a club she is there as her manager. Lohan, who is 45 and lives in Merrick, talked about how all mothers need support, invoking her own mom, Ann Sullivan, 82 and also of Merrick, whom she brought with her. What advice does Dina give Lindsay? "Just to be honest and to stay morally correct. And listen to your mother."


Lemme get this straight, Dina Lohan -- with a straight face -- contends that she never partied with her daughter Lindsay? Is she for effing real?!? AND ... she revealed that her advice to her daughter is to "stay morally correct ... and listen to your mother"?

Incidentally, Dina spilled the beans to Radar magazine that Lindsay just recorded a song with Snoop Dogg for her new album:

"I was just watching Lindsay record a track for her third album a few days ago with Snoop Dogg. Lindsay is a wonderful and loving and caring girl who is completely misunderstood. People forget that she's only 21. I mean what were you like when you were 21?"

She also talked a bit about the upcoming reality TV show that she is working on for E!:

Lindsay has been adamant about not appearing in the show, though Dina doesn't seem to mind. "I'm just trying to set the record straight about this family and give people an honest look into our lives," she says. "Reality (TV) is reality, but realism is my life." ... "This isn't going to be like The Hills," she elaborated ... "It's going to be real. It's going to showcase how I do what I do. It'll really show who we are in a way that's very honest."


I'm sorry, I've just never heard of anything so outrageously and ridiculously funny in all my life. Oh Dina, you slay me. Congrats on your prestigious award ... I bet it's well deserved. [Source]

Cover Girls

People magazine has released the first photo from Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's surprise, secret Caribbean wedding on the cover of their latest issue. People announced last night that they would be debuting "exclusive wedding photos from Mariah's wedding" at 10AM ET today and, thus far, all they've released is the cover of their new issue:

Yep, they did it! If there was any doubt Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's wedding was the real deal, they answer the question once and for all in this week's issue of PEOPLE, speaking for the first time about their surprise nuptials – and showing off exclusive photos from their April 30 ceremony. "We really do feel we are soulmates," Carey tells PEOPLE, following their sunset ceremony at the pop star's Bahamian estate. "I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me." Cannon adds: "She is beautiful on the outside and 10 times as beautiful on the inside."

UGH ... what a tease! I deffo want to see and read more from these two. I can't wait to read all about how they came up with the whacky idea to GET MARRIED after only dating for 6 weeks. [Source]

Not to be outdone by People magazine, Star just released the cover of their latest issue (they, too, appear to have Mariah wedding photos as well) but the coverstory is all about Angelina Jolie and the TWIN GIRLS that she is carrying in her sacred womb ... in addition to the alleged complications that she has been suffering thru this pregnancy:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are thrilled to be adding two more daughters to their rainbow brood. But serious medical problems — and a frightening collapse — are casting a dark cloud over their baby joy. Angelina and Brad will be adding two more girls to their growing family when Angie gives birth in July, Star has learned exclusively. And they are ecstatic at the news that they are having twin daughters. "Brad can't wait — he absolutely adores little girls," says a family insider. "And Angelina just loves seeing him and the other kids so excited and happy." But behind all the joy, Angelina's difficult pregnancy has the superstar couple on edge, as they prepare for a worst-case-scenario birth early this summer. In fact, just before leaving for France, Angelina suffered a terrifying collapse that left her tearful, weak and panic stricken, fearing her fall may have harmed her two unborn babies, an insider tells Star. "Angie got out of bed and was halfway across the room when she passed out and fell," says the insider. "Brad heard her hit the floor — hard — and he rushed to her side. She came around pretty quickly, and the medical team that has been traveling with her, a doctor and a nurse, got her back into bed and started checking her vitals."

I'm not sure how Star knows that Ange is carrying twin girls but I must say, I'm a bit disappointed. 2 girls would TOTALLY ruin the symmetry of the family ... they'd have to rush out and adopt a boy almost as soon as the twin girls come along. What a pain. I sincerely hope that the mag is exaggerating Angelina's reported "health problems" but I imagine that carrying twins can be a harrowing experience. I truly hope that she and the unborn fruit of her loins are doing well. [Source]

Incidentally, I saw the Star cover before I saw the People cover and I thought the picture of Mimi in her wedding dress on the Star cover was a Photoshop manipulated photo ... but it does look like it *may* be legit when compared to the People cover. I wouldn't be surprised if Mariah sold at least one wedding photo to all the major magazines, saving the video for Oprah Winfrey. Genius.

Madonna On Top

Madonna performed her second Hard Candy Promo Show at Olympia Hall in Paris, France last night and altho the show was a short one (it was, after all, just a promo show and not meant to be a full-fledged concert), Madonna managed to pull off an entertaining 40-min. set ... just like she did at the Roseland Ballroom here in NYC last Wednesday night (except Justin Timberlake did not make a cameo in Paris last night). Here are a few pics from last night's performance:

Pop diva Madonna turned sexy hard-rock queen for a night at a private concert in Paris Tuesday night, telling her fans she loves to french-kiss the French as she ground away at an electric guitar. Wearing black from head to toe, her blonde curls loose to her shoulders, Madonna put on a high-voltage half-hour show for a privileged 1,500 fans to mark the release of "Hard Candy", her 10th chart-topping album. "Who do you love more, me or the Rolling Stones?" she asked the crowd packing the Olympia, a mythical concert hall near the Paris opera, before launching into a ear-popping heavy-metal version of her mega-hit, "Hung Up". "I thought you might say that," quipped the queen of pop, who turns 50 on August 16, as the adoring crowd roared back their answer. The Material Girl made her stage entrance seated in a black-and-gold fairytale throne, wearing a black satin bodice, satin pants and tailcoat with pink lining, lace-up boots with six-inch heels, and twirling a magician's wand. Madonna told the concert hall it was "a historical moment" for her to be performing on the same stage as the iconic French chanteuse Edith Piaf, or fellow legends Juliette Greco and Marlene Dietrich. "Why do I have this relationship with France? I'm always drawn to working with French people -- and frenching French people," she quipped. "Vive la France!" ... Flanked by an electrifying crew of hip-hop dancers and surrounded by pulsing video screens, Madonna ground, bumped, skipped and jumped her way through four of her new tracks -- including the chart-topping "Four Minutes" -- as well as the now classic "Music" and "Hung Up". The magician's gear and heeled boots quickly gave way to dance-friendly running shoes and sleeveless black top, before she pulled out the saturated electric guitar for a heavy-metal sounding finale. "Hard Candy" is Madonna's last album on the Warner label before she takes up her astronomical 120-million-dollar (78-million-euro), 10-year deal with US concert promoter Live Nation. The Paris gig was the second of three private concerts being held to mark its launch, after New York on April 30 and before London on May 11 ... Andrew Stewart, 37, has seen Madonna 17 times on stage since 1987 and flew in from Thailand specially to catch the show. "She's just the most amazing performer," said the British web designer. "She doesn't compare to anyone."

I suspect that Maddy was in an exceptionally good mood last night ... considering that her new album, Hard Candy, debuts in the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart this week, making it her 7th #1 album of her career:

"Hard Candy" has put Madonna in the sweet spot, earning the singer her seventh No. 1 album. The singer's CD tops the latest Billboard Top 200 Album chart, based on sales of more than 283,000. That puts the CD more than 200,000 copies ahead of the No. 2 and 3 chart stars, Mariah Carey's "E=MC2" and Leona Lewis' "Spirit." Madonna's latest top album gives her the most No. 1 CDs by any female star in history except for Barbra Streisand, who has had eight. Yet Streisand has had two decades longer in the marketplace. Madonna's string of No. 1s also ties the figure of fellow divas Carey and Janet Jackson.

Congrats, Madonna! Haters be damned, Madge continues to do her thing and continues to reach new levels of success in her career. I'm very much looking forward to her Fall World Tour (the one she announced in her interview with Ryan Seacrest last week). It really sounds like it's going to be an amazing year for pop music ... Madonna and Mariah Carey are breaking records, Madonna and Kylie are launching huge tours and I *suspect* that Britney Spears might release a new album (maybe a tour?) by year's end. Wee ... bring it, ladies ... we want more!!! [Source]

Shock & Awe: Kylie Minogue Kicks Off KylieX2008

Kylie Minogue triumphantly kicked off her new KylieX2008 Tour last night at Bercy Arena in Paris, France. Because this will be the first Kylie Minogue tour that I will ever see live and in person (unfortch, at the end of the tour in July), I kinda told myself that I would stay away from tour spoilers so that I could witness the show unfolding for the first time before my eyes ... and as the opening night date slowly crept closer and closer, my resolve to stay away from spoilers dwindled ... especially when I read this announcement about the tour on

Kylie Minogue returns to her true home - the live stage - when she opens her greatest ever tour KylieX2008 in Paris on May 6th. The tour will take Kylie through most of Europe and will see her play for the first time in Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Luxembourg, Russia, Latvia and Spain. It will also be her first appearance in Northern Ireland since her first world tour in 1990. The tour ends in London on August 4, the last of a staggering seven nights at the capital's 02 Arena. Ticket sales for the tour currently stand at over half a million and the show itself has cost a breathtaking 10 million pounds to stage, which makes it the biggest and most expensive show that Kylie has produced to date, easily eclipsing groundbreaking tours like 2002's Fever in ambition and scale. Kylie's wardrobe for this tour has been exclusively designed by master couturier Jean Paul Gaultier and the show will feature at least 7 costumes just for Kylie, with more visual elements being added daily! KylieX2008 also sees Kylie perform with a brand new live band including, for the first time, a brass section and a total of 14 dancers, including 4 acrobats. For the songs, Kylie has drawn on a breadth of material spread over her career but also promises some unheard songs and at least one surprising cover. Songs including those from 'X', Kylie's current studio album, will be performed on a set dominated by huge video screens which will integrate with graphic staging and theatrical lighting to create a new concert experience for the audience. Always celebrated for her incredible breadth of vision on the live stage, this show sees Kylie move further ahead of her contemporaries.

When the the first photos from last night's premiere performance were released, well, I had to look. I decided only to check out the opening sequence photos and to only read a couple of not-too-spoilery reviews (checking out the photos that accompanied them). SO ... if you would like to remain completely unspoiled about anything KylieX2008-related then you should prolly skip this post ... if not, here are a few photos from the opening number from the show -- I think you'll find that Kylie made an electrifying entrance:

AUSSIE pop royalty KYLIE kicked off her X2008 tour with her most opulent concert ever. The 28-song show at the Bercy Arena contained an extraordinary eight costume changes and was a riot of high-camp excess ... The brave star, who has firmly set her cancer battle behind her, proved she is the undisputed queen of the pop landscape with this intoxicating set. An impressive band, including a brass section for the first time ever, excelled, but it was the theatricality that impressed most. For the opening salvo of Speakerphone and Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Kylie sported a flowing purple gown while her acrobatic dancers were clad in leather bondage gear and crash helmets. Elsewhere during the set the action was transported to an American high school with Kylie dressed as a sexy cheerleader complete with pompoms. The dazzling centrepiece of the show came when Kylie appeared 30 foot above the stage draped over a giant silver skull. While her ex-boyfriend OLIVIER MARTINEZ and Time Lord DAVID TENNANT watched on further scene changes occurred with the action suddenly switching to a grand Viennese ballroom. A Kylie show is no mere concert, it's an epic theatrical extravaganza.

OMG ... I love it ... the entrance looks stunning. Click HERE to watch fan shot video of Kylie's entrance to open the show. [Source, Source]

Here are *just a few* photos of Kylie's other costume changes from the show ...

... and that is all I am willing to take a peek at. I know it seems like a lot from the show but these static images will not be able to replace the majesty of the live show in person. Kylie manages to pull off some of the most exciting, most awe-inspiring live shows consistently year after year. I'm always very surprised at the creativity that unfolds on the concert stage. I dunno how I'm going to be able to wait until late July to see KylieX2008 in London for myself but I am even more excited than before. Woot!! [Source]

Stay Tuned ... is promising to debut the first photos from Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's surprise wedding:

I shudder to think what they might've paid for said photos but I'm excited to see them, nonetheless. We're about 2 hours away and counting ... [Source]