Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Hot Damn! Hot Blog!

I've been meaning to post an ode to the hot bloggers that I really enjoy reading everyday. I have some time to write now so I'm going to ode away. When I started keeping an online journal back in August of 2002 I never thought that I would keep writing. Since then my style has evolved from the boring This is what I did today vibe to a style that is more entertaining (I hope). I have been reading blogs for years now and really look up to the bloggers that have inspired me to keep writing and to try and make it fun. Here are 9 of my favorite hot bloggers who I admire not just for their looks but for their style, humor and witty intelligence:

Click to see larger image.

The guys are arranged in no particular order and their pictures come from their respective websites; let's do the run-down:
  1. Scott @ Stereogum.com -- this is generally the first blog I read every day. Scott manages to write very informative and very entertaining entries each day. His love/hate relationship with Britney Spears makes him dear to my heart.
  2. Bradford @ BradfordShellhammer.com -- Bradford's blog was one of the first blogs that I read on a regular basis. He's got great taste and has a great writing style. I think it's so cool that someone can turn blogging into semi-celebrity. Oh, and I love the self-portraits that he often posts.
  3. Grambo @ Whatevs.org -- I can always count on Uncle Grambo to do Detroit proud. He offers a true Detroit vantage point on whatever is going on in his own language no less! I was very happy that he posted a computer-generated version of what he looks like, just in time for this post. Schmears and Bovs -- the Hottness revealed!
  4. M@ at GRØEG -- this man has such an incredible eye for photographs. He can do things with a digital camera that makes want to stop trying to take artistic pictures. Funny and smart, M@'s blog is always among the first blogs that I read daily.
  5. The Thigh Daddy @ Thighs Wide Shut -- Talk about smart AND funny! Mr. Thighs is genuinely the master blogger. I have been reading Thighs Wide Shut for a long time now because it is always funny, always fresh and definitely the shit! And talk about a hot daddy! Oh yes, I love me some of the maize myself.
  6. Andy @ towleroad.com -- I used to read Andy's blog pretty regularly early on but somehow forgot about it (or lost my bookmark for it). I've recently re-discovered towleroad and have been scouring the archives for stuff that I've missed. Andy also has his fingers on the pulse ... for sho!
  7. Steph & Alek @ Oh la la Paris -- This is a new blog for me. Steph and Alek live the jet-set life and post amazing pictures of beautiful men. My favorite eyecandy comes from their blog. One of my new fave daily reads.
  8. Mark @ Markotic.com -- I have to give it up for Marky Mark who hails from the great republic of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I've read other A2 blogs and they just come off pretentious and full of bullshizz. Mark's is functional and fun to read. I'm glad I found it.
  9. Kurt @ unprotectedtext.com -- Kurt posts the best short entries ever. His entries read like little poems often telling stories with great depth and candor. I'm sad that he doesn't post as much as he used to (due to personal stuff) but I'm hoping that his regular posts will come back soon.
And these are my favorite hot bloggers. These guys offer great stuff to read no matter if it's first thing in the morning or right in the middle of a boring day at work. I really enjoy reading what they have to say about anything and I really think you'd like their blogs too. If you think that I do a good job with my blog at all then you have these guys to thank. They really set the standard for what I try to accomplish with my little blog. And hello, they're hot! What's not to like about that?