Sunday, June 01, 2008

The TV Guide: When A Strangers Calls

Ugh. I'm having a difficult time today ... last night's fete was a bit ... raucous ... and was quite full of ... spirited drinks. My head is killing me (it hurts to blink) and I kinda wish I were dead ... but other than that, we all did have a blast last night at Cherry Pop for Darion's birthday celebration. Earlier in the day, Jim and I finally made it out to see The Strangers which was, IMHO, a fairly entertaining by-the-book horror flick:

Let me be clear here ... the movie isn't anything to really sing about. It wasn't really that horrifying in the end but it managed to use all the classic horror conventions very well. The movie was full of suspense and was adept at utilizing the "now you see them, now you don't" trick that tends to cause gasps in the audience. The killers were highly organized and the victims were kind of stupid ... but in a horror film, you kinda need that to happen for the whole thing to work. I couldn't really understand why Liv Tyler's character never thought to put on shoes before she started running for her life or why her phone wasn't charged or why her first call wasn't to 911 but those dumb things kinda hafta happen for a movie like this to last as long as it does (also, a paring knife is not a weapon, sorry). While I wouldn't say it's the best movie or even the best horror movie, I did have a good time, I was sufficiently creeped out and I did enjoy myself.

After the movie came the dancing ... we all convened at Cherry Pop to celebrate Darion's bday and this is what ensued:

Twas fun, twas fun ... but I'm still in pain so I'm not really in the mood to dwell.

Tonight, Steph, Alek and I are seeing Sex and the City ... wee!!!