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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Detroit Red Wings Win The 2008 Stanley Cup, Bitches!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! The Detroit Red Wings have *just* defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals to win this year's NHL Championship!!!!

Hockeytown is home to the Stanley Cup -- again. Using a little Motown magic on the road, the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in 11 seasons Wednesday night with a 3-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 6 of the finals. The celebration came two nights later than expected. The Penguins forced the series back to Pennsylvania by tying Game 5 with 34.3 seconds left in regulation and winning it shortly before 1 a.m. in Detroit on Petr Sykora's power-play goal in triple overtime. Undeterred, the Red Wings hit the road and wrapped up their fourth straight series on the road in these playoffs. Detroit is third in NHL history with 11 Stanley Cup titles, trailing fellow Original Six clubs Montreal and Toronto.

Much congrats go to the Penguins for a hard fought finals but ALL MY LURVE goes to my Detroit Red Wings!!! HOLLLLA!!! [Source]


Soooo Over It Already?

Newish couple Blake Lively and Penn Badgely were spotted enjoying a lovely afternoon together in NYC this week. The pair gloomily skulked in the streets of SoHo, scowling at all the attention from the photogs who were taking their photographs:

Photo credit: INFdaily and Splash News

Clearly, the couple don't look all that thrilled that folks are paying them mind ... which totally baffles me. Why work so hard to attain fame and then get pissed off when you get it. I get that celebs might not always be in the mood to have their photo taken and they might not be in the mood to smile all of the time but I don't know that it's a good idea for newborn celebs like BlakeLey (PennLey?) to lok all pissy this early into their career. Gossip Girl can use all the help in the ratings that they can get ... it might be wise for the couple to at least feign happiness once in a while. They make a great couple ... I'd hate for them to start turning into a miserable couple. [Source, Source]


Stop & Go

After spending the last few months on the downlow, refusing to be seen together at public events to promote their latest movie Stop-Loss, Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish seem to have relaxed on the clandestine nature of their relationship and boldly ventured out together to pick up some snacks and soda at a Hollywood area CVS drug store:

Photo credit: X17

I suppose it's *possible* that the Stop-Loss co-stars have remained good friends but the pair do look very coupley in these photos. As much as I don't relish the idea of Ryan Phillippe reattached to any one else, I guess I don't really mind if he's found happiness with Abbie Conish. Ugh, his ex-wife is supposedly romancing Jake Gyllenhaal so I'd be fine with Ryan being with Abbie. I'd be more fine with Ryan being with Jake but the thought of those two doing the nasty might make my head explode. Le sigh. [Source]


The TV Guide: Fun For All Ages

Late yesterday afternoon, I met up with Michael, Steph and Alek at S&A's place so that we could all drive down to Anaheim, CA together to spend the rest of the day at Disneyland. I almost bailed on the guys because I still have so much to do at home before David arrives and so much to do tech-wise for the site relaunch next week. I ended up getting a bulk of stuff done around here so I decided to make our Disney date after all. I am so glad that I did. I was able to unstress and just have fun with my friends ... and boy, did we have fun:

As I mentioned earlier, we had no idea that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were at Disneyland yesterday while we were there ... we did California Adventure first so I'm sure we weren't even close to running into them. It was Alek's first trip to Disneyland so we hit all the big rides for him ... our fave, as always, was the Indiana Jones ride -- which is not only the coolest ride in the park but it far more entertaining than the new Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie is. Michael made us reservations at the Blue Bayou restaurant for dinner and managed to get a lot accomplished considering we got there so late.

We had a lot of fun at the Mad Hatter hat shop:

And each walked away with our own set of Mickey Mouse ears with our names on them:

Hahahhahaha ... I dunno why I look so grumpy, I really did have a great time yesterday.

This afternoon, I have more meetings and then lots of stuff to take care of here. I think I'll be staying in as a result. It's all good tho, I had enough fun yesterday at Disneyland to get me thru the next week :)


Les News: No Shanghai For Sharon, No Marriage For Charlize, No Home For McMahon


Happy Birthday, Angelina Jolie

Birthday Lurve goes out to the currently pregs with twin babies Angelina Jolie who turns 33 years old today:

The mother of 4, soon to be 6, will most likely be celebrating her birthday in seclusion at the Brangelina manse in France today with her loving family (partner Brad Pitt and children Maddox, Zahara, Pax Thien and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt). As Saint of the planet and mother to all, I felt it was only fitting that she gets her own personal dose of Birthday Lurve today ... even superheroes need love sometimes :) Happy Birthday, Ange!!!


The Sappiest Place On Earth

Yesterday afternoon, my friends Michael, Steph, Alek and I made our way down to Anaheim, CA to spend the rest of the day/night at Disneyland to get away from the stresses for a while and to help Alek enjoy his first visit to the theme park. It turns out that The Hills co-stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt also had the same idea to enjoy the park yesterday. Unfortch, our paths never crossed ... we had an absolute blast and it looks like Speidi did as well. Here are a few pics of the happy couple getting a sneak preview of the new Toy Story Mania! ride that is set to open to the public on June 17:

These pics were released to the media by Disneyland (to promote the new Toy Story attraction) but the media-savvy couple brought along their own paparazzi photog to snap pics of the couple (with Spencer's nieces Hayley and Ava) to promote themselves in various cheesy poses (which you can see HERE). Don't get me wrong, my friends and I posed for a plethora of our own cheesy pics (which I'll post a little later on) so I can't really hate on Speidi for doing the same. I gotta say, I never tire of having fun at Disneyland no matter how many times I go back. Annual passes are the total bomb! [Source]


It Must've Slipped His Mind

John Mayer got himself in a lick of trubs yesterday when the police pulled him over for driving his Land Rover without any visible license plates. And, as luck (karma?) would have it, Mayer's traffic violation occurred right in front of TMZ headquarters on Sunset Blvd. which put the entire incident on display in front of the paparazzi:

Photo credit: Splash News

Perhaps John Mayer should stick to jogging. Less paperwork involved and fewer embarrassing photo ops. E! News confirms the pop-rock crooner was pulled over Tuesday in West Hollywood at 12:15 p.m. after officers observed Mayer's green Land Rover was missing its rear license plate. The "Waiting on the World to Change" singer was ticketed for a registration violation, according to the West Hollywood Sheriff Station's watch commander, and then sent on his merry way. But not before the unbashful blogger issued an apology to the paparazzi who, as you can see, were at the ready when the incident went down. In fact, Mayer's run-in occured right in front of TMZ headquarters. "We'll take care of this, it's an unfortunate situation ... we'll make amends," Mayer told the assorted shutterbugs.

In Mayer's defense, he does have quite a few automobiles in his fleet of vehicles so I imagine it's difficult to keep track of which ones are registered and which ones are not. In the end, this is such a non-issue ... I just think it's kinda funny that the guy got busted by the po po right in the pit of paparazzi central. [Source]


Excuses, Excuses

The coverstory of the new issue of US Weekly focuses on the problems that Papa Joe Simpson's meddling is causing for his eldest daughter Jessica Simpson and her hanging-by-a-thread relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. The couple, who it was reported temporarily split a few weeks ago, have rekindled their romance ... on Romo's condition that Papa Joe back off and stop effing with their relationship. Papa Joe is defending his actions to exploit every facet of this children's private lives for financial gain (ie. selling wedding photos, exclusive private family news, etc.) by essentially saying that he is just doing his job:

Photo credit: Splash News

In its new issue, Us Weekly reports that Jessica Simpson's controlling father Joe nearly destroyed her relationship with Tony Romo and was behind their brief split in May. Us reveals how the Dallas Cowboys quarterback gave the singer an ultimatum: Tell dad to back off! Joe defends himself, telling Us, "It's unfair to criticize me for what every manager does for his or her clients. And in this business, where people can quickly turn on you, who better than a parent to be working for his children?" He went on, "A parent will always be there for his kids and never give up on them. I work hard seven days a week for my girls because I love them. Why in the world would I ever want to do anything that would hurt my children?"

It seems clear to pretty much anyone with eyes that Papa Joe was a major factor in the destruction of Jessica's marriage to Nick Lachey and I can honestly believe that his meddling is causing the same destruction this time around for Jessimo. While I can agree that a parent can turn out to be an excellent manager for their children's professional careers, I know of far too many instances where biz comes before family and money is what overshadows everything. I've always felt that Dina Lohan is trying to become the female version of Papa Joe Simpson ... which says a lot about them both. I just hope, at the end of the day, that Daddy Simpson realizes that his daughters' welfare is of paramount importance. It is possible to be both a manager and a good father ... but the "father" part has to come first. [Source]


Sip & Slide

Victoria Beckham, who has been in NYC this week, was spotted out and about yesterday wearing a very fitting, provincial outfit that had her looking very much the part of a happy homemaker, circa 1952. This was an outfit that she must've really been digging because not only did she wear it all day long ... but she also wore it all night long ... well into a night of possibly heavy drinking ;) Here are a couple pics of VB getting a little assistance from her friends as she made her way out of STK last night:

Photo credit: INFdaily

While her former Spice Girl bandmates were collecting a Best Band award at last night's Glamour Awards, Victoria Beckham was in need of a little help from her friends as she left a New York restaurant. Posh was flanked by two pals as she tottered out of upmarket restaurant STK in the trendy meatpacking district. Her absence at last night's high profile event - attended by Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown - did not go unnoticed but it seems she had a more pressing engagement. Posh flew to New York for the high-profile CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday night. Yesterday she went to a meeting in Manhattan at Conde Nast before indulging in some retail therapy at the Bergdorf Goodman store. Perhaps she was a little giddy over the news that her husband David has bought her a vineyard for her 34th birthday. The star is said to have paid a seven-figure sum for the estate in the Napa Valley, which will produce wine exclusively for their consumption.

Yeah, Vicks looks pretty trashed to me ... especially when you take into consideration the fact that she couldn't even be bothered to change her clothes for dinner! You know, I bet Vicki B. is one helluva good time when she's plastered ... and now that she's got her own vineyard producing booze just for her, well, I suspect the spirited good times have only just begun. I'd really love to see her in that state for myself -- but photos like this will do :) [Source]


Jason Mraz Is Healthy

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz (who I tend to refer to as John Mayer, Jr.) has updated his official My Space profile with a new blog about his quest to eat healthy while he tours the world ... providing photos to illustrate his tale. Jason blogs about the importance of eating properly and bringing on tour with him the tools necessary to make his own healthy meals (foregoing the "unhealthy" processed foods that one finds while on the road or in hotels) ... which includes a cache of healthy groceries, a Vita-Mix blender, a pair of black bikini underwear and a "big fucking knife". Here is the text of Jason's My Space blogpost and one of his illustrative photos:

Travel Tip 3: Bring a Big Fucking Knife

Time zone hopping and the hyper robotic routine of touring require energy levels to be consistent and my schedule isn't one that affords me any sick days. So I travel with a chopping knife and a cutting board. Rather than rely on room service and overpriced restaurant versions of vegetarian cuisine, I shop at local grocers and eat my own delicious homemade meals. The knife, a classic single layer stainless steel, in addition to raising concerns with airport security, is also good for shocking housekeeping staff. My DO NOT DISTURB sign is in constant use during any hotel stay, yet all maids seem to have this incredible urge to assist and clean. Thus, opening the door in bikini briefs gripping a 10-inch blade makes my point. I can make my own bed. I also bring along a Vita-Mix blender, a powerhouse of a tool. I start each day with a crazy ass Superfood Smoothie that most people refer to as, the Green Sludge. It contains a lot of what you see in this mini-bar. Super Greens, Hemp Protein, Goji Juice, Coconut Water, Flax Seed Oil, My own homemade cashew milk, Raw Cacao, Bee pollen, sometimes a banana, a little crushed ice, toad knuckles, agave nectar, Stevia, and/or Natural Vaginal Juices to sweeten to your liking. All this stuff is checked at the airport in what I like to call my "Movable Feast," a handy box that puts the kit in kitchen. I update the staples when I need to, about every two weeks. But the salad fixins are refreshed daily. If it seems costly it's not. I think about the cost my body pays for eating processed food and immediately I'm happy about the investment of time finding these natural alternatives. ALTERNATIVES? How did we let nature's supply take a back seat and become so hard to reach? You are what you eat. And since April 1st, this has been an experiment worthy of the effort. My trusty sidekick, Toca Rivera, has also been eating this way, relying only on raw and natural foods. We started this diet when Toca discovered he was Diabetic. But now, thanks to eating REAL food, his numbers are closer to normal and soon his blood tests will not reveal any sign of Diabetes ... I will likely keep this up for a long time. I don't crave any other foods anymore. Anything processed just doesn't seem real. I may as well eat cardboard if it has the same nutritional value. And I'll keep getting creative with food. That's the best part. I'm starting to see myself in the meals I make. And I have no trouble spending hours in the grocery store reading the labels and talking with other customers. Plus, hot girls fresh from yoga hang out in natural food stores. And I suspect they're horny. More and more people are getting excited about health and we're all tired of being offered cheap replicas of food. We want change and we believe we CAN have it. Yes we can.

I dunno what a mostly-nekkid pic of Jason Mraz has to do with anything that he blogged about (except for terrorizing the hotel staff, like he mentioned) ... but I'm not complaining. I like the size of his knife ... it looks like he wields it well. If eatin' and drinkin' all that mess he's talking about in this post results in him lookin' like this ... well, I have no complaints about that either. Blog on, Mraz ... keep the fun pics comin'!!!! [Source]


The Crying Game

Yesterday it was reported that Nick Hogan's request to be freed from his solitary Pinellas County jail cell in Florida was denied ... so in retaliation, Hogan's attorney filed a lawsuit against the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department for releasing recordings of his private phone conversations (which have been made widely public and subject to hilarious scrutiny). And so, in retaliation of that move, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department has released photos of the jail cell that Nick is being held in ... you know, just for kicks:

Nick Hogan does not want to be singled out by Florida's Pinellas County Sheriff's Department. Except when he does. The Hulkster's son, currently serving an eight-month sentence for felony reckless driving stemming from a crash that left his friend in critical condition, has filed a civil suit against the department for releasing recordings of his private phone conversations. News of the suit surfaced on the same day a judge denied the younger Hogan's request to be removed from solitary confinement because it's causing him "unbearable anxiety." Hmm. Perhaps that's why it's called punishment. Officials said the 17-year-old, whose real name is Nick Bollea, was originally separated from other inmates because he is, until his July 27 birthday, a minor. This, despite him being convicted in adult court. The rejection and subsequent alone time shouldn't smart the teen too much, however, as he seems to prize his privacy above all else. Attorneys for Bollea have filed a civil suit against the Sheriff's Office for what they claim is a violation of his privacy rights, after the office released a series of phone conversations between the jailbird, his wrestler father and his mother. Pinellas County Sheriff's spokeswoman Marianne Pasha told E! News that the family had fair—and frequent—warning their calls were being recorded. "During the phone calls, there is a recording that comes on reminding callers that their call is being recorded," she said. "All calls from the jail are collect calls and all persons involved in the calls are advised that the call is being taped." However, the Bolleas should feel free to go at it now. "We cannot comment on this case because there is now litigation pending," Pasha said. "And we will also not be able to release any more calls while this litigation is pending."

HMMMM ... the Hogans sure are making a big stink over this. I just don't understand how they don't get that Nick Hogan is BEING PUNISHED FOR HIS CRIME and is supposed to be made to feel "uncomfortable". It would be amazing if Nick's ass did get released from solitary confinement when he turns 18 ... so that he can be thrown into the general population ... and is made to understand what incarceration is really all about. That would be justice. It would also be fitting for him to stay in jail for his entire 8-month sentence, not getting out early for any reason at all. I suspect (and hope) that all of the Hogan's bitching will lead to just that result. Is it too much to hope that Nick Hogan is actually learning his lesson? Honestly, I have my doubts. [Source]


Making History/Herstory

Senator Barack Obama made sweeping history last night as he won enough delegates in the Democratic Party to become the presumptive nominee for President of the United States. For the first time in history, an African American has become the presidential nominee of one of this country's major political parties ... and I couldn't be more thrilled and proud of my country as a result. I knew this day would come ... and now I look forward to the day that this country elects said African American, Barack Obama, as our nation's leader -- but first things first. There is a little matter of Senator Hillary Clinton to figure out first. Here are pics of Sen. Obama and his wife Michelle in St. Paul, MN last night where he declared victory in the Democratic primary race in his bid for the presidency:

"Tonight, I can stand here and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States." With those words, Barack Obama made history Tuesday night. Sixteen months after launching his brash, long-shot quest for the White House, Barack Obama claimed victory as the Democrats' standard-bearer - the first African-American candidate anointed by either major party for the White House. The backdrop chosen for Obama's declaration of victory was an in-your-face message to GOP opponent John McCain - the arena in St. Paul that will be the site of this summer's Republican National Convention. "Tonight, we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another - a journey that will bring a new and better day to America," Obama said to 17,000 cheering, joyous supporters. Another 15,000 crowded the streets outside. Obama and his wife, Michelle, who wore a violet dress, ascended the stage amid thunderous applause. Obama kissed her on the cheek before she left the stage and he began to speak. The senator thanked his family and staff but reserved his most heartfelt thanks to his grandmother, who lives in Hawaii and can't travel. "Tonight is for her," he said. The nomination prize became Obama's as scores more superdelegates rallied to his side Tuesday. His delegate share from the last two primaries in South Dakota and Montana sealed his win over Hillary Clinton. Obama's bold and successful challenge to Clinton, a former First Lady with worldwide fame and unmatched political machines, ranks with the biggest political upsets in modern American history. Obama, with his fans cheering their approval, offered generous tribute to the vanquished New York senator even as she held off from conceding defeat. "As someone who's shared a stage with her many times, I can tell you that what gets Hillary Clinton up in the morning" is "an unyielding desire to improve the lives of ordinary Americans, no matter how difficult the fight may be," Obama said.

It was a long, hard fought primary season and much congratulation goes out to Sen. Obama for securing the Democratic Party's nomination. As I said, I always knew that the day would come when our country would see an African American not only lead one of the two major political parties (and I *always* knew it'd be the Democratic Party) but go on to lead our country as a whole. Honestly, I wasn't sure I'd see it in my lifetime but here we are ... poised on the brink of this major and important accomplishment. But, we do still have to get thru the actual presidential campaign this Fall ... [Source]

... and it's unclear exactly where Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton will fit in the race for the White House. Sen. Clinton congratulated Obama "on the race he had run" but she has yet to concede the race -- possibly until she is asked to join Obama's ticket in the Vice President position. Here are pics of Sen. Clinton with her husband, former President Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea at a rally at Baruch College in New York last night:

Sen. Hillary Clinton says she's not out, but with rival Sen. Barack Obama securing his long-held lead, many are asking what she plans to do next. Both candidates will be in Washington on Wednesday, first when they each address the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and later when they are both expected in the Senate for a budget vote. Obama became his party's presumptive nominee Tuesday and will be looking to unite Democrats divided by the long and contentious primary season. Some say putting Clinton on the ticket might fit the bill, but the former first lady promised Tuesday only that she wouldn't make an immediate decision on her future. "Now, the question is: Where do we go from here?" she asked supporters gathered at New York's Baruch College on Tuesday. "And given how far we've come and where we need to go as a party, it's a question I don't take lightly. This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight." Clinton lavished her opponent with praise, saying he ran an "extraordinary race" and made politics more palatable for many. "Sen. Obama has inspired so many Americans to care about politics and empowered so many more to get involved," she said. "Our party and our democracy is stronger and more vibrant as a result. So we are grateful." But with some Democrats clamoring for her to join Obama on the ticket, and with the Democratic National Convention -- and thus, the official anointment -- still more than two months out, the senator from New York gave no hint as to her plan.


Four top Democratic leaders on Wednesday morning asked all uncommitted superdelegates to make their preferences known by Friday. While they did not formally endorse Mr. Obama or urge Mrs. Clinton to exit the race, Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid and West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin said in a joint statement: "Democrats must now turn our full attention to the general election." They added that the party needed to "stand united and begin our march toward reversing the eight years of failed Bush/McCain policies that have weakened our country." But Mrs. Clinton's top aides on Wednesday morning continued to sidestep questions about when she would suspend her campaign, even as some of her supporters began ratcheting up pressure on Mr. Obama to take her on as his running mate. Robert L. Johnson, a prominent Clinton-backer and the founder of Black Entertainment Television, said Wednesday on CNN's "American Morning" that he planned to enlist members of the Congressional Black Caucus to push Mr. Obama to accept Mrs. Clinton as his vice presidential nominee, adding that Mrs. Clinton had not directed his efforts but was aware of them. Mr. Johnson argued that an Obama-Clinton ticket would have the best chance of winning in the general election and would help unify the Democratic Party. Lanny Davis, an aide in the Clinton White House, said he was circulating a petition asking Mr. Obama to pick Mrs. Clinton as his running mate. Mr. Davis said he was acting on his own. Later, however, Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton campaign chairman, insisted on CNN that there had been "absolutely zero discussions" about whether she would accept a vice presidential nod. Mr. McAuliffe said Mrs. Clinton wanted to talk things over with her supporters on Wednesday. "There is plenty of time," Mr. McAuliffe said, continuing to argue that she had won the popular vote, a notion disputed by the Obama campaign. Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton talked early Wednesday morning by telephone. He congratulated her and renewed his offer to "sit down when it makes sense for you," according to a spokesman for Mr. Obama, Robert Gibbs. Mrs. Clinton responded positively, Mr. Gibbs said, but added there were no immediate plans to meet on Wednesday. Attention is focused at this point on the delicate dance between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton, a relationship that has been rife throughout this primary battle with complicated tensions.

And here we are ... at the end of a Democratic primary that was hard fought between a woman and a Black man and I couldn't be more thrilled. I have been totally convinced that the Democrats are going to win back the White House this year and I've been so excited that no matter which Democratic frontrunner ended up with the nomination (Obama or Clinton) I'd be happy with the result. I have been supporting Sen. Clinton in the primary race but am now throwing all of my support for Senator Barack Obama. Whether or not the ticket turns out to be an Obama/Clinton ticket, I will happily support and campaign for Obama to win the presidency of the United States of America. The time is now for change ... it is going to happen. [Source, Source]



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