Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mariah Parades Her Clout

The promo machine for Mariah Carey's new album E=MC2 is in full swing as she appears on the cover of the new issue of Parade magazine which is due for release this Sunday. In her interview with the magazine, Mimi denies and then confirms that she is a diva (do try to contain your shock and awe) and explains how her famous life makes her sometimes feel like an "ATM machine with a wig on it". LOL! Here is the cover of the mag and a few pictures from the photoshoot which is available only online at

"Not to give a woe-is-me moment, but it's not as easy as everybody thinks to have this kind of life," Mariah Carey tells PARADE's James Kaplan, during an interview in the backseat of her $400,000 Maybach Touring Sedan. "Even sitting here talking to you, I feel like there should be a bit of intimacy, and when there is always somebody else around, it's tough." Kaplan asks Carey flat out if she's a diva. She rolls her eyes and says, "They throw that word around like it's a friggin’ Frisbee! I grew up hearing it, because my mother is an opera singer. The actual definition is 'a talented female singer.' Definition two is 'a difficult woman who is successful,' I believe. So I take it as a compliment." Later in the interview, she tells Kaplan, "You know what? I guess I am a diva in many ways! When it comes to certain things, yes, I can be difficult and a little bit rigid about what I want. Am I demanding? I don't think I'm demanding enough. I think if I were more demanding, I would have felt that I had some sort of power, as opposed to feeling like a pawn, which is something I had to grow out of. You've got to go through some stuff," she continues. "Somehow people have to know there’s something that's not perfect about you. I had to learn to grow up a little bit. I feel like I connect to people through song because it's filling a void in me. I need to make music. If I didn't have this, I don’t know where I would be." Kaplan notes that Carey shows her emotions easily and seems touchingly—and oddly—eager to please. "My self-esteem has never been topping the charts," she admits. "You don't know who is here for the glamour, for the gossip factor. You really just want to know that somebody loves you for you. That's a difficult thing when, you know..." She hesitates. "Sometimes you just do really feel like an ATM machine with a wig on it."

Well, at least she owns her divaness because I really doubt she'd be able to reach her level of fame without having to throw her weight around a bit ... and to be honest, in my estimation, she's earned it. Mariah Carey has one of THE most successful careers in music history and she is showing no signs of stopping. Should she expect folks to fall at her feet in supplication every time she walks by? Of course not (well, okay, maybe sometimes) but she is deffo due her respect for being such a powerhouse in the music industry. The woman is the definition of fierceness (despite what Vicki B. may believe) because she has the talent to backup her persona. A viable and still very relevant performer who has even more #1 hits than a juggernaut like Madonna and may likely surpass Elvis Presley for the record absolutely has the right to extol her divaness. I say, bow down. [Source]