Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Wedding Planner

While the world was stunned by the news of Mariah Carey's surprise secret wedding to boyfriend of 6 weeks, Nick Cannon (a gent 10 years her junior), Oprah Winfrey revealed on her show yesterday that she was not at all surprised by the nuptials. Oprah and her BFF Gayle King revealed on her show that Mariah had gotten the words "Mrs. Cannon" tattooed on her back before secrets plans for the wedding were put into place and Gayle revealed that Mariah confided in her that she was dating Nick. Additionally, Life and Style magazine has a bunch of deets about the wedding preparations and how Mimi was personally involved at almost every step:

Mariah Carey knew all along that she was going to wed Nick Cannon, says pal Oprah Winfrey. Before she tied the knot, Winfrey said that Carey had the words "Mrs. Cannon" tattooed on her back. Winfrey dished about the shocking wedding on her talk show Wednesday. Her pal Gayle King also appeared, via satellite, and recalled an interview she had with Carey a week before the April 30 ceremony. King said that Carey told her, "I do have somebody, but I can't tell you who it is." When pressed, Carey finally admitted, "It is Nick Cannon. It's a secret. Don't tell anybody." King said she thought even Carey herself didn't even know she'd be getting married so fast. Not so, says Winfrey. Before wedding, Carey visited Winfrey and "she already had, on her body, the tattoo on her back that said 'Mrs. Cannon,'" Winfrey said. "They were already planning on doing it." King, who has spoken to Carey, then added, "Mariah told me herself that she has never felt this way about anybody before in her whole life. They have something special between the two of them that both of them feel. King said she is "concerned they got married so quickly. I do think when you meet somebody you've only known a month ... that's a little scary." Still, King added, "I'm happy for her."

According to Life & Style, Mariah wanted to ensure complete secrecy and took great pains to make sure her staff took care of every wedding detail to her exact specifications ... choosing to oversee delivery of her wedding cake personally:

Private jets from NYC arrive at Governors Harbour Airport in the Bahamas all the time. But two that landed on the afternoon of April 29 were carrying some extra-special cargo. Pop diva Mariah Carey, 38, and actor Nick Cannon, 27, rode on one -- and about 24 wedding guests were passengers on the other! While Nick took care of the bling, Mariah steered the top-secret wedding plans. "Mariah's assistant arrived on Eleuthera Island, just off the coast of Windermere, on April 27 to start making arrangements," says the airport waitress. "The next day, a commercial jet arrived from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., carrying two huge tanks of live Maine lobsters." Her security team and staff also flew in to get the home ready for their notoriously high-maintenance boss. Among their duties: laying out silk robes, designer sheets and towels, blackout curtains for her bedroom and vases filled with orchids. (When she stays at hotels, bright lightbulbs are usually replaced with softer, more flattering ones, per her orders, says the Mariah insider.) "Whenever Mariah travels, they set up for her beforehand," the Mariah insider explains. "And it's no joke -- if anything she needs or wants is missing, she'll be upset." The morning of Mariah's big day, florist Benjamin White was spotted greeting a private jet filled with flowers. "Hurry up," he told handlers anxiously. "I don't have much time to play with." Mariah herself oversaw the delivery of her wedding cake -- flying it down with her on the private jet. "It was on the seat next to her," a source confirms. "She wouldn't let anyone come near it or touch it." But all the meticulous planning paid off. "She was one happy, happy lady on her wedding day," says a witness at the ceremony.

You may recall that Pink reader Nicole, whose father knows the pilots of the private jets that carried Mariah, her wedding cake and her guests to Eleuthera told us last week about Mariah personally delivering the cake herself. Still, despite all the "planning" that these reports reveal, I am still pretty shocked that Mariah would fall so desperately in love with Nick Cannon in just 6 weeks that they decided to get married so quickly. It's so crazy! The happily married couple has yet to surface in "the real world" but I'm sure everyone will be going apeshizz once they do. I hope they are enjoying their honeymoon right about now cuz they ain't gonna get any peace and quiet for some time after they reemerge. [Source]