Tuesday, June 15, 2004


just a quick post ... my dad came over to help us get the air conditioning going ... and man it's cold already! weeeeeeeee!

we just got back from an amazing trip ... we have tons of fun stuff to wear and play with ... we're bout to go get sushi ... the pistons will beat the lakers to become the national champs ... and will sleep in air conditioned goodness in our own bed ...

life is great!

OH and get this ... Yahoo! mail totally upgraded just today ... their free acounts used to give users 4MB of space ... now they get 100MB! i am a Yahoo! Plus member (i pay like $14 a year) so i get to download my mail to my computer and get 25MB of space ... no wait, they just upgraded me to 2 GIGS OF SPACE! that is sooo awesome! get a Yahoo! account folks ... they rock!