Friday, December 16, 2005

Oakland County: The Real OC

Jennifer Aniston was all smiles at the premiere of her new movie Rumor Has It last night. She was joined by co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Mena Suvari and others:

The thought of Jen having sexual relations with Kevin Costner in the movie is enough to make me stay very far away but I'm sure the members of Team Aniston will go out in droves to support their girl at the box office. [Source]

In other Jen news, she is now telling reporters that she is now interested in having children ... hmm ... did she just not want to have kids with former hubby Brad Pitt? We know that he has been dying for kids for a while now (he's adopting kids left and right) -- he can't wait to have children of his own. Dad Pitt better be careful what he wishes for ... you never know how things might turn out down the line ...

Illustrator Todd Umbarger takes a peek into the future and shows us what life may be like for The Pitts in 2018:

Click above for larger image

America's favorite fused family wishes you a Merry Christmas from the future. Even thirteen years from now Brad and Angelina will be on the front lines of the War On The War On Christmas, dragging those ungrateful brats to Sears for the annual photo and showing the world nothing honors the birth of Jesus Christ better than tacky sweaters and mistletoe hanging on your belt buckle. The Pitts understand "Happy Holidays" is an insult to all 97% of this Christian planet and if "Merry Christmas" is an insult to your insignificant religion, tough tinsel. Do they even have Santa Claus in Ethiopia or Cambodia? These American parents are heroes.

LOLOLOLOLOL! Boy, has he got it right ... I can't wait for the True Hollywood Story on Maddox and Zahara Jolie-Pitt. [Source, thanks Todd for such an amazing illustration]

Moving on ... Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and their co-stars were on hand for a screening of their new movie Match Point:

I swear, Jonathan was actually at the event and that is not a wax figure in that third picture. Poor Woody Allen, he looks like a deer caught in headlights. Doesn't he look like he'd rather be anywhere but there? [Source]

Paris Hilton is an animal lover ... well, she is an accessory lover ... but that's beside the point. So what does the World's Worst Dog Owner do to celebrate her new title? Duh ... she gets more dogs!

I suppose it's nice to believe that Paris picked up a couple new friends for her old dogs Tinkerbell and Bambi out of love and compassion but I suspect she saw these dogs, thought they were "totally cute" and decided they needed to be carted around and photographed with her for a few months ... at least. [Source]

It is clear that Paris Hilton loves animals ...

... she loves them very, very much. [Source]

So, after Miss Hilton got tired of carrying around her new pooches, she ditched them and met up with her sister Nicky for a night of partying at Club Mood in LA:

Er, who invited Trishelle? And what is going on with Talan Torriero and Kimberly Stewart ... they've broken off their engagement but are they still dating? Does that kid have an ounce of intelligence in that head of his? Well I do have to admit that I really like the tree skirt that Kim is wearing ... yeah, not really. [Source]

Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton spent some time shopping away the blues together ...

Somehow, I don't see Nicole patching things up with Paris ... it's nice to see that she's got Mischa to hang out with. I hate for my Hollywood "It" Girls to have to shop all by themselves. [Source]

Katie, Katie, Katie ... what the hell are you thinking?! Have you lost all sense of reason ... oh wait ... nevermind. Well, if Katie Holmes was trying to go out incognito I think she failed miserably:

That is an orange coat ... yessirree ... [Source]

Thankfully, Katie got rid of the coat for her date with her loving fiancée Tom Cruise:

She also grew 5 feet for the occasion. Wow ... Tom is a small man. Can we talk about the make-up for a second ... she looks like she has a new face! Katie really looks great -- all grown up and everything. It's too bad that she's not allowed to walk by herself without Tom grabbing on to her. [Source]

Mariah Carey emerged from her hotel to press the flesh with her fans:

She looked very happy to show off her new hair. That's our Mimi. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard are still working very hard together promoting their newish movie Jarhead:

Sweet! It looks like Jakey poo is up to his old tricks ... looks like Heath Ledger missed his chance. [Source]

Kelly Osbourne sometimes gives her fans a bit too much:

I think that's about all we need to see ... yes ... please. [Source]

Designer Marc Jacobs threw an Xmas party and invited all kinds of fashionistas to his cowboy-inspired (perhaps Brokeback Mountain-inspired?) shindig, including Naomi Campbell and Sofia Coppola:

Um ... I ... yeah ... head on over to for a full rundown. [Source, thanks Kurt]

Ashlee Simpson is a huge fan of fast food ... here are some pictures of Miss Thang's trip to Dairy Queen in Waco, TX:

This would be way more interesting if she had shown up drunk and belligerent ... without the counter straddling ... eh, I'm over it. [Source, thanks Kacey]

Adam Brody is a very responsible dog owner ... he could prolly teach Paris Hilton a few things:

Um, why is is strangely appealing to see celebrities holding bags of dog poop? Oh wait is it just me? Um ... yeah, sorry. [Source]

Cillian Murphy is featured in the new issue of L'Uomo Vogue magazine:

He looks quite dashing, don't you think? Yeah -- he's hot for sure. [Source]

There is something about this picture of Cisco Adler that sort of sums up his whole persona:

This is the guy that Mischa Barton has sexual relations with, y'all! Yeah, I don't get it either. [Source, thanks Andrea]

And finally ... I am very happy to report that LC and Jason from Laguna Beach will be in the Detroit area tonight. The pair will be hosting The Real OC party at Sevin the Nightclub in Pontiac, MI:

Head on over to Sevin's website for all the details, including information on how to pre-purchase tickets. Sarah and I are planning on heading out to Detroit's own OC to hang out with LC (the club is in Oakland County - our very own OC). It should be a hot night! [Source]

VLB and I had a very fun time at the Dave Koz concert last night. It was snowing like crazy all day long and well into the night ... I was very close to pulling out but VLB was up for the show so we went. It was totally cheesey Xmas fun ... I'm very glad we went together.

Brokeback Mountain opens in Detroit today (finally) at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak, MI and we were planning on going to see it tonight but have instead decided to go tomorrow afternoon as a group. Sarah and I are planning on going out to Sevin tonight for the OC party ... hopefully I'll have pictures to share.

Last thing ... today is the last day that will be taking orders for the limited edition Pink is the new Blog t-shirt. After today, no further orders will be taken and the design will never be sold again.

And I guess that's it ... I'm out.