Sunday, October 28, 2007

In The Pink ... 40 Minutes With Tori Amos

To say that yesterday's interview with Tori Amos was a dream come true would be a bit of an understatement because, honestly, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that either Sarah or I would be given the opportunity to have a face-to-face interview with the amazing Tori Amos. Sarah and I have been extremely anxious and extremely nervous ever since we found out we would be allowed to talk with Tori backstage before her Detroit concert at the Fox Theater and we were happy to accept any amount of time with her. At best, I thought we'd get 15-20 minutes. Tori spoke with us for over 40 minutes, chatting as if we were old friends and offering a personal insight that we never anticipated:

My vision for the interview was to share the experience with my best friend Sarah because Tori Amos and her music over the years has helped foster our intense bond as friends and because we do our best to share everything Tori with one another (in fact, our first Tori Amos experience together was a Tori concert that took place at the Fox Theater in Detroit back on May 31, 1996 on the Dew Drop Inn Tour). I really wanted Sarah to take the reins for this interview because I wanted it to be as special an experience for her. She was very grateful and very nervous about the whole situation so she asked if we could do the interview together ... and that is just the way we did it ... the two of us, on a couch with Tori Amos, chatting in her dressing room backstage at the Fox Theater about Halloween, her daughter Tash's favorite TV show of the moment Charmed, how her songs take structure when she's composing them and more. Sooo ... without further ado, here is the full audio of our conversation with Tori Amos:

The whole experience went down pretty much as I had hoped it would. Tori was extremely gracious, very attentive and she took great pains to speak slowly and thoughtfully in order to really make the moment as special as possible. It was just a thrill for both of us. After our amazing talk, Tori took a few photos with us and then made her way out to spend time with the folks who were waiting outside patiently in the rain for the meet and greet that she provides fans at each concert:

Here is a pic of a few of the Tori fans who waited faithfully out in the rain for Tori's emergence at the meet and greet:

These particular folks are going to quite a few shows on her American Doll Posse Tour over the next few weeks and I commend them for their amazing dedication and loyalty. I hope to run into them again at the future Tori shows that we're seeing in Cleveland, OH, Anaheim, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

I have to send out HUGE LOVE to my friend Abe from Epic Records for helping make this opportunity possible. Also, much love goes out to Tori's people Cody and Barry for taking such great care of us backstage at the Fox Theater. Their kindness and attentiveness really helped calm us down so that we weren't quite so nervous for our interview.

I hope y'all enjoy the interview as much as we do :)