Monday, May 19, 2008

Shop 'Til You Pop, JL

Unwed parents-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge spent part of their weekend running errands around McComb, MS hitting up the usual haunts that country folk are fond of ... the car wash, Lowe's, McDonald's and Sears. Here are pics of the happy couple running around and taking the time to hold hands along the way:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Well, at least they are enduring together. They seem happy ... or at the very least, content with their situation. I can't wait to raise three YEE-HAWs when their little young'n gets born!! [Source]

How To Offset The Pain of High Gas Costs

Ugh ... with gas prices soaring to new heights lately, there really aren't all that many good reasons (outside of the obvs reasons) to fill up at the pumps these days ... that is, unless you can run into Heroes hottie Milo Ventimiglia :)

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

I would have *no problem* pumping to my heart's content if I could do so alongside Milo. And get it out of the gutter folks ... I'm talking about pumping gas, yeah, that's it ;) [Source]

Visting Day

Nick Hogan has been cooling his heels in a jail cell for the past couple of weeks and this weekend enjoyed a visit from his beloved family who got all dressed up for the special occasion. Here are screencaps from a video shot of Linda, Brooke and Hulk Hogan making their way into the correctional facility where Nick Hogan will be spending the better part of an 8-month sentence in the Pinellas County Jail for pleading no contest to charges of felony reckless driving involving serious bodily injury:

Apparently, Brooke Hogan is the one suffering thru all the pain of this incarceration and is barely managing to keep it all together:

A source close to the family told FOX News "She's suffering the worst of all; she just can't keep it together and has been hit the hardest." The source adds that Brooke is "extremely sensitive" and her emotions are spiraling out of control. After using her Myspace blog to slag off her brother's trial and even the reality TV show, she then replaced it with this random entry: "wtvr I have the truth on my side. And the truth will set everyone straight sooner or later. PEACE".

Poor Brooke :( I hope she's gonna be able to make it thru this tough period for her brother. I can't imagine how difficult it is for her right now. [Source]

Um ... instead of writing blogposts on My Space, maybe Brooke should start baking cakes with files in them to keep her mind off her woes.


Now this is what I call exciting ... this new promo for the new Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off (which I think they should just simply call 90210) which will debut on The CW this Fall has just been released to the InterWeb and it looks much better than I anticipated:

I love the opening ... striking an early nostalgic chord is smart ... making the show sexier than the original is also very smart ... casting AnnaLynne McCord (the beyotch of an evil daughter on Nip/Tuck) is downright BRILLS! I'm very much encouraged by this promo. The show might be a hit after all.

The TV Guide: A New Chapter Awaits

As you might imagine with all the behind-the-scenes stuff going on with the site relaunch and party (EEEEEEEEEE!), I've been tied up with a bunch of stuff on the sly. I am very excited for the new site ... I've been thinking about redesigning the site for ages now and the time has finally come. No worries, the new site will not look all that different ... but it will be cleaned up and will have more functionality -- comments are coming back, y'all.

I've been thinking about this new milestone for me ... it was 6 years ago that I started blogging, 4 years ago that I launched PITNB and 2 years ago that I moved to LA ... it's been an amazing ride and I can't wait to embark on the next chapter.

I have a bazillion things to do this week before I fly out to see David for Memorial Day weekend. It's hawt in LA and I'm loving it. I hope things are well wherever you are out there :)

Les News: Alba To Get Mean, No More PR For Jack, Mimi Plans Another Wedding

Enter For Your Chance To Party With PITNB

So, over the past few weeks I have been orchestrating a bit of a site redesign for Pink is the new Blog and I'm ready to celebrate! I started blogging back in August of 2002 and launched Pink is the new Blog in June of 2004 ... and now is the time for the next version of Pink. On June 12, Pink is the new Blog will relaunch with a bit of a facelift, some new features and capabilities but with all the usual fun that we have around here ... all thanks to sponsorship from Nestea and Nikon COOLPIX.

On Wednesday June 11, we're gonna be throwing a bit of a Hollywood bash here in LA and I want one lucky Pink reader and a guest to enjoy an all expenses paid trip to LA for the relaunch party as well as a Nikon COOLPIX s600 digital camera. Additionally, the winner will be able to blog about the party afterwards on the contest page:

Five runner-ups from the SoCal area will be selected to attend the shindig to party with us as well. All the contest rules and requirements can be found at so please make sure you check out the page to make sure you're eligible to win ... and then send in those entries and come party with me and my friends :)

I am very anxious and extremely nervous about the relaunch. I really love the new site design and I can't wait to celebrate its launch next month. I'm also very much looking forward to meeting the winner of this kickass contest ... we shall toast together on June 11th. Good luck and have fun with it!!!

It's An Honor Just Being Nominated

Last night wasn't a great night for Keith Urban at the Academy of Country Music Awards since he was nominated for 2 major awards and ended up walking away from the event with nothing ... except his happily pregs wife Nicole Kidman on his arm. The night really belonged to Kenny Chesney, who walked away from the ACM Awards with the top prize of Entertainer of the Year -- and then immediately criticized the ACMs for the way his award was decided. Um. Yeah. Anyways, here are pics of a very happy-looking Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at last night's awards show:

Photo credit: Splash News

Australia's Keith Urban has missed out on two major Academy of Country Music (ACM) awards amid a row over how the top prize was decided. Urban was laughing when he turned up to the awards in Las Vegas with pregnant wife Nicole Kidman on his arm, but left empty-handed after Kenny Chesney won the entertainer of the year category. Urban was also nominated for top male vocalist, but lost out there too. Still, Urban got to perform at the awards ceremony, and he and Kidman cuddled and looked happy as they posed for photographers before the event. Chesney should have been happier after being named entertainer of the year for the fourth year running. But he complained that the award winner was chosen for the first time by fans voting online, instead of by ACM members. Chesney said backstage he thought fans should be included, just not by voting for the show's most important award. "The entertainer of the year trophy is supposed to represent heart and passion and an amazing amount of sacrifice, commitment and focus," he said. "That's the way Garth won it four times, that's the way I won it, that's the way (George) Strait won it, Reba (McEntire), Alabama all those years. That's what it's supposed to represent." Chesney said his complaint was directed at the industry, not the fans - and that the method amounted to "complete disrespect" of the artists, saying the academy turned the award "into a sweepstakes to see who can push people's buttons the hardest on the internet." ... Urban was beaten to the top male vocalist prize by Brad Paisley, winner for a second year in a row. Carrie Underwood also took home her second consecutive female vocalist trophy. It was a night of repeats. Rascal Flatts' top vocal group win was its sixth in a row, while Brooks & Dunn won their 13th straight award for top vocal duo. Miranda Lambert won album of the year and Sugarland took single record and song of the year honours for their mellow hit Stay.

You know what, irregardless of whether or not Keith Urban walks away from award shows with trophies or not, he is the big winner in my eyes. He is very fortunate to be married to a beautiful woman like Nicole Kidman and the fact that they are expecting their first child together is very exciting. Personally, I think Kenny Chesney should've saved his criticisms of the awards show for another day ... complaining about how an award is given out when you just won the award is really weird, kinda tacky. He should've just kept his mouth shut and said thank you. All in all, tho, much congrats goes out to all the ACM winners ... especially those who saved the complaints for later. [Source, Source]

Past His Prime

Jean-Claude Van Damme must think that he is still the hotness and, bless his 48-year old heart, I guess I can't really fault him for thinking so. Here are pics of a half-nekkid Van Damme showboating for the cameras on the balcony of the Carlton in Cannes, France this weekend:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

On the plus side, he's still got the muscles and the flexibility to look kinda hot ... from a distance. I just don't know how much longer Jeany can do stuff like this and be, like, serious. These pics remind me of the time that Jack Palance (who was in his 80s at the time) dropped to the floor to do one-armed push ups at the 64th annual Academy Awards -- old men can be so cute. Do your think Jean-Claude ... just make sure you don't break your hip ;) [Source]

Shopping Up A Melee Storm

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt whipped up a storm of attention when they tried to do a little shopping at a store called Bonpoint in France this weekend. With Maddox and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt in tow, Brangelina pressed their way thru the crush of paps to try and get some shopping accomplished:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

It's a shame that the Brangelina brood has to suffer thru this kind of attention whenever they go out in public. I mean, I get that they chose to live this kind of life because of the work that they do in the entertainment field but it does look like it gets old very quickly. Shiloh Nouvel looks so cute in these pics ... I cannot believe how stunning she is turning out to be. It won't be long until Angelina births out a couple of new golden children from her precious womb. I imagine it will be much more difficult for Brangelina to try and get any shopping done with another set of babies to cart around with them. [Source]

Indiana Jones 4 Premieres At Last

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday and was met with raucous cheers as the principal stars of the film (including Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf and Cate Blanchett) walked the red carpet on their way into the premiere. But, the cheers died down a bit after the film ended, leading many to believe that the movie may have a lackluster showing at the box office once it premieres this Thursday May 22. Here are a few pics from the premiere's red carpet and a spoiler-free report on how the film is being received by reviewers:

Photo credit: Splash News & Wireimage

Indiana Jones received a hero's acclaim from the public at his first perilous outing at the Cannes film festival, but some critics had the knives out for the latest episode in the saga. Movie-goers at the red-carpet gala world premiere Sunday rose up to applause the fourth installment in the adventure series, the first in 19 years -- "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But influential industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter on Monday gave it a lashing. "A wearying onslaught of action and effects gives Indy little chance to charm as he did of old," it said. Film industry executives who daily attend the gala screenings described the public response as warm, though short of the applause a couple of nights previously for Woody Allen's latest film, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". But as critics pondered whether Harrison Ford, now 65, was too old for the rollicking, thousands of fans waited hours in the sun to cheer the return of the whip-cracking archaeologist adventurer. At a press preview, 2,000 media gathered in Cannes -- a renowned Kingdom of Critical Knives -- gave the 185-million-dollar movie a friendly round of applause and respectable reviews. "The world can rest easy," said film industry mag, Variety. "The old magic still works ... Mission accomplished." ... But neither the storyline nor the acting were to Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt's taste. The sequel to the three "Indy" movies of the 1980s was more like a sequel to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", he complained. The story was swamped in stunts, the characters were charmless, it lacked wit and romance. "This film feels like work, whether it's poor Harrison Ford straining to keep pace with his younger self ... or thrill-ride acrobatics that have only scant connection to the plot." London's Daily Telegraph critic David Gritten said Ford "doesn't wear the fedora with quite the same jaunty angle, his bullwhip doesn't crack as smartly." And the Guardian in London said "some nice moments and everything is good-natured enough. "But this is a moment for Harrison Ford to hang up the hat." The new "Indy", agreed Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung, "is unfortunately not as good as the old." The Los Angeles Times differed, saying fears of a geriatric addition to the Indiana Jones franchise were unfounded. "It turns out it's one of the good ones, and everyone involved can breathe a sigh of relief," it said. Said Time magazine's online edition: "Ford looks just fine, his chest skin tanned to a rich Corinthian leather; he's still lithe on his feet, and can deliver a wisecrack as sharp as a whipcrack." ... Whatever the reviews, the film has generated a buzz. London's The Times labeled it "pure gold" and Germany's Die Welt said it was "knit from the same stuff" as the old. "Spielberg's most remarkable achievement is to retain most of the old-fashioned virtues of the original franchise," said James Christopher of The Times. "Welcome back, Indy. Lord knows we've missed you."

It's hard to tell if the negative reviews are actually on point or if they are the work of haters who are trying to make a name for themselves by attacking a high-profile, big-budget blockbuster. Indiana Jones is one of those films that has to be seen and judged for oneself ... relying solely on reviews ain't gonna cut it. It's been almost 20 years since the last Indiana Jones film came out ... I can't wait to see this latest, final installment (Spielberg says he would love to make more Indy movies). Jim and I have already purchased our tickets for a midnight screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull tomorrow night/Wednesday morning so we're very excited to see it ... I may even wear my Indiana Jones hat from Disneyland to the screening! Well, mebbe not but I'll at least bring along my bull whip. [Source]

The Party's Over

There has been much media hoopla this weekend concerning the fact that Tony Romo accompanied Jessica Simpson to the Encino, CA wedding of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz on Saturday with a couple reports coming out from "inside sources" who attended the nuptials. People magazine is reporting that Jessimo showed lots of "PDA" at the wedding:

"They were very cozy and cute together," said a source close to the couple, slamming Internet reports that Simpson was devastated to learn that her ex, John Mayer, has taken up with Jennifer Aniston. "She's definitely not mourning John Mayer! She was in an amazing mood and so happy her sister was getting married." As for Saturday's wedding and Alice In Wonderland-themed reception, Romo continued to shower the elder Simpson, 27, with attention, said the source. "They were kissing and holding hands throughout the night," added the insider. "He was very sweet to her. They were very much a couple."

HMMM ... while this is very interesting, I find it more interesting that as soon as the wedding was over, Jessica Simpson boarded a plane for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to go on vacation WITHOUT Tony Romo ... who, apparently, has elsewhere to be. Here are pics of Jess boarding the private jet that winged her South of the border with her faithful companion Daisy (her dog) and her meddling parents Tina and Joe Simpson:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Tony Romo may have joined Jessica Simpson for pregnant sister Ashlee's Saturday wedding — but he skipped out on a family vacation with her the next day. On Sunday, Jessica and her parents Joe and Tina hopped a private jet for some R&R in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, amidst reports that she and Romo had split. Jessica, who toted her dog Daisy on the tarmac, doesn't seem to have relationship luck in Cabo. After a teary 2007 trip there with John Mayer — who's currently dating Jennifer Aniston — the pair called it quits.

Uh huh. I find it very easy to believe that all "inside reports" from the Ashl33n wedding are carefully authorized by the media-savvy Papa Joe Simpson who, I believe, had complete control over what information came out of that private wedding. Of course there are going to be reports of Jessica and Tony canoodling at the nuptials. The fact that Tony couldn't be cajoled into flying down to Mexico with Jessica and the family says something, I think. Let's see if the couple reunites again now that there isn't a big Simpson family event happening in the media. [Source]

Warp Speed ... To The Altar

While there is only speculation that Justin Timberlake may be ready to get married to Jessica Biel, there is no question that Star Trek star George Takei is absolutely planning to be wed as soon as he can. Takei announced on his official website that now that the California Supreme Court has overturned the State's ban on same-sex marriage, he plans to get married to his longtime partner Brad Altman as soon as humanly possible:

Our California dream is reality. Brad Altman and I can now marry. We are overjoyed! At long last, the barrier to full marriage rights for same-sex couples has been torn down. We are equal with all citizens of our state! The California Supreme Court has ruled that all Californians have a fundamental right to marry the person he or she loves. Brad and I have shared our lives together for over 21 years. We've worked in partnership; he manages the business side of my career and I do the performing. We've traveled the world together from Europe to Asia to Australia. We've shared the good times as well as struggled through the bad. He helped me care for my ailing mother who lived with us for the last years of her life. He is my love and I can't imagine life without him. Now, we can have the dignity, as well as all the responsibilities, of marriage. We embrace it all heartily. The California Supreme Court further ruled that our Constitution provides for equal protection for all and that it cannot have marriage for one group and another form -- domestic partnership -- for another group. No more "separate but equal." No more second-class citizenship. Brad and I are going to be married as full citizens of our state ... Brad and I are enjoying the delicious dilemma of deciding where, when, and how we will be married. Marriage equality took a long time, but, like fine wine, its bouquet is simply exquisite.

OMG, I love it. The California Supreme Court's ruling is so monumental ... anything seems possible now. This year, this country looks likely is going to elect the first President of the United States that is NOT a while man ... and if you add the importance of abolishing second-class citizenry when it comes to marriage ... well, the world seems like a very exciting place right now. You can feel the joy in George Takei's post and I couldn't be more happy for him and Brad Altman. I wish them many, many happy years together as a happily married couple. Much love and congrats!! [Source]

Really Ready To Settle Down, JT?

Is Justin Timberlake ready to say goodbye to his philandering bachelor days and finally settle down with the woman of his dreams? Well, if a new report from The Sun is to believed he is. Apparently, JT has been scouting out possible island sites for a possible wedding ... that is, if it is possible that he is ready to ask his current love interest, Jessica Biel, to be his bride:

HE HAS dated some of the most beautiful women in the world but gorgeous actress JESSICA BIEL has finally tamed JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. I hear he will soon be proposing and has already started looking at potential wedding venues — or in his case, islands. The two have been dating since January last year and rumours are rife they may already be planning a family. One source said Jessica has not been drinking recently, sparking pregnancy rumours. They added: "Justin is 27 and thinking about marriage and kids. For the first time in his life he is feeling settled and has definitely decided to pop the question to Jessica. He is so happy with her. They spent quite a bit of time apart recently when Justin was working with MADONNA. That made him certain Jessica was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with." For any girls out there not yet feeling a twinge of jealously towards Jessica ... wait until you see where Justin wants them to get wed. His No. 1 choice is the beautiful West Indian island of Mustique. Words can't do the place justice, although the official website comes close, describing it as: "An exclusive, 1,400-acre island in the southern Caribbean with lush, rolling terrain cooled by trade winds, surrounded by pristine white beaches and clear, aquamarine waters." Though it is not just the island's natural beauty that attracts Justin. Because it is privately owned by those who live there, he would be able to ban all paparazzi ... from even landing there. His friend added: "Although Justin has lived his whole life in the public eye, he feels his wedding is the one day that should remain private. To get all his close friends and family to Mustique will cost a fortune. But he can't put a price on how he feels about Jessica. Then there are the rumours about a baby being on the way."

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't necessarily believe a report like this but with all the crazy marriage stuff going on these days (I'm talking to you Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon), well, anything is possible. These reports always throw in the pregs biz but you just never know. Don't be surprised if you wake up one day to the news that Justin Timberlake got hitched ... I know I won't be. [Source]

Mayerston Go Public

Well, lookie here ... it seems that the lurvin' that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer has evolved from a spring fling to a full-fledged thing. John Mayer, who spent part of the weekend providing entertainment for the opening of the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Ledyard, CT, made time to accompany Jennifer Aniston to the very public wrap party for her new movie Marley & Me in Miami, FL ... and the couple made it plainly obvs to all those in attendance at said party that they are very much an item:

Photo credit: Splash News

Long-term singleton Jennifer Aniston, 39, gets up close and personal with her toyboy lover, musician John Mayer, and clearly doesn't care who notices. The former Friends star canoodled with Mayer, 30, at the wrap party for her new movie, Marley and Me. Jennifer looked mesmerized as she stared into the five-time Grammy award-winning guitarist's eyes, and then moved in to lock lips as they lounged at the party in Miami ... the couple seem blissfully happy, and recently enjoyed a romantic break together in the city where there were also seen canoodling poolside. A source told The Daily Mirror: "They appear to be in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. They were laughing at each other's jokes and being very touchy-feely." Last weekend they put on a show of poolside passion at the Mandrian Oriental Hotel in Miami, where she has been filming Marley & Me and later headed to the film's wrap party together. A source said: "She's really into John, and the nine year age difference doesn't bother her for a second. Jen's already telling friends she's falling in love with this guy." Jennifer and John arrived in New York date came on the same day as Angelina Jolie confirmed she and Brad Pitt are expecting twins, which will take their brood up to six.

AWWWWW ... don't they look sweet together? You know, at first I had a hard time seeing these two together but the more I see them all cozy with one another, the more natural it feels. I guess I don't really see this relationship developing into something long-term (or fully committed) but they do seem to be enjoying one another right now. I like Mayerston ... even if they only turn out to be Friends with benefits. [Source]