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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ashl33n Come Clean

On Monday April 14, 2008 Pete Wentz spoke exclusively to MTV News, via email in regards to the burgeoning rumors that he and his then just announced fiancée Ashlee Simpson were expecting their first child together, and this is what was said:

In an e-mail to MTV News, Wentz denied reports that surfaced Monday (April 14) on the Web sites of OK! magazine and Us Weekly that he and Simpson, 23, are expecting their first child. "There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood," he wrote. "This is all news to me. I can't wait for the story about how I'm really in a gay relationship and this is all just a cover. ... I mean really, this is crazy. ... I mean we're engaged, that's true, and happy about it." Asked again if he was denying reports that Simpson is pregnant, Wentz, 28, replied, "Yeah."

Then tonight, Wednesday May 28, 2008 the newly christened Mr. and Mrs. Wentz posted the following statement on Pete's official website

This just in from our favorite newlyweds:

"While many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child. This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family."

- Pete and Ashlee Wentz

Which means that Pete either lied to MTV News (which is totally fair and reasonable if he was trying to keep the news quiet) or there is some funny math going on here regarding "trimesters". My contention that he and Ashlee were not expecting a child was based solely on his denial that they were not. I suppose congrats are in order ... at last, Papa Joe Simpson is going to be able to sell the exclusive rights to everything having to do with this child to the highest bidder. It is a joyous day after all.


Quote of the century goes to ONTD! member thirstyneway who posted the following comment once this confirmation went online:

that baby is gonna be born with eye makeup on :O

Total Win! Best.Comment.Ever


Amy Sucks At Housekeeping; Her Vacuum Doesn't Suck At All

The always whacky Amy Winehouse has been spending her downtime engaged in the serious work of housekeeping ... clearly adhering to the old adage, Cleanliness is next to Godliness, Amy wants to make sure that she does her hygienic best to keep her humble abode as clean as possible ...

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

... and FAILS by astronomical proportions. Does she know that the vacuum cleaner has to be turned on to actually suck the dirt out of the carpet? Does she know that said vacuum needs to be plugged in before it can be turned on before it can suck up the dirt from the carpet? Does anyone want to clue her in or should we just sit by and keep watching the tragedy continue to unfold? [Source]


You Gotta Hand It To Becks

Have you ever been jealous of a hand before? How about this hand:

C'mon, I can't be the only one ... right? [Source]


Inappropriate Attire

Here are a few photos of Mariah Carey on the pitcher's mound at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan this week where she was on hand to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Yomiuri Giants vs. the Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball game as was previously reported:

Photo credit: Wireimage

It turns out that Mimi (and hubby Nick Cannon) made their way to Japan for more than just this baseball game ... the newlyweds are in town to make an appearance at the MTV Music Video Awards Japan which will take place this Saturday, May 31. Since she wore skimpy clothing and high heels to the baseball game she'll prolly end up wearing cleats and polyester to the Japanese VMAs, right? [Source]


Mr. Fantastic

Reichen Lehmkuhl is featured in the new issue of Fantastics magazine in a photospread shot by my good French friends Steph and Alek of Here are some of the hot pics of Reichen that are featured in the latest issue:

If some of these pics look familiar you might recall that David and I were invited to this photoshoot where we were on hand to be "photographers' assistants" for the shoot. Even tho we were on hand to watch as the photos were being shot it's still very cool to see what the final product looks like ... in print. [Source]


The TV Guide: Grounded

Well ... I made my way back home to LA safe and sound after an afternoon/evening of flying and am, once again, home, sweet, home -- er, or should I say mess, sweet, mess. The magical fairies that I hoped would come and clean my apartment while I was away must've been on vacay cuz I'm steeped in laundry and piles of junk everywhere I look. Calgon, take me away! Hee hee, it's all good tho ... my traveling days are on hiatus for at least a month so I have plenty of time to get this place in ship-shape ... I guess we'll see how long it takes me to get all of my housekeeping done.

This afternoon I have an appointment in town and tonight a bunch of us are getting together for a birthday dinner with Darion. I think he turns 39 today or something. It will be great to meet up with Le GangTM again -- it's actually been a while since we've all been able to get together like this.

The temp. is coolish here but sunny ... and, as always, it's great to be home :)


Les News: Meet Mrs. Wentz, Jessimo Reunite, Madonna Becomes A Mother Again


Happy Birthday, Kylie Minogue

Birthday Lurve goes out this fine day to the amazing Kylie Minogue who is celebrating her 40th birthday today. Here are a few pics of Kylie thru the years from childhood to womanhood which span the course of her blockbuster career:

There aren't many celebs that I feel an actually affinity for like Kylie. Despite the fact that I've never met the woman, I am utterly and completely convinced that she is just as sweet and kind as I imagine her to be from watching her as a fan thruout the years. I distinctly remember picking up the cassette tape of her debut album back in 1988 (mostly because I was intrigued by the blonde with the big smile, the poofy hair spilling out of the top of her hat and the totally 80's sunglasses pin on her blouse -- yes, I sometimes judge albums by their covers) and falling in love with her poppy sound and campy lyrics. I should be so lucky, indeed. I have been a huge fan of Kylie from 88 on, frequently checking the import bins at my fave record shop (the now defunct Harmony House in Detroit) in the days before the Internet made procuring import music as easy as procuring any domestic release. I am anxiously awaiting my chance to see Kylie Minogue live on stage (finally) in London this summer ... but in the meantime, I wanted to send out birthday wishes and all my love to her today. Happy Birthday, Kyles! XOXO [Source]


Put Your Hands Up For Detroit ... Red Wings

My D-Town girl Kristen Bell (who we all know and love from things like Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) has come out to publicly proclaim that she is rooting for our hometown hockey team the Detroit Red Wings in the quest for the Stanley Cup this year -- and I feel it is my duty to proclaim my lurve for her. Not that the Wings need any sort of celebrity endorsements to get the job done but I kinda love that KB has come out in support of our boys in a new interview with Here are a couple pics of Kristen making her way thru an NY airport this week:

Photo credit: INFdaily recently caught up with Bell and discussed her affection for the Red Wings. Here's what the actress had to say: Why are you rooting for Detroit and why do you think they will win?
KB: I am rooting for Detroit BECAUSE I think they will win! Just kidding. I grew up in Detroit and have always been a huge Wings fan. They have heart, skill, class and the best color combination known to man. That is why they will win. Do you remember your first hockey game, or the beginning of your interest in the sport?
KB: I was 14 years old and kind of a tomboy-- and all the guys I was friends with loved the Wings. They always wanted to play street hockey too – and I did whatever they did. I broke both my wrists -- at the same time --playing street hockey with them. What is your favorite hockey memory?
KB: My parents submitted a picture of me, in my catholic school uniform, with my arms around the Stanley Cup. It ended up on the ticket for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Semifinals against Colorado in 1996. If you could meet any hockey player, who would you meet and why?
KB: Chris Osgood was my first crush. Brad Pitt be damned, he had nothing on Osgood's rookie skill and sad eyes. There was actually a day in high school when I wrote on a name tag 'Mrs. Osgood' and wore it the whole day. I really thought we were perfect for each other. I'd love to meet him and probably apologize that things never worked out. Have you ever been to a Stanley Cup Playoff game before?
KB: You bet your bottom dollar I have. What is the city of Detroit like during playoffs?
KB: It's electrifying. It's called Hockeytown. What do you like most about the Stanley Cup Playoff hockey atmosphere?
KB: I like that it gets crazy -- everybody seems to be rooting for the same thing. In a city filled with diversity, we seem to band together when it comes to the Wings. If you had the Stanley Cup for one day, what would you do with it?
KB: I would start by eating an entire box of Fruity Pebbles out of it. Then I'd take an afternoon sponge bath in it. Then I'd retro fit it with handles and make it into a Stanley Cup handbag. Are your friends and family watching the Final?
KB: Absolutely. It's all they will talk about! What projects are you currently working on?
KB: I am currently employed filming a movie in New York and Rome called "When in Rome," although all my focus is on how I can sneak off set to check out how my Wings are scoring.

That.Is.My.Girl.Y'all! Kristen Bell has won all of my lurve and repect for keepin' it real and holding it down for her hometown boys. I just wish other folks who hail from the Motor City would speak up on Detroit's behalf every now and again. That's my home, y'all, and I love it. Holla! [Source]


Fierocity Factor: Level 10

Our favorite humanlike robot Vicki B. was exercising her right to fierceness yesterday afternoon as she was spied high atop the Chateau Marmont here in LA busting out all sorts of dramatically over-the-top poses ... check it out:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm presuming that VB was workin' it out for a photoshoot but I suppose it's not that difficult to believe that she was merely being fierce for fierceness' sake. You know, I like to poke fun at VB from time to time but even I have to give it up that the robot is one fierce beyotch. Work it out, VB, work it out. [insert finger snap here]

Speaking of working it out ... Vicks was spotted later on in the day taking her youngest child, Cruz Beckham, out for some eats at one of her favorite restaurants in LA -- Pink Taco at the Century City Mall:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Miss Thang was workin' those hot pink hoochie heels like nobody's biz. I'm sure these patent leather stilettos cost a pretty penny but they really don't look all that different from the ones worn by the workin' girls who hang out at Hollywood and Vine. Whatevs, y'all ... she owns it. You own it, guuuuuuuuurl!


Takin' Full Advantage Of Those Memorial Day Sales

The just-about-to-pop Jamie Lynn Spears and her cutie patooty unwed babydaddy Casey Aldridge spent part of their Memorial Day this past Monday taking full advantage of the sales goin' on at their friendly, neighborhood Wal-Mart in McComb, MS. Here are a few pics of the happy couple making their way into and then out of the Superstore with a cart full of grub:

Photo credit: INFdaily

It looks like the couple is stocking up on soda, chips and other snacks perhaps in preparation for the coming of their unborn young'n. I imagine it's a special time in a young person's life when they find themselves on the brink of parenthood despite having yet to fully mature out of puberty. It brings a tear to my eye. It shant be long now ... pretty soon we'll be seeing pics of Casey-Lynn coming out of Wal-Mart with shopping carts full of diapers, baby formula and cheap beer -- after all, Casey has to cope with the loss of his youth somehow. [Source]


It's Good To Be A Celeb

The ever-watchful TMZ has been keeping a close eye on Gary Dourdan (former star of CSI: [who was just killed off the show in the season finale, most probably because of his recent drug arrest] who routinely made it a habit to be a complete douchebag to TMZ whenever possible) and his legal woes. They were the first to report that Dourdan had been arrested on suspicion of drug possession (heroin, cocaine, ecstasy) and are now reporting that Dourdan has plead his way out of a jail sentence for said offense:

Gary Dourdan pleaded guilty to two of the felony possession charges against him and won't have to serve any jail time. The first charged against him, for having heroin, was dropped. He pleaded guilty to the possession of coke and ecstasy charges. Dourdan will enter a treatment program and has to complete 16 classes. The charges will be dismissed when he completes the program.

Un-effing-believable! I find it EXTREMELY difficult to believe that this sort of punishment would be handed down to a "regular" person arrested on the same offense. While I'm pretty surprised that the heroin possession charge was dropped, I'm downright shocked that he will not only NOT be forced to serve any time in jail but he will only have to endure 16 drug treatment classes! Why is it that the "regular" people are OK with this sort of preferential treatment for celebs? I'm pretty appalled because, sadly, I do not believe this will solve the problem. I hope I'm wrong and I hope that Dourdan can kick his deadly and dangerous habits in these 16 drug treatment classes but I somehow suspect this won't be the last run-in with the law to come his way. [Source]


Hello, Exploitation

Geri Halliwell, in what can only be assumed as a pretty desperate attempt to either A.) make money, B.) gain a little attention or C.) keep up with the other celebrity Joneses, has allowed Hello! magazine to feature a full color photospread of her daughter Bluebell Madonna's second birthday party. Here are a few very cute, yet obvs staged photos from Bluebell's Alice In Wonderland-themed birthday party as featured in the new issue of Hello!:

Every little girl deserves a magical birthday. So when Geri Halliwell's daughter Bluebell turned two, the Spice Girl marked the occasion with a fabulous Alice In Wonderland-themed bash, shared exclusively with HELLO! magazine readers. The festivities, which took place in a 16th-century mansion, featured lop-eared bunnies, enormous stuffed toys, and white-horse chess pieces. And the guest of honour came dressed as a fairy princess - which to her adoring mum was quite appropriate. "She's my little fairy," enthuses the showbiz dynamo, adding: "It's like a magic wand was waved when she came into my life."

While some celebs go to great lengths to keep the paparazzi or any outside photographers away from their private family celebrations, it appears that Ginger is of the other ilk of celebs who is happy to invite publications (either for the attention or for the money or both) into their private celebrations in order to have those "private" moments featured in the media (in this case, on the cover of a magazine). While I don't particularly see anything wrong with this type of behavior, I do find it hypocritical that celebs invite this kind of scrutiny in some instances and then complain when they are scrutinized in other like instances. I just hope Geri understands that offering up her daughter's 2nd birthday party like this will, no doubt, tell the paps that it's open season on other similar family situations. Oh and Happy Birthday, Bluebell. [Source, Source]


The Calcium Crusader

Batman is the latest celeb to jump on board the Got Milk? bandwagon and is featured in their newest ad campaign. Why Batman is drinking milk while he's wearing his rubber suit is beyond me but here is the ad complete with milk'stache:

Click above to see larger size image

This from the accompanying press release:

Billionaire by day, Caped Crusader by night; living a dual life is no easy task. Along with exercise and eating right, Batman knows drinking milk helps him refuel and stay in top shape after a night spent defeating Gotham City's most evil villains. Wearing the famous milk 'stache for a second time, Batman from The Dark Knight is the latest hero to support the "Body by Milk" campaign, created to encourage teens to drink three glasses of lowfat or fat free milk everyday, eat right and be active to stay lean and healthy. Batman's ad copy reads: "Others reload. Batman refuels. Research suggests that milk's unique mix of nutrients can help athletes recover after exercise. And its protein can help build muscle. So train hard and drink lowfat or fat free milk, because the Batmobile isn't the only thing that needs to refuel." The ad launches on June 1. The Body by Milk Campaign and DC Comics wants to give one lucky person a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be drawn into a Batman comic book. Head to and enter the Batman Refuels Sweepstakes for a chance to be immortalized in the famed hero’s comic book. One grand prize winner will have his or her likeness drawn into a Batman comic. Fifteen additional fans will win a special Batman prize from Mattel™. Check out Batman's new Body By Milk ad, watch The Dark Knight trailers, grab the new Body by Milk "widget," and enjoy other cool content like exclusive behind-the-scenes videos from Milk Mustache celebrity ad shoots at! The Dark Knight hits theaters nationwide beginning July 18.

The Body by Milk site has a microsite devoted to Batman and The Dark Knight movie due out this July. Click HERE to enter the comic book contest or to watch TDK movie trailer and/or to download wallpapers, icons and widgets devoted to Batman and his milk'stache. [Source]


Sex And The City Premieres In NYC

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall reigned supreme at the New York City premiere of the Sex and the City Movie which was held at Radio City Music Hall in NYC last night. Here are a few pics of the Sexy ladies as they made their way down the pink carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News & Wireimage

The foreplay is over! After years of forced abstinence, Carrie and company returned to Manhattan last night and hit the pink carpet for the star-studded premiere of "Sex and the City: The Movie." Its stars got a thunderous reception outside Radio City Music Hall from adoring fans - many of whom were dressed to the nines while screaming and jumping at the sight of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis). "The best part about making the movie was being back with the women on the set all day every day, and the best part about tonight is being here with you and being with the fans," Parker said. As she spoke, she lifted her arms toward the crowd on the sidewalk - getting grown women to scream like teenage girls. The "Sex" quartet outshone other formidable star power at the event, including Jerry Seinfeld, Matthew Broderick (SJP's hubby), Edie Falco and Ashley Olsen, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, designer Donna Karan and singers Lil' Kim, Mary J. Blige and Fergie. [Source]

Here are a few pics of our other favorite folks who were featured on the TV show or will be featured in the SaTC Movie -- Chris Noth (Mr. Big), Jason Lewis (Smith), Lynn Cohen (Magda) and Jennifer Hudson (in her first movie role since her Academy Award-winning performance in Dreamgirls -- she'll be playing a character named Louise):

Photo credit: Splash News & Wireimage

And of course, there was a cavalcade of celebs and fashionistas who made their way out into the hot, muggy/rainy NY night just to be part of the premiere celebration:

Photo credit: Splash News & Wireimage

Everyone looked great ... SJP decided to leave the funky hats at home, Fergie classed it up with her cute little dress, Lil' Kim penciled in her eyebrows just so -- it was a night of magic. I am a bit surprised to see the Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano wore the same gold lame top that he has been wearing in all of his recent red carpet appearances. I can understand if a designer wants to wear a singular looking outfit as his signature look (think Roberto Cavalli) but I'm not a fan of the gold blouse -- it doesn't even have a ruffled fur collar or anything!

OY! I am so excited for the debut of SaTC this week! I can hardly stand it. It really feels like the Sex and the City Movie is the Indiana Jones for the ladies and the gays. I wouldn't be surprised if housewives all around the country started handing over their kiddies to the nannies OR their mannies in order to get in line for the first movie showings. We're just 2 days away from the movie's release, y'all! Holla!!!!



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