Thursday, March 20, 2008

Watching ... Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson rocked a pair of red Ray Ban sunglasses and a large new rose tattoo on her left wrist as she lunched with friends at Cafe Med here in LA this week ... check it out:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hmm ... I wonder if Pete Wentz had anything to do with Ash's new ink ... I also wonder what overprotective Papa Joe Simpson thinks about it. While I'm not surprised that Ashlee would continue to get tattoos, I'm very surprised that she got one so big. I'm also not a big fan of the rose tattoo. In my experience, women who get rose tattoos usually get them on their breasts and are oftentimes accompanied by tattoos of Tinkerbell or Tweety Bird. It's not even a dainty tattoo that can be easily hidden ... it's pretty big. She's a rocker now so I guess she can handle it ... I just hope she doesn't end up regretting it ... I understand wrist tatoos are a beyotch to have removed. [Source]

In other Ashlee news, Yahoo! Music has has just launched a webisode series entitled Being ... Ashlee Simpson and has posted the first installment online:

This new webisode series will follow Ashlee thru the creation process for her new album Bittersweet World and kicks off with a behind the scenes video from the set of Ashlee's music video Outta my Head (Ay Ya Ya):

The series promises to offer a bunch of fun exclusives for fans of Ashlee ... I wouldn't be surprised if her beau (and possible tattoo pusher) Pete Wentz made a cameo or two. I'm not sure why we have to wait so long for Bittersweet World to get released but I guess this will have to tide us over until the album gets released next month. [Source]