Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Shirt Tales

Okay ... so I've teamed up with to put out a limited edition t-shirt for people to purchase. There has been some demand for merchandise of some sort and I am working on a couple ideas for more merch but, in the meantime, Randy and I have decided to create one limited edition t-shirt for sale right now:

Click above to order your limited edition t-shirt

Randy came up with the design and I couldn't be more thrilled with the final product. The face design is made up of words like Jilary, Spederline, Goss, Ashlee, etc. ... I think it's a pretty cool-looking shirt. Orders will be taken up until Friday December 16, 2005 ... after that no more orders will be taken and no more shirts of this design will be printed.

Click HERE to order the Black shirt
Click HERE to order the Pink shirt

So, here's your chance, y'all! Be among the first people EVER to have an official Pink is the new Blog t-shirt. Amaze your friends, impress your colleagues, fulfill your wildest dreams!!!

Operators are standing by ...