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Monday, February 04, 2008

One Giant Leap

First things first ... I have to give props to the mighty New York Giants for pulling off an amazing upset in yesterday's Super Bowl match-up with the New England Patriots. I know that I mentioned yesterday how uninterested I was in watching the big game but Mike and I had our own Super Bowl party and turned on the game for fun ... next thing I know, I was jumping out of my seat, screaming "OMG, did you see that catch?!" Even I have to admit that the final Giants pass, catch and touchdown were pretty damn sweet. And you just know that there were a lot of heartbroken Patriots fans crying their eyes out once that final touchdown was made:

The New York Giants achieved one of the biggest upsets in NFL history with a 17-14 victory over the previously undefeated New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Quarterback Eli Manning engineered a 12-play, 83-yard drive for the game-winner, connecting with Plaxico Burress in the left corner of the end zone just 35 seconds from time and triggered wild celebration on the Giants' sideline. "This is the greatest feeling in professional sports," said Burress. "For us to come out here and win a world championship tonight, nobody gave us a shot. We just hung in there all game and kept executing, never got down on ourselves. It came down to one play and we made it." New England was bidding for its fourth Super Bowl in the last seven years and to become the first team in 35 years to win the NFL championship without losing. Quarterback Tom Brady led the Patriots on a 12-play, 80-yard touchdown drive to give them what appeared to be a winning 14-10 lead with 2:42 left. Brady's six-yard scoring pass to Randy Moss capped off a five-minute, 12-second drive with the rangy wide receiver wide open after cornerback Corey Webster fell down. But Manning, whose brother Peyton led the Indianapolis Colts to the title last season, took just 2:07 to drive the Giants to their winning touchdown, though needed a sensational catch from David Tyree to keep it going. The Giants were on third and five at their own 44 when Manning scrambled away from several Patriots and completed a 32-yard pass to an outstretched Tyree, who caught the ball on top of his helmet as he hit the ground at the Pats' 24. Burress scored the game winner four plays later. "It was just a great catch by David Tyree," said Manning. "I found a way to get loose, and just really threw it up. He made an unbelievable catch and saved the game." ... Brady, twice Super Bowl MVP, completed 29 of 48 passes for 266 yards but was continuously harassed by the Giants' defense. "I probably need some time to reflect on the game and some time to reflect on the season." said Brady. "It is extremely disappointing. This isn't something any of us prepared for." The Patriots finished with an 18-1 record and failed to equal the accomplishment of the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who went 17-0 on the way to the title.

I absolutely regret saying that the game would be a super bore ... it was anything but. I guess I, too, figured that the New England Patriots were just gonna roll right over the Giants and win just like everyone assumed. You gotta give it up to the Giants for pulling off such an awesome win ... which made for a very cool, very exciting Super Bowl game this year. Respect. [Source]

You know ... things just can't seem to stay quiet in Britney Spearsland for very long ... just when I thought that news on our dear Britney would dry up now that her commitment to the UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric treatment has been extended to 14 days, new developments in the seemingly never-ending court battle for control of her person and assets have sprung up overnight. Essentially, everyone on God's green Earth is going to court today to battle for the right of her conservatorship (ie. the right to make all of Britney's decisions for her). BUT ... instead of dwelling on that, I choose to focus on something much more positive. Lest you think that the fact that Britney is locked away in a medical facility might hinder her struggling music career, her record label is already moving forward with plans for the next single release from her amazing album Blackout. Here is the cover artwork for Britney's next single Break The Ice:

It's not entirely clear when this new single will be released but I understand that some radio stations have already added it to their rotation. It's also unclear what if any, promotional duties might be required (or asked) of Britters since she may be ... indisposed for quite some time. All I want is for Britney to get better ... if new singles, with new remixes or b-sides keep coming while Britney is away getting better, then all the better. I'm sure the courtroom is going to be a madhouse today as the various factions battle for control of Britney Spears. As I've said before, I'm squarely on Team Spears ... here's hoping her parents are able to retain conservatorship over her person cuz I really do think they are the ones who have her best interests at heart. [Source]

Well now ... maybe Gavin Rossdale's father, who recently spilled the beans that Gwen Stefani is pregs with her second child, wasn't just blowing smoke or looking for attention from the press. These new pictures of Gwen Stefani at LAX Airport here in LA yesterday afternoon seem to show that she may, in fact, be in the possession of a new baby bump:

Yes, yes, yes ... that does look like a mighty suspicious hoodie that Miss Gwen is wearing. The second pic seems to show that her stomach is bulging out a bit. Little Kingston James is already 1 years old so it would be the perfect time for Gwen and hubby Gavin Rossdale to pop out baby #2 ... you know, cuz their perfect little family isn't quite perfect enough. Gwen likes to talk about this sort of stuff so I wouldn't be surprised that, if true, she makes an official announcement very soon. [Source]

Heidi Klum isn't pregs, which is strange because the woman seems to get pregnant every other month, but was lookin' simply Golden in NYC this weekend ... here are a couple pics of Heidi roaming the streets of NYC in an outfit that looks like it came from Miami, FL in the late 80s:

Photo credit: Splash News

Perhaps Heidi was on her way to meet the Girls at the annual benefit charity ball for the Grief Center. Hee hee ... while I may have some doubts about the muumuu-like sequined top, I do like her skin-tight, shiny pants. True, they may resemble the dredded leggings that I tend to loathe like the fires of Hades but they have a more skinny-jeans look about them that really work for me. The shaggy coat has got to GO. The woman really needs to stop procuring her outerwear from the Muppet-skinning factory. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan teamed up with her little sister/clone Alli Lohan for a night on the town together ... here are new pics of the sisters out and about this weekend:

Photo credit: X17

I bet it's absolutely fabulous having a rich older sister who adores you and who is willing to spend gads of money on you so you can dress just as richly as she does. I just love that they're both carrying matching Chanel purses, too. And by "love" I mean I'm insanely jealous of little Alli cuz, if afforded the opportunity, I'd take her place by L. Lo's side in a heartbeat. [Source]

Milo Ventimiglia made his way to Phoenix, AZ to partake in the pre-Super Bowl festivities that were held last week (and presumably attended the big game yesterday as well) ... and used the opportunity to show off his latest project -- his Writer's Strike beard:

Hmmm ... I guess the chin pubes look OK but if he is really intend on growing new hair, I'd really suggest that he focus on growing back his sexy Emo hair instead. Oh, who am I kidding ... any hair on Milo Ventimiglia is just fine by me. Hmmm ... am I sharing too much? [Source]

Last week a photo made its way around the InterWeb of a college football player that I had never heard of before (Riley Something) from a university that I don't think I've ever really spent a lot of time thinking about (Wake Forest) which was censored in such a way that his naughty bits were completely covered ... so of course, I paid it no mind. This weekend, the uncensored photo of Riley Skinner, the starting quarterback for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons football team, in all his glory was finally uncovered ... so of course, my interest was piqued ... so here is the pic ... which I post purely out of newsworthiness. Oh ... and for clarity’s sake, I'll include the news story that came out last week when the first, censored photo hit the Internets:

Click above for larger, uncensored NSFW image

Wake Forest University is looking into a photograph circulating around the Internet. The publisher of the photo claims it is a nude picture of Wake Forest's starting quarterback, Riley Skinner. According to WFMY, a spokesperson for WFU Athletics Department says he doubts the photos are authentic, but the department is looking for answers. WFMY reported that they talked to Skinner's parents, who declined to comment.

Hmm ... clearly, I'm no expert on Riley Skinner but the pic does look legit to me. If it's really him, then he's kinda dumb for not only taking the pic in the first place but for sending it to someone who clearly shouldn've have been trusted (which would be ANYONE ... nude photos tend to have a way of coming back to haunt folks like this). If it's not him, he should really be thanking the person who doctored the photo cuz he comes off looking pretty good, I think. I can't imagine that the University would have any reason to sanction him for this photo ... but I'm sure his team mates have been giving him a hard time. I mean, did you notice how much lip gloss the boy is wearing? [Source, Source]

The comeback is eminent. First came the release of the single Dance Like There's No Tomorrow and then yesterday, during the Super Bowl pre-game entertainment, Paula Abdul debuted a pre-taped, lip-synced performance of said single. Next up comes the official music video, to be followed by the studio album ... AND THEN WORLD DOMINATION. Okay, maybe that last bit is taking things a bit too far but Paula Abdul is sure gonna give it her best shot. Here are a few screencaps from Paula's pre-taped, lip-synced pre-Super Bowl performance of her new single Dance Like There's No Tomorrow:

You know ... the song didn't grab me immediately but, as I've mentioned before, it is growing on me. I think this performance was very -- Paula Abdul. It was cute and cheesy and was chock full of Paula's signature moves. I liked how the song had a Forever Your Girl intro but I could've done without the Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye bit from her megahit song Straight Up at the end. I think this performance really has me excited for her new album. I don't know that she'll be able to achieve the same success that she once enjoyed as a pop star ... but, it's clear she's gonna give it all she's got. Click HERE to watch this performance if you missed it the first time around. [Source]

Heidi Montag has released her first official music video as a pop star and ... I ... um ... well, why don't you just check it out for yourself:

Now ... you may find this very difficult to believe but ... this music video for her new single Higher was actually directed by Spencer Pratt. True story. You may recall that we saw Speidi running around a beach in Malibu, CA a few months ago with video camera in hand ... and this music video is the fruit of their collective labor. It's ... uh ... interesting. It is very Heidi Montag, that's for sure. Is it wrong that I'm very intrigued to hear what other musical delights Heidi has up her sleeve? True story. I think it's possible for Heidi to have a decent pop career. People, if Paris Hilton can manage to put off one or two decent tracks (case in point, Nothing in this World and ... uh ... well, that's one decent track ... and you're a damn liar if you can't agree that that song is really good) then surely Heidi can do the same. I can't wait to hear for myself. [Source]

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl may be "all about the football game" but it's also all about the TV commercials as well. And while I wasn't really wowed by any of the commercials I saw during yesterday's game, I was really into the movie trailer commercials that debuted yesterday ... especially, the new Iron Man commercial which aired:

I know that everyone is all amped for the new Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, but I'm growing more fond of his new Iron Man movie every day. The official movie website has been updated with a bunch of goodies ... like desktop wallpapers, AIM icons and new photos like these:

I don't know that I really grasped how cool Iron Man might look in real life when I read the comics as a kid ... well, that is if he really did exist in real life, that is. The effects in these trailers are really amazing ... and I just love the sleek look of the new Iron Man suit. I think I've reach a point, tho, where I've seen enough. I don't know that I want to see much more until I get to see the movie when it gets released on May 2. I really do like what I see thus far, tho. [Source]

Kylie Minogue is never one to rest on her laurels ... she is also never one to take much of a break from work ... which is why in between preparing for her upcoming tour and releasing 2 new singles from her latest album X, she has found the time to also release a new fragrance called Showtime:

While I usually tend to rag on celebs who keep putting out new celebrity fragrances every other day, I simply cannot hate on Kylie for this new venture. I don't know that I'll ever find myself in need of a bottle of any of her perfumes but I'm sure there are many folks out there who are willing to smell like Kylie. Come one, it's gotta be better than smelling like Celine Dion. [Source]

The elder statesman of mope rock, Morrissey, releases his new single That's How People Grow Up in Europe today ahead of the release of his greatest hits compilation next week. Here is the cover artwork for both his Greatest Hits album and his new single:

I'm fairly certain that the photo used for Greatest Hits was taken some time ago ... but it's unclear if the single artwork photo is recent or not. If so, then Dayum, the Mozzer is lookin' good :) [Source]

Trent Reznor has updated the official Nine Inch Nails website with this curious photo and the caption "Gray Coding":

Click above to see larger, unmodified image

No other explanation or clarification is offered. Could Trent be prepping us for a new Internet game like the one that accompanied the last NIN album Year Zero which, coincidentally, got underway about a year ago? Is this the firt hint that he is close to releasing new material? Did he just post a random picture and is sitting back, laughing at all the speculation? Time will tell ... but methinks that there is new NIN music on the horizon. [Source]

And finally ... here's a little game for all ya'll ... can you guess whose feet are sportin' at least one luscious corn/bunion which is among the many signs that she needs to hang up her dancing shoes for at least another 10 years?

Click above to find out who it is

I realize that these sorts of things happen when one wears high heels all the time (um, I know this by hearing about it, not from personal experience ... just wanted to make that point clear) but it's still unsightly all the same. Can you guess who it is? [Source]

Les News:
As I mentioned above, Mike and I had our own little Super Bowl party at his place yesterday ... which beer and snacks and all that other Super Bowl party stuff. We kept it really chill ... then went out for a late dinner before calling it a night. I was pretty whipped from my long week and I have another long week to prepare for as well.

This afternoon I have a thing to do and then I hope to meet up with Kirsten and Darion for dinner. I have 2 trips to pack for and a million things to take care of before I leave on Thursday morning so ... I'll be bizzy. I hope your Monday is going well ... or at least, I hope it's going quickly.

I'm out.

PS: Watch In Treatment on HBO. I think it's my new fave show. It's absolutely fascinating to watch.



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