Friday, April 25, 2008

Lost: The Rules Have Changed

Attention: Lost Spoiler Alert Warning

Lost returned last night with its first new ep in about a month and it really unloaded a whole bunch of new information that wasn't really that shocking but was still very pertinent to the overall story. It's kinda unclear just what was going on at times ... particularly where Ben is concerned ... but there is always room for conjecture and that's what I'm about to do:

So the ep starts with Jack poppin' pills which might be our cue that this is where his downward spiral started. We know he will become a horrible druggie in the future (off the island) so maybe this scene was meant to show how it all began. The dead ship doctor washed up right on cue, mainly (I think) to give the beach folk something to keep them occupied since all the action was happening for Team Locke. Alex got kidnapped and was being used by a faceless military team, led by some dude named Martin Keemy (altho, Ben knew absolutely everything about him). She helped them get past the fence barrier and then got shot to death in front of Ben's eyes. Clearly, Ben was not very happy about it -- he went into his secret room and thru his secret ancient-looking door ... then suddenly the smoke monster came out and decimated all of the military men. Could that room be where Ben travels thru time? In his flashforwards, he ended up in the Sahara Desert, Tunisia, Iraq and England and had to ask the woman in Tunisia what year it was (the date 10.25.2005 will prolly be significant). That had to mean something ... did he just zip there from the island? Was he zipping around previously? We have no idea at all ... it's very vague and confusing right now ... but there is something connecting the door, the monster and perhaps Ben's time travel. I loved how the nameless Others were the only people who got killed in the military attack on their camp ... just like in Star Trek, whenever Ensign No-Name goes with the main cast on away missions, you know they're going to die. This was blatantly obvs when Claire managed to survive having her entire home blown up by a rocket. That was hard to stomach but I'm glad she wasn't killed. The ep ended with a face to face confrontation between Ben and Charles Widmore ... Ben accused Charles of "changing the rules" (I assume because the battle got personal) and vowed to take his revenge on Charles's daughter Penny (who is Desmond's girl). It's not at all clear how far in the future their encounter was but I suppose it's possible that if Ben really is zipping around thru time, then he zipped to that point to confront Charles just after his daughter was killed on the island ... ? I could be way off but without any real clues (that I could sniff out) it's all pure guesswork. If anyone has any theories, please let me know ... I'd love to hear them. All in all ... a great head-scratching ep ... I can't wait to see what up next week. [Source]