Monday, April 28, 2008

Role Reversal

Here are a couple of amazing photos of our dear Britney Spears lookin' as sweet as can be in a cute little blue dress and nice white shoes (no boots!!!!) as she made her way out of a recording studio in SoCal this weekend:

Photo credit: X17

Not only is Brit Brit lookin' fine and not at all a mess (she even managed to tame her weave), I must remind you that these trips to the recording studio and to the vocal coach bode very well for a new album of material very soon (I'm hoping for a Fall release). What difference a year makes ... why, exactly one year ago today, Britney was routinely flashing her panties (thankfully, she was finally wearing panties again). It's good to be on Team Britney again. [Source]

On the Jamie Lynn Spears front, Mama Lynne Spears has been spending time with little JL in their hometown of Kentwood, LA where the pair have been stocking up on baby essentials to prepare for the arrival of the newest member of the Spears family:

Photo credit: Finalpixx

Awww yeah ... I know of a certain little young'n who is gonna get about a spoilt as as a young'n can be from the baby aisle at Wal-Mart. Some children are just born lucky. Isn't it so odd that just a few months ago, JL was the last hope of the Spears family as Britney seemed mired in her own destruction and now the roles are reversed. Britney is on the upswing while JL is ... well ... not. I much prefer for both Spears sisters to get their lives in order but I am happy that Britney is doing so well again. JL will be fine as a 16 year old mother ... sometimes you just can't run away from your destiny. [Source]