Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry Kicked Bush's Ass!!!

HOLY CRUD! Kerry hands Bush a can of WHOOP-ASS!!! This first presidential debate was AWESOME! It was clear that Kerry was the winner here. I loved how Kerry used George Bush, Sr.'s own words to make an incredible point against GWB! I also loved how Kerry said that he made of made a mistake talking about the war in Iraq but Bush made a mistake taking us to war in Iraq. I loved it! That was an awesome point! Another great Kerry point -- Saddam Hussein did not attack us, Osama Bin Laden did. I actually jumped out of my seat and yelled out with glee!

Bush looked flustered and completely uncomfortable. He looked horrible ... the cut away shots were very telling. Kerry looked poised and presidential, Bush looked completely flustered and lost

He kept getting mad, he lost control a few times and took some LONG ASS pauses -- shit, there were YEARS of silence when it was GWB's turn to talk. Did you notice how much water he was drinking? He was sweating bullets because he knew he was doing a horrible job. I *loved every single second of this debate*! I don't know what I loved more -- when Kerry spoke and articulated his position or when Bush spoke panicked and stood there in idiotic silence. John Kerry was EXTREMELY presidential.

You can tell, the Bush camp was not happy with this debate -- they were worried y'all because GWB is a moron and if you put a camera on him long enough it will be clear to anyone -- he is an utter fool! The best way for us to win this election is just to let Bush speak ... put a camera on him and let him talk -- he's a fool, he's a moron, and people need to see him in action. I can't wait until the next debate (Oct. 08)!

And let me tell you, the pundits were all saying that Kerry was the clear winner tonight. Fox News was ripping on Bush y'all! You KNOW that's good news.

I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm off to jump around the house some more ... more on this tomorrow!!!