Friday, May 16, 2008

They Don't Waste No Time, Do They?

It would seem that wedding preparations for Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's July 7th nuptials are already underway ... since announcing on her TV show that she plans to marry her longtime girlfriend now that same-sex marriage is legal in the State of California, Ellen released a statement which included a post script revealing that she and Portia are registered at Crate & Barrel:

"I'm thrilled that the California supreme court overturned the ban on gay marriage. I can't wait to get married. We all deserve the same rights, and I believe that someday we'll look back on this and not allowing gays to marry will seem as absurd as not allowing women to vote.

P.S. I'm registered at Crate & Barrel."

Now, whether or not this gift registry at Crate & Barrel is the real thing or not is another story ... but I honestly believe that if Ellen says she's gonna get married then she's prolly already got half of the wedding preparations taken care of. I think I'd like to send her the Cuisinart Two Slice Toaster ... so that she and Portia can enjoy eating their toast at the same time each morning :) [Source]