Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hilary Duff , Bien Sur

Hilary Duff is featured on the cover and (I believe) in the pages of the new issue of the French magazine Bien dans ma Vie ... here is her coverphoto:

The raven-haired Hilary has been raising eyebrows among her faithful fans as new footage from her latest movie War, Inc. has made its way to the Interweb. By now you've, no doubt, seen the infamous You Tube clip where Hilary drops a scorpion inside the front of her pants and then asks a man to "get it out" for her (ie. he shoves his hand into the front of her pants to fish out the scorpion from her crotch region). Yes folks, our little Hilary Duff has grown up a bit over the years. It's unclear how this new "grown up" Hilary will be perceived by her fans but I don't really think her new movie is really geared towards the Lizzie McGuire fanclub. She still looks innocent enough on this magazine cover ... tho we have no idea what she may have stuffed into her pants for the covershoot. [Source]