Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rocky Road

Say it ain't so! PageSix.com is reporting that the rosy love affair betwixt Jamie-Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge (which resulted in her unplanned pregnancy at 16 years old) has soured to the point of near collapse. Does this mean that JL and Casey will never make it down the aisle and that she will remain an underage, unwed mother? 'Cuz that would be so out of character from a member of the Spears family:

There appears to be a bit of the old "good news, bad news" thing going on with Jamie Lynn Spears these days. The good news is, "she's finally feeling better and has moved past her morning sickness," a family insider tells PageSix.com. The bad news, though, is a bit of a bummer. It seems that Jamie Lynn "has not wanted to be around Casey [Aldridge]," our source says, and the two look to be "on the outs right now, but not officially over yet." But since Jamie Lynn's mom, Lynne Spears, is trying to create a good public impression (well, as good as one can create for a pregnant 16-year-old), everyone is acting like everything is fine. "Lynne feels the public, especially younger crowds, needs to see that Jamie is working things out with Casey," the source continued — although it should be noted the two haven't been seen together in public in over a month. Additionally ... there is a rumor that the baby's sex is known, but is not being shared. "Britney alluded to the baby being a girl," says our source.

This is absolutely shocking! I cannot believe that an 18 year old boy is having commitment issues with the 16 year old girl that he accidentally got pregnant completely out of the blue. After all, who wouldn't want to settle down in Kentwood, LA with a babymama and child right out of high school (he did graduate, right?) ... I just cannot believe there could ever be trouble in a relationship like this. [Source]