Saturday, October 30, 2004


I had the most horrifying dream last night. And, I'm being completely serious. In the dream, I awoke the day after the election and I seriously needed to know who won -- Bush or Kerry. I couldn't find information on who won anywhere. The newspapers didn't tell me anything ... I had a hard time getting to a computer to find out ... there was no information anywhere but I had the distinct feeling that Bush had won. I was sooo upset. I cannot express to you who horrible I felt. I was crying, I was sick to my stomach -- I was basically in complete agony.

I know this sounds weird or exaggerated but I'm being completely serious. I was physically ill in my dream over the belief that Bush had won re-election. Even in my dream I kept thinking to myself "This is only a dream, it must only be a dream" but I never "woke up" in my dream.

You have no idea how relieved I was when I awoke this morning and it was only a dream. It was the most vivid nightmare I've had in a long time.


I thought I was going to have a SAW nightmare but before I went to sleep I was watching news channels (CNN, MSNBC and Foxnews -- which is especially horrible in their bias bullshit in the wee hours of the morning) and they were all talking about how the Bin Laden tape was going to mean a win for Bush. This is insane to me! Bush had the opportunity to use all of the US resources to kill Bin Laden and instead he decided to go to Iraq. Iraq! He lied to us to get us to support his crusade in Iraq! If the Bin Laden tape did anything for me, it was to remind me that Bush is a horrible leader. HORRIBLE!

We must win. We must.

Kerry is doing a final rally in Detroit on Monday and it was announced this morning that Stevie Wonder will be at the rally as well. We have to win ... I believe we will win ... please make sure you are doing everything you can to ensure a Kerry victory!

Then I can finally sleep soundly.