Monday, December 26, 2005

Holiday Fun With The Stars

Okay ... so it's the day after Xmas (or as many of you outside of the US know it, Boxing Day) and the news is kinda light ... but that is just fine by me -- I have a lot of stuff to do today and there are tons of after Xmas sales to get to ... SO ... today's post will focus on how celebrities spent their holiday this year -- bring on the picture post!

Ricky Martin really knows how to whoop it up for the holidays ... he is happiest when he is wearing as little clothing as possible ... sunning himself on the beach ... with a good friend:

Ricky really looks happy with his male friend ... I love the picture of Mr. Martin getting toweled off by his buddy ... it's so cute! [Source]

Lindsay Lohan flew home for the holidays ... after spending some time in NYC shopping and partying up a storm, she packed up her things and headed home to the West Coast:

It was nice of her to allow her family members to take care of her luggage ... I'm sure they were happy to get the extra money so close to Xmas. [Source]

Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler got their butts to Aspen, CO to hang out with the likes of Mariah Carey, Heidi Klum, Seal & family and Catherine Zeta Jones ...

It looks like Mischa's little sister tagged along as well ... well, what're the holidays without a cockblocker in tow? [Source]

Jessica Alba spent the days before Xmas shopping at lingerie stores ...

... either she picked up a few things for a super sexy holiday getaway or her mother surely was quite surprised to find crotchless panties underneath the Xmas tree. [Source]

The Olsen Twins also spent considerable time shopping together:

There is nothing new to report here ... it's always the same with these 2. [Source]

Jennifer Aniston spent some time shopping with a friend ...

... or she was on her way to rob a bank ... in either case, she looks happy. [Source]

Eva Longoria couldn't save herself for her sumptuous Xmas feast -- she got an early start on the eats:

I wonder how much of this meal she actually kept down. [Source]

Trishelle (Real World: Las Vegas) busted out the good stuff and got to work on liquoring herself up:

Aww ... just like the first Xmas back in Bethlehem. [thanks Luxurian]

The Hiltons flew down to Hawaii to frolic around at the beach with family and friends:

Ugh ... who invited the Davis brothers?! Well, we should just be happy that Brandon and (the larger) Jason Davis aren't running around in skimpy bathing suits like Ricky and his buddy ... there is something to be said for Xmas blessings! [Source, Source]

Joel Madden spent his Xmas looking cool:

Hangin' out in Beverly Hills ... yeah, he's a pimp. [thanks Claudia]

Jake Gyllenhaal spent his Xmas looking hot:

As if he could do anything else. [Source]

And Jason Alexander spent his Xmas doing nothing but standing around trying to be remembered as Britney Spears' first husband:

I think his days of milking his quickie marriage to Britney are about dunzo ... well, we can hope. [Source]

Les News:
Unfortunately, Erik relapsed late Saturday night and was too ill to leave the house. We were supposed to go to his grandparent's house for dinner yesterday but he didn't feel well enough to risk leaving the house. We did spend a nice day together tho ... you'll get no complaints from me.

Tonight is Sarah's annual holiday party so that will be a blast! I have a ton of things to do today so I have to jet.

This week, I will be posting the lists of my fave things and will be recapping the year in PITNB style. This afternoon I'll post my favorite albums and songs of the year. Tomorrow I'll post my favorite movies and TV shows of the year. Wednesday will be the year in Jake Gyllenhaal review , Thursday will be the year in Spederline review, Friday will be the full year in review and Saturday I'll recap my personal fave moments of the year.

And that is all ... I'm out.