Tuesday, November 23, 2004

MIZerable Performance

Please forgive me for not embellishing every single moment spent in Chicago over the weekend. You really have a nice picture of what the weekend was like. There was some drama but we were all tired and cranky so that's to be expected. I did fail to mention, though, that on every TV screen we encountered while in Chicago was showing footage of the Pistons/Pacers fight that broke out at the Palace here in Detroit on Friday night.

I'm not going to rehash it all over for you (mainly, because I'm tired of hearing about it too) but I do find it charming that the fan in the white hat (who was in the crowd taunting the mean basketball player after throwing a cup at him) has a criminal history. Ah, Detroit ... I do love you.

The real news this weekend was the leaked photo of Dr. Doom from the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. The first thing that Brandon asked me when I saw him on Friday night was "Have you seen the picture of Dr. Doom?" I told him that I hadn't and then quickly yelled at him for not alerting me the moment he saw it and I also chided him for not sending me a copy of it. Anyways, Julian McMahon (former Cole/Balthazar on Charmed and former husband to Dannii Minogue) from Nip/Tuck is playing Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four big-screen adaptation. I fully support his casting as Dr. Doom. He's a great villain and I know he will do an excellent job sounding mean and imposing.

I am fairly confident that this will be a big movie. If they tap into that X-Men vibe I think it will do very well and will probably end up becoming another franchise. Just look at this line up of the actors cast as the Fantastic Four

... it's going to be a kickass movie! I have high hopes for this one ... woot!

The other big story from the weekend ... Britney of course! She really had to pee ... really, really bad:

BRITNEY SPEARS was so desperate to use the loo after a night on the sauce she had to pull over on her journey home ... My snapper spotted the star looking like she was in pain as she queued outside the busy toilets.

Hahahaha! I have to tell you ... in the home stretch of the drive home from Chicago ... I know EXACTLY how she must have felt. Boy, when we got home I TORE out of the car and into the house. When you gots ta go ... you muthaeffin' gots ta go! And props to Brit-Brit for wearing shoes! Hurray!

And now, the news:
  • National Treasure was the #1 movie of the weekend, beating the Sponge Bob Square Pants movie ... giving Nicholas Cage his biggest opening weekend ever! LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Nicolas Cage's treasure hunt soaked up more box-office cash than a cartoon sponge. Cage's National Treasure debuted as the No. 1 weekend movie at theatres in the United States and Canada with $35.3 million US, coming in just ahead of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which opened in second place with $33.5 million US, according to studio estimates Sunday. I really enjoyed the movie. It was escapist fun and really neat because Justin Bartha was in it ... check it out -- you'll like it, you'll like it.
  • Arjan Writes has news on the new Fischerspooner album. The New York art/pop duo will be releasing their much-anticipated second album on March 15. The record will be titled "Odyssey" and is expected to feature less of an electronic, but more of a rock slant (which usually means an edgier sound with live guitars and more elaborate songwriting). Fischerspooner's debut "#1" came out in 2003. How exciting! I love Fisherspooner and cannot wait for the new material. Check out Casey's online diary HERE.
  • Say it ain't so ... Posh Spice Victoria Beckham is retiring from singing forever!!! Posh Spice has finally admitted what many of us have known for some time - she was never the best singer. The former Spice Girl, 30, has announced she is cutting short her ongoing, and often painful, bid to become a pop star ... She told the Daily Mail: "I think it will be difficult for me to continue with my musical career. The industry is not what it was ... "I know I could never become the best singer in the world. I am conscious of that ... "However, everything to do with fashion comes naturally to me. I live in Spain and have two sons. This takes up most of my time ... "The rest is taken up by design, which is my great passion." Whatever! She gets to bed with David Beckham every night ... shoot, I'd sing for free!
  • THIS ARTICLE has a nice rundown of all the stuff Oprah gave away to those teachers on her show (the episode I watched on the toilet): The shrieking schoolteachers (yes, the men too) were stunned by a bevy of gifts for each of them, including a washer/dryer, Sony laptop computer, car navigation system and 30-inch LCD TV ... This year's "Favorite Things" list cost about $15,000 per person - far outspending last year's list, which totalled about $4,800 per person. Shooooot! If my ass had been in that audience, you better believe I'd be shrieking too!
  • Towleroad has the skinny on the Aussie version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy HERE. The men are NOT pretty at all ... has Queer Eye lost it's mojo?
  • You may have seen bottles of the new Pepsi Holiday Spice on store shelves or in gas stations. Well, I decided to give it a try since I'd be on a long road trip. It's horrible. Stay away from it ... run, in fact. No buzz at all!
  • Finally, artisté extraordinaire Brian O'Dell has a website devoted to his artwork. Check it out HERE -- it rawks!
We were able to be home in time to watch this week's episode of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2. Oh man ... it was awesome! Both The (overly-hyped) Miz and Rachel (the überbitch) were voted off! I squeeled with GLEE as they expelled these 2 RW/RR veterans!!!

It was awesome! Katie rules! She don't take no shizz from NO BODY and if she's smart, she can rally the new girls to take control of the women's team and get to the final challenge successfully. Coral will have to be the next veteran to go; and then Veronica ... then it will be smooth sailing. We'll see how it turns out. Eeek! I love it!

And that is all. Today is going to be hella-long. Second day/night of parent-teacher conferences and I'd rather be dead. I'm still a little tired from the weekend but it doesn't matter ... I'll have to be cheerful and nice to all the parent's visiting me tonight. Ugh ... pity me.

Update: Click HERE to see all of the Chicago weekend pictures.