Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Petty On The Outside

Media icon Bai Ling is being forced by the Los Angeles City Attorney's office to pay for the recent crime spree she was involved in recently at a heist she unsuccessfully tried to pull off at a terminal store inside LAX Airport last month. Ms. Ling will learn the true cost of trying to walk away with $16.00 worth of stuff without paying for it which, for an actress of questionable talent, could be pretty devastating:

Actress Bai Ling was formally charged with petty theft, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office announced Monday. "(She) was charged based on an arrest that occurred Feb. 13 at LAX where she stole two Star magazines and a package of batteries," spokesman Frank Mateljan said. The total value of the theft was $16.22, Mateljan added. The actress, 37, ... will be arraigned on March 5. She faces a maximum penalty of a $250 fine and no jail time. Bai later blamed her theft bust on problems in her love life, saying it was an "emotionally crazy" day in which she was dealing with the "huge problem of breaking up [before] Valentine's Day."

You know, if she did this stupid act just to get a little attention from the media she went about it the wrong way. I know I wouldn't want to be known as the lameass who got busted, via citizen's arrest, for attempting to steal 2 tabloids and some batteries. She could've at least tried to knock over a liquor store or something ... at least that would've been edgy. This whole debacle just looks entirely sad ... which, come to think about it, seems right up Bai Ling's aisle. [Source]

UPDATE: Bai Ling has posted a response to this news on her official blog that this petty crime committed on her part was merely an "honest mistake" and that she had always intended to pay for her items. Here is the full text of her latest blogpost:

I just got the good news and I am relieved that the prosecutor has decided not to file misdemeanor charges against me and to treat this matter as an infraction. What happened was an innocent mistake on my part and I am confident that the truth will be told since I never had any intention of taking items without paying for them. I appreciate the support of the public and especially my friends and my fans. Thank you!

I'm not exactly sure what sort of "truth" can be told regarding this matter ... she took the items out of the terminal store without paying for them and was busted via citizen's arrest by a store employee ... what more is there to tell? She should thank her lucky stars that this lame incident even occurred ... how else would she be able to get her name in the news? [Source]